PlayStation 5’s launch expands around the world

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PlayStation 5’s launch expands around the world

See how PlayStation celebrated the global launch of the PS5 console with iconic buildings and popular sites around the world.

Hi all – PlayStation 5’s launch expanded this week to include more territories in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, joining Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States last week. 

To welcome this new generation of gaming, the PlayStation team worked to light up iconic buildings and popular sites in 25 territories all around the world, projecting images of the PlayStation shapes, the PS5 console, the DualSense wireless controller, and other PlayStation brand imagery.

Now that the displays have gone live across five continents, you can watch our new recap video above to get a closer look. If you’d like to dig deeper into some of the installations, check out PlayStation’s Instagram for more videos.

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  • I’m glad they’re expansive. Now if they’d expand some more consoles for us to buy. Bummer. My local BB said they sold out in less than ten minutes.

  • Sony and Nintendo seem to have the same attitude towards scalpers, fans end up with the item.

    the problem with core consoles however is they have the markup deleted from their wallets which could go to more games accessories and services. versus a scalped console bad taste and resentment for the generation and maybe one game. likely miles morales or demon souls.

    I lined up at a walmart for a snes classic when that launched, i still have resentment towards nintendo for that being in a line of scalpers for my favourite teenage console cheapened the experience. I still did it to share with my son the snes, before i got him a switch.

    I don’t believe Sony intended things to go this way, but they could have done more. A pandemic isn’t an excuse they could have did a before march 31 fiscal launch like the switch. It’s not like xbox has any exclusives like at all currently.

    for all of you sad over missing out in demon souls and miles morales for a few weeks / months consider that the real upgrade is getting off 1080p to a proper mid / high end 4k hdr set with led or oled. That will make a big jump even for us ps4 pro owners.

    if you haven’t or aren’t upgrading your regular 1080p set you should do that then get the ps5 down the line when there are 3-4 exclusives you actually want to play.

    Don’t pay off these scalper dpshts!

  • Global? Ha!
    PS5 on South East Asia region does not launch on Nov 19. It’s on Dec 2020 for select countries and 2021 for the rest of SEA

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on a brand new ps5. Hello next generation. I think the launch could have been handled better but it is what it is.

  • This consumer experience is an epic fail. The sales process is set up so that bots and scalpers can purchase the PlayStation 5 but not grandparents who want to have a surprise for their family for the holiday. Ugh

  • As someone who has been a fan, streamer, gamer and supporter who only plays on the ps consoles, I find it very frustrating and upsetting with the way Sony has decided to release the new PS5. There is not enough supply for demand and if your going to bring out a new console, your supporters and people who buy you products should not have to be out like a pack of wolves scavaging just to purchase one. Not sure what they tactic is in this, but it’s disheartening. Now because you have chosen to release them in small batches, we have those those taking advantage of the situation and selling them for $1000 and more to prey on those eager to get one and play. In my view, if your going to release a game or system just do so and make sure there is enough of a supply.

    • Excuse the typo’s. Could not edit lol

    • I read they had trouble procuring custom chips, which are made in China (where the pandemic first started and production stopped sooner). On top of that, almost half the chips they did acquire didn’t meet Sony’s standards.
      I don’t think it’s some PR tactic to have more demand than supply instead of the other way around, just unfortunate timing and bad luck. And at the same time they can’t really delay because then they’d fall behind Microsoft’s launch, and that didn’t do any wonders for PS3.

    • @Stonesthrow I did not know any of that and I hope what you said is the reasoning.

    • oh and @Stonesthrow your emblem looks like me trying to get my hands on a PS5 – quite savage lol.

  • Hmm….. Is India ever going to get a release date?

  • @Skeetlejuice I can comment as much as I like. I’m giving a valid point on PS5 games that are over priced in the UK.

  • can we get 1440p video resolution please as I have a tcl 55r635 can can’t do 4k 120hz on;y 1080p 120hz that is if you added 1440p then I would get 120hz at 1440p because the highest resolution that can do 120hz is 1440p thank you

  • Hello!
    Since I was a kid a loved the videogames but mostly on Playstation. When i was about 5/6 years old I meet the PS1 and damn it was like seeing the light for the very first time. Then later with about 11 years old I bought the PS3 it was memorial. (I never had PS2 or THE GOAT PS4 that´s why i want so bad the PS5 because i want to take and the experiences of the PS5 and of the PS4 wich a never had. So I wanted all the year for this date since your firsts Infos about the development of the PS5 since then a never slept like before. Every day I wondered PS5 and in the last months you Playstation have been the think that gave me more hapiness in the past and more sadness and disappointement in the present/ future. Couldn´t pre-order the PS5 on 16th September and never on the most recent dates, even on the release date 19 November I ended my job at 23h50pm and waited at work for your launch of the PS5 and what a surprise ? I could not have it. PLAYSTATION!!! I bought PS Plus even without any Playstion, PS4 games that i am desperated to play, and still you have no consideration for the people who give you everything you have now, was the popular figures of the society who give you your image on the world ? was it? I think this was launchment was like spit in your own plate! You should reconsider who were your real fans! People who spent thousands of money in your services, even with your think that online gaming would be payed with the announcement of the PS Plus and what have the fans made ? Still there for you!
    Right now when the real fans real need you giving you again all of them, YOU, PLAYSTATION! Don´t have units to sell, lots of publicity for nothing, pre orders online with no chance to get a PS5 because of bots and low units people who never played in a Playstation with a brand new PS5 and all the things you more than any one you know what you have done! All the PS5 was a project that wasn´t thought with the head, you could have a great PS5 release but no you choose this way!
    You haven´t pronunced about this situacion, but i think own us the real fans a truly apology at least.
    Ohh and produced more PS5 :)

    From a sad player

  • Sony will you please Update the Playstation Blog and go back to way the European Blog use to look.

    This blog reminds me of the US blog which is unorganised. Go back to the superior looking European Blog design.

    The EU Blog had every comment numbered. Had each country flag, and could rate each comment with thumbs up👍

    This blog is currently restricted.

    • deal with it, they have put it to this to cut costs and they won’t go back.

      besides they don’t read or comment on the blog in several years now.

      so it’s not as if they will read you in the launch post.

      use your noggin’

      the comment about needing validation of thumbs ups is telling. you are literally commenting on every blog post. go play some games you huckster.

  • Got mine today in Belgium. Pre ordered a year ago, two days after it was revealed. To my surprise I wasn’t going to get one on launch but then they started charging the whole price up front (instead of just a down payment) and I guess a couple people cancelled and I got bumped up a few and got the good news.

    I care most about the controller and was worried about the bigger size and added weight, for the benefit of gimmicks. Now that I actually held it and experienced it, it still sits pretty good. Thankfully, most of the weight and size seems centered around the middle and not so much in the grips. Love that the face buttons are quiet again and have this see-through texture that feels great. My biggest issue is one I didn’t expect : the L1, R1 bumpers are bigger, placed higher and even farther removed from the -already bigger- triggers (default position), making them even harder to reach and more uncomfortable than they already were on DS4. These used to be my favorite main shoulder buttons before they got demoted to (questionably positioned) bumpers in favor of triggers, like on Xbox. I feel I should point out never to change the iconic, alligned joysticks, at the very least.

    As for the gimmicks, haptic feedback brings the least added value (basically just an external, outside trigger of something happening in game; even if more advanced than rumble, the core concept still doesn’t move the earth for me), adaptive triggers didn’t turn out to be as annoying as I thought (at least not in Spiderman) and have some potential, if only because of the larger perceived ‘dead zone’ in the triggers that could house multiple functions instead of just the one (a general pressure function that could reduce the triggers to a simple click, like the face buttons of old, would be very much applauded by me). What impressed me most so far, is the 3D audio. This is a real game changer that
    actually manages to further immerse me (unlike the controller gimmicks) and makes the world you play in feel so much more grounded. Hearing a plane fly over or a cop car way in the distance are lovely details that are not to be underestimated. It really feels like audio is finally being given the same treatment as the visual aspect.

    • Played around for a bit without the haptic feedback and the resistance in the triggers in Miles Morales and was surprised to find out I actually liked it better before and quickly put it back on. The triggers don’t feel entirely the same as DS4 without the resistance anyway and it felt kind of hollow without the haptic feedback. I hope that’s the case for most games so I might actually get into those gimmicks instead of perceiving them as downsides :) Got a bit more used to the extra distance between the index fingers on R1/L1 and the supporting middle fingers below. Also like the triggers better, mostly the same as DS4 but that extra little grip on the side really does make it feel better.

  • Sony’s launch numbers will be the greatest ever! And the return numbers after us regular folk fail to get one and refuse to pay scalper prices will be the greatest ever!

    Well done Sony. You managed to Microsoft this launch.

  • Play HAS limits, until March-April 2021..

  • I already turned to Microsoft Series X as its still available in my country I just have the playstation app as an app. Jim Ryan doesn’t care for the market at all and all those executives at Sony they all quiet and gaming with their celebrities and youtubers. People are complaining their level best but instead of Sony addressing the problem they ignore us and say we have launched globally happy gaming but the bloody console is nowhere to be found.@Jim Ryan this is a terrible Launch and you should always know that.

  • Sony: We will launch the ps5 across the globe on 19 Nov.

    India: No preorder info even on 20 Nov. Launch nowhere in sight.

    Plz give us information. India is a big country and should not be ignored like this.

    • They can’t really give information easily as it pertains to a legal case (so could sometimes land them in trouble).

      Some guy in India claims ownership of the “PS5” name. So until that is settled they can neither speak about it or release a PS5 there.

    • This matter is already settled week before launch, Sony won… Also the guy didn’t hijack the shipping so no reason for delay…

  • Can anyone help me I have a special needs child and a Ps5 is all he wants. Where can I get one?

  • Its been 5 days straight I’m trying to buy ps5… that queue never gives me luck..

  • You need to open up a few more ‘Sweat Shops!’

  • I think we should give Sony a bit of a break here. Yes – this whole pre-order thing has sucked, but these are unprecedented times we are living in. I’m sure Sony want to sell as many consoles as possible. More sales = more money. But Covid has affected everything from production through to distribution. Let’s try and be patient – it will sort itself out in time.

    • The hell with Covid! Everybody using Covid as an excuse. They should not have a launch like this. They should made more consoles. It’s not their first. They knew how badly the whole freaking world is waiting for PS5.

  • No in india …😔 why?

  • I had to buy Digital Edition through ebay from scalpers, because it’s unobtainable otherwise in UK. My wallet is being punished for me being a loyal PlayStation member. 😢

  • Worst console launch ever. I hope you guys read the comments and see how disappointed your true customers are. And stop giving away consoles to lame “influencers” who are not going to show your console after their boring unboxing and review video.

  • Hardly around the world though is it. I cannot get in Turkey or at home in Egypt.

    Not sold out just not in shops or available to order.


  • Maybe next time you should do a launch when you actually have something to launch. This thing isn’t available anywhere!!!

  • Amazing launch. Now about he US launch, can we do some massive expanding here as well? I can’t manage to buy one because supply is way short than the demand and it is consistently sold out everywhere within seconds of any availability.

  • I was not able to pre order and cannot get a console anywhere online, Sony don’t even have available units on the website, for a multi billion pound company you would expect they would have this issue resolved. How is it that I cannot possibly get a console anywhere I look online unless I pay 800-1000. This is simply not good enough, ineffective business, a disgrace, my Christmas and thousands of other peoples christmases are ruined now because the sheer unprofessionalism that Sony have showed us is absolutely disgusting, people in my city have bought over 10 consoles and sell them on at ballooned up prices, sort this out now Sony, I’ve been a customer for nearly 20 years how dare you congratulate people when I can’t even get my hands on the stupid thing.

  • Worst launch ever! There are ZERO consoles in Europe.

  • I’m not even going to try to buy online. The demand is way too high and I sure ain’t going to fall for scalpers price. I don’t see this console being a success. I wouldn’t get any hope up on this.

  • Absolutely ❤️ playstation 🤙

  • Sony is not taking this seriously about try to purchase a console and you can’t because all the scalpers have them and selling for double the amount. Or delivery men are not delivering them . Or Walmart keeps playing with your order. Could someone help this situation ? What happened to you being able to just buy a console. Now you have beg or jump over a wall or kiss someone butt .

  • Cool, now I can’t find one in more countries!

  • I’ve been a lifelong playstation supporterAfter this stunt with the ps5 I’m all set with Sony, you messed up big time, I’m out. I’m not waiting around for you to decide to honor the people who keep you in business. I’d say it’s but fun, but it’s just been a huge build up, too a giant key down.

  • How about focusing on producing consoles instead of lighting up buildings?

    I see the ‘Play Has No Limits’ posters near my metro station. Is that a bad joke? Like not being able to get a console this year even though booking one half a year ago is not a limit.

  • “… projecting images of the … the PS5 console …”

    Good idea, then the shelves won’t look so empty.

  • Does anyone know when does the next re supply come or am I going to have to wait 3 years to get one in my country?

  • Can you like atleast stop promoting it so hard just put that energy into sending stocks out to other countries, instead of promoting it so hard and not giving us the next stock in 2047

  • when will it launch in India? Cant Wait!

  • Nice console
    Fast loading
    Great controller

    Not so good
    -External Ssd 2tb t5 samsung = reason everitime a restart mi ps5 = error reconstruction database = realy big bug
    + when bug also needs to update everitime mi controler ????
    Usb port system software = realy mesed up.

    Why not bring out 1 -2 tb you self day 1 whith seagate -samsung -western digital models?

    – ps4 to ps5 saves = only no man sky + borderlands 3 you are good .
    Ac valhalla + watch dogs = 🤮🤮🤮lost a huge lots of progres so no tank you .

    Intern ssd size of ps5 = huge big trippel joke !🤬

    I pre orderd cyberpunk in store = i stil abel to buy again why ?

    To scalpers = you are lowest life form on the planet .

    To competion
    Steam = you have best save system
    New pc = download game
    = beter hardware + continu from where you where in the game = great service to consumers.
    Xbox = pas value = lots beter then sony

    Ps+ online + saves = 20 euro
    Ps+ online + saves +spotifi 25 euro
    Same + ps now = 80 euro
    100 euro al above + netflix

    So ps+ to diferent needs

    Report buton in store to tel you when mistakes in store .

  • restock in south africa like please and restock enough cause only 2% of south africa has a ps5.

  • Bruh restock the PS5 plz like in every shop all the PS5 are al out of stock

  • I love my ps5 I wish y’all had more games 2 it

  • Plz add Pakistan as a region

  • it’s a shame they made the ps5 a worst place to play then ps4 though isn’t it. the changes to webstore, psn, all of it is just a awful experience now. ui was hastily and lazily made lacking basic features ps4 had for years.

  • My 9-year-old has asked for the PS5 for the holidays. We don’t own any of the PlayStation game systems & I know next to nothing about this stuff- this is new territory for me. I’ve tried several times now to get one online & it’s a total joke. Bots seem to buy them up in mere seconds. I’ll try again on Black Friday…I’m following all the places selling them & am on all the alert lists…Walmart is a joke…sold out in less than a second the other day.

    My question is this: would a PS4 be awesome, too, if I’m unable to get the PS5? We don’t have any of them. He’s a good kid & I really wanted to surprise him with the PS5- he said he wants it, but it’s too expensive so he understands if it’s out of the question. That makes me want to buy it. Help, gamers!

  • I signed up for the pre-release of the PS 5, I never got an email or anything from PlayStation and now I’m having a very hard time finding a PS 5, there are people hoarding them, selling them for $1200 to $1500 and I just think that’s unfair! and sorry if you think I’m being jerk

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