PlayStation 5’s launch expands around the world

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PlayStation 5’s launch expands around the world

See how PlayStation celebrated the global launch of the PS5 console with iconic buildings and popular sites around the world.

Hi all – PlayStation 5’s launch expanded this week to include more territories in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, joining Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States last week. 

To welcome this new generation of gaming, the PlayStation team worked to light up iconic buildings and popular sites in 25 territories all around the world, projecting images of the PlayStation shapes, the PS5 console, the DualSense wireless controller, and other PlayStation brand imagery.

Now that the displays have gone live across five continents, you can watch our new recap video above to get a closer look. If you’d like to dig deeper into some of the installations, check out PlayStation’s Instagram for more videos.

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  • Enjoy everybody. It’s truly an amazing console :)

  • Congrats we entered the new Gen, sadly I couldn’t buy it but I’m excited for the next supply or sale idk what u call it please let us know😅

    • idk that I’m even excited for the next supply if it has to do with dealing with Walmart again. 5x I’ve struck out there since launch day. Closest I got was to submit order once. It’s a complete fluster cluck. Now their next posting will be for both PS5 and XB when their system can’t even handle PS customers trying to order. Couple my 5 strikeouts with my sister and dad also trying to get one that’s 15 strikeouts from walmart alone. fyi: if I did get 2-3 at the same time which was almost impossible they were going to friends at retail. Then you get all the pics of peoples bots buying 20-30+…. Sony really needs to force Walmart to limit 1 per address, payment method, whatever. Either that or sell more-all units on PS Direct for a month to accounts that were created 12 months ago or longer to prevent bots and scalpers from getting them. 2 cents.

    • Ive gotten into a que in well for under a min and come out with nothing if they arent fixing the issue and i need to design a automation i might as well force 150 units from the batch since theyve had me looking around since announcment time when i could be focusing on more profitable. Blew more than 10 times the msrp in investment hrs where i coulda been trading securities on the distraction trying to buy one 500 unit . If i have to build something complex just to get an order through its not going to be to grab one or 20..

    • Its ridiculous that i been a playstation customer since 95 and one of the earliest psn supporter and cant get a ps5 because most of them are going to scalpers buying it online online buying is a joke and not being able to buy it at a irl store is bad cosumer practice and needs to stop sony or stop giving stock to retailers that dont put anti bot protections or just let us buy it from a store….

  • Please ramp up production like tesla did ;)

  • I am still buying and playing games on my ps3

  • ojala la pueda tener para cuando era la fecha de ir a buscarla pero por alguna razon recien un camion estaba llevando playstations 5 a la tienda y el que traia la mia lo saquearon y ahora tengo que esperar al 15 de diciembre :(

  • I hope I can have it for when it was the date to go look for it but for some reason a truck was just taking playstations 5 to the store and the one that brought mine was looted and now I have to wait until December 15 :(

  • I’m sorry but I can’t explain how irritating it is that a product with barely any stock gets promoted on a daily basis. My ps4 is an overheating nightmare and I’ve been hanging out by my laptop since the 12th trying to get a ps5, everytime I get it in my cart and checkout the websites all do the same freeze then remove everything. Also because if covid we have to do this online, which guess what, this means every loser with a bot will get it and leave us real people behind.

    PS. If you aren’t going to have enough for everyone then the people that have ps5 now should only be able to play ps4 games to make it more fair because honestly, the way this is being handled with this console is complete bull and unfair.

    I have 8 platinum trophies on my main account and I have about 4 more accounts, Playstation is my all-time favorite and I’m about to stop using any playstation items because of this situation.

    People who actually deserve to have these systems are being pushed aside for hackers and cheaters and that is unprofessional.

    If it comes to having to wait past December with my overheating ps4 then I’m just giving up on playstation entirely.

    Very rude to true fans indeed.

    • I think they should have left the preorder method up. they are letting them use new accounts to place orders, they should have kept a que that took length of user history or number of games into account like they did prior to giving the launch date
      just leave it up for five or ten mins, then calculate the length of time the accounts been in use, simple. they already make you log in anyway. it because they added a third party que that might not be able to process that data easily

    • Couldn’t agree more, mate. Sony should stop promoting so hard a product which cannot be bought for now. Yes, I get it, it will be available in 6 months, but stop pushing it in our faces while it’s nowhere to be found. Be more considerate and tone it down until you can actually put that product in the hands of the players.

    • i totally feel you man i have complained about this the whole time i have been trying to get this ps5 since it was avaliable for preorder and its so hard to get one with websites crashing and everything it really does suck

    • Des ha ha ha ha ha you will have to wait like me! Probably mars next year! And If you arent in a que…. Ps5 will be in stores around May next year! Ha ha ha ha!

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a PlayStation user for 20 years and I’m actually considering abandoning it. This has been hands down the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had buying anything. Respect = gone.

    • Same at me, same situation in the Serbia where the “scalpers” sold PS5 console for more than 1500€.SONY must do something about this because we don’t deserve this!!!

    • I don’t think it’s Sony’s fault dude. The demand is so high they are not being able to keep up with demand. Same thing happened to the Nintendo Wii. I couldn’t get one for months. But what I don’t understand is why Sony gave out hundreds of consoles to lame “influencers”.


    • “If you aren’t going to have enough for everyone then the people that have ps5 now should only be able to play ps4 games to make it more fair because honestly, the way this is being handled with this console is complete bull and unfair.”


      I truly hope you are a child and not an actual adult.

      Wanting others to “suffer” simply because you are is SELFISH and one of many things wrong with people’s mindset now a days.

      How ironic that you WHINE about things being unfair yet you want those who legally purchased an item (PS5) to not be allowed to use to it’s fullest. By all means, please explain how that would be fair to PS5 owners?

      Gotta love your last sentence, very rude (you) indeed!

    • Completely agree with the irritation on the constant promotion at this time. They have completely mishandled the supply of the new consoles – I have some sympathy what with the impact of the pandemic on their supply chains but Sony isn’t some two-bit company. They have very badly mis-estimated demand. I can’t remember precisely but weren’t release dates confirmed in September 2020? They could have reconsidered their release dates if they knew that they would struggle to produce sufficient units (which a company of this calibre should know). I doubt they would have lost much in revenue given the brand loyalty PlayStation has.

      I also agree with another commenter that I am seriously considering switching to their competitor who at least can give some idea on when the next batch of consoles may be available!

    • There really isn’t much reason to own a PS5 right now unless you have some compulsion.

      The total games that are exclusive to the platform tight now are basically the free controller demo. Other than that is a bunch of PS4 ports and a PS3 rerelease.

      So really you might as well wait, as you’re not really missing out. Actual PS5 games probably wont be out until march or may anyway.

    • They had plenty. They’ve re release plenty on time in my area. There were scalpers waiting with bots to buy them. That why when you look on eBay there are soo many for sale for jacked up prices. I haven’t got one yet either but I’m not blaming Sony because they can’t control scalpers on Walmart Best Buy and GameStop sites. I’m on PlayStation direct site daily because my friends successfully got theirs on that site.

    • Don’t talk so wet kid why should I or anyone else with our ps5,s have to play ps4 games because you can’t get one 😂😂😂 ps ps5 games are amazing should try them 😂😂😂😂

    • I’m enjoying my ps5 games on my ps5 thanks kid don’t be so salty 😂😂😂

    • Had every ps on launch day your not a real fan like us kid Where’s your ps5 to show your a real fan i have mine sat next to my series x 😂😂😂

  • I’m so mad bra😭 I want 120 FPS for fortnite there’s no point on getting it if u can’t get 120 FPS

    • dziecko jak ty chcesz ps5 dał 120fps w fortnite to lepiej daj komuś innemu komuś komu zależy na nowych grach itp a nie na fortnite jakimś

  • Is this new android app of yours for PS5 Club only? If that is so, then Iʼm signing off.

  • For those complaining about not being able to buy a PS5, as a day one owner I will tell you that’s nothing to whine about. The UI for PS5 is many steps backwards. No themes, no folders, no customization. Everything about the UI is awkward. Back compat is not nearly as smooth as they promised. Titles without explicit warnings of errors often run glitchy, no matter whether installed internally or on SSD. The lack of SSD space is horrific. Basically it’s little more than 600 GB free space available. You can add only ONE external drive no larger than 8 TB. Haptic feedback is overrated, and the PS5 controller quickly runs out of juice. The included cord is too short, so I recommend buying a replacement. (I got a 9′ white cord so I can let the controller charge while I use the console.) PS5 simply feels very rushed. By contrast, my Xbox Series X has been a flawless experience. As far as gaming, Spiderman Miles Morales looks great on PS5, but it also looks very good on PS4 Pro. (For whatever reason they haven’t updated PS4/3/Vita to reflect PS5 trophies.) The few true launch exclusives are junk titles. Down the road things hopefully things will be very different. At launch not owning a PS5 is nothing to really fuss over.

    • Well said. You have made me feel a whole lot better 😊👍

    • Yes, can’t wait to get a Series X and play Assassins Creed Valhalla at 40-50fps on the most powerful console instead of 60fps on the PS5.

      Sign me up.🤦‍♂️

    • Well, after 7 years with an overheating machine which can barely maintain 30 FPS in many games, yes, I can do without the themes, UI and folders. And since you all complain about lack of space, the OG PS4 came with a 500GB disk and now you’re complaining about 667GB. Ok, I get it. But I’d like to be able to complain while HAVING a PS5 not complaining because I DON’T have it.

    • You were expecting an upgraded PS4 game to be mind-blowingingly next gen looking? Why even buy one on day one for that? Where’s your Demons Souls??

    • Only thing I have had to learn fast is if a ps4 game has a free upgrade and you have the disk you have to stop the install from disk go into the game options and pick ps5 version which then takes you to the shop upgrade page

    • Phil Spencer, is thar you?


    • My series x is already collecting dust compared to my ps5

    • This makes me feel better, I am going crazy trying to get one, hope I can for my sons sake bc he wouldn’t care what reviews are, he just wants one. Congratulations on whoever did but shame on the scammers, making extra cash is one thing but this is unreal!

  • Worst launch know to man

  • Let’s all celebrate with out of stock

  • I really would have expected Sony to be able to supply online retail outlets with a large number of units (PS5). Perhaps Sony aren’t as clever as they think they are. There is only one looser here and that’s their loyal customers. Such a shame really.

    • I have all the PlayStation systems even the very first PlayStation that came out a lil upset that I’m having a hard time getting the p5 guess I’ll get it when I get it not losing no sleep ova it

    • Same i was origionall going to wait a while and maybe build a pc there isnt much content but there are a few multiplayer games i wanted to ry and i hate to play a criss buy game on a system with lower teir graphics

    • Same i was origionally going to wait a while and maybe build a pc there isnt much content but there are a few multiplayer games i wanted to ry and i hate to play a criss buy game on a system with lower teir graphics

  • Still waiting on my pre-order from Playstation Direct to ship….

  • Still waiting for the Ps5 and a little frustrating that bots and cheaters are snatching up all the consoles.

  • I will be taking some will deserved time off from work during the holidays and with the 2nd pandemic in play “Coivd”.
    I would really like to use this time to immerse my game play with the new PlayStation disc console. Every where I look unable to obtain!
    I really would like to get one before the end of November. I live in South Carolina and need help to a link or reputable source .

  • All the bots preventing normal consumers from purchasing the PS5 say “thank you”. Too bad bots don’t buy games like normal consumers.

  • Hope, production increases for those that are looking to get it. Scalpers need to be reasonable.

    Seen prices from double to quadruple of an MSRP PS5.


    Also Sony please put PS3 and Vita games back on sale. Publishers can’t put them on sale prices unless their crossbuy with PS4.

  • Hooray, CE-108255-1 for more people!

    I loved my PS5 for the 4 hours it worked, but now it just makes me sad. Can we get an update on error code CE-108255-1, please? Just acknowledge it? Please?

  • PS5 Make some PS five’s already don’t need all the drama with the pandemic

  • Hire more workers sony. Or maybe we should just all switch to xbox

    • Production is outsourced in china. Same company making those units in limited numbers is orobably making more pcs with a cloned os or knock offs than actual production units while claiming max output

  • Serious question. How are you going to launch worldwide when you haven’t satisfied the North American market? Your biggest market. Now you have people on Ebay selling for double to triple the price.

    • Because Jim Ryan and anybody at Sony does not care.. they’re too busy giving people with YouTube channels and anybody that’s famous a console for free

    • Because Jim Ryan and everybody at Sony does not care.. they’re to busy giving people with YouTube channels and anybody that’s famous a console for free.

    • NA isn’t the “biggest market” in any way…

      It’s got way fewer people and got significantly less PS4 sales than Europe…

  • I like many others here are pretty upset and confused. I myself am upset because on 3 occasions I gave sony my information on their sign up board for both pre order and availability notice and never heard anything more. Im confused as many may be that Sony stated that it was going to be a 1 per person inperson turned into online purchase just so we as real gamers get robbed by greedy people and the rub salt and alcohol in the wound with a global launch party, wow is all I can say. I wounder how many bots will be celebrating

  • How does Walmart have stock? And your direct website doesn’t what a great day for a celebration

  • Because Jim Ryan and everybody at Sony does not care.. they’re to busy giving people with YouTube channels and anybody that’s famous a console for free.

  • Unfortunately in Romania they chose to take our money (Altex) and then let us know that that buys us an entrance for a raffle due to a low stock. A raffle after they take the money. This is an amazingly stupid way to choose who gets a PS5. The losers get their money back, that means that our funds are locked until the 25th of November. Way to go Sony, you managed to shoot yourselves in the leg.

  • Hey Sony can you fix the bug that causes every game to crash on launch, I’ve had this overpriced junk hardware for a week and it still can’t play a single game.

  • Instead of spending money on images on buildings, maybe use that money to make more PS5 consoles. I want one, but it is nowhere to be found. And Scalpers are overcharging on ebay.

  • I have a question Sony.
    When I finally install a game from disc onto the SSD. I play it and take the disc out, then the game disappears. Then when I go to play that game again. It asks me to re-copy it. Why is my console doing this?

  • If a single person disses Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered they better be ready to catch some hands

  • This has been the worst launch in Sony’s history! Seriously Sid, maybe tell your leadership to do better with console launches before you light up building celebrating your successes… I’m 0-17 trying to get the system through multiple retailers (including Sony’s direct site) and all you have done is empowered scalpers to sell the systems for 4x the price… Worst part, I was supposedly on the “first to buy” list and it has been radio silence from you guys from the last 2 months.

    Super disappointed in Sony and I hope your botched preorder/launch process negatively impact your bottom line.

  • UK Prices for PS5 games are £70.00 which is $92.06.

    Rip Off Sony. Boycott PS5 UK games prices. Sony will soon be forced to drop the prices.

    UK PS5 games should be priced between £45-£55, not £70.00 which is an insult.

    My interest for the PS5 is now becoming less and less each day.

    • so long. uk has payed more since the ps2 era.

      boycot hahah because your island has the restraint to not buy fifa 21/22 for £70 yeah right.

      just play on pc that way you get your deals and i never have to see you in the blog again.

      the price isn’t the issue it’s value, and value seems to have firmly been accepted with demon’s souls. A remake no less.

      You want a better price pc is your option.

    • Kind of easy to boycott a console with zero actual games.

      I mean it has a billion year old remake of a rather short game I played a billion times a billion years ago with easified combat. But other than that “wonderful offering”. 😂

  • Remember Jim Ryan says he thinks the UK PS5 games are reasonable 😳🤪Eh?

    No joke but £70 is like 70p for Jimmy.

    • You spend more time in the blog than playing games.

      Every blog post you comment multiple times.

      Did you platinum Days Gone? You went on about how great it is so….no plat?

  • So, yet another “shipment’ to Walmart, and yet again, taking by the scalper/bot users….Yet I can’t get one from Sony, the creator of the machine, as they are “OUT OF STOCK”….Really!!?? How can that be?? You make the damn thing, how about selling it?? This has been the WORST release of anything in my entire 44 years of gaming…..Way to drop the ball Sony!

  • Disappointed ☹️ can’t purchase it and going on is like waiting in a long line that never ends.

  • Im from Portugal and tried to buy next gen console online, but since sony dont need more costumers and want to lose more, i bought new xbox, sadly so much merchandise about ps5 and so low consoles to sell….stores saying no more consoles untill february 2021… really? sorry but cant wait so long

    Was a costumer since PS2

  • I wish there will be more consoles. No luck to buy in Italy as by the morning all were sold out. Are there any option to but directly from playstation website?
    Thank you.

  • It’s a shame the release has been botched and taken by the hands of scalpers. Truly shameful.

    • I love how Sony just posts and advertises ps5 SO HARD and it doesn’t even have consoles to re-stock choose stop advertising it because your just making your own consumers hate you because of the scalpers and the fact you advertise and just don’t give anything 2 put that energy into Actually making ps5 consoles

  • I know more people who have had Covid than people who know people who managed to get a PS5.

  • Just some constructive criticism..maybe could have delayed launch to Nov 2021, and NOT told people when you were launching and done some positive PR. I don’t need to say, but this would have given you an ENTIRE year for manufacturing and bug fixes.

  • So convenient Sony How you do your loyal customers This online purchase of the PS5 is a waste of our time You’re letting all the bots and the resellers buy all the ps5 Come on Sony check out eBay PS5 going for $1500 shame on you Sony I’ve been loyal to playstation my whole life I won’t even play xbox You do this to us every time a new system comes out I’m pretty sure you keep records of how many people are part of the playstation family you Guys should send out a email to all your loyal playstation plus members with a special link for us to buy a PS5 I’m just saying

  • There’s a warm place down below for all the people snatching multiple PS5s then trying to price gouge on retail sites. Sony should follow Augusta National Golf Club’s montra as punishment for anyone doing this. “Find out who they are and ban those people from any Sony platforms for life.”

  • Did Sarawak already arrive ?

  • Y’all ever gonna give an actual update on supply numbers? Doing anything to punish the retailers (Walmart) that screwed this up? What about going after Ebay for allowing the scalping of your consoles? Do you even actually care?

  • I am not going to pay 100 more so of course I will have to wait until mars next year or longer. But I have upgraded my ps4 with the ps5 head phones and the ps3 with the controller so that I can play old Demons soules with it………..

    • Som yshouldnt be sending anything to retail the scalping not being charged for is a joke, it implies internal afiliation if the dont stop it, clearly otherwise they lowballed the price point it should have gotten a few upgrades like at 2.4 tb driv so you actually had 2 tb not 600 gb and a 800 to 1000 price or a pro version

  • 😂😂😂Would love to get one but too bad nobody can cuz bots are buying them all up and giving them to scalpers😂😂😂

  • Playstation losing more customers to XBox rn than people they’re trying to prevent getting covid😜😂

  • Bro this is bull how am I suppose to get the Ps5 when people are using bots, and than reselling for 900 dollars

  • Dumb of PlayStation to not have enough consoles. I know if I can’t get one for my child before Christmas I’m not buying one.I’m sure I’m not the only one. Their leaving money on the table. (At least with me). Didn’t they realize what the numbers would be. Don’t they have people that analyze these things. Maybe I’m the dumb one.

  • Improve your preorder process.

    there’s plenty available from people scalping locally.

    those people are

    1 – regular scalpers just looking for any scarcity.

    2 – fans buying extra to scalp their way into a free ps5 or better.

    you could have solved this with requiring psn / limit ones / more brick and mortar preorders in advance.

    in summer 2013 i put $50 cad down at a local best buy for the ps4, when november launched rolled around i walked in and got my ps4 no problem. ps4 was highly scalped but drops kept rolling in. my friend rolled the dice and had to wait till mid december at a toys r us his wife had to line up at with 10 units.

    fact is core fans could get it if they wanted. Not this time you lied about preorder availability and the first wave was snatched up before your own statement of going live.

    For me i’m waiting for more quality games to buy 5 and a new 4k tv. I’m all Sony tv sound bar now. you continue to erode my loyalty.

    I will get a ps5 because of your exclusives and i am aware more ps5s are in production. I’m not happy with your launch and the system looks unfinished ui etc.

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