The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

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The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

We're finally here: the PS5 is now launching.

What a year. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for cheering us on and keeping us honest. I know I speak for all of Sony Interactive Entertainment when I say that you are at the very center of everything we make and do here. 

We never wavered in our vision for delivering a truly next-generation console that was built to excite both gamers and developers. We also knew that it would be nearly impossible for gamers and press to experience next-generation features like the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback, or our immersive 3D Audio, in a socially-distanced world.

But starting tonight in some regions, players will begin turning on their PlayStation 5 consoles for the very first time and getting their first taste of these innovative features. It’s a heartening, and humbling, moment for all of us here at Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

While the launch begins tonight in North America, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea – this is just the first step in our global rollout. PS5 will expand to the rest of the world on November 19, and I can’t wait until everyone can get their hands on it.

PS5 represents a true generational leap, and the games you will experience over the coming years are sure to change gaming forever. The ultra-high speed SSD alone will revolutionize how games are developed and played, not to mention the increased fidelity and performance many PS5 games offer. And then there is, of course, the DualSense wireless controller. 

It’s an exciting time, and we’re so grateful that you’re here with us. Thank you for trusting us and for being so patient this year. We created PS5 for you and you have been the center of our strategy since Ken Kutaragi envisioned the very first PlayStation. 

Today, I just wanted to simply say: thank you. Thank you, and here’s to the dawn of a new generation of gaming. 

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  • Would have been nice to join in this launch. But everyone wasn’t limited one per customer. Now eBay is flooded with 1000$ consoles. Hopefully I can enjoy in a few month *sad face*

  • I love you guys ! Can’t wait to get mine on November 19th 🖤 thanks for this Next Gen

  • You had years to plan this should have being making them a year in advance or at least six months so that come around launch every person can buy one it’s called a planned successful launch.

  • Scalpers rejoice christmas has arrived early this year

  • Not everyone will have a ps5. I ordered mine 2 days after the official announcement of the console and I wouldn’t even have it on the 19th because it was out of stock. my first gen ps4 can’t even run netflix anymore. help me sony please

  • Please add: 1440p!! Don’t let Xbox outshine you

  • Black Desert on PS5 only supports 60fps vs the 120fps that Xbox Series X has, I don’t know what the hell the Sony guys are thinking about, but they should contact pearlabbys and solve this, otherwise, they will lose many players due to the big difference, I remind you that Black Desert has crossplay, the PS player will not enjoy anything

  • cool wassup with you doing

  • Many thanks! Happy consumer since 1995.

  • Awww this is cute UwU

  • Thank you for the playstation invite. thank you playstation. its feels like christmas eve in november. I am very happy. Thank you Jim ryan.

  • Black Desert on PS5 only supports 60fps, while Series X has 120fps, I don’t know what Sony’s are thinking, but they should contact pearl abbys and solve this, otherwise, they will lose many players due to the great difference that They will have with the players of the other platform, I remind you that Black Desert has crossplay, the PS player will not enjoy anything due to the great difference, 120fps vs 60fps in an MMORPG with crossplay is something very unfortunate

  • Love the Parappa and Lammy nod in the playroom! Please, give the series another chance :)

  • Exciting time for the future of games!

  • Hope it won’t take too long to find one. Couldn’t spare the expense when pre-orders were open. Other than that very ready for Demons Soulssssss

  • I can’t use YouTube on my ps5 i sent YouTube lots and lots and lots feedback that the video doesn’t play for a week and the video still doesn’t play and i checked the settings on my ps5 and tried over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again to play a video can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee helllllllllllllp me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Playstation was never an entertaiment system. Its a gaming machine. PS5 will follow that route too. Enjoy gaming.

  • Shocking that you never mentioned that the hard drive is tiny! You have ripped us gamers right off with this console. X-Box has beaten you hands down this time.

    • Oh stop. Absolutely no one is picking Xbox because of a difference of 175gb in hard drive space, including you. Have fun being able to fit a whole 1-2 more non-exclusives on your system though. Sounds super exciting.

    • If i can use my astro controller on XboxSX, ill get one.

  • I wait. I stare at my tracking info. I drool. I ready.

  • 1440p? Where is it?

  • Allow developers to publish PS5 PSVR games!!!

    • What developers are trying to publish ps5 games for last gen vr but can’t because Sony won’t let them? Name one.

      Sony is clearly getting ready for PSVR2 down the line (notice you need to get a special adapter for PSVR on PS5 and the new PS5 camera oddly isn’t compatible with it?). No point in anyone making big games for an about to be obsolete add-on right now. Just be patient. It’ll come.

  • i am ready for ps5 lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Though we still have to wait until december 11 here in the philippines🇵🇭, i just want to speak on PH’s behalf, that we are very thankful to everyone in sony family! You guys even bothered managing to launch the console here already by next month. U couldve launched it by next year so thank you! and congrats on the PS5’s key market launch!🥳🥳 a lot of people are complaining not getting the console same time as the other regions but i still believe that you guys are doing your best every time specially in this very dire time. Always take care and God bless!🙏🏾

  • Thanks. I’m looking forward to next week. Though I still don’t understand why we need to wait a full week longer in Europe… I really don’t get it… Microsoft launched their new Xbox at the same time around the world.

  • I think all of the Sony’s lead PS5’s marketing people are idiots and should be fired. Anyone that had a part in this release debacle are idiots, idiots to the point im thinking about switching to a gaming system that I have been against since day one the Xbox and I’m not the only one. Sony is going to lose so many loyal patrons its going to be crazy. Since day one I’ve always had a console on release day. Hi think how they handled the release of the PS5 could have been done better by children. I feel deceived and lied to. How they secretly released early without letting people know how they are making it so hard to get one and allowing scalpers to use bots and buy up all of the available units and sell them for 400% mark up. Sony you can deny responsibility all you want but you could have prevented all of this but chose not to just so you could make profits that is greedy in my opinion. Hope it was all worth it Sony losing trust, loyal patrons, respect and our loyalty.

  • Am an older player, but is just as excited as the younger players to get the new PS5…Sony Playstation has been in our house hold from the very start of their first console. My kids & I have had great fun on all the pervious generation player…To all those that will be getting t he PS5…ENJOY

  • Thank you for another Generation, I’ve stuck with PlayStation from the very start of the PS1 and won’t be regretting anything from Sony

  • It all starts tomorrow!!!!

  • My body is ready………. next year.

  • Pls Sony help me I try to get ps5 but they already sold out on online I sold my ps4 slim October 24th I thought the ps5 will be available in the stores but now they said online only

  • When will they be available for those who didn’t get to participate in that disastrous preorder period?

  • Yep tomorrow afternoon sometime mine will come just have to wait for fedex.

  • To infinity and beyond! PS5 FTW!

  • So how can I get one?

  • Please fix the performance. The xbox is doing better and faster. It have no limits, as they can play older games on it. The ps5 is limited.

  • I’ll be playing five of the next generation games tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how fast kingdoms of amalur re-reckoning will run on this awsome next generation console ps5. I’m so excited. Thank you Sony so very much!!

  • Thank you and the team for your impeccable customer service, I greatly appreciate all you guys do !!!!!

  • I don’t mind losing out from buying a PS5 to an avid gamer. Such is life.

    I do mind losing out to a guy running a bot who only wants to flip a PS5 for some quick cash.

  • “Thank you for trusting us and for being so patient this year. We created PS5 for you and you have been the center of our strategy since Ken Kutaragi envisioned the very first PlayStation.”

    I trusted PS to be the home of Japanese games. Instead, you decided to censor them, which in turn created distrust and drove many fans away to other platforms. If the PS5 is for me as you say then that means no JP game will be censored on PS5 ever. Can you confirm this, Jim? Many are waiting to come back.

  • Please add VRR
    Please add 1440p support
    Please add quick resume (Xbox)
    Please allow PS5 games on external storage sometime soon
    Please add auto HDR
    Please consider Dolby Vision please consider Dolby Atmos
    Will DX12 Ray Tracing be added eventually?
    Heard there is no real time RT Is this true ?
    Please add Web browser as plenty of people used it on ps4.
    Please add low latency game mode.
    Please add more storage
    Please add all these things and more for either the ps5 or the ps5 pro.

    Thanks for everything and Thank you for the games and memories

  • Awesome i can’t wait to own one.

    I’ve been a fan since gta3. Simply great consoles multi purpose great entertainment!!

  • Can some explain the new, impossible to use online playstation store.

    Is the goal to prevent us from buying any digital games?

    Is this really what you want to launch with the playstation 5?

  • I can’t use YouTube on my ps5 i sent YouTube lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of feedback that the video doesn’t play for my ps5 i sent YouTube lots and it still doesn’t play i checked the settings on my ps5 and it still doesn’t play any of my videos,is there any way you can helllllllllllllp me pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • I am so frustrated and disappointed with the way Sony chose to distribute the console. I followed the initial instructions from Sony. Things changed so rapidly, I was unable to secure a pre order. I have never missed a launch since the original PS. I have the money but nowhere to buy it…. I want to cry honestly…

  • Gracias PlayStation por esos grandes y gloriosos momentos que disfrutado contigo desde que era un niño de 6 años, eres mi consola preferida, favorita y #1 para mi estoy más que listo para recibir mi PlayStation 5 y disfrutar de la nueva generación.


  • Sony shame on you for not delivering stock at launch and allowing scalpers to resell your product for extortionate prices.

    I’ve owned every playstation product to date and probably thousands of games at this point and I’m sad to say there’s no reward for brand loyalty, not from Sony.

    At this point I think I’m just going to troll for XBox stock 😞

  • Since PlayStation 1 came out, I’ve been a loyal customer. When PlayStation announced they would send out emails to preorder the PS5, I was surprised to see that I did NOT receive an email invitation to do so. I can only see the hundreds of purchased items I bought digitally at full price and also the years of purchase receipts of PlayStation Plus. I even began to preorder games for the ps5 and was looking forward to picking up a console on launch day and playing Demon’s Souls when I get off of working my 3rd shift job as an essential worker. I’m an electronic technician for a food processing company.
    I was frustrated to find out a only week before launch that I could not go directly to a local retailer and purchase a console but would have to go online and attempt to purchase one. I say attempt because there will be bots/scalpers at the ready to hoard them and sell them online for 2-3 times the MSRP. This is unacceptable.
    I doubt that any employees of Sony and or PlayStation will read this comment, but at least others like myself will know that they are not alone in their feelings of betrayal and frustration. It’s a shame that we are experiencing what is believed to be a pandemic by most people, but for a company such as PlayStation to use it as a marketing gimmick in the guise of “protecting its fan base health” is disrespectful on so many levels.

    Sincerely ,

    A loyal PlayStation customer.

  • I like Sony, PlayStation and all the hardworking developer that put this console together, but it is a shame that many of long term fan will not be able to get this console on the first day as in “Day one”.

    Now, I have an idea of how people will have been able to get just one console per house hold.

    My idea is that; Sony should have managed to reach out to all of their dedicated fans via PS4, and asking whoever that have an active account for at least 5 – 10 years, to be able to pre-order one console.

    This will have helped the launch of this great console, and this will have to make the majority of players get their hands on at least one console per house across the globe.

    This simple idea, will have stop people pre-ordering more than one console at launch and will eradicate the greedy behaviour that many have to sell just a console on eBay for over a £1000 pounds.

    So, dear Sony, I talk about my idea to my partner and a few more talented people and I was told that it’s a fantastic idea, but here I am, since I do not have a platform to reach out to many before I get the glimpse of chance just to reach out to you.

    In all said, I am still a proud fan and a good member of this great community and looking forward to get this awesome console one day.

    Have a great launch, we all love you Sony and we as a community like you Mr Jim Ryan.

    Sincerely your true fan
    EliteX (Elite-xzbt)

  • It was nice one but you didn’t realize what is mean by rest of the world. You skipped one country itself (INDIA). And your launching everywhere. India is one of the most gaming and knowledgeable people’s compare to other countries your skipping launch date there…!

  • Brand new to consoles, and cannot wait for my first with the PS5. Pre-ordered digital through Best Buy, and it should arrive in the next few days. Been gaming pretty much exclusively on PC since the days of WC II/III, Half-Life, CS 1.6, but gaming has taken a backseat to life since college. Excited to see what Playstation has to offer. Should be fun!!!

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