The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

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The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

We're finally here: the PS5 is now launching.

What a year. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for cheering us on and keeping us honest. I know I speak for all of Sony Interactive Entertainment when I say that you are at the very center of everything we make and do here. 

We never wavered in our vision for delivering a truly next-generation console that was built to excite both gamers and developers. We also knew that it would be nearly impossible for gamers and press to experience next-generation features like the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback, or our immersive 3D Audio, in a socially-distanced world.

But starting tonight in some regions, players will begin turning on their PlayStation 5 consoles for the very first time and getting their first taste of these innovative features. It’s a heartening, and humbling, moment for all of us here at Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

While the launch begins tonight in North America, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea – this is just the first step in our global rollout. PS5 will expand to the rest of the world on November 19, and I can’t wait until everyone can get their hands on it.

PS5 represents a true generational leap, and the games you will experience over the coming years are sure to change gaming forever. The ultra-high speed SSD alone will revolutionize how games are developed and played, not to mention the increased fidelity and performance many PS5 games offer. And then there is, of course, the DualSense wireless controller. 

It’s an exciting time, and we’re so grateful that you’re here with us. Thank you for trusting us and for being so patient this year. We created PS5 for you and you have been the center of our strategy since Ken Kutaragi envisioned the very first PlayStation. 

Today, I just wanted to simply say: thank you. Thank you, and here’s to the dawn of a new generation of gaming. 

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  • im ready

    • Play has no limits. Cheers to the dawn of a new generation of gaming . Fantastic job from a fantastic team.

    • @cyberuyi

      Black desert

      PS5 -> 60fps
      X series -> 120fps

      games on PS5 DO have a limit

    • @NIRVANA-K-Cobain

      Actually PS5 outperforms Series X in 120FPS mode on Devil May Cry 5. Check out Digital Foundry vid on YouTube.

    • Play has a limit. It’s Dolby Vision.

    • @fadgeybadger

      I’m not talking about DMC, I’m talking about an MMORPG where 120fps is much more important than in a linear game for only one player. Black Desert is a game where there are thousands and thousands of players connected, to that add crossplay with Xbox. So tell me why is Sony not able to support 120fps in Black Desert? As I pointed out, it is much more important to support this type of game.

    • @NIRVANA-K-Cobain

      so you gonna start lying now?

    • For new Rdr

    • Been trying since midnight. No luck. Some articles say more may be released before Christmas but who knows.

    • Sony needs to make sure it can meet supplies for demands before it launches new consoles. Or limit how many can be purchased by an individual, especially since people are reselling on other websites for double + .

  • You thanked who?
    Anyone got PS5?
    No one.

    You thanked a None.

  • No, thank you!
    Waiting on my Kuroneko delivery right now.

  • Excited to get mine but il be waiting a lot longer. Here in Ireland GameStop emailed me at the end of September to say my order can’t be fulfilled until 2021 😔 But I’m happy for those who will collect their consoles this week.

    • That’s crazy I haven’t got any type of email of gamestop if I have it or not they told me I’ll have mine at launch but I still have 120 to pay off so I have heard nothing

    • @searley1991

      Man I’d love to visit Ireland. Sorry your order got pushed back. I get mine tomorrow morning here in the American Southwest at 10am pick up from GameStop. Happy gaming and hopefully ya get yours sooner rather than later.

    • @Regazzoli That’s weird. All stores in Ireland, outside of Dublin, have to move ALL their orders over to the online store since all the brick and mortar stores are closed because of Level 5 Covid. (Seriously though, why are all the Dublin stores doing click and collect, Dublin already was the main problem with Covid BEFORE the Level 5 lockdown, Smyths toys are doing the opposite, it’s the Dublin stores that are closed).

      I have a friend who was contacted by head office, the last 3 days, to organise getting the rest of his money paid off on it and yesterday they confirmed everything is good and ready to go.
      It could be that they haven’t got round to you yet but give them a call or check your email to confirm everything is okay.

  • Hopefully the PS5 that I purchased isn’t defected or bricked.

    • Most unneeded comment ever

    • Yup the first year always reveals defects,that’s why I’ll be buying it next year,when they will be resolved if any..

    • @el_deuce1566

      Ireland is a nice country, but Scotland blew me away with its scenery and views, wow.

    • @om-boi-tyagi Sorry but nothing will be “resolved”. There will be a slightly lesser failure rate but don’t pretend there is no chance it will no break. Also, it will still be 500 quid until eventually a PS5 Pro launches in at least 3 years time so………. again, you’re waiting for pretty much nothing.

    • ungrateful brats…. be happy it was supported as long as it was.

  • Thanks Jim. Wish I didn’t have to wait an extra week to get mine tho!

  • To many years of great games to come, cheers Jim

  • Great a new generation of gaming.

    Some of us still play PS3 and Vita.

    Would like to see sales for it come back outside of Cross Buy games?


    Hope there is a PS5 Slim in a few years.

    • As he says. What a year. Of total disrespect towards their loyal customers.

      First, blocking developers and publishers from discounting their own games on any other PS platform than PS4, and then deleting the web/mobile app store for legacy PS.

      And lying. PlayStation message:
      “You will still be able to access all your previously purchased PS3, PSP or PS Vita content as before. Your existing PS4 apps, themes and avatars will remain on your PS4 console.”

      PlayStation Support when asked why there’s no purchase button on PS Store accessed from PS3 in Poland:
      “The lack of a purchase button in the PS Store on PS3 is due to the fact that the possibility of buying products for PS3, PSP and PS Vita has been permanently closed.

      This is not a system maintenance or a bug. There will no longer be such an option available on PS3, and individual regions will also have this option turned off soon.”

      You killed the fanboy in me, Sony. Please, roll back to Sony from 2018 at least.

    • @Finka_Karfein
      maybe stop complaining about the fact that you have a freaking ps3. bro this was expected. stop crying

    • @StarkGaryen333
      Pity it’s already happening for PS4 devs with the discounts (one indie dev mentioned it on twitter). But yeah, gotta stop complaining and all hail PS5.
      Anyway, why get rid of the purchase button if the games gotta stay on the servers anyway for people who bought them? Makes no sense.
      And no, that wasn’t expected since Sony sent the message the purchases would be possible. Besides I’m not the only one – did you see the comments under the recent discount blog posts? Do your research.

    • @Finka_Karfein
      I’m in the same boat as you. Nicely said.

  • ps5 :(

  • Fix the below

    – No storing PS5 games on ext. HDD
    – No folders
    – No Super Ultra-Wide Support
    – No PSNOW for Australia
    – No BC support for PS3, PS2 or PS1…. not even digital PS3/PSN games
    – No Web Browser

    • No 1440p either :(

    • Why a web browser? I get everything on your entitled list besides that. I mean there’s only one reason I can think of and considering the web browsers on the PS4 was so cranky it’s a little embarrassing when such windows don’t such and I have to explain to the mom what I was doing last night.

    • No Dolby Vision for 4K blurays

    • Ridiculous games library, amazing controller, speed and great performance. Most of that is nitpicking at best and can be fixed!

    • Sony: Hmm Folders, Hmm 🤔

      Sony: Uh😳 AHHHHHHHHH, we did it again! 😱

      Yes Sony the same thing happened with PS4, come on Sony get a grip, this is basic stuff.

    • Basically no games at launch is probably the biggest. 😂

      An ancient PS3 rerelease and some cross platforms is maybe better if you haven’t got a PS4 and didn’t play demon souls a billion years ago. But still, little reason to buy a console with effectively zero games at launch.

    • Lol what a shoddy list of things to pick at:

      – No storing PS5 games on ext. HDD [SOFTWARE UPDATE]
      – No folders [SOFTWARE UPDATE]
      – No Super Ultra-Wide Support [SOFTWARE UPDATE]
      – No PSNOW for Australia [SERVICE UPDATE]
      – No BC support for PS3, PS2 or PS1…. not even digital PS3/PSN games [BUY A PS1, PS2 AND PS3]
      – No Web Browser [Lol this one got me, who browses the web on a console?]

  • I hope i can actually get one 😔

  • Simply can’t wait to get it and play on it!!!

  • Thank you, Jim and Team! Since that epic and exciting PS5 reveal I’ve been excited for tomorrow. I got my shipping notification, and am ready to go! Thanks again to you all, I’m grateful to have had this to look forward to! Best wishes from Upstste, NY, USA!

  • No, Thank you. I can’t wait to see what the ps5 has in store for us for years to come, it has been amazing to be a fan of PlayStation for so many years, your team has worked hard to bring us the next gen experience, and we cannot thank them enough for that. Good luck with bringing out the next gen experience for years to come!

  • You need to make more. As you are aware, scalpers bought them all and the only way to obtain one is for 2.5-3x msrp, from eBay…

  • Thank YOU! To all the engineers and devs who accomplished this in a year like the one we had. I couldn’t be more excited for this console, and the games to come. Nothing like a PlayStation launch!!!

  • im excited to play the playstation 5

  • 🤣🤣im🤣🤣laughing🤣🤣at🤣🤣all🤣🤣the🤣🤣kids🤣🤣that🤣🤣didn’t 🤣🤣get🤣🤣there🤣🤣Ps5🤣🤣preorder🤣🤣🤣🥱🥱🥱

  • I’m ready for Gen 9.

  • Que ganas de encender mi PlayStation 5. 40 años esperando este momento… Solo espero tener mi consola que ya reservé el dia 19 en mi casa con mi familia

  • I’m happy about the launch! I just wish it wasn’t a disaster :/ I can’t blame Sony because of how 2020 has been, but this was pretty ridiculous, I had to make a deal on someone to get a Pre-Order (They’re cool tho as far as I know, I checked them out)

    But for those who did get a PS5, congratulations! But treat it with care, you got a console that a lot of people wanted, so you better treat it well

  • So I can’t wait for my system but is there really any problems with me plugging my external hard drive in will it really. Brick my system I’m just curious I have see all over social media that ps5 are breaking I need an honest answer sony

  • Please consider adding 1440p resolution support in a patch. Xbox has it, and you’ve also committed to adding 8K in a patch, so why not 1440p?

    • Chase888333

      The PS5 can’t even run 4K native games at 60fps. Forget about 8K, it’s a lie.

    • @Strangeheaven
      That’s a false statement. It has already been confirmed that DMC5 runs at native 4K/60fps in one of its modes. Astro’s playroom does as well. This list will only grow from here.

      Developers can make pretty much any of their games run at 4K/60. When they don’t it usually means they believe the processing power is better spent elsewhere. This has been true with every generation of consoles and will remain this way with future machines. The reason is: if the difference between full 4K and reconstructed 4K, or even as low as 1440p, is nearly imperceptible to the vast majority of people, why would we not use that power for more noticeable enhancements instead.

  • Looking forward to it, whenever it arrives. What happened here in Canada? Seriously, no one is actually receiving their console tommorow.

  • PS5 is going to be amazing, just one thing: add support for 1440p resolution, not everyone plays on their tvs, there is a lot of us who play on a monitor. Thank you

  • We’ve been a PlayStation family since I got married in ’96, and have come along for the ride with each system since. I was lucky enough to secure a PS5 pre-order during the first round; I’ve already got my second controller and charger, the PS4 Valhalla in hand to upgrade, and Miles Morales will be swinging into my mailbox tomorrow. All that’s left is for Target to ship my console. I am SO HYPED for this!!

  • So excited for this .. hopefully can get my hands on PS5 in UK next week 🙏 been with you since PS1. Thanks for all the fun SIE .. Jim Ryan, you’re a legend .. keep doing what you’re doing, so excited for the future of PlayStation .. much love 💙

  • Yes very excited I will be getting it this Xmas 🎄 and I can’t wait sony are amazing what they have done to this very amazing playstation

    • Dear #Playstation,
      Thank you. You’ve provided Entertainment and Amusement for Decades now. We appreciate you guys as much as you appreciate us. Here’s to another Decade of Games, Entertainment and Fun!!

      Signed #Robblizzy

  • Yessss. I’m hyped. Sony give me a copy of demon souls ♥️.

  • Congrats! Mine should be on the way soon.

    Also, please consider a Bloodborne PS5 patch.

  • Thank you!

  • im ready ive been ready

  • What about the release date in India?


  • Let’s do this!

  • Let’s go

    Another playstation generation!!

    • Weak. Thanks for screwing over your fans who cared about legacy content. Oh wait, there’re more important things to look forward to. “HapTiC FeEdBacK”. Can’t believe how the tables have turned.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to reply to you.

  • India release date?

    • as of right now sony don’t own the ps5 trademark in india. so months and months I’m guessing, however long it takes for a legal dispute to be worked out. omaybe the dude will accept a nice big pay out but, he could hold onto it exponentially increasing it’s value due to sales lost, so who knows.

  • i just hope I can get one! I don’t know how much time I have left on this Earth and I just want to experience it! They have all been gone so fast!

  • The next generation of gaming is here. Thanks for the message, SIE! Very heartfelt. Now let’s do this thing.

  • This is like my baby. I’ve been a part of this for the past several years. I’m so proud to be a part of the world wide team responsible for delivering this system to the world. Can’t wait to get my delivery tomorrow. Thank you Sony.

  • I’m ready for the new PS5

  • What a nice little nod to Mr. Kutaragi ♥️

  • Don’t forget the ps4 …😭😭😭😭 I still play on ps4fat , because I don’t have money 😭😭😭 to buy the next gen console , please do a keep update newest games on the ps4 😭😭😭


    • Don’t worry. At the TGS (Tokyo game show) there was a total of 1 whole PS5 title and a pile of PS4.

      PS5 titles probably wont outpace PS4 releases for probably another 2-3 years. Even then PS4 titles will probably still be released. As the consoles are basically the same thing, it makes little sense to not do a PS4 version, especially if graphically you don’t need it.

  • Thank you Jim now most of the bots will get the rest of the launch batch, next time make enough consoles so that everyone who wants one can purchase one , weak launch im sorry but it sucks true sony fan here.

  • I’ll have mine tomorrow, very excited. I wish I could just celebrate the hype, but I have to come here to ask for Dolby Vision support for 4K blurays.

    I was just as excited to use my PS5 as a UHD BD player, as I was for the games. The seeming absence of Dolby Vision is a major bummer.

  • Would like to order a product from sony without any worry or time frame when there going to be available make more consoles to fight scalpers.

  • Jim, just so you are aware. Not everyone has their PS5, some regions have to wait until the 19th. Then, some regions only had limited stock. So next time, release the PS6 on the same date around the world and make enough to go round. Thanks.

    • They could do that. But honestly only way to do it is to delay the release for everybody until there is enough stock produced and distributed. Would that be better? Nobody would get the console sooner. But millions of the people would get it later.

  • Shame we have to wait an extra week to get our hands ours 😔

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