The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

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The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

We're finally here: the PS5 is now launching.

What a year. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for cheering us on and keeping us honest. I know I speak for all of Sony Interactive Entertainment when I say that you are at the very center of everything we make and do here. 

We never wavered in our vision for delivering a truly next-generation console that was built to excite both gamers and developers. We also knew that it would be nearly impossible for gamers and press to experience next-generation features like the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback, or our immersive 3D Audio, in a socially-distanced world.

But starting tonight in some regions, players will begin turning on their PlayStation 5 consoles for the very first time and getting their first taste of these innovative features. It’s a heartening, and humbling, moment for all of us here at Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

While the launch begins tonight in North America, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea – this is just the first step in our global rollout. PS5 will expand to the rest of the world on November 19, and I can’t wait until everyone can get their hands on it.

PS5 represents a true generational leap, and the games you will experience over the coming years are sure to change gaming forever. The ultra-high speed SSD alone will revolutionize how games are developed and played, not to mention the increased fidelity and performance many PS5 games offer. And then there is, of course, the DualSense wireless controller. 

It’s an exciting time, and we’re so grateful that you’re here with us. Thank you for trusting us and for being so patient this year. We created PS5 for you and you have been the center of our strategy since Ken Kutaragi envisioned the very first PlayStation. 

Today, I just wanted to simply say: thank you. Thank you, and here’s to the dawn of a new generation of gaming. 

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  • I’m excited and ready!!!

    …just need to get an order, fingers crossed!

  • Give us local storage backup!

  • Global launch my ass, u guys didn’t even revealed the release date for playstation india yet and xbox is already released here

  • Welcome everyone, have fun and be nice. We must be better than what some was doing in the last two years. Just go enjoy the games. One more week to go. Stay strong!

  • Thank you for working so hard through difficult times to deliver us the new console generation! So excited to see what you have planned for us gamers in the future – PlayStation you’re awesome!

  • A great gaming experience is moments away. I cannot wait. The PS5 is a fantastic next gen console. The Dual Sense is a true innovation. Just a shame about the staggered launch for us here in the UK and Europe. Let’s hope the week flies by.

  • Sir when will ps5 come to India. Does your rest of the world include it. If we don’t get ps5 by this month we are going for Xbox series x

  • What about India? When will you give us some news about the Indian release?😢

  • Thank you Jim, and to everyone at Sony, much love from myself and all of the UK players, November 19th, can’t wait 🙌❤️

  • The PS5 is NOT available at ANY retailer in the US, the only units I have seen are being sold by scalpers and the price is $1299.00 US that is no way to roll out a next gen console. I will wait until next year before buying, less we forget the PS4 roll out and the “Blue Light of Death” fiasco with first release models. I have been playing PS since gen one and every gen has issues for the first three to five months, I have learned to WAIT on these until the updates, patches and other bugs have been worked out. I just purchased a brand new Samsung QLED 75′ 8K Smart TV for my home/gaming system it is incredible and it takes ALL TV and gaming system programing no matter the format and coverts the images to 8K and it has a game mode my PS4 looks amazing in game play.

    • LG CX OLED 4K is currently the best Gaming TV in the world. But your TV is really good for gaming as well.

      I agree with you, that waiting for next year to buy a PS5. I think its best with any console launch to wait at least 6 months, then buy one.

  • This is going to be sooooo exciting when I get one of these sometime next year because scalpers have snatched them all up and have marked them up on ebay!!! What an exciting day! Thank you for thanking us from the bottom of your heart for the console you released that we can’t buy!

    What a joke.

  • Great. All we need now is enough units in the shops :-/

  • Bit difficult to get too exited about it when I can’t just go buy one in town. Meh. Cool but there’s not many games on it, and we have a PS4 pro and two other PS4’s to play PS4 games on. I’m happy to wait till it’s a bit cheaper and the bugs have been aired out. Really happy for those getting it though, fun new toy!

  • And more to come… thank you SIE for all the hard work, Playstation means so much to me! Big love! ❤

  • Please add 1440p. Many gamers including myself game on 1440p monitors. I pre-ordered a PS5 specifically to play it on my 1440p monitor.

  • I hope i’m able to grab a PS5 online from Target or from Wal*Mart tomorrow morning!

    • I hope you are too. Sincerely. I pre-ordered from Target on 9-16, and I cant get it until 11-18. I’m sympathetic to India, but people in Idaho aren’t necessarily any better off. On the other hand, I am grateful to be getting one at all. This launch has had issues all over the place. Anyway, good luck.

  • Thank you So much for all of your hard work. We love and appreciate it more than you can know and are so excited to go next gen! Pls help me get one 🙏

  • Black Desert

    PS5: 60fps (frames drop too low when seeing many players among other activities)

    Xbox Series 120fps

    you should contact pearl abyss and fix this as soon as possible, plus there are thousands of games that are limited to 30-60fps. Otherwise I see a dark future for PS5

    • @NIRVANA

      Older and last gen games are running faster on Xbox Series X. I hope that newer games start running faster on PS5, or that’s going to be pretty embarrassing for Sony.

    • @Strangeheaven

      For the sake of Sony I hope they fix this as soon as possible, many Black Desert (ps) communities are upset by the huge difference and disadvantage they have against XSX players. 120fps vs 60fps in an MMORPG is very unfair. I hope that in TERA and final fantasy XIV this does not happen.

  • I don’t understand how console manufacturers continue to not produce enough hardware for launch. Maybe they can all take a lesson from Apple on how to successfully launch a product or multiple products at once.

  • Out of stock. Good job.

  • Pls get me my gta account back please bc I spent years on that game and now it’s all gone help me

  • Naw, I have to thank you on the years of gaming you have brought to me with some of my absolute favorite games your studios have developed such as Sly Cooper, Uncharted, and bringing one of my favorite superheroes Spider-Man on the ps4 was heavily appreciated as a fan of the webhead. I’m really excited for the new Miles Morales title which looks very fun with fast-paced gameplay and fluid combat which could make a nice addition to the ps5 collection and demon souls which looks like eye catching to me both really look 100% next gen games. I’m really looking forward to the next generation of gaming that is upon and can’t wait for the next years of games you’ll bring with your team good luck, Thank You

  • Best console makers and customer service I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing! I love Sony and thank you for doing all you can to bring a great experience to millions of people throughout the world, especially during these isolating times. Cheers!!

  • I love the new console and how it looks I’ve spent my last 3weeks of my life looking and thinking about the ps5 and tonight (I’m in Canada) I’m staying up looking everywhere to try getting my hands on the sweet console

  • Would have been nice if a majority of people could have gotten one and not a bunch of bots real high tech

  • Sony “HBO” I bought at least 6 PS3’s 8 PS4’s two PlayStation VR units and hundreds of games all’s I want to do is buy one PlayStation 5 for right now. Seriously I know I’m worth one PS5, just for now.

  • You guys have revolutionised the entire games industry. Thanks Sony I am not getting my ps5 console anytime soon but I must say am excited for next gen.

  • Benim en çok merak ettiğim performansı fan sesi beni çok rahatsız ediyordu PS4 pro da aynısı inşallah PS5 te olmaz saygilarimla.ismail ok.sumatra.oyunda( YouTube )

  • Thank you. I hope the stock and ease of purchase issues improve for everyone.

  • Lets goooooooo

  • Congratulations to the whole PlayStation Team at Sony on the successful launch in these really tough times! As much as I’m excited to hold the new controller, I cannot afford the PS5 right now but I do have the PS4 (my first PlayStation, ever)I bought last year after working my butt off doing a D2D Sales job (some people would tell me to get a real job and shut doors at me). I have made a lot of friends and a hell lot more memories. I will play it as long as it can give me that BEEP sound that makes brings a smile to my face after a long day of work. I hope every one enjoys the PS5. The 3D audio is another intriguing part of the console that I look forward to try. I wish everyone who has received the new PS5 or will have one soon, all the best! Congratulation again and I look forward to a new era in the gaming world!

  • Had one at check out and said sold out!!! I wish I could get my hands on to play… too many ppl buying and reselling.

  • I am ready. Cannot wait to get my pre ordered PS5 with Disk drive next week.

  • the pulse 3d headset is pretty dreadful, my 7 year old polk audio ps4 headset that is falling apart still sounds better and it cost brand new about 70% less then this. I reckon i’ll be sending it back lol, hell I got a pair of 7.99 sony earbuds from 2004 that put out better sound quality so, dunno what they were doing with this one.

  • It would have been a joy if select retailers had not sold out in seconds like target. Really wish sony had quadrupled their inventory.

  • You should really think about releasing your next console at the same time worldwide.
    Gamers in Europe have now been left thinking why they are treated as second class gamers.

  • The day is here….as you can tell by the amount of listings on ebay. Eliminate all this – sell direct at ONE per PS user ID. Take as many pre-orders as people want to put in and then ship as they become available, first come first served. After all that THEN put in retail stores.

    The tiny amount I have heard the retail stores are getting is really sad.

    Oh well, one day they will learn….although they haven’t yet…..

    Since Ratchet and Clank isn’t out till next year, I don’t have to hurry because Miles Spider-man is a HUGE letdown. Should have been a DLC with the tiny amount of time needed.

  • Webstore where i pre-ordered PS5 back in 18th of September informed me that i’ll be getting my unit early next year but at least i’m getting my extra Dualsense controller and Godfall Deluxe Edition at launch, lol! At least i’m ready for PS5! But yeah, scalpers ruined the whole pre-order but i hope every scalper gets COVID-19!

  • Thank you Jim,

    You and the entire PlayStation team have a passion for gaming second to none.

    Congratulations on the launch of the PlayStation 5!

  • These are very exciting times for gamers right now. I know we’re about to see and play some really amazing games in these coming years!

  • What time tonight

  • PS5 release date is early 2021
    Very few can celebrate today, thank you…

  • Not sold in stores. Advertising now is a bit lost on us. I guess greatnesses must continue to wait till next year. 🥺

  • Looking forward to seeing new games on PS5 running at 4K Native, Ray Tracing and at 60fps.

    Now there’s a challenge for you PS5, good luck. Forget about 8K.

    • 4K, Ray Tracing, and 60fps at the same time. Not options for one only, everything at the same time.

      Challenge for PS5. Watching Digital Foundry will be interesting in the coming months.

    • What about 2k, Ray Tracing and 120fps at the same time?

  • Playstation got me excited for no reason had me thinking the ps5 was gonna be 120fps 😤

  • Very excited for this new generation. But I live in 🇬🇦🇬🇦Gabon🇬🇦🇬🇦, in Central Africa and it would be really good for Sony PlayStation to think of this continent because even in my country, many of us love this brand and have been doing so for years. To have a console, you sometimes have to pay double the recommended price because there is no official resale. Hoping to see things evolve in the future, I remain loyal to the brand since the Ps1 …

  • Black Console?

    • They won’t release a black console yet. Sony will likely release the black plates separate for more MONEY 🤑💵

      I think Red plates will look better, depending on which shade of red.

  • Ssdndndnddndb

  • yeah uhhh… about that, i don’t have enough money to buy it. and it will probably take me 2 to 3 years too buy it, its gonna be a very slow process for me to catch up with everyone…

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