State of Play: Descend into the world of Demon’s Souls

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State of Play: Descend into the world of Demon’s Souls

Settle in for more than 12 minutes of all-new PS5 gameplay.

First released in 2009, Demon’s Souls went on to become a beloved and genre-defining action-RPG for PlayStation 3. The game’s unique gameplay systems, harrowing yet rewarding difficulty, and unforgettable world building made it a hit with fans and critics alike, and many of its innovations can still be felt in gaming today.

Starting November 12, the fully rebuilt Demon’s Souls hits PlayStation 5. If you’ve never endured the Valley of Defilement, faced the intimidating Penetrator boss, or rolled credits on this truly mind-bending story, let us simply say: you are in for a treat. 

And to further show how excited we are about the game, we have a special episode of State of Play ready to share… now! It’s a 12-minute deep dive into the game’s world narrated by SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore. 

State of Play: Descend into the world of Demon’s Souls

In this tour, we’re sticking with the offline experience – once the game launches, you’ll be able to discover the asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer features* that make Demon’s Souls so adored among fans.

Need more to last until launch? Here’s a list of required reading:

*Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.

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  • It’s so beautiful. This was the deciding factor for getting a PS5 on day-one. Umbasa.

    • I am 100% on the same page as you. I LOVE Souls games, but I was planning to get it later. The Character cusomization alone is a big plus for me.

    • Umbasa!

      This is my go-to next gen game. It honestly looks better than anything else. With Miles, DeS, Sackboy, Godfall, and The Pathless PS5 has some incredible launch exclusives. Ofc Astro is free and receiving great reviews as well. Bugsnax will be free for ps+ members and Destruction All-Stars in February. PS5 is loaded. I made the right decision for next gen.

    • Wow the deciding factor for you to get the next PS was a 11 year old game from the PS3 era recycled with tech improvement.No wonder they keep stealing from us gamers.

  • had to cancel my preorder of souls. can’t really justify spending all that on a remake. and i can’t justIfy spending £50 on the miles morales DLC

    • What even? Why are there so many senseless people here…

    • IGN gave Miles Morales a 9/10 and said the story by itself is 8-10 hours, double that with collectibles/side missions.

      Get lost with your DLC propaganda. The game is an 85 Metacritic. If anything, $50 is a deal for a stunning next gen game. Full game. With a platinum. Even a completionist said about 15-18 hours with all content. That’s plenty.

      Demon’s Souls is a game I spent 150 hours on. The remake looks more technically impressive than anything on console. If any game is worth $70 it would be a stunning next gen Souls game like this.

    • They have redone animations, looks 1000x better then the original, a better camera, better controls and a camera mode does that justify £50?

    • sony have been clammoring on about how easy it is to make/upgrade games for playstation 5, easier then it’s ever been, so what exactly justifies a $93 standard edition or a $65 miles morales. neither of them are worth that imo.

    • I completely agree no game is worth £70.00. Spiderman Dlc for £50.00 is a complete rip off.

  • Ok then…..*unzips* Stick white stuff

  • Amazing ¡¡¡Well I hope these companies bring some other remake like Vagrant story or Silent hill¡¡¡

  • All in! This looks fantastic!

  • Dang, my new TV is READY FOR THE 12TH!

  • Beyond impressed. Bluepoint are masters of their craft! I’m still more excited about this than Cyberpunk.

  • Truly stunning.

    This is every bit as impressive as SotC remake or quite possibly more.

    It’s a remake, but very faithfully created. Incredible next gen tech, but enemies are in the same exact spots and level design is untouched. Brilliant work. I can’t imagine how it’ll feel with the DualSense controller.

    Day one. Pre-ordered. November 12th. I’m not surprised PS5 is outscoring SX.

  • I’m not getting the platinum trophy for this one.

  • Super excited for this game to go on sale! I’m not supporting $70 games no matter what they are or who makes them.

  • This game, astro playroom, and spider-man miles morales ultimate will be the first 3 ps5 games I play on ps5 😃

  • Because the video is in 1080p if the game director speaks in native 4K 30 fps and dynamic 4K 60 fps ?

  • Not for £70 thanks.

  • Simply amazing.

  • Now bring back the beloved RPG The Legend of Dragoon!

  • Really can’t wait to play this game again! It may be a remake, but they definitely aren’t slacking on any aspect. The particle effects from the magic and fire are gorgeous, the details, the dust falling when the elevator starts, the smoothness of the animations. This may be a launch game but it’s details are amazing. And it may be $70 but that’s not an issue with how many hours I will put into it.

  • Really excited for this. So disappointed in Sony since I was young, they literally could have been making great RPG’s to compete with Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Skyrim, etc. for the past two decades, yet it seems as if they are too lazy to build teams capable of of handling the task.

  • Who dies on dirty colossus lol, in world 5 the level kills you not the bosses.

  • Game looks pretty BUT I’m disappointed there’s no ray tracing and even more disappointed that no new content was added.

    Updated graphics are cool but this was a perfect time to add to the game with the 6th archstone.

    It’s just a shame to think what we are getting versus what we could have been getting especially when charging $70.

    • Think yourself lucky your not getting charged $92.00. Here in the UK it’s priced £69.99 which is $92.06 to be precise.

  • I’m so excited! Demon’s Souls will be the best game on the premier of PS5.

  • Ok this is astonishing compared to the 09 version which was good but looking at this….. I dont even wanna look back at the 09 version and due to that fact I will be playing the 09 version one last time on this new account that I made

  • I hope the PlayStation Gear site has Demon’s Souls merch like Imma buy some if they do.

  • Sony drop the price of Demons Souls in the UK.

    £69.99 is a complete rip off. The game should be priced at £44.99-£49.99 Stop being Greedy Sony.

  • @anikdontpanic

    People are not being senseless for not wanting to pay £70.00 for a game that will likely be priced on Ebay in two years time for £5.00.

    The technology is there for developers to make the process of making games easier and less time consuming, yet there charging more money now for the games. It’s basically pure Greed.

    • Now calm, we understand that you follow the fashion of hating Sony and blablablabla ….. now let people be happy, which you can’t

  • Can’t wait to play this on my RTX PC. Have nothing left to spend for new consoles. Gonna keep my PS4 for a while. It’s not that there is any stock anyways.

  • What a fantastic game! Unbelieveable how they upgraded this old ps3 classic into a beautiful and stunning RPG as we all have known and love! Can’t wait to play this game on the PS5!

    • Much like how the Witcher, Final Fantasy XV and Skyrim aren’t RPGs, this isn’t an RPG.

      It’s an action game with “RPG elements”.

      Unless they actually made it an RPG…

  • I do not know where else to put this feedback so I’m writing here.

    I’d like to submit fan-requests of PS5-adjusted patches for the following games:

    1. The Last Guardian
    -Max possible frame rate.
    -Max possible resolution.
    -Optional: New graphical features

    2. Gravity Rush 2
    -Frame rate unlocked up to 60Hz
    -Ability to host PS5 as server for photo sharing feature which was shut down

    3. Gravity Rush Remastered
    -Frame rate unlocked from 60Hz (current on standard PS4) to 90Hz.
    -Native 4K support

    4. Until Dawn
    -Frame rate unlock up to 60Hz.
    -4K resolution.

  • Very excited. Buying a better, shinier version of something you love isn’t unheard of. You people need to grow up.

    In some ways, I thought Demon’s Souls was superior to Dark Souls in a lot of ways. I’m very much looking forward to this release.

    Astro’s reminds me a lot of Super Mario 64 when it came out.

  • I will buy a PS5 when Elden Ring arrives.

  • IGN will rate any game a 9/10 they can’t tell the difference from a quality game to a dud.

  • I cannot wait for my first PS5 game (after Astro’s Playroom of course) purchased for next gen. This remake looks amazing and this is only the start of the PS5 era. I also have GodFall on its way next week. Be very cool to play those two games side by side for very different experiences. Well done SONY.

  • I must say the handling of console exclusives and general EA style marketing for this game makes me despise Sony and removes the desire to support Sony or buy any of their products moving forward. Its a big shame Sony wants to force me into a console I’ll only use for a few games over its entire lifetime.

  • I’m 13 and I’ve never been more excited about a video game. I already pre-ordered this game. I’ve beaten dank souls 3 6 times and it’s getting kinda boring, this is what I’ve been. waiting for.

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