New Demon’s Souls gameplay reveals bosses, locales and more

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New Demon’s Souls gameplay reveals bosses, locales and more

Descend into Stonefang with several minutes of new PS5 footage.

It has been an honor to work on such a legendary and beloved title as Demon’s Souls. We understand how much it means to all of you because it means so much to us. And that’s why it is with great excitement (and a little trepidation) that we present to you our newest gameplay trailer.

New Demon’s Souls gameplay reveals bosses, locales and more

In this second look into the daunting world of Boletaria, we journey to the barren lands of Stonefang, one of the five distinct realms of Demon’s Souls. Here, deep beneath the ground, cursed miners feverishly dig for the bones of ancient dragons, vast caverns of molten lava keep the weapon forges of Stonefang lit, and the sound of hammer on anvil never ceases.

While our previous trailer showcased gameplay from the very start of the game, where a sword and shield may suffice, Stonefang provides greater perils. In these tight tunnels and molten caverns, even the environment is your enemy. You will need to adapt to the situation, understanding when to press your attack at close-quarters and when to punish your enemy from afar. Even so, skill and reactions have their limits, and proper equipment and preparation could be the difference between victory and defeat. And remember that whatever the outcome, every death has meaning and will make the eventual success all the sweeter on your journey to become the Slayer of Demons.

Demon's Souls

Returning fans will remember the horrors of the Armored Spider and Flamelurker, who lie in wait for the foolhardy in Stonefang. On PS5, we have lovingly recreated these daunting battles so you will believe that your memories have come to life. Every spark and ember, every blow against your shield, and every furious screech, just the way you imagined it.

Demon's Souls

And the wait is nearly over. Please join us on November 12 at launch to experience the incredible world of Demon’s Souls.

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  • Can’t wait to die over and over again. Brilliant job on the remake Bluepoint! 👏

    • I’ve never seen a game look like this. True. Next. Gen.

      Texture quality is unbelievable.

      The Mind Flayer, dragon, and Flamelurker fire. Screenshots don’t do this justice. Wow.

  • Looks amazing!

  • Jesus Mary and Joseph, Sony, how did you make this look so good? It’s incredible!

  • stunning! i have goosebumps

  • Amazing. Who would get an Xbox only, and miss out on this greatness??

  • Oh ma gawd this looks insane 👌👌

  • Hi how can i pre-order ps5 with its games. Plz help

  • Wow that’s extremely impressive. Big ups to Bluepoint and SIE Japan putting in so much work remaking this. It really shows in these trailers and screenshots. Looking forward to playing this.

  • Looks amazing.

    I will save my frustration until the holiday break. I want to enjoy my 1st month with PS5. Then I will torture myself with this experience. We’ll see if I make it further this time than I did on PS3.

  • This cant be as easy as they’re making it in these videos? They playing wit my emotions. I honestly raged quit on Bloodborne, couldn’t get passed the first boss.. SMH but I honestly want to put in time in this and ATLEAST beat one of these games and not feel DEFEATED..

    • Don’t be a manchild, you can do it!! At the very least, watch a tutorial video of the first boss in Bloodborne.

      Also playing Bloodborne on PS5 should mean instant loading and 60fps, which would help you try over and over again :)

    • It is absolutely not as easy as they’ve made it seemed in the trailers.

      Don’t feel bad. I rage quit Bloodborne on the 2nd boss lol

      However, I did beat demon souls and dark souls 1. I still have nightmares of the 2nd boss they fought in this video. The Flamelurker almost ruined me back in the day. Seriously, F that thing. Not looking forward to fighting that monstrosity again.

    • BB was my first soulslike, and I’m not pro gamer ot anything like that, and was able to finish it.
      The secret is a solid powerbuild and grinding xp.

  • So the 6th area remains locked?

  • Did you add an easier mode for casuals?

  • Is there going to be any new bosses/worlds/content in general or is it just a prettier version of the original?

    • Game Informer did a video with them and no sixth Archstone.

      Which is one of the areas that they were going to add later to the game on PS3.

  • Can’t wait to christen my PS5 with this :) looks outstanding. Bluepoint really are an amazingly talented team.

  • This video made me instantly pre-order. With Cyberpunk being delayed, I have free time to play this and Miles Morales :)

  • Looks amazing, but why doesn’t the new app let me rotate the video to a landscape view on my phone?

  • They have a great opportunity for the Playstation brand to have 2 exclusive games “like soul”. Bloodborne and Demo’s Souls. Sony, listen to the community, millions want to see a Bloodborne 2 and expand the universe of Demon’s Souls.

    I say it again, they have a great opportunity

    • Remember Sony didn’t really have anything to do with the original games outside of publishing and some technical support, they were both made by From Software, a third party (who actually don’t have anything to do with this “remake”, done by some US company).

      From already expanded the Demon’s Souls universe when they basically rebooted it with the non exclusive Dark Souls series. From are currently making the slightly bizarrely named Elden Ring “souls like” which is going to the closest thing to a new title in the series.

    • @ MiseryPrincess – Lol JapanStudio helped From Software develop the game,since they’re Sony the tech was all their work.

  • Still find it disappointing that the sixth Archstone isn’t going to be active.

  • Man…I’m sad. Had my PS5 on lock…so I thought. Got another mail saying I ain’t getting any PS5. Not even in time for Xmas… Imma just gonna wait for this as a good man baby lol

  • Looks great. Definitely getting it at launch. Can we get the Sixth Archstone as a DLC, please?

  • Cant wait! I wish you would have added the 6th archstone tho.

  • Looks incredible but i wont be able to afford full price with plus membership :(

  • This looks very impressive. I can’t wait to get it into my hands.

  • If there was ever a time to add new content this was it… shame it is the exact same game just prettier. What’s that 6th archstone…?

  • Sony seems to be slightly out of touch with regard to this franchise. The 6th archstone should have been implemented for a massive surprise to new and long time fans.

    Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition added an entire episode to their decade old game, and Kingdoms of Amalur has an entire new DLC being added in 2021.

    For those concerned with balancing in Demon’s Souls, they could have only made the archstone accessible as post game content. So it stays true to the original but offers a new bite of content as well. Missed opportunity.

  • This is a must-have game!

  • Sadly I’ll have to skip this one. Too hard for me :(

    • It isn’t really THAT hard. You’ll struggle a little bit at the beginning, but it will become fairly easy once you get used to it!

  • This game looks unreal! It’s amazing that Performance Mode can look this sweet. It looks like this title is in good hands. I’m glad I went with this as my first PS5 game.

  • Still a butchering of the original content, Shame.

  • mind blowing!!!! I bought this game and pretty much every ps5 launch game, my body is ready…..

  • So excited to play Demon’s Souls! Comes out 2 days after my bday!

  • The guy in these gameplay vids must be totally coked up on endurance.

    • ..and strength, and health…

      I mean, in the other video he was oneshotting everything, even blue eye knights… Trying most of these things in the original would make you not so alive very quickly…

  • The graphics looks amazing, and with ps5 ssd dying again and again in the game is not a problem with fast loading time lol.

  • game looks amazing, first time i’ve been excited to play a souls game.

  • This looks incredible

  • cant wait for this game!!

  • This is the first game I will be playing.

  • BOOM. Just preordered my PS5 and this is the first game I’m getting. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHOHHHOH!

  • “Returning fans will remember the horrors of the Armored Spider and Flamelurker,”

    I mostly remember the horrors of the Pure bladestone grind…

    Hopefully you either toned the grind down 1000x or kept the dupe bugs…

  • One of my most wanted PS5 games.

  • So y’all worked on the looks but not on the animations?…at 5:00 when he’s going upstairs that sort of crap gonna persist on PS5 then?…moreover on a PS5 exclusive game?…wow truly next-gen LMAO.

  • This game is priced £69.99 on Amazon UK which is $92.06 👎😡

    Rip-Off. Im not stupid to pay them ridiculous prices.

    Bluepoint are a good company, but Sony are being Greedy 🤑

  • Can’t wait to visit the Tower of Latria again…only in glorious 4K.

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