The Sounds of Boletaria: Grunts, Screams and Wails

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The Sounds of Boletaria: Grunts, Screams and Wails

Details on the stirring sounds of the Demon’s Souls soundtrack, coming soon to digital and physical formats.

For me, the most iconic element of Demon’s Souls is the way the title utilizes sound and music. Music is used sparingly, and fear builds within you from its absence, and a sense of loneliness and desperation creeps in. But the void left by the music is filled with sound, which surrounds you and envelops you. Every drop of water above you and creak of wood below you add to the tension and excitement. You wonder what caused those rocks ahead to fall, or what those wails are in the dark. The soundscape is both atmospheric and frightening, immersing you in this brutal and beautiful world.

Only when you face your greatest challenges, the horrific and terrifying bosses, does music burst onto the scene, creating the backdrop to an epic encounter. The music defines these unforgettable moments.

Demon's Souls

It’s not only the music that defines this world, but also the incredible characters that inhabit it. Some good, some bad, but all with a tale to tell. We were lucky enough to get many of our original voice cast back to take on their iconic roles, with all dialogue being rerecorded. It will be great to see players of the original game falling in love with their favorite characters and voices all over again.

Countless hours were spent adding thousands upon thousands of new sounds to the game, really bringing this world to life. These are the sounds of Boletaria that will disturb your dreams. Will you go mad from the incessant beating of the heart and the haunting singing in the Tower of Latria? And how many of you will find courage in the face of the skin-crawling skitterings of the Armored Spider deep in the belly of Stonefang?

Perhaps that courage will come from the music. We lavished as much attention to this as the game’s soundscape. We reimagined the original score by Shunsuke Kida, creating dramatic new arrangements of his wonderful themes. Everything was rerecorded at Air Studios in London, with a world-class orchestra and choir. You can even hear the famous pipe organ at Temple Church that adds a haunting backdrop to many of the tracks. 120 of the finest musicians in the world perform on this score. And we’re incredibly proud of it.

Demon's Souls

The Sounds of Boletaria: Grunts, Screams and Wails

We’re happy to announce that we will be releasing the soundtrack to Demon’s Souls on digital platforms on November 26. A CD release by Milan Records will follow shortly thereafter. Or for those like myself who are old at heart, or just connoisseurs of older media, then you can enjoy this amazing soundtrack on vinyl with pre-orders scheduled to open in early December.

Demon's Souls

Vinyl cover art by the incredible artist Ken Taylor

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  • Vinyl baby, let’s gooo!

    • When you get back in your time machine and return to the 1950s, make sure to tell them about all the bad things that happened.

      Unless you’re stuck here. In that case there’s been several massive improvements to sound quality, bigger than when you switched from wax cylinder. 😂

  • Can there please be an option to use the original score from the PS3 version? I appreciate the effort to rearrange it, but that original soundtrack added so much to the game’s atmosphere. The original Flamelurker theme was very subdued and haunting, but this new one is incredibly bombastic and kind of generic sounding. It just sounds like any other random boss theme from Dark Souls 1-3, and nothing like Shunsuke Kida’s original and beautiful score. Please consider adding the original soundtrack as an option!

    • This, so much! I absolutely loved the music in the original. Low-key, brooding, atmospheric, melancholic yet oddly peaceful. If they messed up the music in the Nexus, then I’m out.

    • any other random boss theme from Dark Souls 1-3. Lmfao

  • The original Shadow of the Colossus is my favourite game of all time and after seeing the level of care and attention that Bluepoint gave to the remake I knew Demon’s Souls was in safe hands. The game looks amazing and everything I’ve been hearing in the recent interviews has really put any worries that I might have had to rest… with the exception of the ‘random cat jpeg’, we still don’t know if it made it in. XD

    • I hope the status icon is replaced with a similar, high resolution photo of the head of one of the Bluepoint developer’s cats.

  • Looks and sounds amazing, just “Unless your gonna share with the entire class..”

  • Sony doesn’t hold back!

  • just like magic

  • Heck yeah

  • The sound design all around seems fantastic! Demons is my second favorite Souls game and I’m super thankful for all of the card that’s been put into this remake. I do agree that an option for the original soundtrack would be welcome, I sony know if I’d use it bit I think it’d be just a little bit extra of a way for those wanting a more old school experience to get one. Also you mention that that beautiful art is for the vinyl but it’ll also be for the CD release right? I don’t see why it wouldn’t, if that is the art I’m getting it for sure, but just checking lol.

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