New media experience and top entertainment streaming apps coming to PS5

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New media experience and top entertainment streaming apps coming to PS5

Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Spotify and more will be on PS5 at launch.

Update: All entertainment apps announced today are scheduled to hit the PS5 console on Day 1.

Hi, everybody! We know that for many of you, your PlayStation console doesn’t get shut off when you’re done playing games. Entertainment like movies, TV shows, music, and gaming livestreams only add to the PlayStation experience. As we continue on our road to PS5 launch, we’re pleased to announce some of the entertainment apps* scheduled to hit the PS5 console on day one, with more apps to come in the future. 

Apple TV

  • Enjoy Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, new and popular movies, and personalized, curated recommendations on the Apple TV app. That means users can enjoy Apple Originals like Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, Ted Lasso, and The Morning Show through Apple TV+, subscribe to premium channels, and buy or rent movies and TV shows and access past purchases from Apple. The Apple TV app will also be available on PS4.


  • The dedicated home for movies, shows, shorts, and originals from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. From original series like The Mandalorian, to fan favorites like The Simpsons, you can watch your favorite stories right from your PS5 console.


  • Catch up on top entertainment hits such as Stranger Things, The Haunting of Bly Manor and more. With thousands of TV episodes and movies in Netflix’s library, there’s plenty to choose from.


  • Listen while you play. Just as with PS4, users can play their favorite songs as background music in-game with Spotify. You can choose from more than 60 million songs while you’re battling bosses or roaming through an open-world adventure.


  • With a deeply integrated Twitch experience on PS5, you can now watch or livestream your favorite gameplay and chat live about the best moments with fellow gamers throughout the many diverse and dynamic communities.


  • Also integrated with PS5, you can broadcast and share your epic gameplay moments directly to your YouTube channel, or sit back and watch new and trending content shared from around the world.

Additional streaming apps* coming to PS5 include Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock, and more.

As we showed in our tour of the PS5 User Experience, there will be a dedicated space exclusively for media entertainment. It’s located right next to the Game home screen, so you can quickly switch between Game or Media content. 

Within the Media space, you’ll no longer need to download entertainment apps through PS Store — it’s all in the Media space. Creating dedicated Game and Media spaces for the PS5 user experience will make it fast and easy to switch between gaming and entertainment content whenever you want. The PS5 console also features a new Control Center that makes controlling your music easier than ever before, so you can quickly switch between channels, skip, and pause your music.

At the launch of the PS5 console, there will be a new Media Remote to conveniently navigate and control the entertainment experience on PS5. Users can power on the PS5 console and quickly navigate media with built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse controls. The remote also lets users adjust volume and power settings on compatible TVs, and also features dedicated launch buttons for the following entertainment apps*, Disney+ Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.

We hope you’ll enjoy this experience once PS5 launches in November. 

*Internet and account for PlayStation Network required. Streaming services may require paid subscription and are not available in all countries.

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  • Why no apple music?

  • PS5 really needs Apple Music support. I don’t know how much Spotify is paying Sony to be the exclusive music streaming app on PlayStation consoles, but it’s incredibly anti-consumer to only have the one option built in. I figured this was contractual with PS4 and hoped there’d be an opportunity to shake things up with PS5, but it looks like we’re back in the same boat.

  • Will the PS5 have a media player app like the PS4 where I can watch videos off an external hard drive or stream on my local network from my PC?

    • I hope they give us the ability to play offline movies, tv shows, and music from a dedicated Media App on PS5.

  • As soon as I can buy a PS5, I will. As soon as I can upgrade the storage space, I will. I’m excited about the Apple+ stuff I would check that out on PS5.

  • Support Dolby Vision and Atmos for these apps and 4K Blu Rays!

  • Plex, Plex, Plex. Its all I want lol. Don’t care about anything else but would love some info on Media Player capabilities.

  • PlutoTV would be nice to be able to watch, as well.

  • Hello there Sony and PS fans,

    Nice to know that most current streaming apps will be available at launch. But will I be able to access my movies, series, photos and music from my external HDD directly on my PS5 kinda like PS3 (on PS4 it’s more locked it seems)?

    What kind of hard drives will I be able to do that? is it only ex-FAT and FAT32 hard-drives like the PS4?

    Thank you for answering my question.

    • I would like to know there answer’s to how to play offline movie’s, tv shows, and music offline from a external drive on PS5.

  • Quando chega HBO GO ????

  • Why only spotify again? They are the worst music streaming service, evil slanderous company. If YouTube has an app why can’t there also be a YouTube music app?!?!?


  • I see you mentioned that YouTube would be coming to PS5. Will YouTube TV be coming at launch as well or is that planned for a later date?

  • So are you guys EVER going to answer whether these apps and 4k Bluray discs will play back with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision? How has this not been addressed yet?

    • It is very frustrating. It’s only fair for the consumer to know these details so we can make informed decisions when buying next gen consoles.

    • Yeah and if I could replace my dedicated 4k disc player with this and lose no functionality that would be great. My 2018 TV doesn’t support Apple tv+, atmos on disneyplus, or any form of surround sound on Hulu so I was hoping the PS5 could do all of that

  • Need Crunchyroll & Funimation too, please. PS5 won’t be complete without anime.

  • Sure, sounds great. How do I get one though? I’ve been trying to pre-order for months.

    • I strongly recommend you showing up at your major retailer on launch day to buy a console if you really want one. When you are in line waiting also have the major retailer websites open and logged in with your account and credit information to purchase online. Some retailer’s like Target are doing store pickup from online only purchase. I’d go to your local GameStop or Best Buy which ever you have a good experience with in the past and wait in line. I’m hearing there will be a few extras in stock on launch day. Hope allot of these talks online are true for people like yourself that didn’t get in a pre-order like myself. Wish you the best.

    • My local gaming shop Game Mania had pre orders up a year ago. I pre ordered like 2 days after reveal (waiting for them to update their site etc.) and I was already left out of the first batch.
      Had to pre pay 50 to apply.
      Just got a message that I’m lucky and will be with the first after all, if I pay the whole price in advance (maybe that got some people to cancel). Hope y’all get lucky too.

  • Good looks, integrated media sounds awesome!

  • Hopefully BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All4 are added

  • Youtube TV please!

  • Dolby Vision?
    Dolby Atmos?

    Will the apps and/or UHD player support these? If not, I’ll be using other devices for media consumption.

    How about a Plex app?

    • I hope PS5 supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for UHD (4K) Blu-ray movie’s as well as major streaming apps on PS5.

  • Why do we need to waste space on these apps? My TV alert has them.

  • With Dolby Atmos support??? Please answer..🙏🏻🎇 I’m talking about media apps only… please answer @PlayStation @PlayStationIN

    • I want to know for UHD 4K Blu-ray movies to hopefully support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for both discs and major streaming apps on PS5.

  • Pluto TV is the most important one. Hopefully that’ll show up soon.

  • what about Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for 4K blu ray movies and streaming apps???

    • Hopefully there’s support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for both discs and major streaming apps on PS5.

  • To be honest. I couldn’t see the point in this media remote as I could already control the PS4 via my TVs own remote control. As you can probably do on most modern TVs.
    However as I want to get the most out of my PS5 when it arrives I decided to buy a 32 inch 4k HDR ready monitor as I don’t have the space for a large screen tv in my bedroom.

    Now that remote is making perfect sense to me.

  • What about the YouTube TV app? Will it have that like the PS4?


    Oh and at least make YouTube picture in picture compatible, Netflix would also be great 👍🏾

  • How about Directv App since PS Vue is a done deal? Please give us that option.

  • can you please tell us if Dolby Vision HDR will be supported for UHD 4k Blu-rays and also video streaming apps?

    Like seriously this would make it so great.

  • I was gonna get the remote but I don’t like the idea of having buttons for apps I won’t use. Also, I wish I could play Apple Music instead of Spotify. I’d also like to play videos I bought through iTunes (like Amazon Prime can on PS4), unless that’s what Apple TV is for.

  • they should have an app for that instead of this ridiculousness…..

  • Not going to bother with the apps. I have them on my tv and more then likely run better then the PS5. But can we get Apple Music on PS5? I don’t use Spotify and for some games I like hearing music while gaming.

  • Most won’t be able try these features till March 2021 due to shortage of consoles this year. Maybe they’ll have more features by then.

  • Don’t forget. Bt sports app.

  • Has Dolby Vision been confirmed for PS5 video playback when using these apps and playing movies through the UHD player?

  • My wishlist to make PlayStation 5 the number one media device to own.

    Please add YouTube Music to be used integrated into the PS5 like Spotify is on PS4.

    Please add YouTube TV to allow a live TV service on the PS5.

    Please create and manage a Official Discord server for PlayStation.

    Please intergrade Discord into the PS5 to allow other Discord user’s to see what game’s we are playing on PS5 so those that want to use Discord as a voice chat room instead of the PS5 Party system for personal private voice chat rooms.

    Please intergrade Google Assistant into the PS5 for searches on the web like looking up walk through videos or checking the weather, or searching on what game to buy next on PlayStation Store.

    Thank you for your time. From a valuable customer that’s been apart of PlayStation since PS1.

    • I forgotten to mention my number 1 movie streaming App. Please add Vudu to the list of Media Apps to use on PS5. I want to be able to watch all of my movie’s I bought digitally as well as TV shows I bought on Vudu. I hope to see Vudu added not to far from the launch of PS5.

  • The 3rd Party offerings are looking good.

    I hope we will be getting 4K and 8K Content on PlayStation Video as well.

  • I am concerned about the internal hard drive now. There have been reports of OS taking up over 200 gigs and this would be one of the culprits. I would hope that these are still place holders and you can choose to actually download the app if you want. Also this is a blog post, where are all the specifics? People want to know if they will be able to buy 4K movies, if there will be Dolby sound and vision. So many questions and not enough information, get more specific please and thanks.

  • Will we be able to run a media app using picture-in-picture mode to watch while simultaneously playing a game? That would be awesome!

  • Please tell me HBO Max will still work on PS5. I am very concerned at it being left off. Since it doesn’t work on Roku this is the only way I can watch my Max subscription, through Playstation.

  • Please don’t auto-push these apps to our consoles.

    Many of us already have Android TVs (from Sony) and don’t want to waste the storage space or weed through them to use perhaps the only one we want.

  • Please stop pinning partner content as the first 4-5 items, that singlehandedly ruined the experience and made me not use my PS4 as my media center. If I decided I didn’t want Hulu, PSN trying to jam it down my throat certainly wasn’t going to change my mind.

  • You guys deleted my comments and questions, rude.

  • Everyone that is complaining about the button choices on the remote.Just use your regular controller and get on with your life. life.

  • Anyone confirm the twitch/YouTube settings.?
    1080p is the max now, has it been upgraded or will it be the exact same as ps?.

    So many questions on the UI yet to be answered or shown, and were so close to release.?

  • i hope we can watch stuff in 4k hdr on these apps for movies that we own through the app like apple tv and other apps

  • Please add some more streaming services! There have been a lot of claims that this this will be a high quality audio device; please add Qobuz/ Tidal Hi Res Audio/ MQA support! Also, will this thing play SACDs/ DSD?? Please tell us more about the console we pre-ordered…

  • Please add the DAZN app to the list of downloadable apps. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the post. Any word on YouTubeTV?

  • Would it be compatible with ps4 ? 😁😁

  • Id prefer the ability to download the apps i CHOOSE instead of having the clutter of preinstalled apps that i will never use.

    Not that id expect PS to care what the users want.

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