PlayStation Store: New games launching next week

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PlayStation Store: New games launching next week

Travel back to the origins of the FPS genre in Project Warlock, a fast-paced old-school tribute with a light RPG twist.

Welcome! Following the recent unification of the US and EU PlayStation.Blog sites, you might notice things look a bit different around these parts this week. We’re still working out our new process as we combine new releases for the North America and EU regions into a more robust multi-region mega-post. For new releases coming to Brazil and the rest of Latin America, visit their respective posts. Now then, back to the games.

This week’s highlights include Project Warlock, which sends players back to the dawn of the first-person shooter in a fast-paced tribute to the genre’s originators. Stop by the Workshop between the game’s 60 levels to upgrade weapons and spells, then introduce the game’s demonic denizens to the business end of the Harvester — a devastating quadruple shotgun — and 37 other weapons. You can read more about Project Warlock and its creator in this PS Blog post.

Here are the new games coming to PlayStation next week:

  • Beyond Blue – PS4 – Out June 11
  • Demon’s Tier+ – PS4, PS Vita – Out June 9 (US & Canada only)
  • Depth of Extinction – PS4 – Out June 11 (US & Canada only)
  • Epic Dumpster Bear 2 – PS4 – Out June 9  (US & Canada only)
  • Evan’s Remains – PS4 – Out June 11 (US & Canada only)
  • Fault – Milestone One – Out June 9 (EU only)
  • Firechief – PS4 – Out June 10 (US & Canada only)
  • Firefighters – Airport Heroes – PS4 – Out June 10
  • Jump King – PS4 – Out June 9
  • Let’s Create! Pottery VR – PS VR – Out June 12 (US & Canada),  June 9 (EU)
  • Pity Pit  – PS4 – Out June 9 (US & Canada), June 10 (EU)
  • Project Warlock – PS4 – Out June 9
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland – PS4 – Out June 9 (EU only)
  • Rooftop Runner  – PS4 – Out June 11 (US only)
  • Super Soccer Blast – PS4 – Out June 12 (US & Canada only),  June 11 (EU)
  • Warborn – PS4 – Out June 12
  • Yoga Master – PS4 – Out June 9 (EU only)
  • Ys: Memories of Celceta – PS4 – Out June 9 (US & Canada only)
  • Zaccaria Pinball – PS4 – Out June 12 (US & Canada only)

Pardon our dust! In the coming months, you may notice the occasional discrepancy in this post as we’re updating the back-end systems we pull game info from to populate our list. Game release dates should be correct at time of publication but we will strive to correct any mistakes as they arise. Thanks for your patience!

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  • No pictures, no links, and also I’m pretty sure most of these “US & Canada” games are also coming to Europe. The weekly releases post was already bad in the EU blog thanks to the often faulty information, but somehow it got even worse now.

  • “We’re still working out our new process”….just a quick tip here but, ermmm, maybe it might be an idea to actually “work out the process” before you implement it?

    I thought I’d pop in to see if there had been any improvements but it appears to have gone from bad to worse. It’s like amateur hour round here at the moment and this gaming information site resembles those hobbyist blogs from yesteryear. Whoever is at the helm here, take some advice: up your game as you’re becoming the laughing stock of the gaming media.

    Actually, scratch that. Just revert back to how things were. Until we have a unified release system for all territories this ‘idea’ just ain’t gonna work, and I’m baffled by the fact that anyone in Sony senior management sanctioned such a poorly executed experiment.

  • Why we cannot like comments anymore?
    Also the format for the games is a bit poor. It was better with link tothe store, pictures and, as someone proposed, videos too.

  • Links to the store would be a beautiful thing.

  • Well,one of the few positives was actually having a Sony rep actually post a response acknowledging the early responses…which is more than the EU blog got in years.
    That said,never thought I’d join the chorus noting the EU blog actually had things like an Edit button,emoji’s etc.
    But in so far as the weekly releases go,it may have lacked videos but did have links to the PSN store…you just didn’t know if what was copied from the US blog would release on the stated date or not. The EU/AU store update including IARC classification can’t come soon enough judging by the missing releases from the EU store region! :-/
    Demon’s Tier+ should’ve been launching both store regions according to its dev-the only delay was the Vita EU version still in QA.
    Seems like the different blogs were using pretty different software….lets hope the improvements come sooner than later!

  • Super ugly format, please do the drop’s the way they used to be done, pics and descriptions please.

  • Wish I could have pre order Ys that came out today or start downloading it at midnight but couldn’t do either

  • Not being able to see the release date of the article is a bad design choice in my opinion.

    (You see it in the link when hovering over the article but still).

  • you missed out the best game of the week…. Sunset Riders!

  • Come on. Not only has the format been changed into the most basic layout which is confusing and incorrect, but you’ve also not even been bothered to do this weeks list!

    It must take about 30-60 mins max to create a ‘The Drop’ article (also, note you need to continue calling it ‘The Drop’ so we can search for it on Google and find it nice and easily). I understand it was a big week, with the PS5 reveal and all, but I refuse to believe that there’s one person writing all the articles and they’re too busy to want to promote games which are releasing next week – which will generate income and pay the person doing the writing.

    I’m very disappointed in the whole situation if I’m being honest. You’ve tried to ‘fix’ something which was never broken and given up on a process, which has been running for years, after one month of taking over. We need consistency and a much more appealing visual design which matches or betters how it used to look – once again, it also needs to be called ‘The Drop’ and tagged as such so people can actually find these articles once you wake up and start making them regularly again…

    That’s all for my rant, but this needs to get sorted. It’s not a great first impression since the ‘merge’.

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