PlayStation Store: New games launching next week

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PlayStation Store: New games launching next week

Travel back to the origins of the FPS genre in Project Warlock, a fast-paced old-school tribute with a light RPG twist.

Welcome! Following the recent unification of the US and EU PlayStation.Blog sites, you might notice things look a bit different around these parts this week. We’re still working out our new process as we combine new releases for the North America and EU regions into a more robust multi-region mega-post. For new releases coming to Brazil and the rest of Latin America, visit their respective posts. Now then, back to the games.

This week’s highlights include Project Warlock, which sends players back to the dawn of the first-person shooter in a fast-paced tribute to the genre’s originators. Stop by the Workshop between the game’s 60 levels to upgrade weapons and spells, then introduce the game’s demonic denizens to the business end of the Harvester — a devastating quadruple shotgun — and 37 other weapons. You can read more about Project Warlock and its creator in this PS Blog post.

Here are the new games coming to PlayStation next week:

  • Beyond Blue – PS4 – Out June 11
  • Demon’s Tier+ – PS4, PS Vita – Out June 9 (US & Canada only)
  • Depth of Extinction – PS4 – Out June 11 (US & Canada only)
  • Epic Dumpster Bear 2 – PS4 – Out June 9  (US & Canada only)
  • Evan’s Remains – PS4 – Out June 11 (US & Canada only)
  • Fault – Milestone One – Out June 9 (EU only)
  • Firechief – PS4 – Out June 10 (US & Canada only)
  • Firefighters – Airport Heroes – PS4 – Out June 10
  • Jump King – PS4 – Out June 9
  • Let’s Create! Pottery VR – PS VR – Out June 12 (US & Canada),  June 9 (EU)
  • Pity Pit  – PS4 – Out June 9 (US & Canada), June 10 (EU)
  • Project Warlock – PS4 – Out June 9
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland – PS4 – Out June 9 (EU only)
  • Rooftop Runner  – PS4 – Out June 11 (US only)
  • Super Soccer Blast – PS4 – Out June 12 (US & Canada only),  June 11 (EU)
  • Warborn – PS4 – Out June 12
  • Yoga Master – PS4 – Out June 9 (EU only)
  • Ys: Memories of Celceta – PS4 – Out June 9 (US & Canada only)
  • Zaccaria Pinball – PS4 – Out June 12 (US & Canada only)

Pardon our dust! In the coming months, you may notice the occasional discrepancy in this post as we’re updating the back-end systems we pull game info from to populate our list. Game release dates should be correct at time of publication but we will strive to correct any mistakes as they arise. Thanks for your patience!

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  • This is confusing!

    • Allow me:
      2 Firefight simulators
      1 VR game of pottery
      1 Anime visual novel
      Project Warlock which looks like a retro shooter (a la Doom) and looks good.
      And a bunch of cellphone quality games.
      You are welcome.

    • Ion Fury, now Project Warlock.
      These look awesome.

    • 👍

    • @Justin Massongill,

      Hey man, was super excited when Ryan Clemens stopped doing the drop. Because I stopped coming here to check games, saw some of your earlier posts, really appreciate the pictures and the tiny review/summary

      It would be awesome to have someone who is interested in in doing a good summary. I’m excited for the possibility that you could be that person.

      A lot of good suggestions on the comments. Please don’t stop adding pictures, quick summary (not game description) might be super useful to add some pictures of gameplay too. (If you have that much creative control with the format.) Stuff that is confusing like this post, kind of defeats the purpose for most of us because we have to do research on top of research if we are interested in buying any new games or in anything mentioned here. Thanks, looking forward to the next blog post.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    It’s unfortunate that pictures and descriptions were taken away.

    Nice to see a Vita release and Warlock is really being pushed by PSBlog, it looks like Ion Fury.

    All in all, i’m not buying any new releases this week because i’m clearing my schedule for The Last of Us 2.

  • Not a fan of the blog being presented like this.

    Would find it easier and more appealing if you simply did a list of games coming to NA (with pictures like before), then what’s coming to EU (again, with pictures) in a list underneath NA.

    Sure, you’ll have double games if it’s coming to both regions, but at least people can just scroll to their region and see what’s coming at a glance.

    This non-image text only version with the region simply added in brackets is a bit poop.

  • I’d be real bummed out if I was a developer putting out one of these games and this is all I get from the blog. Discovery is tough as is on the PSN store, and the Drop post at least made it easy to get a glimpse of a game that otherwise might be invisible … like they are in this post. Just a name, cant be bothered with artwork and a paragraph? Will there be links if there are now two stores?

    Why even bother if this is the best you can do?

    • I agree. Other than searching each game name, there is no way to tell what kind of game it is, or if it looks interesting.

      It’s like they never heard the phrase: “If it isn’t broken, do not fix it.”

  • I think it could be better organised so it’s easier to see which games are coming to which regions.

    Maybe you could split them into groups such as:

    EU Only
    NA & Canada Only

    And it would be nice to see the pictures back to make it look a bit nicer.

  • So USA get more games than we do then . I really don’t like this new games coming out this week post . Plus no pictures at all. Well done jim Ryan 👏🏻 Destroyed the blog

    • Why is it his fault? These things are planned months ahead of time. More then likely before Jim was hired.

    • @ScooterMix Yeah, I’m really not liking the new blog site. Integrating PS users from around the world is great but we’re missing too many features:
      No upvote/downvote for topics and comments, ambiguous topics due to being in different parts of the world, inability to tell a user’s nationality, no emoticons.

      I could go on but what’s the point? We’re subject to the US preference from now on and it’s only likely to get worse due to that fact.

    • This merger is so pointless

  • Plus not getting of this games since waiting last of us part 2 so. Plus got a clue what games are since no pictures to know what they are

  • personausermike

    So apparently you want us to get our info on this fron other sites that do show a description? Okay, we will. Goodbye

  • You guy’s and gal’s get a pass because I know your changing things up. But can we get a hint as to it will look?

  • Do you get paid to publish information here? Because by the quality you are managing, it doesn’t seem like you do.

  • Maybe the list, instead of being a long list of combined titles from multiple regions.
    Maybe it should be a side by side list that way it’s more understandable and a lot more clear without the need to figure it out ourselves.. Just a constructive thought. It would look cleaner and clearer for all..
    As it is this time around, it is quite cluttered looking and not very clear at first glance..
    Understandable that this is new and all but it would be much better to have an easy and clearer picture right from the start..
    Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in for this blog. Most of us actually appreciate it, even though you have a few trolls that are never happy..
    I as a PlayStation fan and consumer as well as an old PlayStaion MVP member look forward to the future of PlayStatiin and all that it entails. Thanks again from a long time fan.
    Peace,L♡ve and Game On!

  • No pictures? I can’t decide without pictures.

    Do I really have to google each title to see if it’s interesting or not?

  • Not a nice format. I liked the picture and brief game description better. A list of text titles I’ve never heard of does not make me interested in any of them.

  • Wow talk about pure laziness how long did it take you to make this post 15 minutes? Sony you keep pulling me more and more towards xbox as my main console. Lazy and bad website to the PS5 being pushed back again and again bc you are so scared that it will be horrible, to bad backwards compatibility practices, to same genre games every month for ps plus.

  • Seems pretty heavily implied that this format is just temporary. Calm down guys. Like you were going to buy any of these games except Project Warlock anyway…

    • People said the same thing the last time the blog got a revamp and the Tuesday PS Store update post temporarily went away. Then it permanently went away. I don’t begrudge anyone who sees this and is dismayed.

  • Please go back to the format of the Drop. This is atrocious.

  • Pictures would be nice but I really dig here is to see Vita releases mentioned again.
    Pretending the handheld doesn’t get games anymore (when it even got an exclusive in March) was really irritating.

  • It would be nice to get thumbnails back

  • Players: There couldn’t be any less effort put into the weekly blog posts
    PlayStation: Hold my beer

  • Please return to the old Drop format, this new style is a mess.

    Also stop making changes to the blog, almost every ‘upgrade’ makes it worse.

    Is the purpose of this site only to promote how lazy the staff are?

  • Always surprised when a company as big as Sony puts in so little effort…they should consider hiring someone who wants to make this blog successful and really put in work…honestly with so many players that come here…why not use it better…almost like an extension of their store front retail portal…get some better info on each game AND for the love of Mike please put in trailer links…

  • I blame ChrisRayGun and Troublemaker Colin, always laughing at The Drop’s brief game descriptions. Thx guys =(

  • Boy, you really just don’t care anymore, do you?

    Please don’t be so complacent at the end of this (admittedly, yours) console generation. Being the underdog with PS3 really made you put in the effort with PS4, but you are letting yourselves go with both the degradation of PS Plus and the introduction of more and more crappy B-grade games on the PSN Store – and now this. Microsoft is doing more and more for its players with things like Gamepass and Games with Gold – but apparently you are satisfied with being full of yourselves? Please show us, that you care. For the players, right?

    • Aaah someome else realizes Sony got greedy with the success of the PS4.Feels good to know I’m not alone haha.

  • This format is actually amazing… like reading a tweet in 10 seconds instead of scrolling through a full article.

    Maybe just add hyperlinks to game’s web site, trailer, or wikipedia article.

  • sensual_manatee

    Have to agree with some others here, I much prefer The Drop format compared to this.

    This format, while a quick read, makes you have to actually research every game listed. At least with the drop, it gave you a brief summary of what each title was.

    Please bring it back <3.

  • Just another +1 to give feedback and say that “The Drop” format is far superior and needed.

  • Enjoyed it on Vita, but looking forward to the Y’s game coming to PS4!

  • I like this format. All the necessary information is accessible quickly. If you must add images, please make them small. I always thought the images on The Drop were too large.

  • Aww man I prefer the previous format.

  • This needs to be reverted A.S.A.P.

  • Bunch of frigging complainers… I look forward to the new design and such! Best of luck.

  • A little more effort would be appreciated.

  • Hey usa and the rest of the people thrown into this place welcome to what eu had for years a list of games thrown out bare bones and then its guess if they really are released or is it just in one country. Its also great to show other countries how they are second class in sales : UK days of play 181 items usa 218

  • The Drop? Is that you? This is just a list of titles.

  • Can you also convert the comment time stamps in countries local time, as some one viewing from the UK is confusing to see PDT?

    • Great suggestion. I for instance would like to be able to set my locale setting to CDT and then see all date / time stamps accordingly.

  • Anyone know what happened on june 4th, they said ‘join us on June 4th’ but I missed it.

    Also the main blog page is a mess. I’m seeing posts from may on top, I can’t see some posts from june. Its not in order of newest first. When I look under latest news, the latest is may 28.

  • People asking for years: Add video trailers to the pictures and descriptions
    PS Blog: Maybe all they need is a list of titles

  • This is Sony’s consumer policy in a nutshell:

    People ask for links to the games, they respond by taking away more features instead.

    • Haha right?…Like the PS4 updates,they only take away and mess things up while ignoring what people ask for.And wanna talk about F PS5 ha.

    • 👍

    • Tell me about it.

      Back when PSTV was a thing, the European whitelist listed Valkyria Chronicles 2 as playable, but it wouldn’t start. I pointed that out, and instead of actually fixing the problem and making the game playable, they simply removed it from the whitelist. For no reason at all, the PSTV whitelist for European users was noticeably worse than the American whitelist. They also failed to make the PSP FF games playable among other things.

  • This is a lie all this games are coming to PS4 store in the uk . This is worst set up of list in playstation history.

  • Beyond Blue interests me a lot. I like swimming, scuba type games.

    I will pick up Ys Memories of Celceta when it’s out in the EU. I loved it on Vita.

  • When PlayStation show us the PlayStation 5? Come guy’s we need good news. In the middle of all this situation.

    • You’ll know when they’ll show.You probably waited 9 months to be born pretty sure you can wait some days to see your so much desired PS5.

  • Honestly there’s no reason to do this if y’all ain’t gonna do it like The Drop…with pics and description that’s the minimun y’all can do.I understand the blend is not 100% yet but seriously for someone who doesn’t have much time for gaming news seeing only the name of the games coming next week does lil to nothing.Would have to go after each game on YT while with pics and description it’s easier to have an idea of what the game is about…even if in the description devs often don’t bother to say the genre lol.

  • This is ridiculously annoying. Why have the EU and US blogs joined together? It makes literally no sense other than you can’t be bothered to maintain both of them. The EU blog always had a nicer layout, now we’re stuck with this horrible site. Forget it, I just won’t bother checking here any more. Another great move, Sony.

  • I’ve got a great idea. A separate blog for the EU.

    • The yearly membership fee of € 59.99 is not sufficient for such a costly idea. Sony really can’t afford that. 😄

  • GiftedGamer3020

    I can see that we can no longer thumb up comments anymore. Reason for that?

  • May i ask why it is no longer possibile to queue PS4 stuff from the Store website when the console is completely turned off? It doesn’t work like that on PS3 and Vita.

    Also, it’s been TEN MONTHS since it’s no longer possible to queue multi-part/episodic games and bundles at once, again using the queue from the Store website.

  • My recommendation for future posts like this would be to have a separate column for each region.

  • No movies coming out this week?!

    Disappointed in this new layout. Can you switch back?!

  • I’m done trying to check for The Drop too.
    Every time it’s a disappointment, with all those crappy undies not worth a damn.
    BUT NOW, even sony has went retro indie with this blog?! WTF Sony?!
    I’m not even going to put anymore money into anything Sony from here on out.
    Glad I have my X1X to fall back on. At least with them I can also view my movies through my movies anywhere application.
    Sony is more about the greed, and filling their pockets, while screwing over the consumer. You can tell by all the indie crap they try to give away every month. No one wants that crap, even if it is free.

  • I hate they took away the pictures preview. They in fact work as a minor glimpse to the games itself.
    Really disappointed and it is confusing indeed when both region release combined.

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