Welcome to the new and improved PlayStation.Blog

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Welcome to the new and improved PlayStation.Blog

Get all the latest PlayStation announcements, game developer insights, previews on upcoming games and more

Depending on where in the world you’re joining us from, you may notice a few changes here at PS Blog. Readers of the US, Latin American, and Japanese PlayStation.Blog have probably noticed some long-overdue site upgrades over the past year or so, including a shiny new UX, improved page loads, and myriad other improvements. 

But starting this week, those benefits will begin rolling out to our friends in France, Russia, Italy, Germany, and Spain. So here’s a quick (re)introduction!

If you’re a longtime Blog reader, you know it serves as a news platform for major gaming announcements and provides a direct gateway into the minds behind your favorite PlayStation titles. It’s a place to find out more about upcoming games via hands-on previews and developer interviews. Or catch up on what’s coming to PlayStation Store… or even be dazzled by the creativity of PlayStation fans in the ever-popular Share of the Week

Bilingual or multilingual? Get an extra dose of PS Blog goodness with our Latin American, Brazilian, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the site. There’s no need to leave the site: simply click on the country drop-down menu at the top of the page to switch over to your language of choice. Of course, your old regional URLs will still work as well, if you prefer. 

One other adjustment — we’ve officially merged with the PlayStation.Blog EU to form one globally integrated English PlayStation.Blog. It just makes sense for us, and probably for you. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll work to reflect regional info for North America and the UK in one place whenever possible. 

On that note, if you encounter any bugs or issues with the newly integrated PlayStation.Blog sites, please do leave them in the comments below. Regional representatives will be reviewing them and we’ll address where possible. 

Whether you’ve been with us since the very beginning (almost 13 years now!), or you’re just joining us now… thanks!

And of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the wider conversation: follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (sorry).

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  • 1st! Remember that!? This is just the start and I cant wait for the onslaught of news. I hope they bring a new SSX or Wipeout, or maybe even a new sidescrolling 4K, HDR Castlevania. How about a new Legacy Of Kain title? Dreams, dreams, dreams.

  • I like the improved blog.

    Please bring back the PlayStation Blog Share. It was the best place to share ideas.


  • Hi. I think if this new English blog is covering US and UK, the ESRB rating should be removed on the banner of Ghost of Tsushima. Because UK is using PEGI. Thanks.

    • PEGI Age Ratings for the UK will likely be removed come 2021.

      The BBFC will most likely start doing Age Ratings for the UK. However I think they should call it ” British Board Game Certification” because the ” F ” stands for Film.

    • Urgh, I’ve just noticed that. I don’t want ugly American ratings!

  • When can we expect the store site to actually function in Safari, the 2nd most popular web browser?

  • Hi from the UK 🇬🇧

  • I think it is great that the regional PS Blogs are all being merged to one and giving a language option for people to view the content in their primary language regardless of regional assumptions. Keep up the good work (which is always the content above all other QOL improvements).

    • Unfortunately some people are not selecting there own language and its showing up in the English Blog. I think whats needed is a translate option.

  • Awesome. Nice move.

  • So what happened to the Drop post that was posted on Fridays? Are we still getting that?

  • The header seems to be broken on the latest version of desktop Safari on Mac. The search bar doesn’t align to the right so all the links are squashed together.

  • I don’t know about you guys but everything looks the same to me.

    • Improved? Where is The Drop? I used to visit the blog every sunday for the drop, now on Friday… But where is it now?

  • Make sure you include local times. Your recent PS5 game play invitation was Pacific time only.

  • Don’t forget Oceania/Down Under either Mr Shuman! Ditto for for extra times etc.,on State of Plays etc. Will the weekly game releases get links to access our own relevant PSN stores like they (usually),did on the EU blog? Likewise some interactions if there are store differences (eg: alternate release dates/delays),would be appreciated too. More Indie sales as well please-was nice seeing some recently,but still waiting to see others on the likes of Timespinner,Chasm,Blazing Chrome,Castle Crashers Remastered which have gone without a single sale yet! (Or older ones like Cursed Castilla that haven’t had one in ages!)

  • Nice announcement, just sad its missing in a couple of languages.
    If you don’t announce stuff in all languages, please say so, that we know we have to use the english blog to not miss any announcements

  • This definitely was a much needed change. Good to have it all centralized now.

  • Good, now we can stop pretending the EU blog hadn’t become anything but a second hand afterthought. Y’all really did bad there you know. Shockingly bad.

  • Hey Sony,

    Where is the Xenoblade Chronicles competitor? Not one first party studio works on RPG’s. It’s sort of a bad image seeing as how there’s more talent required to create them because they involve more than just character/environment designs, combat, and finding collectibles. There’s fun systems and mechanics involved with a myriad of other things to work towards throughout the play through. It comes off as your developers being a bit lazy and not wanting to think outside the box in creating new franchises to compete with final fantasy, xenoblade, dragon quest, fable, etc.

    Flex your first party studio muscles and start making more rpg’s. Or buy out a great jrpg developer for a few billion.

    • HZD was an RPG-lite. Gravity Rush 2 was a JRPG-lite. Bloodborne. Even Days Gone is an open world game with crafting and upgrades. Sony doesn’t do hardcore RPGs anymore but who does other than Square and Bethesda? Even EA dropped out of the RPG game.

    • Horizon Zero Dawn was the furthest thing from an rpg, as well as Days Gone. Bloodborne is the only one but it’s so hardcore that the install base on it isn’t as high as a traditional rpg/jrpg could be

  • Lmao I just love that “Sorry” added after Tiktok.

  • Any chance of adding in a Thumbs Up Button to agree on comments? Plus add some emojis.

  • Lol they added (sorry) next to Tik-Tok. Al this stage, it should be a rule that no self-respecting adult above 18 should be using that Tike-toke app😂. Anyway, great job playstation. More ps users truly need to be aware of the blog.

  • Be interesting to see how this works, the eu blog has been a post and run by sony staff for a few years now, hopefullly more interaction here?
    No everyone is a whiny toxic gamer lol and can understand why some blog post dont get responses, but there are genuine questions too thats just been ignored over here
    One thing i would like to know, are all links going to be correct so if im in uk and click a sale link or game link through the US blog, is it going to take me to the right place?

    • All you have to do is go on PlayStationStore. If you see the £££ your know your in the right place.

    • yeah and go through the poor deal section,and having to flick through pages to see everything on offer. when they could all be in one place to see easily, ie the blog, where its always been before

  • We need options for comments.

    1. Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down Button

    2. Edit Button

    3. Emojis

    The eublog had the above options. Please bring them back.

  • Great stuff always Sid ;)

  • Ahhh wondered what was happening when I tried to visit the eu blog last week and kept redirecting to this one lol

  • Coming from the EU blog, the feature I immediately miss is the little flags next to commenters’ names indicating their country of origin. This might not seem like a big deal but it was helpful, especially when answering other users’ questions if the answer could be region-specific.
    And one other thing – it shouldn’t be too hard to display post and comment timestamps in one’s local timezone instead of sticking to PDT.

  • Hi from USA Hope to see some oldies revived Like Tomba!, Legend of Legai, Legend of Dragoon etc… P.S never diassapoints very happy to buy a ps5 have had every system so far from ps1 to ps4 hope everyone enjoy their system as much as I will.

  • How about you respond to comments and feedback like you used to and address things that need to be addressed instead of ghosting everyone?

  • So playstation euo blog is no longer there so I have come over here know. I think way to Sony save money oh well

  • Where store updates I want know what coming to the PlayStation store this week

  • Interesting, but as someone who’s been using blog.eu.playstation since the 00’s I’ve seena lot of blog changes, and got to agree with several points raised by commenters above:
    -Really hoping you differentiate between US and UK properly, rather than just save some time by not dealing with UK differences. For example, ESRB/PEGI

    -US and UK release dates (not to mention the rest) do often differ (Tuesdays vs. Fridays being most common). I hope this isn’t just ignored for the sake of one US to rule the world. Even if I don’t ask for the pricing differences, the sales often are, for example I don’t remember the last time (if ever) we got a flash sale on this side of the Atlantic.

    -I haven’t posted this yet but based on another commenter, is there really no edit button? Isn’t this a feature we asked for a decade ago? Tell me we’re not designing backwards in 2020.

    -I also miss the flags. One of the reasons I liked EU blog even for the major international announcements is because the diversity of comments far exceeded what you would see on the US blog. Also as they said, displaying all timestamps in PDT, there’s an undeniable america-centrism there… at the least you could use UTC. But honestly just display it correctly for the viewer’s timezone, please.

    One last thing (not a response to someone else’s comment), there appears to be no option to report spam, but there is already a spam post on the FF Crystal Chronicles article. “Maz Hacks is offering best quality professional hacking services that can’t be matched with other hackers. He’s a professional hacker with the most advanced hacking technique to hack Facebook, Game Hacks, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Email accounts…[etc.]”

    Be good

    • Prices in euros will never happen I guess. UK is just a small part of Europe, remember? :)

    • Even the USA has more than one timezone so I really don’t get why the time stamps haven’t been localized ages ago :)
      It’s really quite simple to do code-wise.
      Maybe I’m missing something here.

    • The release dates issue isn’t even just a case of different days. It can be months. Some games never release elsewhere at all. This seems to particularly affect PSVR games – possibly because they’re often made by smaller teams. Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion HD Renovation came out in October in the US. Still no sign of it in Europe. I think Virtual Virtual Reality had something like a 6 month wait. And I keep seeing PSVR games being recommended as ‘hidden gems’ & finding they’re not available here even when they’re a few years old. Probably happens in non-VR games too, it’s just these are the ones I notice because there’s a dedicated community of people going ‘Hey have you tried…?’

    • 👍👍👍

    • If flags are brought back next to comments then the blog should allow flags for all nations, not just the flags of sovereign countries. Then users can be represented by the flag they actually identify with if the flags feature is re-introduced.

  • You know, I’m really surprised to see that Polish isn’t an option for language. Will that be added in time? I’m a native Englishman myself but one of my best friends is Polish and he loves how PS4 games have more and more Polish support for voice acting and language. He’s using them to help teach me.

  • I like the sticky header, social media column, and other posts column. I also like how the header transitions to a different color after scrolling past the banner.

  • I had to do a double take on this site yesterday. I didn’t realise the blog had merged and I was thinking to myself why do I keep getting taken to the US version of the PlayStation Blog and not the EU version? Now I know haha, anyways greetings from the UK.

  • This isnt a merged blog, this is just giving english language readers the american blog.

    But then, this is sony, you’ve never cared about Europe.

    This is a merged blog in the same way the ps3 was delayed in europe for shortages.

    It’s the lies that annoy me the most.

  • It makes no sense at all. With all the differences between sales, prices, releases, etc. Now, the EU blog was horrible since that one guy left… but at least it gave as some dedicated information. Now we lost all that. A huge step back.

  • I still get emails from Playstation Blog. However, I’ve tried to change the email address to which they’re sent but can’t find the option to do so. Any workarounds? Thanks!

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    Im happy to see upgrades and features after years! 😷

  • This is a downgrade, not an upgrade. Sorry, but this site is ugly as hell :( The EU Blog had one of my favourite light web designs, but this is horrible. Font sizes are not consistent, either too big or surprisingly small next to other text elements – but mostly, font sizes are too big to read them comfortably. Even you have mixed condesed and not condensed font types close to each other. This grey is also disturbing my eyes, it should be more black – it tells me the contant is not important, just some additional information. The paddings, the margins, the sizes of elements are chaotic and totally random. Did you even use grid? There are big empty areas where is no content, while in other places there are too much information compared to other areas, it’s inbalanced. Please do something and get it right, or bring back EU Blog!

  • Why are you merging us with EU at all? It should be kept officially separate and not merged at all. It’ll cause so many problems and into the future as well. We don’t want a toxic community to grow either. By merging will increase the main area with more haters, trolls, toxic people to screw around, and start crap. This is a 100% bad call and should be stopped before carrying this on. Keep USA PlayStation Blog separate from EU and others places as well.

    • If I had the Option to select the EU Blog again I would do, because the USA PlayStation Blog is badly designed.

      No Edit
      No Emojis
      No Flags
      No Thumb Up Button

      Come on Playstation sort it out please.

    • Yo everyone we need to stand together and stop this from merging. USA PlayStation Blog and EU PlayStation blog needs to stay separate. Allowing this to happen will ruin the future of PlayStation Blog overall.

      Seeing something meant for other countries will cause the other side to be confused. I see something for EU and thinking its for NA will just make things harder for us. Are the money system is different as well. PlayStation blog will die out faster this way if the merge happens.

      Stop #PlayStationBlog Merge

  • So…. no store update today?

  • Hi Sony, is like to get to know you. I’m Reafer! I like to take a walk on the beach on the weekends. I like drinking eggnog when I’m high, drinking root beer when I’m high, and drinking really cold beer when I’m high.

    Like to hear back from you.
    I look forward to our talks.

  • Even if I’m not first, imma just say FIRST!

  • Are the banner images going to keep U.S. date and time formats?

  • I hope this mean they are finally allowing to change account regions.

    Pretty please, Sony? I’ve moved and I don’t want to lose my savegames.

  • As someone who frequently been reading the EU blog since I got a PS3, I feel like this “merger” is a huge mistake and very disappointing. It’s not nice to make Europeans feel like second-rate customers, even if we always known about it since the PS1 days. I mean, there are still so many PS1 games that never reached Europe, like Chrono Cross, Threads of Fate and Xenogears just to mention a few.

  • How will the weekly store updates work when each region gets different content?

    • this doesn’t work at all, this is not to improve the user experience or increase quality , its just to cut costs and personnel i guess

      from now on i will simply look directly in the ps store on my console for deals and news , this blog is done for me , RIP EU BLOG

  • Please restore the EU blog , i’m not interested in the US blog and never was, i guess i wont be visiting this site from now on which i have been for years, gotta find me another source of information now. Thanks.

  • Merging blogs is a bad idea. The £ and € aren’t represented and all pricing is US centric. This is horrible and you haven’t even given store update information. Europe isn’t a part of the US, neither are other PAL regions like the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

    • very bad idea, but i doubt they will do anything about like with the Singstar ps3 startup icon in EU

  • Does that mean unified PS Store :O ?

  • This is a bad idea, it will cause more problems than it should solve (e.g. the different currencies and release dates (date format!), different promotion sales, different time zones, etc.). I doubt that all of these differences are reflected in the individual blog entries. Most likely from now on there is only one US blog for everyone, that’s sad. But first and foremost it was not about improvements but about savings.

    PS. The EU blog looked nicer, had better readability and had more features. So, at least bring features like nationality, emojis and comment-editing and liking to the US blog.

    • Agree with some stuff you said. Merging the blogs is bad. Please PlayStation Team listen to your Loyal fans like us who have stick with you for many years since PSOne and don’t combine the blogs at all.

      Just update the US.PlayStationBlog with better designs to look greater and feel easy to use for us. Give us emojis to show are love BUT Don’t combine the PSBlog with EU. I love US.PSBlog as it is.

  • kastuskalinouski

    Hi Sid.

    When PS Store will become available in Belarus?

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