Welcome to the new and improved PlayStation.Blog

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Welcome to the new and improved PlayStation.Blog

Get all the latest PlayStation announcements, game developer insights, previews on upcoming games and more

Depending on where in the world you’re joining us from, you may notice a few changes here at PS Blog. Readers of the US, Latin American, and Japanese PlayStation.Blog have probably noticed some long-overdue site upgrades over the past year or so, including a shiny new UX, improved page loads, and myriad other improvements. 

But starting this week, those benefits will begin rolling out to our friends in France, Russia, Italy, Germany, and Spain. So here’s a quick (re)introduction!

If you’re a longtime Blog reader, you know it serves as a news platform for major gaming announcements and provides a direct gateway into the minds behind your favorite PlayStation titles. It’s a place to find out more about upcoming games via hands-on previews and developer interviews. Or catch up on what’s coming to PlayStation Store… or even be dazzled by the creativity of PlayStation fans in the ever-popular Share of the Week

Bilingual or multilingual? Get an extra dose of PS Blog goodness with our Latin American, Brazilian, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the site. There’s no need to leave the site: simply click on the country drop-down menu at the top of the page to switch over to your language of choice. Of course, your old regional URLs will still work as well, if you prefer. 

One other adjustment — we’ve officially merged with the PlayStation.Blog EU to form one globally integrated English PlayStation.Blog. It just makes sense for us, and probably for you. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll work to reflect regional info for North America and the UK in one place whenever possible. 

On that note, if you encounter any bugs or issues with the newly integrated PlayStation.Blog sites, please do leave them in the comments below. Regional representatives will be reviewing them and we’ll address where possible. 

Whether you’ve been with us since the very beginning (almost 13 years now!), or you’re just joining us now… thanks!

And of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the wider conversation: follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (sorry).

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