New The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Details Revealed

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New The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Details Revealed

Ellie boasts upgraded mobility, a new Infected enemy type emerges, and much more.

Ellie’s story continues in The Last of Us Part II, and I had a lucky opportunity to reunite with her at a recent hands-on preview event. The demo revealed copious gameplay details, from Ellie’s improved mobility to new threats ranging from guard dogs to new evolutions of the infected. It also yielded a peek at the stunning visual enhancements Naughty Dog brings to the anticipated follow-up.

The early portion of the demo features heartfelt story moments between Ellie and her companion, Dina. Ellie was already a multifaceted protagonist in the previous game, but she’s now nineteen and her age shows in the depth of her character. She and Dina exchange playful teases, search each other’s eyes for signals, and dance around the topic of former lovers. My favorite moment between the two occurs when they enjoy a beautiful view of the Wyoming wilderness, and Ellie quietly curses to herself when she realizes she flubbed an opportunity to make a move. Moments like these showcase Ellie’s tenderness and vulnerability, and remind us of the little girl Joel fought to protect.

The Last of Us Part II

The second half of the demo further showcases Ellie’s violent side, and the lengths she’ll go to exact justice on those who hurt her loved ones. She faces a group of xenophobic survivors in Seattle who have captured Joel’s brother, Tommy. Ellie ventures into enemy territory to rescue him. Naughty Dog has gone through great lengths to convey that these enemies are people with lives and loved ones, not one-dimensional threats. Normally, sniping an enemy with a bow and arrow from considerable distance would come with some pride and relief. In The Last of Us Part II, it might be met by the shrieks of your victim’s loved ones yelling the deceased’s name in grief. Violence is sometimes necessary to survive and endure in this world, but it constantly weighed on my conscience.

The Last of Us Part II

Read on for an overview of the hands-on demo’s content and key gameplay details:

● Patrol – The first section of the preview I played was set within the snowy, abandoned towns surrounding the survivors’ hometown of Jackson, Wyoming. Snow crunches satisfyingly underfoot and fierce winds make patterns across its surface.

● A Day in Ellie’s Life – Ellie’s main job is to patrol the area surrounding Jackson. Early in the game she rides horseback through the shattered, abandoned buildings in the wooded expanse, where she and Dina check for signs of deadly infected, dangerous marauders, or survivors.

The Last of Us Part II

● Suburbs – The second section takes place in what remains of Seattle, Washington’s Hillcrest neighborhood. The series’ iconic overgrown aesthetic is well represented with lush, green tree canopies shading a broken town road. Impressively rendered mist hangs heavily over the area and completes its authentic Pacific Northwest atmosphere.

● Meticulous Detail – Naughty Dog elevates the visual fidelity of this grounded world to new heights. Your horse’s muscles flex and jiggle as it gallops. Tall grass ripples and tree bows flex with the wind. Ellie contorts her face in intense focus as she silently takes down enemies. Upgrading weapons at a workbench rewards you with strikingly detailed animations like swapping out a shotgun’s magazine. The authenticity is astounding.

The Last of Us Part II

● Jump – Ellie is more limber than Joel ever was. Players can now jump to reach higher vantage points or cross small gaps. Don’t expect to pounce hapless victims like an assassin, but look forward to expanded freedom and new opportunities for traversal.

● Dodge – One of Ellie’s most potent new abilities allows her to dodge incoming close-quarters attacks. Step out of the way of survivors’ axe swings or slashing Runners with a quick button tap. Dodging was especially handy when evading surprise Stalker attacks. The new feature feels satisfyingly empowering, but also necessary considering how enemies seem smarter and harder to predict.

The Last of Us Part II

● Crawl – Hit the deck! Ellie can now drop to the ground by holding Circle. This is useful for quickly breaking line of sight with enemies, crawling through small passages, or keeping a low profile. The latter stealthy application is invaluable. Slinking through tall grass to get the drop on passing enemies and evading pursuers is critical with The Last of Us Part II’s new analog stealth system. Hiding yourself in plain sight among the tallgrass is simultaneously liberating and harrowing, as blowing your cover could mean being fully exposed.

● Guard Dogs – …but don’t get too comfortable crawling through the grass. Trained guard dogs are on patrol, which can follow your scent and chew up your well-laid plans. Activate Listen Mode to see your scent trail. Be careful when you take out a dog’s handler, though, because solo canines are difficult to spot in the tall grass without their master walking next to them. Getting jumped by a dog is not only nerve-racking and dangerous, it presents players with the moral choice of whether they flee or take it out. Naughty Dog confirms that you don’t have to kill these animals to progress, and personally… based on my heavy heart following the demo you’re better off evading them.

The Last of Us Part II

Ellie confronts a Clicker.

● New Infected Revealed – Shamblers are horrifying, walking pustule-clusters that spray gaseous acid when they get near you and take a ton of damage. Once defeated, these festering threats explode with violent force. They’re faster than they look and are awful to look at. Proceed with caution.

● Expanded Abilities – Supplements can still be collected to unlock abilities. New to The Last of Us Part II, players can choose from multiple skill upgrade paths to customize Ellie to their playstyle and we got to see just some of these in action. Survival focuses on improving health, expanding Listen Mode’s range, and throw distance. Crafting lets her create melee upgrades, add smoke to stun bombs, and increase her crafting speed. Stealth improves prone movement speed, speeds up stealth kills, and unlocks pistol silencers. I love the newfound choice to evolve Ellie’s capabilities to my playstyle (Stealth worked great for me!)

● Silencers – Canisters are a new crafting material that let Ellie attach handmade suppressors to her semi-automatic pistol. This makes her next three shots dead silent, expanding Ellie’s strategic options in the field. As a stealth-focused player, I found great relief upgrading my silencer’s durability.

The Last of Us Part II

This hard-hitting sequel takes the core gameplay of the original and expands players’ tactical options at every turn. New threats and smarter enemies elevate the challenge to meet Ellie’s enhanced range of abilities, so you’ll need to learn new tricks to survive in an unforgiving world. The weight of my violent actions in the demo stuck with me just as long as my awe at the jaw-dropping world Naughty Dog is creating. Discover what the future holds for an older, wiser, and more dangerous Ellie when The Last of Us Part II comes to PS4 and PS4 Pro February 21 June 19, 2020.

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  • We want more Ellie Editions. The fact that there’s people already selling them on eBay is ridiculous. The real fans who had to go to work weren’t able to even have a chance of getting one. #wewantmoreEllieEdition

    • Tommy is kidnapped? Why reveal this on the PS blog? I suppose it’s not a huge deal, but the trailers seem to have purposely avoided this detail.

  • This game is gonna be a Masterpiece! and win 2020 GOTY!

  • Will there be Photo Mode on launch?

  • My favorite out of context quote from this:

    “Activate LISTEN mode to SEE your SCENT trail…”

    Seriously though, I’m excited for this game! I am mentally preparing to be emotionally distraught all over again.

  • I beat last of us 1 in grounded mode and know i am on 2 i am ready for this and imma mostly melee

  • Prepare yourself folks, the Naughty Dogs are coming. Get ready for an adrenaline rush of pure panic

  • Eh…. won’t be playing this parade of misandry (woman loving hero shoots mostly bad men and the occasional mushroomhead.) Would love it if devs could keep identity politics out of video games. We get enough of it from CNN.

  • A expectativa por esse game aumenta a cada noticia.

    • Game of gen. This will embarrass every other sp game out there. Writing, acting, visuals on another level. This will be the game RDR2 was supposed to be.

  • Thanks for saving me money by ditching mp…no mp = no buy from me

    • This is foremost a story based single player adventure. I for one am glad theres no multiplayer. Maybe multiplayer will come late next year.

    • Good for you…I personally loved the originals mp and I’m sure lots who share my opinion will wait until this goes in the bargain bin

    • Think about it, this makes sense. There’s going to be a playstation meeting in February 2020. Sony will be discussing details of there new console. We know that ” The Last Of Us Part 2″ will be a big emphasis for Sony New console, meaning its very likely Naughty Dog will release the multilayer for sonys next gen console late next year. It makes sense now.

    • I don’t think it’s going to get mp

    • I was addicted to the mp for a long time… was great

    • It’s better that way the mp in the original died real, real fast. The sp is what made the game anyway.

    • If u are buying Naughty Dog games strictly for mp u might be on the wrong system. Halo is thataway.. ->

  • I can’t wait for this

    • It’s going to be astonishing, but much better on a certain console, that we officially cannot name, coming late 2020.

  • Good news ” Neil Druckmann ” confirmed today in an interview with ” The Telegraph ” there will be no multiplayer. I for one, 100% agree with this decision. Multiplayer is not important. ” The Last Of Us Part 2 ” is foremost a single player and story based driven game, why on earth would you want to hinder that experience.

    This game is going to be huge, that’s why its coming on 2 discs. Maybe Multiplayer will come late next year, on a certain console, that we officially cannot name.

  • The Stalkers are the most creepiest from the classes of infected. I hope to see more of them this time around.

    Rating the Infected Class

    1. Stalkers
    My personal favourite from the class infected, they are terrifying.

    2. Clickers
    Not as creepy as the Stalkers, but a good second place.

    3. Bloaters
    Jaw breakers

    4. Runners
    Pretty freaky


    Ive got a funny feeling that there’s more infected classes, but I don’t think Naughty Dog will show them, and for good reason.

    Keep up the good work Naughty Dog, just take your time.

  • I never comment and this is a minority opinion but with no MP this goes from day 1 to buy later on sale. SP will obviously be focus but I thoroughly enjoy naughty dog mp (I rebought last of us just for mp on ps4) hopefully it will come later

  • Please reconsider and add mp!

  • I’ll be passing on this one. With all the rumors that this and ghosts of tsumishima are gonna be ps5 launch titles. I dont wanna buy this on ps4 just for the enhanced version with better graphics to come out 9 months later

    • The ps4 version of the game will likely be enhanced on the new ps5. No need of rebuying the game again. The only difference is the ps5 version will most likely come on 1 disc instead of 2 discs.

      I’m sure Sony has taken great interest on how Microsoft used this enhanced feature to make old games look and play better on new hardware.

      I would not take that risk to wait 9 months for the ps5, especially with the media today spoiling everything. You know what it’s like on YouTube, when someone posts a spoiler thumbnail.

  • Please add the multiplayer

    • I’m sure Naughty Dog has multiplayer in mind, but just not yet, don’t worry. It will likely release when the ps5 comes out, you wait and see.

      Neil Druckmann has stated, due to how big and complex the story is, they had to use the whole team. I’m sure mp will come late next year.

  • We need the multiplayer

    • I’m happy there is no mp. I’d rather have an improved sp than sp and mp. Besides, we know mp will be a free update when PS5 launches.

  • We need multiplayer, sorry

  • I have a question, please someone answer.

    Q:If you kill the human enemies, will the dogs still try to attack you? I want to kill all the human enemies, because I want as much ammo as possible.

  • Instead of a young teen murder simulator now it is a old teen murder simulator. Should be an amazing game. Hopefully Joel has succeeded into transforming Elle from self sacrificing heroine to complete psychopathic murderer by the time she is 19. And by proxy we get to part of Joel’s ongoing insanity. Does make the game interesting on several levels.

  • Not really interested in a Romea and Juliet teenage love plus evil man murder simulator with the occasional shroom zombie. Sorry.

  • Can you please stop asking for multiplayer, I want a good story game with good details that helps set the story. If they add multiplayer they going to cut down on details. That’s a nono

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