UPDATE: Preserving Internet Access for the Entire Community

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UPDATE: Preserving Internet Access for the Entire Community

UPDATE: Beginning today, we will take similar measures in the United States, and we will continue to take appropriate action to do our part to help ensure internet stability as this unprecedented situation continues to evolve. We are grateful for the role we play in helping deliver a sense of community and entertainment in these very trying times. Thank you again for your support, your patience, and for being part of the PlayStation community. Please stay home and stay safe.

Playing videogames enables players all over the world to connect with friends and family and enjoy much needed entertainment during these uncertain times. Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with internet service providers in Europe to manage download traffic to help preserve access for the entire internet community.

We believe it is important to do our part to address internet stability concerns as an unprecedented number of people are practicing social distancing and are becoming more reliant on internet access.

Players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy robust gameplay. We appreciate the support and understanding from our community, and their doing their part, as we take these measures in an effort to preserve access for everyone.

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  • SONY, as a loyal fan since before you entered video games, I stand behind the decision. I’m happy to do my part, and we’ll come out the other side of this.

  • I’m not staying home if it’s gonna take 4 days to download a game….now I understand why Gameslop said they were essential 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s been more than 6 hours that my PSN doesn’t work. It’s impossible to get support also (every support’s page doesn’t work). Whats is going on???

  • Bring back the Playstation Community app that let me communicate with my squad worldwide. Bring Communities from ps4 to ps5. Behemoth Squad. Socom please.

  • Why would you restrict an already restricted access to your network. My Xbox One X will connect at 300+ mbps but I can hardly ever get 100mbps and usually it is a lot less with my PS4 Pro that is hardwired with cat6. Usually it will be more like 30 to 50mbps. This is why I stick to my Xbox.

  • No free online during corentine

  • Thank you PlayStation, need make sure everything ok ❤

  • A total overreaction in the US and no need for it. Many of us are going digital for new releases because of physical copy delays and now these games will take forever to download. RE3 and FF7 could take longer than the two day pre-load at this rate.

    Thanks for nothing!

  • Connection already throttled. Now connections will be throttled even more. lol, feels bad man.

    Regardless of the fact, y’all stay safe outchea ya here?!

  • LOL – throttle a slow connection…nice I already have a super slow connection cause I cant get anything else where I live, what is your excuse Sony?

    What do you do with all of that PS+ money? Shouldn’t you have upgraded the network to handle massive traffic flows by now? Go digital, oh yea, digital is the way LMAO Yea so I could still wait for the game (or drive to walmart/target/etc since everything is supposed to be shut down so of course everything is open) and get it faster than trying to download. Hopefully people see why digital is NOT the way just yet.

  • I understand everything but it is already an exaggeration that the 81 MB file from the Internet disk would be downloaded 1 hour !!!! do something with it !!!!

  • so **** stupid sony My internet is ****, and you reduce the internet to download, apart from the online service, it leaves a lot to be desired, nor do they give plus in quarantine, but on top of that they come out that the internet will decrease, and now as I download playstation plus games, they have killed your own creation, and the last thing is quarantined in everything and the service they are giving from ps4 is bad, there are no excuses.

  • Thank you @jryan Jim Ryan for taking that public stance. I work for a Multi-Service Operator serving the DoD overseas. ActiVision’s complete disregard for their social responsibility in releasing a 20GB patch today is appalling. Reasonable regular updates deployed via micro-services approach is the responsible way to keep apps up to date while ensuring stability and limiting transit data.

  • I have two days trying yo download call of duty , the internet is Extreme slow.

  • Your decision is ridiculous from my point of view, people will prefer to go out into the street than sit at home and use a very slow Sony server

  • Hello, give us 35% discount coupon for inconvenience

  • How can I get support with something I cannot do on my own…?

  • I can’t even connect to the network. My internet is working fine but it can’t connect to psn. Haven’t been able to play online In 3 days

  • When will pS4 Support be available to reach. I understand the problematic epidemic surrounding everyone’s help but I had a terrible issue and just wanted to understand if PS4 support will be closed indefinitely.

  • Hola como estan cuidesen mucho aser caso a la cuarentena quedarse en casa. Y esto va para PlayStation les comento que pongan mas servidores para los juegos ya que esta saltando mucho los errores y no deja jugar a nigun juego. Gracias

  • I understand the need to slow things down, but I can’t even connect to the network. My PS4 is my main media streaming device, so I’m not only unable to play games through PSnow and PS+, but I’m also unable to watch tv and movies. After a long day of having to WFH during this pandemic, I can’t even unwind by streaming shows or games. I can’t even contact anyone on your end. I recently made this purchase and I’m very much regretting it.

    • Same 😭

    • Media playback should NOT be dictated by a PSN account. Whether it be steamed or locally accessed the PSN should not matter at all! So updates should be optional not required. This is why I use my smart TV for Netflix instead of PlayStation with it’s problems. A Chromecast is better. 🙄
      Sony have a real problem with controlling simple things they have no business with.
      The original ps3 was perfect with exception of all the software shackles. We had seemingly constant software updates to watch movies! (DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix)
      I loved that I could listen to CDs and rip them, miss that. 😒
      I’m surprised they haven’t DRM protected our screen captures or require some form or extra subscription for YouTube uploads.
      It’s disgusting, I’ve had every PlayStation since ’97 and the problems just keep mounting. 🤞 Here’s to PS5 😅
      Do yourself a favor and buy an Xbox,
      I hate Microsoft but they don’t laugh while pissing on their customers. MS try to please but they’re just incompetent at times.

  • Can’t sign in now @playstation. Great. Might just get a PC

  • Sony is the worst company I’ve ever delt with. The playstation4 is so **** bad. If your not waiting for an update everyday to download then you’ll be waiting hours for a game to get done copying…

    You wait hours for a game to download just to wait a couple more hours for it to copy……

    I guess you get what you pay for because xbox doesn’t have these problems but I’m pretty sure Microsoft cares about its customers. Sony doesn’t care about anything unless its money. Piece of **** people work for sony

    • Yeah seems that way for the past month they shutdown their customer support and also turned off downloads on psn and won’t fix it they just point their fingers at us the customrs… smh

  • I will NEVER buy another Play Station. I have 4 for my family now. No more. My family and I will no longer be a burden on PSN critical bandwidth. X-box, Netflix, YouTube, etc. No bandwidth with conflicting with anything else. PSN… Let’s save a few hundred thousand and blame the virus.

  • No offense, but PSN download speed are already horribly slow. Why can’t your network in the year 2020 support faster than ~10Mbs!?
    I have gigabit internet and the only thing laggy that makes me wait HOURS is PSN, for simple updates!?
    In the past I’ve dabbled with proxy looping through my PC to exponentially increase PS3 download speed but that’s convoluted and should be unnecessary. It’s obviously a throttling issue.
    Really this announcement is simply a money saving tactic.

    • it can they just wanted to turn off the downloads like they did for some like me for a month and still can’t download anything it is ridiculous they need to fix this or there will be a big lawsuit filed..

  • Thank you Sony for helping all of during this time.

  • Necesito ayuda no se si sea un error de mi ps4 pero pongo un juego y mi ps4 se apaga de lo que tarda para cargarlo. No me deja jugar al fornite porque lo pongo se queda congelado y mi ps4 se apaga

  • Every game I play on my yellow bar in COD World War II. I skip all over the place as you have cut my upload by half. Used to 4.47 upload. You’re slowing it down too much that I can’t even barely play.

  • This is ****!!!! I pay TOP DOLLAR for my internet speed. NOBODY pulls this kind of CRAP!!! SONY is doing this because its network is GARBAGE and they can’t handle it!!! Microsoft isn’t doing this because it doesn’t need to!!! My Xbox gets 500mbps NO PROBLEM!!!


    • Why would they do that when they can just recycle this onto the ps5? like they did from the ps3 to the ps4

  • My PS4 gets DL speeds of between 30-150mbps. My Xbox gets 500mbps CONSISTENTLY!!! SONY’s network is TRASH!!! If you are a hardcore gamer you need to be on XBox.

  • My God. It’s so slow I feel I should get my money back for the annual fee. Don’t play anything role playing. It takes forever to load different areas. I decided to play Skyrim on my old PS3, and I can’t believe it. going into a shop takes over a minute sometimes, and I know it’s not the old hard drive. THIS IS NOT FAIR SONY!!!

  • why wont it let me make any purchases

  • it’s so ridiculous first this happens and we get put on lock down then this I can’t even play most of my games seriously never getting a other playstation pc here I come

  • I can assume free or discounted psn then I assume? I shouldn’t be paying full price without full service. You want to decrease download speeds. Cool. But decrease the price as well.

    • Why would you reduce the price on something that shouldn’t even be charged for in the first place?

  • Hi I work for Public Health and I also been working on the COVID19 outbreak.

    Like many I’ve been working at my worksite and switching to working from home to help stop the spread.

    When I take my lunch at home or I am finally done with the day I happily play my PlayStation 4!

    With Resident Evil 3 remake and FF7 remake coming out I am afraid this slow down is going to delay my digital downloads.

    Thanks for trying to help but it’s streaming videos like Hulu and Netflix that cause the problem. I’ve been really enjoying FF14 Online and I would hate with my down time which I get so little with that I might have to struggle to game online.

    Please reconsider! Can’t wait for the PS5 I hope the price is reasonable

  • You limited my download speed to 900kbps.
    It takes me 4 hours to download an 8gb game.
    I pre-ordered games that have 70gb+ !!!
    I can not join any party..I can not create a party without being kicked after a few seconds…I can not play with my friends.
    I can not upload my game saves online!!!!
    It took 18 minutes to upload my Borderlands 3 saves and it gave an error at the end. I tried it 5 times already !!!
    You took away from me the services that I pay for!!!
    9€ per month for PSN and now I can’t play online, can’t join parties, and can’t upload my save online !!!!
    SONY…this is not the way you should “help”.
    Exactly because now we have to stay in house, no jobs, no money, and now you took the online aspect of the PS4 away from us !!!
    18 minutes to upload 45mb of save data to PSN and it fail at the end.
    Do the math !!
    Do you know what upload speed is that ?!
    Do the math Sony !!!
    Land: Germany, Deutsche Telekom.
    Fix this Sony !!!

  • You people at Sony should be prepared for this. I pay for PSN service AND for games sponsored by Sony. I cannot play Rockstar games without being kicked every time. This is just bad business. I’m sure you can spend for better server farms. And, as far as not being a jerk? I feel I’m being ripped off in a time of grief. You should do better Sony. REALLY!!

  • Dear Mr. Ryan,

    With all due respect sir. Sincerely, have you taken a bonus cut?….


  • Respectfully,

    A father and his eight year old daughter Anastasia…

  • How about the one who pays for the PlayStation plus pass?????

  • A non termination stimulis in the works????

  • Please do not respond to this…

  • It would be particularly nice if Sony could after almost 1 week, make a comment about ongoing psn issues. We are unable to use audio parties for 1 week, everyone I know has the same issues, but not one comment by Sony. Would be aprechiated if you could answer to this, considering this happened 1 day after the bandwidth reduction and the statement, this would not affect online gaming experience…

  • Your download speeds have never been acceptable, so don’t even notice a difference now lol

  • I’m sorry 😐

  • I bought a $50 PSN Card from Best Buy and now Y’all won’t take it when I try and put it in. My code was activated so I would like a Refund because this is ridiculous or give I would like to receive 200,000 VC for NBA 2K20 because that is what it was for

  • So in other words the pandemic will be over before being able to compltetely download Final Fantasy 7.

  • Slower downloads? They are already slower than molasses, how much slower could they get?! More importantly when will I be able to play my ps2 discs on my ps5? If it’s sooooo powerful it can emulate the ps2 hardware.

  • Yeah, ya know, if you need to do things like server expansion then you should probably be doing that. That’s sort of what you’re supposed to do.

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