UPDATE: Preserving Internet Access for the Entire Community

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UPDATE: Preserving Internet Access for the Entire Community

UPDATE: Beginning today, we will take similar measures in the United States, and we will continue to take appropriate action to do our part to help ensure internet stability as this unprecedented situation continues to evolve. We are grateful for the role we play in helping deliver a sense of community and entertainment in these very trying times. Thank you again for your support, your patience, and for being part of the PlayStation community. Please stay home and stay safe.

Playing videogames enables players all over the world to connect with friends and family and enjoy much needed entertainment during these uncertain times. Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with internet service providers in Europe to manage download traffic to help preserve access for the entire internet community.

We believe it is important to do our part to address internet stability concerns as an unprecedented number of people are practicing social distancing and are becoming more reliant on internet access.

Players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy robust gameplay. We appreciate the support and understanding from our community, and their doing their part, as we take these measures in an effort to preserve access for everyone.

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  • Understandable. Be safe out there Playstation Nation!

    • Now would be the time to market the PS5 to everyone. Show us games. A State of Play. Anything while everyone is at home.

      Everyone wants a bombshell of full Retro Compatibility with PS1 PS2 and PS3. 1 and 2 and extremely easy to emulate. 3 could come in waves like Game pass on X or better yet full compatibility. Any announcements about compatibility is great news.
      Microsoft is charging people for it so there must be a huge demand for it.

    • @CommandingTiger

      This is LIE! Microsoft allows you to play OG Xbox, XBOX 360 and Xbox one games FOR FREE on Xbox Series X, if you already bought those games in the past or just put the disc in.
      On XBOX multi generational Backwards
      Compatibility Is absolutely FREE.

      Oh and SONY ALREADY confirmed:

      – NO PS1-Backwards-Compatibility
      – NO PS2-Backwards-Compatibility
      – NO PS3-Backwards-Compatibility

      For PS5!

      They have a product for that, it’s called:


      It’s NOT going to happen. Deal with it.

    • @Turkishflavor

      You continuously spread misinformation or outright lies on this blog. Are you an idiot, a troll, or (as is most likely the case) some hybrid of the two?

    • @TurkishFlavor Completely wrong. Xbox One does NOT allow you play ANY backwards compatible title “as long as you own the disc”. The Xbox b/c program is curated, just like the program on PlayStation. There are only about 30 original Xbox games available on Xbox One, for example. You can put the disc in for any game not on that list and it simply won’t work. There are far more 360 games available, of course, but that is still only a fraction of the actual library from the 360.

      Now, what is true is that Microsoft have a more comprehensive b/c program than Sony do. That is inarguable, but stop spreading the lie that you can play all old Xbox games. That’s never been the case and nor will it be the case with the Series X.

      As for PS3 b/c, that is never going to happen because of the Cell processor. PlayStation fans need to come to grips with that. The only option there is to include a cell in the PS5, but they won’t because it would make the console $600. Aside from that though, Sony can and should do a much better job with PS1 and PS2 b/c. Those games that actually CAN emulate and are stubbornly choosing not to.

    • @BadFlounder, Respectfully you were completely wrong.

      First, TurkishFlavor didn’t say ANY game. He clearly meant that if a title was BC for Xbox, then the BC version for it is free provided you already bought it digitally or own the disc.

      Second, the PS3 Cell has been successfully emulated for a long time. Google it. Now last week Sony updated the PS3 OS. Even though they don’t updated the UI (unlike how MS still keeps the Xbox 360 sorta up to date), they update the PS3 OS regularly to prevent pirated games. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem is that while Sony cares greatly about those very few people doing bad things, they have shown no willingness to support the millions that invested in PS3 digital and physical titles. That’s a big slap in the consumer’s face from Sony. PS5 could easily emulate the PS3 cell. While MS’s BC library for 360 and OG is nowhere near complete, it’s still hundred and hundreds of 360 titles available. Also, XSX guarantees to play anything Xbox 1 did. Sony has waffled on exactly how backwards compatible the PS5 will be with just PS4. In other words, it most likely won’t be 100% BC at launch. It will probably never be 100% BC.

    • @TurkishFlavor

      Xbox is doing it through virtual machines and emulation. It is not exactly the same as Backwards Compatibility. Do you really want to pay the extra price to have the guts of all the previous machines to have true Backwards Compatibilty for everything? Everybody remember when the PS3 was $600 at launch? Part of the reason is because it had a PS2 inside of it. Besides, seriously, Backwards Compatibility can be neat, but are you really chomping at the bit to spend all that money on a PS5, at launch, just so you can play The Last Of Us 2 when you can play it on a PS4 already?

    • what a shill really, what about netflix and all streaming platforms are they gonna do the same? they take the most internet bandwight: streaming movies = internet downloads. There’s always a shill at the top of the comments, fk you Sony.

  • What about North America?

    • dont give em ideas lol

    • North America is fine for the moment for internet access most likely wont be any problems only Netflix and amazon video been effected to lower streaming speed

    • We’re all good here in So Cal, thankfully!

    • Hola buenas noches, alguien me puede ayudar?
      Lo que pasa es que intentó jugar la pes con mi hermano de España y Yo soy de colombia y no podemos jugar y nos tira a que compremos el juego, pero yo ya lo tengo, que debo hacer para poder jugar con el ?

    • its was updated.
      the same will happen in north america

  • Damn, there goes downloading a digital version of FFVII Remake on 10th April if there is no sign of my physical copy.

  • Downloads speeds of PSN have been bad overall comparing to XService. I’m afraid you will drop below 56 kbps at this point. How about I will decrease my monthly amount I’m actively paying for Playstation Plus?

    • Been wondering the same. They have had always the 7MB/s limit per download and now they age going even lower. No use of my gig connection.

    • @Persojet What are you talking about a 7MB/s limit? I am downloading at a little over 40MB/s right now.

    • @Boone_Dog
      MB = Megabyte
      Mb = Megabit

      Persojet is going with Megabytes, while you’re you’re using the acronym and using Megabits.

      7MB = 56Mb

    • *using the wrong acronym

    • @Persojet you may need to speak to your isp, make sure you have the correct modem and hardwired. also that you actually have a modern highspeed package.

    • 7MB/s is terrible should go a lot faster. I’ve got a 250Mbit connection and most of the time I get full speed of around 30MB/s download and no not mbit!!

  • V
    You speak for a very small amount, the game has be exclusive for literally years, get over it man child

  • How does it get any better? Its so much worse than on my XBOX. its laughable. Pathetic. WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS? SERIOUSLY?!

    • i always had 5mb download speed on ps4 for years while I get 300mb on Xbox.

    • You don’t “have” to pay for it. You can voice chat, play games, stream video without PS+. Unless you play online multiplayer you really don’t need it. I don’t play online & I don’t have PS+.

    • here comes the shills, how is going sony employers?

  • Buddy, they already confirmed that ALL Exclusive games going forward will come to PC, even the last of us part 2. enjoy!

  • PSN download speeds have been utter rubbish since the PS3 days and haven’t improved much, what’s there to throttle? Even if you weren’t asking money for online play it’d be a joke compared to the competition, now it’ll become even slower? Whew.

    • Hola buenas noches, alguien me puede ayudar?
      Lo que pasa es que intentó jugar la pes con mi hermano de España y Yo soy de colombia y no podemos jugar y nos tira a que compremos el juego, pero yo ya lo tengo, que debo hacer para poder jugar con el ?

  • Bah, the only issue with internet speeds in Europe is the providers don’t know how to manage their networks. This smells the same as when providers in the US put in caps for some regions but not others because there wasn’t competition so they could do what they want to get more money and blamed it on network load which was proven to be completely false. I don’t buy it.

  • Letting PC people play this amazing game negatively affects you, how??

  • In this day and age, we gotta do what we can. I live in the US, but it’s easy to forget that the rest of the world matters, too. Keep it up, Sony!

  • Well, gotta download the games on the XBOX.

  • Get over it

  • ha ha ha. it’s a joke. i have a download at 500 Mo/s by fiber (not 500Mb/s) and 1 month ago, download max at 5Mo/s with playstore…

  • Your announcements have been disappointing as of lately. I understand the current situation is hard for everyone but since I am paying for fast internet to my provider, paying ps+, IF there are some sever restrictions on download speeds, I would expect a discount, free game, something. Call it what you want but money I am paying for these services has to also be earned somewhere, you know. And if I am paying extra for whatever the service is, that standard should be maintained. If you cannot do that, lower the price and quality until everything is back to normal so it is fair.

    • For what it’s worth, your PS+ subscription isn’t paying for game downloads.

      This change only affects downloads from the PS Store, and shouldn’t affect online gameplay (which IS what your PS+ sub is getting you).

      Also, since this is the North American PS Blog and you’re likely in the US or Canada, this download change speed does not yet apply to US/Canada

    • Yeah right, as if there should be any cost either way. Absurd.

  • @Turkishflavor

    They actually confirmed the opposite of that but I mean…

  • Time to chill out on getting bent out of shape over games going to PC. Really not that big of a deal.

  • Nice work Sony. Stay safe everyone in Playstation Nation. All the best to everyone and their families.

  • Thanks for the transparency. Having a human element to the brand goes a long way. Hope that we will see more of this going forward, and not just in time of crisis.

    Best of wishes to everyone in the PlayStation community. Stay strong, and play on.

  • I’m baffled by your extreme hatred of PC gamers, really?

  • I don’t know why this is necessary. De-CIX says it has enough bandwidth. Other CIXes should have enough, too. If you want to help in the crisis, let us use folding@home on our PS4. It worked great on PS3.

  • Hi Jim,

    Unfortunately my brothers account got hacked and there were fraudulent purchases made on the account totaling up to $80. This happened on January but his account wasn’t banned until March 16th. We have spoken to about 4 people and they all told us the same thing. We can’t do anything because it happened over a month ago. The account wasn’t banned a month ago though. Now the people that we talked to tell us that my mom shouldn’t have talked to the bank first and we should’ve talked to playstation first. So now we have lost probably $300 worth of games and months of ps+. But now we have to pay the charges because its somehow our fault? I asked if the games and content that was banned could be transferred over to this account. So now we either pay the 80 or lose the stuff. This is a terrible thing to do to someone. Can you help this situation and not lose a customer forever?

    Thanks, Owen

  • I try to play on but it brought error code up but I still have a month PSN plus left before I have to renew it

  • It’s probably unnecessary. I don’t know why Netflix and Google are doing it too. I’ve read experts saying the increased traffic is very unlikely to actually negatively impact the internet.

    • it’s not going to help at all, hollywood and digital tv pushers wanted to slow the gaming populace so they would use vastly more to watch their piece meal show services. hulu, disney, netflix etc

  • You couldn’t be wrong!

  • No they haven’t Turkishflavor. Stop spreading lies.

  • Hola buenas noches, alguien me puede ayudar?
    Lo que pasa es que intentó jugar la pes con mi hermano de España y Yo soy de colombia y no podemos jugar y nos tira a que compremos el juego, pero yo ya lo tengo, que debo hacer para poder jugar con el ?

  • Understandable. But will we be able to preload ff7 remake before release then? I have a 20/2 line and just downloading nioh 2 took me 10 hours. So gonna guess with this and my slow internet ff7 remake will prob take 20ish hours? I hope you stay safe in these times.

  • caralho poha blz

  • How about we get some BIG discounts on some games. And I mean really BIG. Its stressful already with no jobs no income, how do we buy digital games that are so expensive and cant resell or give to friends when done?? C’mon SONY, you can do better at these uncertain times for your loyal users. Its time to show your loyalty and not just a company about $$$.

    • Yea like a old game like Wasteland 2 still 30 dollars. WOW thats overpriced. I plan to move to pc soon when I finish my games because they go on sale many times a year and they are actually cheaper than console

  • Brother, cool it down.
    HZD going PC after 3 years is a brilliant guerilla marketing tactic of Sony.
    Trust me. You will behold the genius of this move come HZD sequel.
    This move you will see a mass exodus of PC gamers to PS5.

  • As much I can understand and appreicate this, it does affect me futher I don’t have fibre broadband and on top of that the PS does download a lot slower than the X1 (I sadly started off on the wrong console this generation…. XD) from what I’ve experienced as a whole (though its not meant to be affecting games I’m having more issues with trying to work on Dissidia FF NT online wise at present but that game server wise isn’t great from what I experience). The sad bit is this proves how essential physical is and sadly seems the Royal Mail is getting fed up of having to deliver games and such and are classing it as “junk mail” so its a darned if you do or don’t situation, gaming for me is a way of coping due to my depression (and other issues) and I have 2 physical orders incoming in the next few weeks and will be telling them how much I appreciate them delivering the games and other things I have on order due to to keeping myself going especially in such a hard and trying time. I don’t mind having to wait longer for things but even parents have to do things like this for their kids as there are very few schools open and even those are for key worker’s children, and we have no idea when things will re-open.

    Thank you for trying to do the right thing, I’ll only be downloading 2-3 updates during the time that this is on and if it needs to be extended further I will happily accept it :)

  • What is NP-40837-2

  • I wonder if it is PlayStation Europe bandwidth problem, or if they are just agreeing to reduce overall traffic on rest of infrastructure out of their control? Either way, when this crisis passes, those in charge should recognize that investment in additional Internet bandwidth infrastructure is always beneficial long term for any communities being served.

  • Understanding ?
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  • Except it should be free at this time so people aren’t spending money on this instead of food and medicine when they are quarantined.

  • Ok. Understandable. But 120hours to download a purchased dlc is effectively a no-service.
    Still waiting to play my purchase

  • Hi Tiago, you seem like a cool guy and I agree with your posts. I also believe that Sony is doing a huge mistake. But you know what? That’s their problem.

    I’m also a huge fan of PlayStation, but now I’m totally disappointed with this new direction. That’s why I’m moving to PC next generation and I really recommend you do the same. Sony is still charging for online play, disrespects fans on social media, the same fans that supported them all these years. Now they are releasing their games on another platform which gamers hate and mock console gamers.

    But you know what, that’s Sony’s problem. If they want to turn PlayStation in an irrelevant platform just like Xbox, nothing we can do.

    More “exclusives” are coming to PC, God of War is the next one. Time to move to PC then, free online play and way more games available (PC exclusives that will never reach consoles, Microsoft games and now Sony titles).

    Best regards.

  • I find it odd all the kids or what seems to be kids saying the speeds are terrible always have been. Perhaps check your modem is up to date and has the correct bonding channels and frequency…. Do not just take their word for it. Make sure your isp isn’t a known throttler(use none bought out speed test/traps), use up to date cat 5e or 6 ethernet cables, be sure you have an’ actual highspeed package and no 25 and below is not “high speed”.

  • +1
    I don’t understand how PS players celebrate when an exclusive game go to PC. It’s a shame.

  • Don’t bring PS exclusives to PC

  • @MyLastRide

    Spoiler: They are not PS players, many here attacking Tiago are PC gamers.
    So yeah, Sony is the main responsible for this.

    “Only on PlayStation” means nothing from now on.

  • Shady from Sony saying that this is just game downloads when in fact its download speeds also, trying to be clever with words so the masses don’t understand, I’m genuinely surprised that there isn’t any backlash, games are unplayable for hours at time, friends in chat sounding like Johnny no.5 which is funny at first but gets old rather quickly, what you should be restricting is streaming but obviously you won’t do that because you make money off it, online gaming and the quality of it needs to be improved in times like these no doubt you have the money to do it. Peace

    • unplayable hours at a time? “check your modem is up to date and has the correct bonding channels and frequency…. Do not just take their word for it. Make sure your isp isn’t a known throttler(use none bought out speed test/traps), use up to date cat 5e or 6 ethernet cables, be sure you have an’ actual highspeed package and no 25 and below is not “high speed”.”

    • Never ever having the problems in the past is enough to know mate

    • actually no , it’s not mate.

  • hola buenos días, soy el padre de Benjamín el cual esta en su cuenta en este momento , quisiera comentar el problema que tiene desde la ultima actualización 7.02 en diciembre del año pasado lo cual hoy en día no puede utilizar su ps4. que tanto me costo comprársela, soy albañil y acá en argentina es muy costosa, lo cual con mucho esfuerzo y semanas de trabajo arduo se lo pude comprar limitándome a ciertos gastos necesarios. estoy indignado por que para que pueda andar su play tiene que formatearla como de fabrica, perdiendo lo poco que tiene que gracias a su tío y padrino le regalaron, no tengo recursos como para que pueda recuperar todo lo que perdiera si la formatea de fabrica, ya que la actualización de la cual dije en su principio no se lo actualiza por que tira error, y la única manera es la que comente. hoy en estos días que tanto lo necesita ya que tiene que estar dentro de casa y sin salir, me indigna verlo por que no puede usar su Play, por favor necesito una solución, no somos una familia de altos recursos, lo cual son limitados y mas en estos tiempo que no puedo salir a trabajar y traer el dinero que necesito para vivir cada día, al menos quiero ver a mi hijo usar lo que tanto nos costo y no que esta ahi como si nada, yo no pude tener juegos en mi adolescencias ni en mi adultes, solo espero no ofender a nadie con mi comentario pero es el único medio en el cual puedo expresar mi angustia, atentamente juan carlos diaz padre de Gabriel Benjamín Diaz.(the warrior B )

    • Hola, leí tu mensaje y quiero ayudarte a solucionar eso. No soy de soporte de sony ni nada, soy un joven de México que empatiza con la situacion.

      Busca en google Playstation y tienen un sitio ellos en el que
      desde ahi te puedes meter a tu perfil de playstation y aceptar solicitudes de amistad y chatear con amigos. Ya te mande una solicitud de amistad a esta cuenta en la que escribes.
      Desde ahi podemos chatear mas rapido y asi poder hacer todo lo que se pueda para que tu hijo pueda jugar otra vez la consola que como dices con mucho trabajo le consiguieron.

      Argentina es el 2do pais mas caro del mundo para comprar un playstation debido a que los importan desde china.

      (Si no encuentras el sitio, tambien le escribi un comentario con otra forma de contactarme en el ultimo video que marca esta cuenta que se subio a youtube, es un video titulado “Portal Knights_serie de a dos capitulo”

      Enserio quiero ayudarte, mi horario es 3 horas mas temprano asi que puedes comunicarte sin problemas aunque sea tarde para ti y hare lo posible por echarte la mano.

      Ojala veas este mensaje para ayudarte.

      Posdata. Esta es la 3era vez que contesto a tu mensaje pero no permitieron que lo ponga las primeras 2 veces porque compartia mi mail para que me pudieras contactar.

  • it seems good to me that they explain why the downloads at the moment, but when they think to speak or better to solve all the problems that caused with their update (7.02). I think this would be the best time, many users present problems to start our PS4, the lag in the main menu, the games go with low fps (all games in general) and the last one that happened to me and others users is the annoying noise produced by the console fans that is unbearable very unbearable …

    I hope that they solve all these problems with an update and that this does not take so long to give birth, because this problem is already making me change my mind about your console and service. And as I see that things are going, I will think very well about buying your future console (PS5) because if the same thing is going to happen with this one. For my point of view the best and most feasible is to change services.

    I hope you understand my disagreement with you.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Psn downloads are so slow I half assumed they already throttled them.

  • there is no need to do this not everyone owns a playststion . this suck specialy whe resdent evil 3 remake is coming out no need just do it in there country.

  • I can not join any party after you did this!!
    What is wrong with you ?!
    “please try again later”
    “please try again later”
    “please try again later”
    “please try again later”
    Are you all stupid or something ?!
    Is this how you contribute?!
    By denying us access to friends party or not being able to create a party?!
    It all started 2 days ago when you played with your bandwidth !!!
    But you still take 9€ per month from us !!!!

  • so your speeds which are already crap are going to get slower?wonderful…..

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