PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Looks back at Your 2019 Gaming Year

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PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Looks back at Your 2019 Gaming Year

Celebrate your achievements with a free PS4 Theme and seven avatars.

2020 is shaping up to be a great year in gaming, with a new console generation and plenty of new games to look forward to. But first, we wanted to give our fans a look at their PlayStation year-end wrap up from 2019. It’s a fun way to reflect on your fondest gaming memories of the past year.

From today until February 14, the will provide a look back at your* gaming year on PlayStation 4, with stats such as the number of games played, top genres, earned trophies and more.

Take a look at some of my stats below!

To make it extra special, we’re giving all eligible PlayStation fans a free dynamic theme and seven avatars to celebrate their gaming achievements in 2019, and reflect their gameplay persona:

  • Action Hero — for the gamer who lives for the epic moments in action-adventure games
  • Legendary Warrior — for the gamer who steps up to the challenge in fighting games
  • Master Explorer — for the gamer who has continually aced that platformer game
  • Master Strategist — for the gamer who loves solving puzzles in a good strategy game
  • Speed Demon — for the gamer who leaves their fellow drivers in the dust in a fast-paced driving/racing game
  • Sports Phenom — for the gamer with a competitive edge and a love for sports games
  • Marksman — for the gamer who hits their mark in a shooter game

So which avatar are you? Look out for an email** with the results, or go to our website to find out. You can also easily share your achievements with your fellow gamers on social media with the share feature that’s integrated on the website.


*Users need to have a registered PSN account in their region, be age 18 years or over, have played games on a PS4 console for at least 10 hours between January 1, 2019 and December 10, 2019, and have allowed us to collect “additional data.” Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data].
** Users need to have opted in to receive marketing emails via the Notifications Settings on their PSN account.

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  • Nice idea.

  • Won’t let me redeem my rewards. I’m in the US btw.

  • I love this, but there’s errors in the data, so I’m not sure how some of it is calculated.

    For example, it says all of the following are true for me:

    1. I played 77 hours of Apex Legends
    2. I played 0 hours online
    3. Top played online game was The Forest with 2 hours played

    Also, it says I played 1462 hours in 139 days which is like 10.5 hours a day and definitely not true.

  • Não consigo resgatar minha recompensa, ajudem !!!

    • Ninguém consegue, a PlayStation quando faz algo assim divulga para o mundo mas só dá o prêmio aos americanos. Brasil sempre fica de fora. Pagamos até plus igual mas se for dar alguma coisa sempre vai ser para outras terras não a nossa.

  • Hey how come people in Canada are not being able to claim/redeem their rewards for Wrap up 2019 event? This has never been an issue in the past. Is Canada not Apart of America’s???as it is North America??????

  • Now it wants me to log in to collect when I am already logged in. Looks like I will never get this reward cause the system is broken.

  • Awesome themes and avatars.

  • I don’t have the option for device data but data handling.

  • Now it wants me to log in when I am already logged in. Great work Sony. I’ll never redeem this reward at this rate.

  • It shows me that I’ve done everything, but the rewards don’t show up. And I’m from US

  • It says service unavailable

  • I click on redeem but nothing happens

  • I was able to get the code for the avatars and theme, but when I enter it into the store (both through my computer and the PS4), it says the code has already been redeemed. I hope I didn’t just not get anything.

  • I’ve got a US account and I’m unable to redeem my prizes and I’ve been trying since the tweet went out earlier this morning. I got my 2019 wrap-up stats, then clicked the “Redeem your prizes” button near the bottom. At first, all I got was a gray sidebar pop up that was completely blank except for an icon with the face buttons in gold and something about “Powered by Experience Playstation!” on the bottom. Tried again a little later and I got a white cat telling me to login to my PSN account, even tho I was. Then I get the white cat and black cat with a red bowtie saying “Sorry! There are no rewards available at this time!” I click the crown icon at the top and it shows the Playstation 2019 wrap-up and says 0/1 tasks completed. Telling me to “Check out your personalized 2019 Wrap-Up”, even tho I have several times. Also, this blog post says “Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data].”, but in my settings it says Data Handling/Health & Safety and when I go into them there are not settings, just a couple of statements. And second, it says “Users need to have opted in to receive marketing emails via the Notifications Settings on their PSN account.” I do have these turned on and I never got an e-mail. I even checked my spam folder.

    • Im over 18, live in America,have above 10 hours of gameplay yet it still won’t let me see my stats or even get rewards ???
      Keeps saying the same thing

  • Clicked on rewards and it popped up with a cat saying “log into PSN account to claim rewards” even tho I am logged in? I just want my theme and avatars. :/ Hopefully they will fix this issue soon.

  • Can’t even access the page :/

  • Clicked on claim rewards, shows check mark. But there’s no way to redeem them or download them. While I appreciate the effort, at least Sony could try to make the process actually work,

    • Well, I logged out and back in, re-loaded the page a couple of times, and finally, there was a Redeem button. Then the theme showed up, but with a lock on it. “You cannot use this item”. Then I had to use the function “Restore licenses” under Account Management before the theme could be used.

  • Doesn’t seem to want to work for me unfortunately.
    Location: UK, London

  • Way to go sending me an irredeemable code.

    • “This PlayStation™ Network Card number has already been used.

      Please check your entry.

      Thanks, Sony.

  • It won’t even let me claim my rewards. Come on Sony, help us out here!

  • US account, can’t claim gift. Lots of folks with this issue, please fix.

  • Hmmm, now I don’t even see the mention of the reward at all on the site. Yay! What’s going on?

  • So what does all that mean? Do I get a freebie pls?

  • How do I redeem my code??? Can someone please help me!

  • Use OPERA browser….. not work in Explorer for win10

  • So the “Redeem your prizes” button doesn’t even exist on my page. Hopefully they temporarily took it out to fix it since so many people are having trouble redeeming?

    • Same problem here, but I still see other people getting the button recently.

    • I had the button appear, then disappear, then hang, then appear again in a “clean” browser window. Oddly enough only getting it on my phone on Chrome if at all. Not on my desktop. Tried using Exploder, no dice. May try the Silk browser on my Kindle Fire when I get home and/or Opera on my iPad. Very frustrating. I DID put in a ticket with the Playstation chat people though. Hopefully they’re on the issue and fixing it.

  • Same for Puerto Rico. “Page not available”

  • I cant get the free background

  • FIXED! I just reedem it , hours ago it did not show the code, but now worked just fine, Thanks PS!!

  • Has anyone found a way to redeem yet?

  • I don’t even have a button/link to claim rewards on the page.. (east coast canada)

  • I keep being sent to Turkish website and even when I manually change tr-tr to en-us I get the message “PLAYSTATION 2019 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older and have more than 10 gameplay hours for 2019 prior to December 10th.” I meet all the conditions but pressing the refresh in that page isn’t helping either. Is US out of this?

  • How do you redeem your rewards?
    Do I have to wait for an E-mail or something, or is there any way to redeem them from the website?

  • why do you have to have to be 18 years old to see the amount of hours you have played?

  • Does this also track your gameplay time even if you put yourself offline?

  • Finally got a code to appear and it of course it says “The code you entered is incorrect or is no longer valid.”

  • “Prepaid card has already been redeemed.” Did they just send the same code to everyone or something? I haven’t redeemed anything, Sony!

  • So no avatar for RPG gamers. Typical

  • Count me among the people who can say this page doesn’t work at all. And on top of that…

    “Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data].”

    This setting does not exist on my PS4 Pro. There is no “Device Data” setting in Device Data/Health & Safety.

  • 333 hours into Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, but my top Genre was 144 hours into Action-Adventure. Where’s the RPG love?

  • 600h of Monster Hunter and 270h of Dauntless. Because i dont really play online games Anthem was my most played with 175h wasted! Good year overall.

  • não consegui nada aqui minha psn é us desde de 2009

  • هلاو باي تقسيم

  • I tried to redeem my code, but it said the code was already redeemed. I don’t even know why I bother. Same crap different day.

  • So, after several hours the sidebar finally tells me that I did the task, but when I click the View Reward button, I still get the two cats telling me “Sorry! There are no rewards available at this time!” And I still haven’t gotten an e-mail. Ugh!

  • Same, can’t redeem anything. Its blank.

  • I can’t get the theme or avatars. Seems broken.

  • are we not allowed to see the wrap ups of all our accounts? i already saw the warp up of my main account but id also like to see the one for this account. im logged in on both sonys page and the blog but every time i click the link it takes me to the wrap up of my main account. thanks

  • If you are getting nothing in the pop up display on the sidebar: disable your adblocker.

    • It doesn’t make a difference. I’ve done everything and every single time it says:

      Check out your personalised 2019 Wrap-Up

      Quest Unavailable.


      No one from PlayStation is bothering to answer or correct this issue and many of us are unable to redeem our theme and avatars.

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