January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

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January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

Three classic adventures with the GOAT and one truly bizarre experience with a goat.

Travel the globe in pursuit of unimaginable treasures and *checks notes* cause untold amounts of property damage as a goat? Didn’t see that one coming!

More on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator, your new games available for free until February 3:

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

From the groundbreaking storytellers at Naughty Dog, comes the genre-defining epic that revolutionized adventure storytelling, rebuilt by Bluepoint Games with the power of the PS4 system. Follow the perilous journey of Nathan Drake across the globe, from humble beginnings to extraordinary discoveries. Meet an unforgettable cast of characters as Drake puts life and friendship on the line in a race against ruthless enemies to uncover unimaginable treasure.

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection includes the single-player campaigns only for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Goat Simulator

January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

The title says it all, really. Hurl an immaculately rendered goat with blisteringly accurate physics at all manner of objects. It’s the definitive goat simulation experience.

Oh — actually, it’s a totally bonkers fling-em-up that has you launching a goat at things. A lot of things. Experiment and see what happens!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator will be available from January 7 to February 3.

With January’s games fast approaching, this means you only have a few days left to grab Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Game. They’re available until January 6, so act fast!

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  • Well, I never got the Uncharted Trilogy on PS4. Just cause I seriously suck at shooters, but I add it to the library.

    Goat Simulator, WOW! Kind of shock about that, if PS3/PS4 are both free with all dlc included. If not, then that totally sucks.

    • omg lmaso did u say shooter sorry to burst your bubble but uncharted isnt a shooter call of duty is a shooter pac man isnt a shooter also if that helps you

  • Uncharted is great games, but most people played it and some PS4 bundles included it. I own all 3 on ps3 and PS4. Bought goat simulator with all dlcs for $5, great for fooling around. Overall very weak month for me. Happy to those who do not own them. I can’t recommend uncharted enough, specially 2nd and 3rd

  • Two great titles. Unfortunately I already have both but for those who don’t, these are awesome. With Uncharted, you get literally THREE amazing adventure games in one and with goat simulator, you get some family fun and laughs (and not so family fun in some minor cases lol)! Overall, I wish it was a game I didn’t already own but since we’re just paying for PS Plus online and getting games as a bonus, really can’t complain at all with this great selection of not two but FOUR great games! Perfect way to start the year Sony, keep up the great work!

  • I’ve got the UC collection; however, Goat simulator should be fun in a very light hearted way…thanks, I guess.

  • Goat Simulator huh ? What’s next a game about Kim Kardashian’s mother called cow simulator ?

    • * Old dried up cow simulator

    • yes i agree sony completely stuck everyone this month worst free game choice ever drakes collection isnt even a ps4 game its ps2 and ps3 old stuff they cant give away worst month ever

  • Sony muda esses jogos, uncharted é de 2011 pelo amor de Deus, goar simulator ? serio isso ? meu deus não assimo mesmo essa porcaria

  • Please pleaseeeee no more indie games for free on ps plus.
    We pay 60 euros/dollars for play online and get two games,
    and you still give to us indie games?? This is Ps plus and not Steam.
    Please stop

  • Happy to have Uncharted collection as those are games I go back to once a year or so. But that goat game is a joke!
    Step up your frigging game Plus and give us GOW or Persona 5 already as I don’t want to spend money on them!

  • I am glad I didn’t buy uncharted Nathan drake collection. Hoping it would be free soon.

  • These games are fun but the value is way worse than it used to be. I thought the excuse for shaving off PS3 and PSVita games was to bring the cost down so more expensive PS4 games could be used. This seriously makes me reconsider getting another year of PS Plus.

  • Tbh I’d rather getting GoW as a single game rather than those old games… goat simulator is not a playable game imo. And uncharted I A played then when they came out, they were great but wouldnt be enjoyable now due to the outdated controls (they are not remastered just re-released with upscaled textures) and B they are games that do not feel like I am getting my money worth from ps plus. If you get xbox though you’ll get witcher 3 and others, YOU GET MORE FROM PS NOW!!! All I have to say is that something you feel like is worth it to be able to play with your friends and use your own internet and get free games that are of interest the the very few of your community. Might as well give us LittleBigPlanet 3 cause why not. You’ll lose no money having it free.

  • Cant wait for uncharted..dnt know about goat simulator tho

  • Really these are the games u choice”That’s Ridiculous”. I like uncharted I played all of series. New Year New Games STEP UR GAME UP…PS Why do u have Old Games from PS3 now but u don’t have Fight night champion or Madden/ Sports .I see u have Old as warrior/Max Payne ect

  • The first time ever i have felt the need to log in and comment.. and ive been a player for decades.

    As if last month wasnt bad enough? Titanfall ok game but any searious gamer would allredy have bought it on sale AND a poor sponsor payed MC-game.
    This month they could just as well announced free breathing and farts included.
    If you dont have the uncharted games you might just buy a xbox or a toaster, because PS-gaming clearly isnt your bag.
    Goatsimulator feels like an intellectual insult.. lets see how much crawp they will accept?

    No need to accuse me of beeing a hater.. that tells more about you and your gaming than me.

    • I started noticing around June that the new model seemed to be one of the games was from a publisher that had a new game coming out to help drum up interest in the new game.

      Borderlands: THC > Borderlands 3
      Darksiders 3 > Darksiders Genesis
      The Last of Us > The Last of Us 2
      Nioh > Nioh 2
      Monster Energy Supercross > MES 3

      With the Uncharted Collection, they are probably doubling down on The Last of Us 2 since it is also Naughty Dog.

      When Titanfall 2 was announced last month, I laughed and looked at my unopened copy sitting on the shelf that I got with my PS4 bundle a while ago.

      The only good thing about this is that they still have not said that PS4 will not be BC on the PS5…so there is that.

  • Paying dearly for the subscription and getting a joke like this Goat Simulator is disappointing. There was a delay in the announcement and when we finally receive the news, comes to me this crap included. You showed a huge disrespect for that. A game that should be free by default as it’s a bad joke. There is still time to reverse this trash. Give Playstation lovers a decent holiday gift. Shameful.

  • Guys, I think we are missing the point here. Companies usually do not wish for their games to be on PS Plus on January, following the Holiday Rush.
    Sony however made sure that we do receive not one, nor 2, but 3 of the best games ever made (and Goat simulator). Yes many people already have these games, I myself included, but I am glad that even more people are going to enjoy the epicness that is Uncharted.

    • the only point were missing is uncharted is from 1941 and no remaster at all horrirble controls and graphics if i wanted to play atari 2600 id play that

  • @Jbainbridge the games aren’t FREE you pay subscription.

  • Mulligan.

    Picked up Goat Simulator last year when it and all the DLC were like $5. I am guessing there is another Uncharted coming out soon, the last few months seemed to have a game from a series with a new one coming out to help stimulate interest (which helped explain Monster Energy Supercross last month). It was nice when there were PS3 games as well, but since those didn’t fit the new sales formula anymore I can see why they are gone.

    Here is hoping for a better February.

  • 02/23/2019
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    I wonder where the critique becomes “beeing a jerk” AND how many negative entries are deleted?
    Well heres my CRITIQUE.. This month my friend, is doing like the lyrics in a Bob Dylan song which i cant quite remember. Something about weater and wind.
    Heres my encouraging comment: Listen to your customers and dont do things like this.

  • I never comment here but wow, total trash month. Uncharted is great but come on most people played them either this gen or last one. Ps plus has been pretty bad this year. Just a ridiculously awful month. Goat sim isnt even the full edition, got the base game for less than 10 dls years ago and it only has 2 terrible boring maps. Fun for a couple hours but pretty much worthless.

  • Goat Simulator…..Baaaaad.

  • Wow. I’ve been PlayStation fan for years and I’ve honestly seen this free two games a month deal hit a massive downward spiral. Listen to your fans Sony. Before we go to Xbox. Or even switch.
    I’m tired of trash your feeding us.

  • Not a fan of the selection this month. Goat never looked interesting, though I am not a young child. Uncharted has been out forever and while not a fan of the games I now several are and most of gotten the uncharted games in some form over the last decade for cheap. In fact I am pretty sure I got the first or second on free from plus on ps3 years ago. The games are always going to be hard to choice for Sony to keep the fans happy. I love the discounts when I take advantage of them, though the free games was always the first appeal to plus for me. I loved the idea of being able to try indie games and games I had a passing interest in though not enough to make the commitment to purchase. As the years have passed I had hopes the Plus would continue to improve and offer even more great services to subscribers. When Now and VUE (RIP) launched I was hopefully that we would see some integration of those programs into Plus. Alas, that still has not happened, nor has any of Sony’s movies been offered to subscribers. Plus is a great subscription that could be improved to make it the most in demand gaming subscription by building upon the base model we have used for years.

  • Is THIS a joke?

  • sony please this is the biggest joke you ever played on us paying let me put that in BOLD PAYING CUSTOMERS seriously goat simulator id rather you say no games and raise the price of admission cause you guys no it and we know that nobody is wanting these games even for free nobody wants to waste space on there storage for this stuff im so shocked you guys really gave theses horrible games drakes collection isnt even modern games old ps 2and ps3 and theres no remaster the graphics look horrible on my modern day 4k TV theres also nothing my PS4 PRO can do with this junk so dont try it anyone with just half not a whole brain knows the controls and graphics are horrible with ps2 and ps3 old games i swear i saw a clearance rack at gamestop DRAKES COLLECTION we will pay you to take off shelf

  • Goat Simulator? Really?…

  • At this point in a few months we’ll get My name is Mayo or Black tiger.
    C’mon you can reach that level of trolling, just do it, lol.

  • I was happy to see the Drake Collection. I loved all four and love that I’ll have the first 3 remastered to replay on PS4 now. For $60 a year, if I like just a select few of the games that come out for the year along with the discounts and online storage, then it’s worth it.

  • How about a free month of PSNOW every time you own both PSPLUS games?

  • Already have uncharted dont think I would download goat sim.

  • Sheesh, the entitlement in these comments.

    Instead of getting 2 games, you’re getting 4, 3 of which happen to be the majority of one of the best franchises Sony has in its pocket. If you’ve already played them, good! Others likely haven’t and now they get to do so for the first time.

    Goat Simulator had me laughing for hours the first time I played it. It’s a dumb, fun title.

    If you don’t like it, cancel your sub. Quit the entitlement. Or accept the **** you get because it’s really not bad at all.

  • I have both these games…but to be fair, and not sound like a ignorant arrogant fool I only pay $40 for my ps plus, never $60 but even at full price that’s only $5 a month or .16cents a day..LOL, what kinda service can one expect.

  • The Uncharted Collection is good for those who got a PS4 for Christmas that have never had a PlayStation product ever, and I’m sure Goat Simulator is for the kids in said household to laugh and play with. Then again, isn’t that what PS Now is for? I get what they’re trying to do with their new target demographic, but a very high percentage of their client base are being annoyed with these marketing choices.

  • Ugh. I thought 2020 was going to start with a BANG for these “free” games but man…I dont know…I bet not everyone has played for example Bioshock especially for PS4. I can’t think of anyone who I know that has a PS and has not played Uncharted Collection yet. Maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I’m good this month.

    • I haven’t played it, but the Nathan Drake collection came with my PS4 when I bought it 4 years ago. (I played the first one but have a hard time getting into it. It seems silly that hundreds of mercs are on this deserted island and I’m just mass murdering them as they rush me in waves).

  • goat simulator? really? pft this is going down hill so bad

  • no me gusto mucho el juego de la cabra lo peor que a regalado ps plus en mi experencia hace un año y poco mas, pero el uncharted colletion me gusto mucho

  • This deal is getting worse all the time.

  • Goat sim ….ok, I am intrigued. But Nathan drake collection? seriously? every one who has Playstation has those games and not mentioning that each one of those games have been given to us separately as plus games in the past.

    well off to another sucky year of PS+.

  • GOAT SIMULATOR!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! time to goat around!!!

  • Again bad month.

  • If youre gonna continue to insult us with trash games like goat sim, just gives us free games from the ps2 library. Even those 20 year old games are better than this trash.

    • That would actually be pretty cool. I would love to play old PS2 games. If they were giving GOOD PS2 games, of course, I would most likely play one every month. As it is right now, I play two PS Plus games a year with luck.


  • Really need to start stepping your game up with psplus or replace it with something this used to be the best value in gaming with multiple games across multiple consoles being given every month then you dropped the ps3 and vita and just never gave us anything to fill the gap. Then the ps4 games given became more and more early titles or shovelware or repeats. Ps plus the only reason i still pay for it is to play online and access the 80 games from the back catalogue i used to pay for it because it supplied what id be playing every month.

  • PS Plus has been on sale numerous times in the past 2 months for $37-$40. There were what, 24 PS4 games last year? If they were all at least $5 per game, that means you got $120 of games for $40. And you KNOW that some games were worth more than $5.

    • That only makes sense if you want to play the game. It’s like believing you are saving money by buying a product you don’t want at half the price. If you don’t want the product, it doesn’t matter the cost, it’s worth $0 to you. The math you should be doing is how much it would have cost you to buy the games you are interested in playing.

  • I personally think this is terrible. It’s likely that most people who wanted to play Uncharted, have already. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them. Great games. But Goat Simulator? WTF?

  • FCK… really…??? aaawww

  • It would have been alright if the Uncharted collection was the low profile content of this month, but having Goat Simulator alongside is really lame. I expected more because we are past the Holiday Season.

  • GOATS?! Sweet, we’re getting Overwatch for free?! That so… oh. What? You mean an actual goat…? Well, at least I can play Uncharted again, I suppose :P

    • Greatest of all team shooters

      I’m against giving away online based games due to the fact that they’ve been shutting down servers left and right, and you’re hard-pressed to find a match when you do play. They gave away For Honor last year, and you can’t find an online match on that now.

  • A sad way to start the year. As the majority have pointed out in comments, Uncharted is decent, but it’s been bundled and discounted so many times already. It would have made a nice bonus game or something. Some decent indie titles would have been better. I used to scoff at indie games. Tbf most are mobile-quality garbage, but there are still quite a few decent indie titles for PS4 as good as any so-called AAA title.

  • its so funny reading peoples comments saying how they are going to go over to xbox, when their games with gold offerings arent any better. those people would just complain more with xbox. plus you dont get the amazing exclusives that sony can offer. to all those people saying they will switch consoles, please do.

    • You honestly believe this is acceptable to give out 10 year old releases that were remastered and mildly added to since their initial release, that were already bought by the majority of players anyway? When they used to give out so many more games over all of their systems and never charged for online play? This is unacceptable my dude.

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