January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

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January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

Three classic adventures with the GOAT and one truly bizarre experience with a goat.

Travel the globe in pursuit of unimaginable treasures and *checks notes* cause untold amounts of property damage as a goat? Didn’t see that one coming!

More on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator, your new games available for free until February 3:

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

From the groundbreaking storytellers at Naughty Dog, comes the genre-defining epic that revolutionized adventure storytelling, rebuilt by Bluepoint Games with the power of the PS4 system. Follow the perilous journey of Nathan Drake across the globe, from humble beginnings to extraordinary discoveries. Meet an unforgettable cast of characters as Drake puts life and friendship on the line in a race against ruthless enemies to uncover unimaginable treasure.

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection includes the single-player campaigns only for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Goat Simulator

January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

The title says it all, really. Hurl an immaculately rendered goat with blisteringly accurate physics at all manner of objects. It’s the definitive goat simulation experience.

Oh — actually, it’s a totally bonkers fling-em-up that has you launching a goat at things. A lot of things. Experiment and see what happens!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator will be available from January 7 to February 3.

With January’s games fast approaching, this means you only have a few days left to grab Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Game. They’re available until January 6, so act fast!

For more information about PS Plus, visit our webpage.

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    • Cool….LOL? WHAT? You can put chocolate on buttermilk, that’s still not going to make it good. This is trash, thanks for nothing PS! Waste of time, whoever’s picking these recent games should be FIRED!

    • Goat simulator? Really?
      Is this an out of season April fools joke?
      They’re taking the absolute piss…

    • I bought the uncharted collection 4 years ago on here for $10. And goat sim? WOW. Let them know this is unacceptable. Everyone hashtag #PSPLUS #GOATSIM #THISISBS

    • Great month!

      I own The Nathan Drake Collection, but for those that don’t it’s technically 4 games this month.

      PS+ has been great and PSNow just got Lost Legacy!!

    • They absolutely love the 5 dollar wonder games, I dont care if its hd, those games are 1 dollars to 5 dollars each in uncharted, its like they don’t give 2 craps about people that only have ps plus for the free games



    • games with gold this month looks so good…. maybe ADD PS3 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY TO THE PS4 AND GIVE AWAY 2 – 3 MORE GAMES A MONTH

    • Sony why tf did u take gta off :’(

    • Hi Sony,

      We can download goat simulator FREE on a smartphone.

      All of these Uncharted games are PS3 games…

    • I know this is kinda unrelated but can you add Pavlov to the psvr games

    • This is why Xbox One is so much better. Xbox has tons of AAA games for the low price of $10/mo, the same games that Sony makes you pay for, Game Pass has them included, and you get a 20% discount on all Game Pass games.

    • “Xbox has tons of AAA games for the low price of $10/mo” why you lying?

    • I’m gonna be honest I have played goat six it may be bad but now that’s it’s free for a month I’m gonna be honest I kinda like this month and all those people hating then y’all should chill out because they are just games not dollar bills

    • If you guys don’t like it then cancel, that simple. A few bucks a month isn’t a big deal for what’s usually some pretty decent games. Great for if you’re sharing an account with your kid. Quit yer b&@$hing!

  • Nice

  • They’re not serious are they? This is 2020, this needs to stop already.

    • Exactly, Sony needs to step up their game. We got a $5 game, and a $4] game worth about $.25 last month. This month we get 2 decade old games and a joke game that should’ve never seen the light of day. If they want more subs, they need to give us better stuff. Hell even games like Horizon or GoW which are almost always on sale now.

    • seriously guys, this is pretty bad. I bought the Uncharted collection like 3-4 years ago for $9

      I wrote a pretty long comment last month and as a follow-up, I picked up PS Now for 3 months and will gladly let PS+ expire in May

      no free games would actually be a better strategy at this point if they could lower the cost of PS+

    • I was getting hyped for ps5 but I’m really thinking of jumping ship to New xbow they seem to get really good deals and some on day one release

    • I couldn’t agree more. Ive seen better games than goat simulator on dreams early access.

    • Bro the games are FREE so maybe just stfu quit the subscription or be quiet raving on meth doesn’t get you good things :(

    • I agree. This is why I had no desire to renew my PS+ when it expired in September of last year. Goat Simulator? Really?! I can get that game free on the Amazon app store on my kid’s Kindle Fire without paying $60 for said “privilege”. Uncharted is cool but most of us who’ve been on PlayStation for a while already have bought and played those games. Pathetic.

    • I am sure everyone wants an in-app purchase new uncharted. This might be a sign that one of the best titles is still around.

    • exactly……. it’s embarrassing…

    • I never, ever would have purchased The Show from a couple months ago, but have played a few games and enjoy it. But let’s be honest – it’s a preview for next year’s game.

      I actually enjoyed Titanfall more than I’ve enjoyed a free Plus title in a while now, but only after passing on it at least a dozen times for $5 or less.

      Now Uncharted Collection – which is, I would argue, a top-tier game if you haven’t played it already. But how many potential fans still haven’t played it by now? It came with my PS4, and I loved it years ago, but…now?

      And I won’t even talk about the joke game.

      I know people love to complain, but one reason I spend the bucks for Plus (when I do) is to get some free games I’ll enjoy. That means quality games, yes sometimes games most of us have already, but it also means that 6 years into the life of a console might not be the time to give away a launch-day title.

    • @Jbain (in these comments)
      Has nothing to do with “people shouldn’t complain for free stuff”. They aren’t exactly free. We still pay them a fee for these games and unfortunately for MP which should be free to begin with.
      This is why I’m stepping away from consoles next gen and have already bought a PC. The cost of Plus isn’t worth it anymore which then makes most games worthless. (let’s not even mention the lies… 60FPS more frequently this gen? Bahahahahahahahahahahahha)

    • PS+ has been excellent for a while.

      We recently got games like Darksiders 3, Yakuza Kiwami, Detroit. Even though Titanfall 2 and Uncharted Collection are older, they are good games.

      Also, PSNow just added Horizon, God of War, P5, Shadow of War, Uncharted Lost Legacy. I sub to both. If u sub for the year it’s about $10 per month total. $5 each. Just sub PS+ and PSNow and you’re set.

    • No, they just REMOVED God of War from Now.

    • lol so i now gotta go pay £25 for gta when i have already paid about 50£ worth of subscriptions as well as giving us these games in return, good job sony, good job.

    • What a way to start the year sony, a collection of old games that most already have and **** goat simulator. If you guys refuse to give us value for ps plus, and consistently, then I’m not going to resubscribe to your **** service. Being forced to pay for online, what a **** joke.

    • We will never know if they are serious because they completely stopped responding to us. They used to come on these comments and respond to questions but after too many times of offering very very bad games they hid.

  • good thing i didn’t get uncharted which i almost got due to its low price. goat simulator sounds stupid but i will give it a chance. at least its a month where i don’t own anything. i did play them on ps3 but don’t own them on any system. i am disappointed that uncharted is be given out because even though it is a good game it is 5 years old already and can easily be gotten for under $15. hopefully we get better games next month.

    • It’s 2020, I’m tired of saying, “maybe we’ll get better games next month”. We should be getting better games THIS month.

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  • Not bad. Never finished the 3rd uncharted on ps4 so nows my chance. And my son will love the goat game.

  • Goat simulator seriously wtf

    • Yeah, I can’t even this month. I have been a PS+ subscriber since it launched, and I am beyond done at this point.

    • Couldntve said it better myself..everybody should end they’re psn subscripts and leave PlayStation looking like a goat chewing on that..free games monthly? More like dumping the trash on us..research and development teams are really sinking their selling points for the service

    • Only a child would complain about FREE games -_-

    • @jbainbridge really? you dont pay for subscription? stop calling **** gold

    • Only a child would think these games are “free”, friend. Sorry about that.
      We’re all paying for a service, as a whole. And as we’re not happy with it we HAVE to complain. If you liked it… Just say you liked it. :)
      As we didn’t… We’ll also say so.

    • @Jbainbridge Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

      I see you whining in multiple threads. if you’re fine with the game, say so and leave. you’re being childish because you want to act superior.

    • And this is how I say ”farewell” to ps plus

  • It’s 2020, I’m tired of saying, “maybe we’ll get better games next month”. We should be getting better games THIS month.

    • Boy if you don’t like the games they give out then cancel your subscription and buy the sh¡t you want no point in waiting money on disappointment

    • Dude don’t be a baby

    • @jbainbridge & GreyMarauder why the F, you on here if you have have a subscription, and if you have a subscription then you are paying for this **** and calling it gold, maybe just eat it too

    • The Uncharted Collection is 3 games, they could’ve easily just given 1 game per month from the collection. XBOX would’ve.

      If u own it, oh well, that’s the price of AAA games on PS+.

      Also, PS+ has been excellent this year. Games like Darksiders 3, Yakuza Kiwami, MLB The Show, Detroit, Edith Finch, Absolver, GoW III, Wipeout, Outlast 2, Titanfall 2, For Honor, MGS4. Heck, ppl cried for Knack on plus and we got it.

      Detroit, Darksiders 3, and MLB 19 were phenomenal gets for PS+. Newer, expensive games.

  • This is not even funny

  • This is a joke.

    Old ps3 games and a useless game that never should have been developed.

    Are we really paying for this ? That’s an awful way to this decade.

    • No you’re not paying for it. You pay for online functionality and you get these games as a bonus.

    • @MonkeyUdders Shut up.

    • Stupid thing is pc gamers get games cheap as and don’t have to pay to play online feel like we are sitting at the bottom a tree and Sony are the bird at the top

    • Wow y’all are on meth in these comments chill out.

    • @MonkeyUdders This isn’t Xbox who sold online gaming and then added “free” games. The PS+ program was always a subscription for free games and discounts. Online play on PS was always free until the PS4, which when it was announced, stated it would require a PS+ subscription to access PSN. You technically have it backwards. Don’t let the word “free” fool you. It is technically not false advertising as long as there is no hidden fee or extra charge outside of the subscription, but you ARE paying for access to the games.

    • @jbainbridge & MonkeyUdders are you guys educated? you do know that when they Free…its not really free you are paying for it in the subscription….or let take it another way, would you pay $50 for just the online function? The selling point of the subscription is the Games, go to the Playing Plus website and its the first thing they list you get….get educated instead of learning and failing in trolling

    • @jin_amir Its an annual payment of $50. That’s 24 free games. You only need to like at least 2 to get your money back. Plus online and cloud storage, it’s a good deal RELAX…

    • @TarmacTrauma you are wrong. PS+ has not always been about free games. At one point in the early days of PS3 it was only cloud save and discounts.

      Instant Game Collection came out sometime after PS+ first started. So in essence, the games are a bonus and they can take that bonus away at anytime.

    • NinjaPigs, that is incorrect. The Playstation network itself was a free basic online service that did not include anything extra…just online access and multiplayer access on the console itself, rather than multiplayer access residing in each individual game, like with the PS2.

      Playstation Plus was a premium subscription service that was an optional upgrade to the free PSN service which gave subscribers exclusive content, free games, more frequent store discounts, cloud saving and exclusive early access to some content.

      Plus has always included free games and most of the time, the free games were pretty good. The diffreence between then and now is you can no longer play games online without subscribing to Plus. Sony had slammed a pay wall up in front of their customers’ internet access. Previously, they had to offer quality games to keep subscribers. Now they don’t have to, which is why the quality of what is offered isn’t consistently good month to month. It simply doesn’t have to be.

  • All we wanted was the FF7 Remake Demo
    but we got a goat!

    • I love the uncharted series but this came free with the console for a while which is how i got it. I also owned them on the PS3. Goat simulator is supposedly fun but it’s a $5. Pretty weak way to start the year after a lackluster December.

  • Get your act together Sony.

  • Uh… where is the FF7 remake demo…?

    • Yeah, exactly. That’s what we all want to know. I haven’t even watched the leaked intro on Youtube, let alone gameplay of it. Its gonna be sweet and it better drop in the next week and not mid Feb.

  • I’m surprised that they haven’t made either Killzone: Shadow Fall or The Order 1886 free yet, considering they’re PlayStation exclusives.

    • The Order 1886 is absolute trash, Killzone wouldn’t be awful, although many own it (including myself) , and it was a lunch title…

    • You must be smoking dust. The Order was a good game. Everyone just disliked it because of the price when it came out.

    • Well, people wondering when we could get The Order instead of what we got says how BAD this month is.

  • Really?

  • …..!!!

    I don’t know what to say. There are tons of cool games and you guys selected Goat Simulator
    for this month? You guys hating us THAT MUCH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Uncharted is such an amazing collection of games. This is an exciting beginning to the new year.

    The only disappointment is that there’s no 3D support on PS4. It was a unique experience that I enjoyed playing on PS3… it’s not very important that it’s gone for PS4, but the feature will be missed.

    • I don’t think that a lot of current gen TVs utilize 3D technology features in the first place, but i agree. Playing games on 3D TVs was a blast :D

  • It just keeps getting worse.

  • I’ve had goat simulator and uncharted collection for a long time now on ps3 and ps4. I really wish ps plus would give up some better games. Last really good ones were Nioh and Darksiders 3. The sales have been good with plus but with no support for ps3 or vita anymore i think the ps4 games should be better. At least more current.

  • Can we get something other than free games. PlayStation and Xbox just can’t cut it. I love uncharted , but I’ve not only had the physical release since ps3, I’ve had day one for ps4 collection physical and purchased it on pan to preserve that disc for cheap.

  • This is very disappointing. With all the PS4 and Indie games that have been out there for years, Playstation Plus clients certainly deserve better than a Nathan Drake trilogy that was offered free for several years with the purchase of a new PS4 and “Goat” Simulator.

  • While Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a pretty good addition since it includes 3 games of one of the most well received PlayStation exclusive titles, i don’t think that adding Goat Simulator in this lineup is a great idea. I’m sure a few people will enjoy the title or even might have been looking forward to get it from one of the ps plus free game lineups, but i think that the majority of the community will agree that it’s one of those games that were only relevant for a short time thanks to some famous youtubers and it’s pretty much dead now. I might be on the wrong here, but i don’t see the reason why we can get better -and more- free games from the epic games store than from a paid playstation plus subscription (i know we pay primarily for the online servers and the games are just a bonus, but i still i think that the ps plus games could at least be more, or of greater quality than what we get)

  • Goat simulator….really? And how old is the drake games? Just when you would think sony couldnt get more cheap..BAM!! Not a good start for the new decade. So far the new year starts out with crap.

  • Sony, you can’t be serious with these as your choices to start the new year… Are you f***ing kidding me with this?! Nathan Drake collection has been included with PS4’s for a while now, and Goat Simulator is a $10 game that is regularly on sale for under $5…what a garbage start to 2020.

    • Dude you have issues

    • You gotta look at it from others perspective, a lot of xbox players crossed when the ps4 came out and they never played the uncharted series, I never played them because my disc drive on my ps3 was broken, for people like me and them its a nice month. Give feedback instead of just cursing and saying “Am I pAyInG fOr ThIs SoNy” fgs.

    • everyone should have an issue with massive greed.

  • This is the problem with AAA games on Plus. Everyone wants them until they find our they own them already. Goat Simulator is the type I games I like to see on plus. Something I would never buy but get to try. Most AAA games are sold at deep discounts over time. There is no excuse not to own AAA games you want when they have been on sale for under $10. I own the Uncharted collection on disc but I am fine with getting the digital copy at no extra cost to me.

    • Thank you, someone with common f***ing sense, that’s why I loved Journey a while back or overcooked because those are the type of games noone would buy but they would like to play them.

  • Hhmm..Nathan Drake collection was included when I bought my PS4 5 years ago and Goat sim I also already bought for less than $2 on a sale a couple years ago. I am very loyal to PlayStation but c’mon Sony…STEP IT UP!

  • What are playstation thinking? The uncharted collection we can buy for couple pounds and the other one shouldn’t have been made into a game in the first place. They must want people to go back to xbox or pc, utter crap Sony

    • When they see the lineup over at Xbox, they will see it isn’t better and far less consistent. Besides, Xbox has give away Goat Simulator for free too.

  • A goat game

  • Wellllll…. My first thought on this was, ‘Wait, is this April first?’ That said, like others, I am glad I didn’t jump and get the collection. But really… Goat Simulator… REALLY?! Come on guys. I shell out for three annual subscriptions, (myself and my sons,) and this is what we’re being offered? I can only hope Sony pulls an audible and switches GS out with a different game.

  • mesmo uncharted 1,2 e 3 sendo da antiga geração e trazidos para essa, são bons jogos, agora GOAT SIMULATOR, que não é um jogo para todos os gostos, aliás nem sei se é um jogo ou só simulador, para os assinantes que pagam anualmente para JOGAR, e ainda mais em época de fim de ano onde esperam UMA SEMANA a mais que o normal pela divulgação? bola fora SONY, agora é só esperar pra ver quantos assinantes vocês vão perder e quantos deixarão de assinar DESTA vez.

    • No tuvimos que esperar una semana más de lo esperado. Las noticias siempre caen el último miércoles, y los juegos siempre se dan el primer martes.

  • Uncharted is trash. GIVE US PES. GIVE US PES. OR give us a different game. Uncharted is just a movie you watch and occasionally play for 30 seconds to continue the film. And it’s not even a good film. Give us a decent game please. Thanks for starting the new year off with trash. Really sets the tone.

  • bad month!

  • Is this April 1st?? This is the biggest slap in the face I’ve seen yet. It’s like they WANT people to switch to Xbox next year.

    • -_- dude seriously

    • Lol, its not that bad mate, have you SEEN their games for January?

    • And when I say “not that bad” I mean its not that bad that I would even consider the notion of “switching” to Xbox lol.

      They have done absolute zero to interest me in Xbox the past 19 years, they have most certainly done nothing recently that would coax me either.

  • What a joke. I’ve gotten more free games that I actually want to play from the Epic store in the past 5 months than I’ve gotten from Sony in the past 5 years. Seriously, this crap is a slap in the face to its own customers.

  • This isn’t too bad when you consider that for these games are worth getting for almost no money. It’s better than the last couple months, that’s for sure.

    But yeah, if you actually want Plus to improve than really, you need to stop buying it every year. If nobody bought the yearly option then Sony would be forced to lower the price of it. Consumers need to stop acting like they have no power, seriously.

    • Bruh it’s not even expensive as is and I don’t have any issues with it maybe it’s just you? just take a deep breath all is well is PS-land.

    • mensal não é compensativo, o abuso é maior ainda.

    • Getting people to stop paying for something to make change is like asking for the ability to land on the sun safely.

      People are going to spend money, complain about the service they get and spend more next month.

    • Consumers just get dumber every year, especially gaming consumers. Too true, too true.

    • Every dollar you spend is a vote for what you believe in. You can sit and complain like a baby girl or you the consumer can make a change with your wallet. Only a blabbering idiot wouldn’t understand that. Your Sun analogy sucked donkey azz.

  • I recently have been going back and playing older games over again like the first 2 Arkham games so it will be pretty fun to go back through the Nathan Drake trilogy once more, Goat simulator is neat but not for me but all in all I’m cool with this month. :)

  • People complaining about FREE games :( and to think I was hoping people would smarten up in the new decade -_-

    • If they were free EVERYONE would get them not just ps plus subscribers. You sound like a delusional fan boy. Stop sony d riding

    • ta podendo falar muito de esperteza não em kkkk, cancela sua plus e você vai ver o “GRATIS”

    • We paid for 40-60 usd per year that may not sound huge money but with millions of subscribers worldwide, it is clearly a low quality of service. Don’t get me started with that WE PAID FOR ONLINE **** because, PC and heck even mobile phone have free online services.

    • You getting slaughtered by haters man XDDD, I feel you tho, so far you’re the only guy that I agree with in these comments

    • They’re not free, even Sony don’t call them that, as it’s part of the Plus package!

      Not everyone plays online, or sporadically, or popular F2P games don’t even require a sub, but some get it for the games, or the store discounts, or storage, but the monthly games are just as important.

      How do you not think giving us a decade old trilogy and a boring ‘game’ that’s irrelevant is a pure insult from Sony? Because it sure is and this is coming from a PlayStation fan.

      No no, I will not renew my plus until they pick it back up, won’t need to play online anytime soon, and I can back up via USB.

    • *Okay, they try to call them “free” here, but on the systems they’re titled as “Monthly Games” despite editors here trying to claim they’re free.

      They cost money to access, and you lose access once you stop paying, that is opposite of free, if you want to get technical you could say a rental, aka, money for goods, not free.

  • Next month we´ll be getting the bread simulator, just remember…

  • Exactly, Sony needs to step up their game. We got a $5 game, and a $4] game worth about $.25 last month. This month we get 2 decade old games and a joke game that should’ve never seen the light of day. If they want more subs, they need to give us better stuff. Hell even games like Horizon or GoW which are almost always on sale now.

  • What is wrong with the EU Blog? There is only one person after leaving a comment on this same post over there the past 4 hours and I can’t log in either. I get a

    “Access Denied. You don’t have permission to access “http://auth.api.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/2.0/oauth/authorize?” on this server.”

    error. Please sort it out since everything is done from the US side of Sony nowadays it seems.

    Oh and just drop the FFVII Remake demo already. We all know its coming. But if it was so close to being ready, why didn’t you just release it Christmas day? Would have been a humongous marketing success. Lots of new PlayStation owners over the holidays and you will probably wait until next week now, when a lot of us are back to work/school to release it.

  • So let’s get this straight. You increase the price by $10, you reduce the games per month by 4 and now you are offering games that combined are not even worth $5? Uncharted was great 10 years ago but times have changed and don’t get me started on goat simulator.

  • Can you please explain why you hate us Sony? Starting off the year at the end of the ps4’s run with remastered ps3 games and a goat sim that has been ridiculously inexpensive in the past (I picked up the goaty over a year ago on the cheap). I wish you would go back to not being #1 and doing things in favor of your consumers… Seemed that you cared about your fan base then.

  • Don’t think Sony care anymore, goat simulator thanks but no thanks

  • This is honestly a terrible month, I think it’s time you hire a new team for managing this department, truly horrendous!

    PS: To that person (jbain) calling us “babies” for complaining about “free” games, well:

    1. I know plenty of people who don’t play online and have Plus for the monthly games – it’s even part of the selling point for Plus as a feature.

    2. Do you truly believe handing out a trilogy as old as time (and worth less then the monthly sub, or free) and an idiotic ‘game’ only worth a penny is a sign Sony appreciates its customers?

    I believe my sub expires this month, and I won’t be extending it anytime soon and I’ve never not had Plus. I have too much SP games to burn through and with worthless monthly games, the sub is just that: worthless!

    • Exactly not all play online since most console games are single player. And why do we have to pay for online even pc and mobile phones have free online services.

    • They claim it’s for server upkeep, which to be fair is required somewhat – some PC games are straight P2P rather than server based.

      The useful function is backing up saves, but honestly, leaving a USB in your PS4 gives the same function for a one time purchase.

      The extra discounts aren’t bad though, sometimes the discount by being a member pays for itself and then some, but it doesn’t excuse Sony being cheap with the monthly games.

    • I would love Sony Microsoft and Nintendo to show some actual numbers that prove they absolutely need to charge extra money to consumers for server maintenance if that is indeed the case.

    • Yeah, don’t mind the dudes who say we’re babies cause we’re complaining about “free” games. These are the same people who will clap and cheer if they’re handed dog crap for free.

      I don’t understand how one can be considered a child because he has a negative opinion toward a horrible monthly handout.

  • A PS3 Game and a farce that never made it into the market, what a letdown.
    What a real bad way to enter a new decade, way to go Sony! Always disappointing your community.

    I’m not paying for this month.

  • First of all I never played the Uncharted series. I was on Xbox for the longest time. Their titles aren’t the best so you all are sounding how Xbox players sound the “I’m not going to renew my Ps plus sub” bit is the same garbage that insane with Xbox and ill freely admit I was like that too. I left and went to PlayStation because I missed it. Now Goat simulator is perhaps one of the worst games imo. But instead of throwing a tantrum “Yes that is EXACTLY what you’re doing” lets actually let Sony know maybe some better titles could be selected. Because PS plus has had way better titles for free on Xbox they are bound to have some hits and misses. Don’t turn into the childish stereotype gamers have been dealing with for years. Btw Detroit was way better than a FIFA knock off. Happy freaking new year!

  • I’m afraid this might be my fault. It seems that every time I buy a game it becomes free the next month.

    • While I’m not into the uncharted games, at least it’s a real game, while goat simulator is a “joke game” and an old one at that.

      I’ve been a PS plus member since it was introduced years back and I have to say this was one of the more disappointing months for free games, which says a lot.

    • Please buy better games Scot

    • Please buy Doom for next month haha

  • They still haven’t done anything If you already own the games that come out. So this month is another waste for me.

  • I’m currently going month to month with PSPlus. Gotta say, January’s options are disappointing.

  • You got to be kidding. If you really believe there is a respectable game proposal this month. Because even for ps3 Nathan Drake’s games are old. And about GOAT. Well, there is nothing to say. Just more crap. I am from Peru and even here the games of the month are still garbage. PS + is a service that not everyone can take. But if I have to be sure of something, it is anyone with a ps4 or ps3 in their possession can get Unchartred games without any problem and for a value less than $ 5. In conclusion, there is nothing of value to offer.

  • An alright month considering you get 4 games instead of the normal two. You can’t satisfy everyone all the time. I’ve, like a few on this post, haven’t had a chance to try all the Nathan Drake games but I’m a big fan of Uncharted 4, and the Lost Legacy so I’m sure it’ll be good. I almost bought this several times when it was on sale and now I’m glad i didn’t. The 2nd game, Goat Simulator, looks like a silly but fun game to try, something that is never buy. I’ve added gems from all the PSN games that is otherwise woul’ve missed out on such as Laser League, OnRush, the Syrge, etc. I’m ready to add these titles to my 200 game collection.

    • como todo o respeito, não recebemos 4 jogos na plus desse mês intencionalmente, e sim dois titulos onde um deles é um pacote com 3 jogos remasterizados da geração passada, trata-se de um unico produto que se compra pelo preço de outro produto equivalente, não importa seu conteudo, mas sim o produto, por exemplos, se a plus te der SEGA GENESIS COLLECTION quer dizer que ela esta te “dando” mais de 50 jogos ao invés dos dois titulos mensais como de costume??!

    • mas uncharted collection ainda vai, agora simulador de cabra? isso nem jogo é!, eu não compraria, então por que tenho que aceitar que me façam comprar ou alugar indiretamente?! por FAVOR SONY PLAYSTATION TENHA MAIS RESPEITO COM QUEM TE SUSTENTA!

    • Gems those are certainly not. Yowza.

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