January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

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January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

Three classic adventures with the GOAT and one truly bizarre experience with a goat.

Travel the globe in pursuit of unimaginable treasures and *checks notes* cause untold amounts of property damage as a goat? Didn’t see that one coming!

More on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator, your new games available for free until February 3:

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

From the groundbreaking storytellers at Naughty Dog, comes the genre-defining epic that revolutionized adventure storytelling, rebuilt by Bluepoint Games with the power of the PS4 system. Follow the perilous journey of Nathan Drake across the globe, from humble beginnings to extraordinary discoveries. Meet an unforgettable cast of characters as Drake puts life and friendship on the line in a race against ruthless enemies to uncover unimaginable treasure.

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection includes the single-player campaigns only for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Goat Simulator

January’s Free PS Plus Games: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator

The title says it all, really. Hurl an immaculately rendered goat with blisteringly accurate physics at all manner of objects. It’s the definitive goat simulation experience.

Oh — actually, it’s a totally bonkers fling-em-up that has you launching a goat at things. A lot of things. Experiment and see what happens!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator will be available from January 7 to February 3.

With January’s games fast approaching, this means you only have a few days left to grab Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Game. They’re available until January 6, so act fast!

For more information about PS Plus, visit our webpage.

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  • Normally I would bite my tongue because I have the utmost respect for Sony and affiliates, but this does seem like a very extremely dated offering. Not impressed, especially now that it’s been mandatory to have plus to play online etc since ps4 release. We used to receive like 6 games a month across all systems ps3 ps4 and vita when plus wasn’t required, and now it’s like they’re not even trying. Gotta admit kinda’ choked about it, and for me it takes a lot.

  • I would rather buy the disc version of the uncharted collection. It’s not a bad release for those that haven’t played it. Sadly they released most (all?) of the uncharted games on Plus already at one point or another so it’s likely most of us have it already. Goat simulator is fun and it’s pretty funny but I don’t know if I would put it as a main PS+ title.

    PlayStation / Sony needs to adopt an al a carte option for PS+ – Let us choose the two games from a list of 5 or 6. This way there’s more variety and there’s a chance people will get something they feel is actually worth keeping their subscriptions for. Humble bundle just started doing this with their monthly subscription plans and it seems like it’s a much better model versus what what in place before. I feel Sony needs to follow suit and make the plans a little more flexible.

  • 3 older PS3 games that most people already have bought plus a stupid title that doesn’t even deserve my thoughts. Where do i sign off PS plus?

  • I’m not sure whether to criticize or praise this (only because I loved the Uncharted games and Uncharted 2 is one of my favorite games of all time). Naturally, I already own the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection from when I bought it on sale ages ago and I don’t regret that purchase as I always take into account that whenever I’m buying an old game on either PlayStation or Xbox platforms that the game will likely come to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold/Game Pass sooner or later (especially in the case of the latter service). But at the same time, with only two PlayStation game offerings being featured every month now, there easily many, MANY better choices than Goat Simulator for the second game, whether it be of indie or Triple A quality. I’ve already re-upped my PS Plus sub for another year but by no means is it guaranteed I’ll do the same next year, and while I’m happy to give Sony anothe chance to impress me it isn’t looking good so far. I’ll be watching carefully to decide if I’m actually getting my money’s worth in 2020, just saying.

  • Continuing my efforts to bring positive criticism so that PS Plus can be improved, I’m going to do some basic math here…full disclosure, I always re-up my PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold and now Game Pass subscriptions when they are on discount, generally during the months of November to December. I’m also in Canada so all figures are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

    1 Year of PS Plus (Black Friday Discounted) = $51.99 CAD / $4.33 per month
    What do I get: 2 games (often weak offerings) added to my Instant Game Collection, Access to Online Play on PS4 (which I barely ever use), occasional deeper or PS Plus-exclusive discounts on PS Store content, and Cloud Storage.

    1 year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which includes Game Pass for PC and Xbox Live Gold Membership, Early Boxing Week Discounted) – $100.00 CAD / $8.33 per month
    What do I get: 4 games (often weak offerings) added to my Xbox Digital Collection for console and PC, Access to Online Play on Xbox (which I do actually use), occasional deeper or Xbox Live-exclusive discounts on Xbox Store content, and unlimited access to hundreds of games, new, old, indie double and Triple A, not to mention all the latest MS exclusive games launching in Game Pass and many brand new, high profile games launching there as well (for a limited time). So essentially I get the Xbox equivalent of PS Plus PLUS the Netflix of Games, for significantly less than what I pay for Netflix. Oh, and cloud storage isn’t included in this service because Cloud Storage is free to all Xbox Live members, whether they have a Gold or Free membership.

    I’m not saying Game Pass Ultimate is unequivocally better than PS Plus, it all depends on what features you use and value most. Up until now at least, I concluded that both services are worth paying for (at a deep discount anyway), but I can’t imagine I’ll be paying for both services a year from now unless PS Plus becomes a hell of a lot more enticing in terms of value.

    • I agree 100% man. If ps5 doesn’t at least have backwards compatibility with ps2, and ps4 then I’m buying an Xbox series x.

  • Happy enough with the Uncharted collection, but ‘Goat Simulator’? What on earth? lol. Not sure why this animal cruelty ‘game’ was made in the first place, let alone getting it with Plus. I think they should be paying US to even consider playing it lol. Dear oh dear.

  • Unless you SERIOUSLY up your game in 2020, Sony, I will be going with Xbox next generation.

    • I know the games are trash this month and were in december too but seriously that is your motive to go with xb*x?…because the Plus games aren’t good?…LMAO then by all means go already.Guess you depend on Plus to play games?….hahaha deplorable.

    • Apart from being a shill, what reason do you have to stand behind them while they continue to provide less value for more money? I have both a XB1 and a PS4. I’ve had PSNow for years and PS+ for many more years. I have XBGPU. It’s easy to see which company is providing more value.
      And which part of “next generation” are you too brain damaged it understand?

    • Go back to school and take a math class. Oh and also nobody cares.

  • Next month on PS Plus: Life of Black Tiger and Samael The Legacy of Ophiuchus

  • You know I was hoping that they were going to have better games with plus this month guess not. And to the few that are saying why complain about free games umm let me know how you get plus for free because I pay for it.

    • You pay 2.50 a game – and you just received 25 dollars worth of free games. Do they not teach math in school anymore or what.

  • LUL

    you put your year of plus on sale and roll back to back dog sht months.

    I’m an uncharted fan, i have played all of them at launch. Why i need this rental this far after the fact. Just give up umcharted 4 / lost legacy at this point. For the newer fans. Playing ps3 games on your premium service for 2020 is fooling no one.

    arrogant Sony back on top, stripping games and increasing costs. With singleplayer the only competitve draw. I stopped subbing for plus and i will continue to skip. Value is poor. Online is free on pc / tablet and phone. On switch the nes and snes rentals and low cost make it less offensive especially with family friendly games for my son.

    i did pick up $7.5 knack 2 for my son and $3 ultra street fighter 4 for my brother in japan to share and play online for “gratis”

    I will be watching carefully for ps5 but it appears we are back to PS2 scummery, the era i preferred gamecube.

  • You guys are all wack, I’m hella hyped to be a got lmfao

  • eu estou traduzindo essa pagina,mas a maioria das pessoas estao dizendo que esses jogos sao ruins,os jogos que eu joguei dessa lista foi nenhum, so que eu confio no playstation e na sony,e paresse uma ideia ruim mas de uma chance para o goat simulator , como eu do uma chance pro uncharted collenction

  • eu estou traduzindo essa pagina,mas a maioria das pessoas estao dizendo que esses jogos sao ruins,os jogos que eu joguei dessa lista foi nenhum, so que eu confio no playstation e na sony,e paresse uma ideia ruim mas de uma chance para o goat simulator , como eu do uma chance pro uncharted collection

  • most people are saying these games are ruins, the games i played from this list are not so i trust playstation and sony and i look like a bad idea but a bad chance for the goat simulator as i make a chance for coalition unknown

  • I wish they would give us a list of 5 games to choose 2 from… that way they could have an Indie game, a sports game, a 4 year old game that everyone already owns and we still have 2 additional options to fall back on.

  • Can i cancel my yearly subscription? XD

  • Wow what a bunch of self entitled babies crying about some games. Look folks PS+ is for online access , cloud storage and discounts on the ps4.
    The free games are just a topper. If you don’t play online or use the cloud storage then don’t subscribe, especially if all your going to do is whine and cry about the games you get with it.
    My advise to you is buy the games you want straight up and not hope to get all games or a specific game for free. Stop whining folks grow the hell up and if your not grown go cry to your mom or pop about your self entitled attitude. This isn’t the place to cry about stuff. If you feel that strongly about it contact sony (PlayStation direct). Also those threatening to jump ship are the ones that probably came here because their system of choice let them down this time around. An entire generation in fact. So stop pissing and moaning and go get your game on… can we stop with the wah wah wah wah every month. Gets old hearing all you cry babies cry.. If your grown and still pissing and moaning then maybe move on to a different hobby or something cause this maybe just isn’t for you.. GAME ON!

  • I’m not generally one that’s disappointed by the PS+ offerings (Even if I own everything on offer already, it at least gives my friends and others a chance to get things they otherwise might not have). But this…seriously Sony, this is *sigh*…your not even trying.

    To the people going off about the differences between PS+ and XLGold…the BIGGEST difference between the two services most people fail to mention is that…if you cancel PS+ your left with nothing but locked content that will only become usable again if you resubscribe, whereas, if you cancel XLGold, you get to keep and play everything you got while you were a active subscriber, that is the most important aspect of it all.

  • PPS: Don’t defend Sony on this, people claiming PS+ is ONLY for online access and the games are just a “freebie” are 100% incorrect. PS+ started as a way for newer PlayStation gamers to get a decent number of games (10-ish titles) added to play right out of the gate, with more coming monthly as a way to keep people interested. Then they were dropped, but the monthly content stayed, then that monthly content got cut in half, then the price of the service went up. If this were not a gaming platform defended by brown-nosing punks who shout “entitlement” anytime someone voices any displeasure with the service, things would be different, any other monthly paid subscription service would be getting a ear full on many open forums and the people would be able to force a change.

    • You are paying 60 dollars for 24 games – that is 2.50 cents a game – you honestly thing a business can give away brand new games for free when all you are paying is 2.50 cents ?

  • Trash

    OK I understand we don’t get PS3 games anymore I understand we don’t get PlayStation vita games anymore but if you take away those games you have to be sure the ps4 titles we get are stellar or find a way to get us some good discounts on new titles.

    Instead we get the Nathan Drake collection which is an excellent game but so many of us have played the uncharted series. I played it on ps3 and ai still own the Nathan drake collection. It’s literally been on sale so many times you just can’t buy it when it was $20. So why would you offer this to us if you can tail most of us have it. Then what makes you think I want goat simulator. You should have known I would be upset with the first game so you should’ve brought something bigger for the second game.

    I’ll say it Microsoft is looking like the system to go with next generation step your game up Sony.

    • Here’s a thought, would you rather not get a game but a 20-30% discount on a single game on the store per month? I honestly don’t see why they don’t do more of those discount codes they do in the summer sometimes. What am I gonna do? Not buy a game at 20% off?

  • Last Guardian, Witcher 3, Spiderman, Horizon, or Nier would have been my pick. Seems to me that the free games would be a selling point for people. It was for us. Sure, my boy wanted to play Siege and Apex, but the potential free games is what made us ultimately say yes. Seems like a missed opportunity for Sony.

    I mean, what if all the comments were, “Holy ****, Sony keeps hitting us with amazing free games every month. I’ve told all my friends to get PSPlus, and I am definitely not ending my subscription any time soon”

    I’d think that would by a good thing.

  • ouch pretty weak

  • So many ungrateful little kids on here.

  • When can I download it??

  • Aonde estão os jogos grátis de Janeiro 2020, que iria liberar dia 07

  • Must be a joke…seeing this late but this is up there as one of the worst months ever.A recycled game no matter if it’s Uncharted or a collection of 3 games,it’s a damn recycled game and Goat Simulator is a game I wouldn’t ever get if not for free but still…it’s an excuse of a game.Well Sony this time around y’all really treated us like crap…for Christmas crappy games and on january for the start of the year crappy games too.Guess your greedy side is speaking louder after the stupid PS5 announcement ha I knew it.Glad I don’t depend on Plus to play games.

    • First they raise the price for ps plus, then they take away ps3 and vita games, and then they don’t even have the decency of making sure the two games they do offer are consistently good. This is a **** joke. This is why a lot of people hack their consoles and get all their games for free.

    • Perhaps the biggest FYOU from Sony is that we don’t even get to keep the “free games” we get. xbox games with gold let’s you keep the games even if you unsubscribe. Xbox also has backwards compatibility with the previous consoles. I mean it’s clear who has the best value here, not to mention game pass, which 10 bucks a month and you can play new releases. Sony is too greedy to offer anything like that.

    • Go to XBOX you cry baby

  • I get it, this month is pretty **** mostly because if Goat Sim. Uncharted games are great but they’ve just been adding their $20 games on here. The thing is you are pretty much paying for the online and the games are a plus. If you really think you should be getting a $60 AAA game you are stupid.
    That being said I think there are plenty games they haven’t had on that are much better than Goat Sim. Wish they would just add a $5 tier and not give the games since most of us already own them. If you really want a change stop paying the money because I doubt they read these comments or care.

  • Lame!!

  • User reaction seems to be a case of ‘you can’t please everyone all the time’. I never bothered with the Uncharted Collection this collection on release because I owned them on PS3. I’m glad they are released for free, I can play them again now that my PS3 is gone.

    I have heard a lot of buzz about Goat Simulator, I’m grateful for a chance to try it out for free.

    Last week’s drop of Titanfall 2 was great, thank you Sony.

    My fellow players what speak with vinegarous vitriol, please continue to amuse me with your complaints for that which is given freely. Your woeful cries are nearly as entertaining as the games themselves.

  • Bunch of whiny cry babies

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