Polls Open: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade

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Polls Open: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade

Ten years. Unforgettable games. One very difficult decision.

Choosing your favorite game of the year is always difficult. You may have a frontrunner and a few others that really leapt out at you, but truly determining which was your flat-out favorite? The one you’d hang your hat on for a given year? Tough stuff.

Welp, get ready for an even more challenging decision — choosing a game that stood above the rest for the entire decade. Gaze in despair at the list of absolute monsters below and try to narrow it down to only one.

It’s impossible! And that’s why our first-ever Game of the Decade poll allows you to choose three games, in no particular order, as your favorites. Don’t see your preferred game below? Write it in at the bottom of the poll and we’ll be sure to make note of it.

When voting ends on January 5, we’ll tally the votes and see which games walk away with Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. We have some guesses as to the winners, but truth be told this was such a strong decade that there’s no way to really predict those top entries.

Better get started!

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  • God of War is probably my No. 1. I expected it to be very good, and it surprised me by being so much better than that.

    After that, there are a bunch of games I was obsessed with over the decade, but the ones that come to mind right now are Hollow Knight, OlliOlli2, Nier: Automata, Bloodborne, Fez, Portal 2 and Yakuza 0.

    • Evil With, The Assassin Creed games,Infamous, Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, The Batman games, Until Dawn, Dishonored were my favorites also

  • God of War (2018).

  • The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, God of War (2018), Perso- oh wait I’m out of slots fml

    axed P5 only because it’s turn based combat, which I usually hate, but it was so good to the point where I enjoyed it. Still gave it to bb/gow in the end though.

  • Last of Us all day long
    Can’t wait for the sequel

  • God of war
    Horizon zero Dawn

  • Bloodborne!

  • Knack 2 babyy!

  • Very hard to pick but I went with God of War, The Last of Us, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Easily the top 3 games I’ve played in the last 10 years.

  • This was very tough. I know Days Gone will not win so I gave it the love it deserves. Great game and it’s a disgrace that so many websites and awards have Days Gone not even nominated.

  • Bloodborne for me

  • It has to be either The Witcher 3, Skyrim, or Mass Effect 2.

  • – AC Odyssey
    – God of War
    – The Last of Us

  • GTA V is the winner hands down. Released in 2013 and has since dominated more than half of this decade. An online player presence that has not faltered in 7 years and is still going strong despite Red Dead’s recent release. Has sold over 115m units, the number one most popular game on the PS Store and still one of the top most popular games on Steam. This decade belongs to GTA V. Congrats Rockstar and thank you for a superb game.

  • Nier:Automata no question with witcher 3 wild hunt and last of us right behind!

  • God of War 2018
    Last of us
    Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Going to say The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Uncharted 4.

  • 1. The Witcher 3
    2. Persona 5
    3. NieR Automata

  • This decade is tough considering some of history’s best games have come out this decade, but for me in particular it’s too close of a race between Uncharted 4 and Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. Uncharted 4 because it was a phenomenal end to my favorite modern franchise, but Crash was my first video game and N. Sane was a dream come true, and also without Crash we wouldn’t have had Spyro and MediEvil to come back as well.

  • Ps4 has the best games of this generation
    – Persona 5
    – Gravity Rush
    – Bloodborne
    – God of war
    – Red dead redemption 2

  • M.A.G.
    Comet Crash 2

  • Kingdom Hearts III, because Nomura still gives my the goosebumps; NieR: Automata, because Yoko Taro deserves more opportunities to direct and write big budget projects; DMC5, because Itsuno put the love into Devil May Cry.

  • Detroit Become Human… nuff said :)

  • RDR > RDR2 or GTA- Rockstar’s best can be found on Undead Nightmare which is the single greatest add on content ever

    The Last of Us – brilliant and Naughty Dog at their best

    Dragon Age Inquisition – BioWare masterpiece

  • God of War 2018 easily.


  • 1) The Last of Us
    2) God of War (2018)
    3) Horizon Zero Dawn
    4) The Witcher 3

  • For me they are The Last of Us, Destiny and Nier: Automata.

  • Some people say they voted for a single game, the poll actually allows 3 FYI.
    2 things unfair about this poll: all consoles are mixed (Vita, PS4, VR and…PS3?) and the reality that not everyone played every game to be able to take an ideal decision. Ohh well, these are my 3, let’s see who else agrees:
    – Horizon Zero Dawn (best Adventure/RPG)
    – Persona 5 (best RPG)
    – Bioshock Infinite (Best Shooter)

    Also, should Skyrim VR be a separate entry? It’s a different experience.

  • Bloodborne
    God of War 2018
    The Last of Us

    (Even though RDR AND RDR2 were right up there and so were the Mass Effect games…..we just don’t talk about the ending of ME3 lol)

  • I would’ve put God of War, but I had to watch it on youtube… I’m not gonna vote a game GOTY that doesnt’ even work. I have a launch PS4 (well, 2nd or 3rd revision with touch buttons). Absolutely nothing wrong with it, only one game out of like 50 has ever crashed a few times, and yet GoW cant’ get past the splash screen. Can’t get to the start screen, just stays on a black screen, forever. Devs don’t know why, even gave me a code for a digital copy but that did the same thing.

    – Witcher 3
    – horizon ZD (pre ordered the CE, no regrets)
    – Bloodborne (DS III and Nioh were good but Bloodborne actually made me jump sometimes)

    I would’ve put FFXV, if I hadn’t had to put the game on hold at chapter 6 for over a year waiting for them to FINISH it.

    *This is an alt account. Too much spam, random invites, being dragged into groups w/o my permission and too much phishing scam bs on my main account until i made this and stopped posting on here and the forums with my main…

  • Really hard to pick three…
    These were my top ones
    1. Nier Automata (I never knew I would end up loving this game with every bit of my heart, bless you Yoko Taro <3)
    2. Kingdom Hearts III (tho it had some flaws IMO, but the series overall I still love it thanks, Nomura. And Yoko Shimomura for making such wonderful music :D)
    3. Little Nightmares (I just love this game so much. I played it a lot and the soundtrack beautiful well done Tarsier studios can't wait for Little Nightmares 2 <3)

  • THE
    Watershed moment in gaming.

  • Fallout: New Vegas. Hands down.

  • Sekiro
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    The Last of Us

  • What, no Resistance 3?

  • It’s incredibly hard to choose in a so wide range of possibilities. I opted for three games that I played, and enjoyed playing obviously. But to my mind, it’s already difficult to choose 1 game for an entire year, and now only 3 for a decade! Anyway, it’s a pity I couldn’t go for the first BioShock, if only it had arrived in 2009… at least there’s Infinite here.

  • “… allows you to choose three games”

    I definitely cannot narrow that mega-list down to JUST three. I don’t even think I could do a list of top 10 – there are too many GREAT games!

  • Wow. You say picking one is impossible? Picking three is just as bad! For starters, to the PS.Blog folks: I’d LOVE to see more result metrics than usual with this one. For example, seeing the top 20 instead of just the top 4, and something like % distributions.

    Personally. I had to pick The Last of Us, God of War (2018), and The Witness. The first two represent the best of SIEA, which is arguably the best around for quality, polish, and storytelling. Both of those games have been master classes in game design and inspire us for their respective sequels.

    The Witness I know isn’t a big AAA game, but I found it did something transformative for games. It made me (and many others) take a look at the mirror and walk away from a game with a feeling we haven’t felt before. There is something special about a game that can seem so simple on the surface yet so profound. I know this game wasn’t for everyone, but for those who got the message it conveyed, it was something else. It is this generation’s Myst, and for that reason it deserves to be in my Top 3 in my opinion.

    But jeez there are so many other great titles up on that poll that completely deserve to be there.

  • When you think about it grand theft auto 5 is game of the decade!!! Been out since 2013 and still to this day is still upgrading and expanding it!!! There is so much to do for every type of player in that game!! Hats off to Rockstar Games for 7 years of always having a player base!!! 7 years of the decade has gotta be considered game of the decade!!

  • 1. The Last of Us
    2. Bloodborne
    3. The Witness

  • Persona 5
    God of War
    Hollow Knight

  • that’s easy and by far for this gen/decade for console is #1 The Witcher 3 , #2
    Red Dead Redemption 2 , & #3 Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Red Dead Redemption 2!

  • My top 3 :

    – Resident Evil 2 (2019)
    – The Last Of Us
    – Little Big Planet 2

  • God of war 3 hands down

  • Bloodborne
    Death Stranding
    Witcher 3

  • Favorite Series Uncharted, God of War

    Best Multiplayer Mag and Uncharted 3. Both are server closed now

    Best Racing Game Gran Turismo sport

    My Favorite PS4 Multiplayer: None, Since Sony Focused on Singleplayer only

  • Dark Souls

  • Resident Evil 2 (2019), Resident Evil 7, Super Street Fighter IV. Those are my picks for sure games I will always play them.

    Resident Evil 7, brought back the core mechanics of the Resident Evil franchise. Street Fighter IV, was the new beginning of better fighting games in our community.

    Resident Evil 2, deserves more awards it was a nearly perfect remake of the original source.

  • Just one?!
    Choosing from all of these masterpieces is a real game on the hardest difficulty ever!

  • I’m having a hard time, I chose GoW 2018 simply because it was the best all round clean fun experience. But Witcher 3, TLoU, Persona 5, Skyrim, RDR2, and more could all very easily be the win cuz they are all top tier gaming experiences I’m so grateful to God and Playstation to have had.

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