Polls Open: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade

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Polls Open: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade

Ten years. Unforgettable games. One very difficult decision.

Choosing your favorite game of the year is always difficult. You may have a frontrunner and a few others that really leapt out at you, but truly determining which was your flat-out favorite? The one you’d hang your hat on for a given year? Tough stuff.

Welp, get ready for an even more challenging decision — choosing a game that stood above the rest for the entire decade. Gaze in despair at the list of absolute monsters below and try to narrow it down to only one.

It’s impossible! And that’s why our first-ever Game of the Decade poll allows you to choose three games, in no particular order, as your favorites. Don’t see your preferred game below? Write it in at the bottom of the poll and we’ll be sure to make note of it.

When voting ends on January 5, we’ll tally the votes and see which games walk away with Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. We have some guesses as to the winners, but truth be told this was such a strong decade that there’s no way to really predict those top entries.

Better get started!

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  • The Last Guardian should really be in the poll. One of the top 3 games Sony created internally, sort of, this decade.

    • My mistake. It’s not sorted alphabetically with “The” but instead with “Last”. Seems I can’t delete posts or edit though.

    • There’s a other option for a reason

    • “An other option”. It’s generally meant for niche games no one likes, not timeless classics.

    • As much as I loved bloodborne the dark souls series and horizon zero dawn I voted for the last of us, God of war 2018 and the witcher 3 because of A: immersion B:stellar writing and C:gameplay.. The last of us and God of war are in number 1 place for me because of so maaany reasons and I lost the count of how many times I was shocked in these games. and the witcher 3 is number 2 as much as I got bored of it, I have to admit that the story and the tunes in this game are epic.hurry up the last of us part 2! and God of war’s next installment!that game will be the best, game of the next decade guaranteed it has so much potential!! and with the new consoles it will be even more sweet! Have a great Christmas everyone and a happy new year!

    • I voted for God of War 2018, Horizion Zero Dawn,and Monster Hunter World.

    • It was in the poll! Also one of my top three! Along with God of War 2018 and destiny 2. It was a very hard decision…

  • You make it so hard to just pick 3 games lol.

  • I can’t wait for the next 10 year’s bring on the amazing game’s

  • My choice for games of the decade would be every Naughty Dog game since Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

    • I would agree with Uncharted 2. I still believe it’s the best game in the series, but I haven’t yet played Lost Legacy, so I can’t say anything about that one. Too bad Uncharted 2 was released in 2009 and isn’t eligible.

    • Honestly, my choice was The Last of Us, Battlefield 1 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The storyline in all these games was just.. IMMERSE. Can’t wait for The Last of Us Part II.

    • I chose The last of us, horizon zero Dawn and the Witcher 3. Hands down my best 3 experiences to date. Obviously I haven’t played all the bangers though, so this is my list. Witcher 3 will always be my number one choice though.

    • C_Lee_Mtown89 – same.

    • Yup. I also agree Uncharted 2 had the best story and multiplayer in my opinion.. but instead I chose Uncharted 3 because that’s the next best because the Uncharted series is my favorite.

  • I want Portal 2 on ps4 :c

  • Dark Souls I, The Witcher 3, and The Last of Us are definitions of gaming masterpieces, such a tough choice!

  • Gravity Rush or Gravity Rush 2

  • The game of the decade is Dark Souls, no contest. It does not matter if you like the game or not, think about the influence of that monster of a series.

    • Technically, it was Demons Souls which started the trend. And that came out before 2010.

    • Batista: Yep. I played Demons Souls and have never played a Dark Souls. So where as people say it’s a “Dark Souls” game, I say it’s a “Demons Souls” game.

    • Most influential maybe, but Bloodborne was betterrrrr

    • Yeah but don’t act like it’s the only game to have a big influence in the game industry recently,maybe the most…but that’s it.

    • You played King’s Field?
      It was the first Dark Souls form of game.

    • The people that reply to you with “but Demon Souls” have no brain, there is a reason people always use dark souls as a reference, because its waaaay more popular than demon souls.

    • Thinking about where we are now I would have to agree. The Souls series has really left it’s mark. On a personal level Hell Blade and Persona 5 are my Top 2.

    • man, i haven’t beat any of Souls games. Frustration with combat, the difficulty and many more… but i 100% agree. I guess, Dark Souls should be #1 game of the decade. Amount of hype it created is crazy. It basically started a new genre of games – ‘Souls-like”. SO many other titles borrow from its formula. Dark Souls was the most impactful on the industry in my opinion

    • If we are going off of ganeplay, story and visuals- then my 3 are Last of Us, Uncharted 4 and the Witcher 3.

  • My top three are definitely Persona 5, Monster Hunter World and Bloodborne. With Persona 5 taking the top spot of not only this decade but of all time for me.

    • Persona without a doubt #1.

    • Agree on Persona

    • I suppose it is about taste. I might play persona 5- but i urge you to play Last of Us and the Uncharted franchise if any of you have yet to do so. That and the Witcher 3.

    • Persona 5 SHOULD win Top 1 Game of Decade. Only those who played it will understand how good the game was. It is not like ANY other games. It’s different and has stolen our heart.
      For me… Top 2 is Marvel’s Spider Man. Top 3 will be Uncharted 4. Top 4 The Walking dead series.

  • Well, it says decade but I see games going back to mid 2000’s in which case I am voting for my all-time favorite game Final Fantasy XI.

    Changed my life, and informed a lot of my decisions about games these days.

    • I don’t think there are any mid 2000’s games on here. The only big stand out is FFXIII which came out in DEC 2009 in Japan, but was a 2010 game for us in NA. The rest of the games are 2010 and onward.

    • I think you need to look up the definition of decade

    • By far the best game I’ve ever played, absolutely amazing. I miss it a lot.

    • Of all the games I’ve played over the past 4 decades. FFXI is hands down the most fun game I’ve ever played. Both back when the servers were full and now that most content is soloable.

      I would love for SE to port it over to current or even next gen, or to give us an offline single player versions of the entire game, with all of the grind left in.

  • Mass Effect 2

  • “It’s impossible!”

    Easiest decision of my life: Nier:Automata

  • Persona 5 FTW

    • I’m actually playing through Persona 5 right now. Decided to finally pull the trigger on it and picked it up for $9. I’m about 25 hours in. Honestly putting me to sleep several times. I know it’s suppose to start off slow, but dang. The last couple of hours though, it’s starting to pick up and things are starting to come together and I’m starting to enjoy it and get the hang of it now. I’m hoping by the end, it will be one of my favorite games.

    • Yep. People are dumb. Technically the decade starts on year XXX1 since there is no year 0. The “first” decade AD is years 1-10 the “second” decade AD is 11-20 and so on. THIS decade is 2011-2020.
      You can say the PAST decade (10 years) but you cannot say THIS decade because that would include the year 2020.

    • @ColonelWEKurtz – apparently you’re the not so bright one because every decade does start with the 0. So this past decade was 2010-2019

  • The Legend of Heroes – Trails of Cold Steel 3
    The Legend of Heroes – Trails of Cold Steel 2
    The Legend of Heroes – Trails of Cold Steel

  • God of War 2018 with every Uncharted game close behind.

  • RDR 2…GTA V…XD

  • 1- The Last of us
    2- The Witcher 3
    3- Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Dark Souls(was late to it but I GET IT), Skyrim and Mass Effect 2 also deserve a mention.

  • Yakuza 6 for sure!!!!!

  • The Last of Us
    Uncharted 4
    Arkham Knight

  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Titanfall 2, and Mortal Kombat 11 were my picks. All gaming masterpieces in my opinion. And some of my most favorite games of all time.

    • I agree that Origins was a masterpiece. Odyssey improved upon it in almost every way, but Byak was such an interesting protagonist and Egypt was such a great location that it really just can’t be beaten.

    • Assassin’s Creed: Origins is my favorite game on the PS4. The environment in that game is elite.

  • Wtf is Outer Wilds?!

    • Its an indie game about a tiny solar system that supernovas every 20 minutes and you have to explore and find out why :)

    • The best game you’ve never heard of. It has a growing cult following because there has never been anything else like it. It has existential and philosophical undertones while being fun, tough as nails, cute, funny, gorgeous, and terrifying. And I cannot emphasize this enough; that’s all you should know. Go in blind, stick with it for 20 hours or so, and prepare for a gaming experience that will stick with you for months. Don’t believe me? Go look at the Outer Wilds subreddit and read all the folks there gushing—and obsessing about no spoilers. Cheers!

  • Top 3

    1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    3. Detroit: Become Human

  • God of war 2018
    God of war 3 ( i really want to vote all of them)
    The walking dead

  • Is so obvious: Grand Theft Auto V will be the winner, but for me should be NieR: Automata.

  • The witcher 3 Wild Hunt for me personally.

    Best RPG since Skyrim.

  • Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy
    The Witcher

  • Horizon zero Dawn
    Detroit become human
    Assassins creed odyssey

  • The Last of Us
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Tomb Raider (2013)

  • The decade ends next year, guys. This is quite premature.

    • The list includes 2010 games, so if it went to the end of 2020, that’d be 11 years.

    • That’s not how time works…you don’t start at 1 you start at 0. When you get to the end of 9 and start over at 0 you are starting the beginning of a new decade.

    • 2010 is the “zero” (start) and 2019 is the “9” (end)

    • the decade ends in a week and a half lol…

    • Yep. People are dumb. Technically the decade starts on year XXX1 since there is no year 0. The “first” decade AD is years 1-10 the “second” decade AD is 11-20 and so on. THIS decade is 2011-2020.
      You can say the PAST decade (10 years) but you cannot say THIS decade because that would include the year 2020

    • Both sides are basically right because you can either count 1-10 or start the decade when the same first digits is found like 80-89 (the 80’s)
      In this specific case though , counting from 1-10 would be stupid because the games of this decade will be explored as the games the 10’s which would not hold ground if you don’t count games of 2010 or if you count games of 2020.

    • The definition of a decade is any 10-year period. When people talk about “the decade”, it’s a cultural reference. The decade ends when 2020 begins. The fact that there’s no year zero is irrelevant. Any 10-year period is a decade, 2025-2034 is a decade, but when people talk about decades (ie, the 20s) it’s a cultural reference defining a certain time period.

    • No it doesn’t it starts on 0. How do people not know this. We are in the 20s now. That’s like saying you are not in your 30s until you are 31…. Come on man

  • This was hard, there were so many games I loved but ultimately I went with:
    Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – because it reinvigorated my interest in the AC series (similarly to what Origins did for a lot of people)
    Batman: Arkham Knight – because despite not being a big Batman fan, I absolutely loved this game in every way possible….so much that I even completed all of the Joker puzzles!
    Persona 5 – because this is the most stylish JRPG I’ve ever played and never have I been so eager to invest 100+ hours into such a dialogue-heavy game

  • The choice was agonizing, but I got it down to Arkham City, Bloodborne (torn between this and Dark Souls) and The Last of Us. I would have loved to put Witcher 3 in, but at the end of the day I could live with these 3.

  • So many great games. I vote 2010 to 2020 wins!

    2000 to 2004 in a close 2nd.

  • Ugh this is so tough. I’m torn between trying to decide if I should pick based on games that were ‘my’ personal favorites (my go-to’s that I put the most time into), games that had a profound effect on me (games that stuck with me, shaped my gaming habits, etc.), or games I played that also had a lasting effect on the industry at large.


  • Talk about difficult decisions. I find it difficult to remember past 2015 … For reasons… Conveniently decided to limit it to PS4:

    The Witcher Wild Hunt, because I will fight you and hang parts of you on my horse for buffs if you don’t think it should qualify.

    Overwatch which I still play obsessively since launch with the most hours put in any game ever. True, the game made me discover new frontiers of rage. Also true it made me despise voice chat, and gave me online arch enemies. Also frustrated me with astronomically unlikely deaths, random balance changes that required near academic levels of reading patch notes. But i never got so much free content and hands on game support from anything else I paid for only once… The Sinister joy of being a Mei player who caught a stray Roadhog far outweighs all the negatives i listed earlier.

    Finally, God of War 2018, a finely crafted masterpiece that revived an old game I loved then elevated it. All the stars aligned with story telling, epic visuals, seamless gameplay cut scene experience, and oh so satisfying game mechanics makes it criminal not to mention include it here. A PS exclusive where Sony gave the Cory his creative freedom and helped him see his vision realized and everyone won. #SonyPlsMakeAStarWarsGame

    • I would’ve put God of War, but I had to watch it on youtube… I’m not gonna vote a game GOTY that doesnt’ even work. I have a launch PS4 (well, 2nd or 3rd revision with touch buttons). Absolutely nothing wrong with it, only one game out of like 50 has ever crashed a few times, and yet GoW cant’ get past the splash screen. Can’t get to the start screen, just stays on a black screen, forever. Devs don’t know why, even gave me a code for a digital copy but that did the same thing.

  • 1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    2. The Last of Us

    The top 2 are 100% clear, but for #3, I am pretty uncertain it could be any of;
    Red Dead Redemption II, Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, God of War, LoZ: Breath of The Wild.

    • I wondered if anyone would mention Bioshock Infinite. It was one of my choices. That type of game isn’t normally in my wheelhouse either. I downloaded it when it was a PS Plus game one month years ago. I was so surprised by it. I loved it so much. I got absolutely engrossed in it. The characters, story, weapons, locations….everything about this game was so original and creative. I don’t replay a lot of games, but this one is on my short list of games I’ll eventually revisit.

  • This was a super tough decision. The first game I’m going with is Borderlands 2. I bought the season pass for it back in 2012 and I’ve invested hundreds of hours into it. Then I rebought The Handsome Collection for PS4 and invested hundreds more. It made me so hyped for Borderlands 3 and I just started the first piece of DLC for it yesterday,

    The 2nd game I chose was The Walking Dead. It first introduced me to Telltale although I knew they had made games previously before. My love for the characters of Lee and Clementine is so strong. Telltale genuinely wanted you to care for them. I’ve played through Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Minecraft. The Wolf Among Us 2 being announced was the cherry on top.

    My final game is God of War 3. While I loved the reboot, it came nowhere close to the cinematic action experience that God of War 3 delivered by concluding the Greek mythology trilogy. From the moment you’re annihilating Poseidon over the ocean to slaughtering Zeus on Mount Olympus, the entire game delivered. By the way, the character Kratos is a straight up badass.

    If you’re not into reading my explanation my top 3 are
    1) Borderlands 2
    2) The Walking Dead
    3) God of War 3

    • Appreciate you for listing The Walking Dead (Telltale). I fully agree with that choice.

    • 1. The Last of Us
      2. Resident Evil 7
      3. Nier Automata

      Still need to go back and play a few games this decade, so this could definitely change. However, these were the ones that stuck out right now.

      HM would go to Journey though. Love me some Journey.

  • Easy decision for me! Alien isolation is my favourite game of all time :D

    • All time? That’s interesting. It’s an incredible game. It’s likely in my top 5 survival-horror of all time, behind Dead Space, Dying Light, and The Walking Dead.

  • 1. Red Dead Redemption 2
    2. Batman Arkham Knight
    3. Papers, please

  • I already voted, but where’s the ABC?
    A: Alice Madness Returns (2011)
    B: Bayonetta (2010)
    C: Catherine (2011)
    You better add these masterpieces!

  • Here are the titles that had the biggest impact on me over the last decade.

    1. The Last of Us
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Death Stranding

    If I could round out my top 5 it would include God of War 2018 and Bioshock Infinite.

  • There’s a lot of games that deserve it on this list, but definitely had to go for The Witcher 3

  • For me, the game of the decade was Warhawk on PS3. I’d really love to see this game come back in an updated version with option to play 3rd person or 1st person. Maybe even more players in-game, like 128. Hell this game could handle 256 on large maps (lol, 256 reminds me of MAG which was also a fun game)

    Warhawk (PS3) was just a great game all around with great balance.

  • #1. Rainbow Six Siege – it has been with me for all of my time on PS4 and I hope it keeps going

  • 1.- Metal gear Solid V : Freedom in every mission Good Story, the bad is that isnt finished the whole Saga
    2.- Borderlands 2: Best Fxxxing Shooter! RGG ! Loots…. humor and Sadness THE BEST VILLAIN HANDSOME JACK
    3.- Resident EVil 2 REmake: This is what i imagined in the ps1 era, that will be the look of horror games will be in the future…

    I know that GTA V, RDR 1 & 2 are by far better games and also The Last of Us and every uncharted but RE, MGS and Borderlands lives in my heart

  • That was extremely difficult. I tried to choose objectively and based only on the titles I’ve actually played.

    I went with:
    The Last of Us
    Portal 2
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Was so hard to omit Arkham City & Knight, Red Dead 1, MGS V and GTA V.

    And I still haven’t played many of the greats on this list including U4, GOW (2018), Spider-Man, RDR2, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Sekiro, the list goes on.

    Really a testament to how incredible this past decade has been for gaming.

  • If it wasn’t the PS4 version, Minecraft SHOULD win, just for it being the “Game of the Decade” for this decade, but I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if something newer wins.

  • Here we go. Uncharted and/or The Last of Us are guaranteed to win one of the awards here -_-, even though they’re legitimately not that good of video games.

    • So I’ve gathered that you’re a survival horror fan, though I’m surprised about you not liking The Last of Us (my favorite as someone outside of the genre) I think the reason it hit so hard was because it did have such edge of the seat story telling. For those of us who dove into the lore, there were really grasping stories behind even a single house, and the action (though not as intense as most survival horror games) was still gripping. It caught players in a vice and immersed you in a world where things had already gotten worse, so it was time to try to make them better. The game also inspired some sort of hope in desperation and I guess that’s what TLOU was all about, the story telling being absolutely stunning, and the rest of the game being at least one step above most of the rest

  • So many great games but my vote goes to Uncharted 4. It was hard to pass on Persona 5, The Last of Us, The Last Guardian and others

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