PlayStation Plus Free Games for May: What Remains of Edith Finch, Overcooked

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for May: What Remains of Edith Finch, Overcooked

Explore a surreal family history told through fantastical tales, or cook up a storm with friends and family.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! We’ll be adding two new titles to your monthly PS Plus on May 7: one is a slow-burning exploration of family tragedy, and the other a red-hot couch co-op mashup of cooking, puzzles and chaotic, laugh-out-loud fun.

Let’s take a closer look:

What Remains of Edith Finch

From the creators of The Unfinished Swan, the award-winning What Remains of Edith Finch is a highly original and often surreal experience. As the last of the cursed Finch family line, visit your family’s old family home and discover more about your relatives’ untimely deaths through unique interactive storytelling.

Sombre, thought-provoking and at times deeply moving, What Remains of Edith Finch is one of this generation’s most understated gems. If you missed it the first time around, now is your chance to experience it. Winner of Best Game 2017 from the British Academy Games Award (BAFTA), Best Narrative award at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2018 and more, developer Giant Sparrow’s follow up to their debut release, The Unfinished Swan, is a truly a special experience.


Built specifically with local co-op play in mind, Overcooked! is a fun, frantic and often hilarious experience for up to four players. You and your friends will join forces to become a team of chefs and work against the clock to turn out dishes for hungry customers. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and timing, you’ll need to communicate with each other to chop vegetables, fry steak, stir sauces, plate-up finished meals, and more — all without the kitchen catching fire!

With its cute and colorful stylings, huge range of dishes and kitchen layouts, easy controls, accessible gameplay and a focus on silly, over-the-top antics, Overcooked! is the perfect party game for gamers and non-gamers alike. Play solo or enjoy couch co-op and competitive modes for up to four players.

Both What Remains of Edith Finch and Overcooked will be available to download from PlayStation Store on May 7.

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up April’s two PlayStation Plus titles. Conan Exiles is a wholly unique take on the survival RPG genre that transports you back to the very dawn of civilization, while The Surge is a brutal and rewarding action-RPG journey through a dark sci-fi dystopia.If you haven’t downloaded these yet, fear not: both will be available to download for PS Plus members until May 6.

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  • Seriously folks. If you don’t like the service stop paying for it. It is that simple. The amount of entitlement going on here is ridiculous. Over cooked is an excellent game. What do you people want? God of war? Spider man? If the service is too expensive and not a good value proposition stop paying for it and take that extra money and buy games that you want to play. Problem solved. Then the rest of us don’t have to read all this negativity because Sony didn’t offer red dead redemption 2.

    As people have said many times before, vote with your wallet.

    • Your complacency certainly helps nothing, but okay.

    • You guys have been complaining for years. And Sony continues to do what they want. Again. You can change the system by cancelling your sub. More people who do it maybe Sony will take notice. But people won’t. Because overall the ps plus service is great.

      Seriously, get over yourself.

    • It’s not entitlement at all. I do see quite a few people white knighting in defense of a corporation’s anti-consumer antics. These games are not some kind of free gift to loyal fans from Sony. They are discounted games, called “free” to distract customers away from the fact that Sony threw up a paywall in front of the internet service that customers already pay their ISP for.

      Consumers have every right to complain about the products and services they purchase, and they should do so.

      All of that being said, you are right about folks only just complaining. To all of those unhappy folks out there: Sony doesn’t care. At all…not even an eensy weensy bit. Sony is not your friend or casual gaming pal. Sony is a corporation, a public corporation that must increase profit every quarter in perpetuity. This means rising costs, with less value, and if you complain here, with an active subscription, it will be ignored.

      Want to effect change? Cancel your service and don’t subscribe again until the service is worth it, and convince others to do the same.

    • Riiiight, paying an extra fee to be able to play multiplayer is so fantastic. You live in a world of fantasy, clearly, so what would you know. :D

    • If you don’t like the comments, don’t scroll down; it’s that simple.

  • When I saw the leak this morning, I thought there was no way it could be true. After all, we used to get 6 games as part of the service. Now that we’re only getting two, Sony certainly has to increase the quality of the offerings to justify the same price, right? Wrong! Online multiplayer may be vital for many gamers, but not for me. Although I could justify the price of plus in the past because it afforded me the opportunity to try out a lot of games that were admittedly rarely great, that’s no longer the case. I won’t continue to pay for downloadable titles that came out 2-3 years ago. Just because Sony has dominated this generation does not mean that we’re all sheep that will continue to fork over our hard-earned cash. I know I won’t and I have no plans to renew my PS plus subscription when it lapses.

  • This is garbage as has been all the month of April. No Easter sale, lame golden week, the only villian on the “villian sale” are the prices for games we have seen cheaper already many times…. are you just saving money for the ps5 relase or something???

  • Good month for once. I had considered buying both several times and now I’m very glad I’ll get them both for free.

  • wow. just…. wow. I normally defend ps+, but this offerings are terrible, back when we had ps3/vita titles you could get a bad month, but somehow the crossbuy titles or ps3 titles usually saved the month. this is really rough. coming from someone who actually enjoys almost any kind of game and at least tries every offered game to see if I can get down with it. I have zero interest on this month. that´s bad, real bad. Sony has to step up it´s game plan or it´s gonna bleed customers out of the service like crazy.

  • Someone needs to be fired this month. This selection is disgusting.

  • Overcooked looks like a ton of FUN! Maybe i can play it with my Brother. Form a bond……. of RAGE lol
    Probably won’t play Edith just cause it doesn’t seem like my kind of game. But I have heard good things about it.
    Good month l3

  • I think some people are criticizing this selection without knowing what these games are. What Remains of Edith Finch is something I’m very excited to have. For those who don’t know, that game was developed by Giant Sparrow, who also made The Unfinished Swan. For people who don’t know what that is, it feels incredibly similar to the sort of games thatgamecompany makes. And seemingly everyone claims to love Journey (developed by thatgamecompany), which means there is a good chance that they would love The Unfinished Swan, which is reason enough, in my opinion, to be curious about What Remains of Edith Finch.

  • BLooDTransFuzion

    PS Plus has become the epitome of the law of diminishing returns … proof of paying more to get less. I have never been dependent on free games and always regarded it as a bonus, but the subscription requirement to be online (co-op or MP) kind of forces you to consider the value proposition. Sony seems to be trying to maximize its profits by keeping subscription prices high (and recently increasing them), stripping away the benefits of membership (PS3 and PSVita offerings while maintaining the cost of subscription) and offering this kind of shovelware. Even if the games end up being decent, it is hardly what I have come to expect from this service. Very disappointing but hardly surprising for Sony.

  • Can we get a refund for PS Plus now? I’d rather get 7 months of PS Now than pay for this.

  • Alexander_Eiffel

    Yikes. Prepare to get utterly roasted SIE

  • We originally had 6 games. So we should STILL have 6 games.

    Just cause they dropped support for other consoles, should not change that number. SIX games.

    Why are we only getting 2? We should be getting 6 Games, 4 at the very least if they want to be strengy about it. But 2? TWO games only? And horrible games for 3+ months in a row at that? What is with that?

    I waited, and it never got better, so out goes my Subscription.

  • This is straight up laughable. I thought the quality of games were suppose to increase after dropping PS3 and Vita.

  • Worst month in my entire PS4 PLUS time; if I wouldn’t need online playing I´d cancel ASAP; sadly I need it.
    Often I compare with Xbox monthly games but this month… wow, what a pathetic joke. Sorry, not interested in any of these games at all and since PS3 and Vita was taken away again a let down, as expected… The sad thing is, I expected games I am not interested in.. that says a lot imho

  • I agree with earlier commenters who have proposed alternative options when it comes to these ‘free’ games. For those who actually support the developers by purchasing games at or closer to release, we receive very little value from the ‘free’ games because we more than likely have them already by the time they’re added to the PS+ freebies. And in some ways, I think it could even have a more negative effect over time, as it reinforces behaviors that keep people from buying games earlier, hoping/suspecting that they’ll be PS+ offerings later. Anecdotally, I used to be a fairly regular purchaser of digital games on the store, but have slowed down substantially in the past year due to the above issue constantly occurring. Encouraging that sort of consumer behavior can’t be good for developers who are hoping to get rewarded for their hard work.

    That said, giving gamers a wider choice when it comes to the monthly games could be something that improves overall subscriber morale while encouraging gamers to buy early and support developers. For instance, it’s now understood that subscribers get two free games a month, but perhaps in the future, the Sony/PS+ team can negotiate with 6-8 developers/studios a month, with the extra revenue tallied by every download they get, and then allow PS+ users to choose which two games they want from the list. Pick a variety of games each month across genres, with perhaps at least one AAA option (not talking RDR2/Spider-Man/GoW level but in line with some of the ones offered in the past) a month. Perhaps one or two of the games from the monthly list would be something really outside the box where a developer stands to benefit from being there, as opposed to being limited exclusively to developers squeezing the past bit of profit at the end of its sales tail.

    Giving players more options and choices would go a long way in improving the value perception of the service, which seems to have suffered lately.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch is one of my favorite games ever made. It’s a short experience, but very thoughtful, no combat, and showed me what a game can be. Games don’t have to be non-stop action, upgrading skills and weapons, or killing waves of enemies. What Remains of Edith Finch has stayed in my mind since it was released and I’m glad that it’s being made available to a wider audience that may have missed it. If you just want to play games that let you kill an endless amount of enemies, stick with Fortnight, CoD, PUBG, ect… because there’s none of that in these two games, but don’t rip them because their not your style. Try something new and give these games a chance. Thanks.

  • Personally, I’m super hyped for both of them. Very fun games – one a great coop game and the other an interesting narrative-based mystery game. I have been meaning to get around to both of them so this is a welcome addition!

  • Two amazing games, thank you!!!!

  • Delete my comments all you wish. But you didn’t do an Easter Sale, provided an awful golden week sale and came up with another overpriced sale this week and now this..???
    You are saving money for ps5 release… now go and delete this comment too

  • This is just unforgivable. The value of Plus is getting to be ridiculous. The sad thing is nothing will change, Sony knows that they have won this console generation and by a tidy margin. So much so in fact they have made it obvious that Sony is okay with shafting the fans. The only way we can make sure they listen is to move to Xbox next generation and start to cancel services this generation. It is getting to the point that i want to rid myself of them. Throw out my Sony TV, BluRay player, sound bars and consoles just to show how little i think of them now.

    • No Xbox did the same thing after their success last gen. Time to find another alternative, maybe PC for a gen. No point being loyal to any of these companies

  • Just want to voice my disappointment with the amount of games recently (when they dropped to 2) and the titles, especially this month.
    Unfortunately for me, my subscription ends a couple of year away (cos I bought some renewal codes when they were on sale last year). I don’t think I can ask for a refund. :(
    I keep crossing my fingers that it will get better…

  • So long plus

  • E quando especularam que os jogos da psn plus Japão seria a mesma que a do Brasil, já ficamos putos.
    Daí vem a Sony e consegue piorar.
    Mais um mês perdido. Mês após mês a Sony surpreende de forma negativa.

  • Come on!!!!!!! This must be a bad joke…

  • You promised to bring better service and games since the PS3 and PS Vita was no longer on the PS Plus Free games. Still waiting. Raised price, removes games from the list and to do this. Shame on you.
    For me, the biggest problem is: In most promotions, we see indies at a banana price, $ 5 ~ $ 10. And AAA games hardly see by these values even after two years of release. We have a lot of AAA games that have already been paid, are already sequenced and could be distributed in PS Plus. And there is more, it is an absurd that we need to pay twice to play online (internet provider and PSN), this should be investigated and widely discussed. There could be a signature, but with this subscription people would win games monthly, early access and major discounts (something that already happens), but forcing only to have access to online content is to be very mercenary.

  • Make black Ops 2 backwards compatible for playstation 4 A lot of my friends are saying they Should bring back black Ops 2 on PlayStation 4 so please I feel like if you guys make it where we can play black ops 2 I feel like a lot of people will buy it so please make it where PlayStation 4 players can play black ops 2

  • I really can’t believe Sony is giving loyal subscribers the shaft like this. Going from 6 games a month down to 2 and having those 2 games be pretty damn low in quality speaks volumes to what they think about their customers.

  • They’re not even trying anymore.

    • Kind of surprised they remembered to put something up for May. The lack of effort is so apparent.

  • Robert_H9llw99d

    Wow. What a rubble games. It really explains why psn price is up and there are no crossbuy games. Dislike Sony.

  • Surprised we would get these kind of games i was thinking of other ones. Maybe firewatch or gravity rush 2 even the remastered gravity rush would of been awesome.

  • I’m confused by all the negative reaction, both Overcooked and Edith Finch are tremendous games.

    The point of the IGC offered through PS+ has ALWAYS been to highlight games that might have gone ignored. To this end, PS+ has consistently delivered in almost every month’s offering.

    Yes, the reduction from 6 games to 2 was a bummer, but it was announced nearly a year in advance.

    The comments on this article SHOULD be consisting of praise for Overcooked and Edith Finch so that players who are unfamiliar with these titles can hear directly about other fans experiences playing these games.

    • You literally made all of that up in your head, because that’s what you only wish the service was about. That’s absolutely hilarious!

  • I’m honestly shocked that we haven’t seen the likes of Knack on PS+ yet. There are old first party games that are under $20 now, but throw one on a month and people will be singing high praises again. I’ve already played inFAMOUS: Second Son, Knack, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more, but I wouldn’t complain to see those added, and I’m sure that it would vastly improve the perception of value for the service.

  • LOL, you think you’re trying to tell people they shouldn’t complaining about getting screwed. The only one that needs to get over themselves is YOU. Though if you honestly think that a friggin extra fee in order to play games online is in any way “great” then you obviously aren’t thinking much about the situation, of course. ;D

  • I’m happy with Edith Finch and looking forward to playing it.

  • This will be the first time I am taking time to comment.

    This is a weak showing, Sony. Do better. I’ve no concern when we dropped the Vita/PS3 support as it was expected that the PS4 titles offered would be a grade better than before. This is not that. Either offer more than two free games a month to be competitive, or lose PS+ subscriptions.

    • Coincidence or conspiracy? Apparently, LBOx’s games with gold this month are pretty weaksauce, too.

  • Add a 3rd game or something, Conans been fun but Surge sucked hard. You dropped PS3 and Vita saying the money spent on those would go into the service to make it better.

  • I’ve had enough now. This will be me not renewing my PlayStation plus. I’m so sick of Sony and the p*** poor service they give the people who pay their wages. These games are an insult to the subscription charges we pay. I’m done with you money grabbing c***s!!

  • This is my first comment here but I have to say: as a subscriber since the very beginning of PS+ I have been having less and less incentive to keep paying for it each month.

    I love both games but you guys should really consider increasing the monthly offer to at least 3 games or give us options for whenever we already own some of the games.

    The way it is right now it seems we are losing because Sony is winning.

  • Weaksauce selection of games.

  • This 2 games per month sucks

  • What a crock.

  • Hmm, I do wish they would throw in a PSVR game since they opted to drop the PS3 and Vita titles, this month does seem a bit lacking in the overall historical quality of the program in my eyes.

  • Very, very, very BAD!! Horrible.

  • These are most definitely not blockbusters; however, they’re quality games in their own right, which I’ll try whenever I’m not playing Days Gone, MK11, BF V, and Rage 2.

  • Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a flood of triple A titles, but when PS3 and Vita were getting taken off the table, coupled with the PS+ price increase, I assumed at least one of the games would be a decent quality entry. Wasn’t expecting walking simulators and indie shovelware.

  • $60 a year for this? I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

  • Question Playstation why are we getting such crappy game is each month we used to get really good titles for the free PlayStation plus games before you guys decided to quit supporting PS3 and PS Vita when are we going to Start saying good title games again

  • Oh, look. Another piss poor month. Glad I cancelled my service in Feb. I was considering renewing if the offering got better. Sadly it seems like we’re not going to get anything better any time soon.

  • First time commenting after having been a subscriber since plus was introduced. Really disappointing line up. As others have mentioned I actually would have preferred MGS Survive. That is really saying something.

    Please Sony, if this recent trend of free games is to continue, add a tier option to the subscription. One for online service only, and one that includes the free games. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense fiscally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you made more money as a result.

  • Xbox = 4 freegames. PS = 2 ( and crappy ones)
    This is getting worst each month. I cant be paying for this. Match your competition or do better.
    I am not renewing my subscription unless u can make our money worth it

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