PlayStation Plus Free Games for May: What Remains of Edith Finch, Overcooked

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for May: What Remains of Edith Finch, Overcooked

Explore a surreal family history told through fantastical tales, or cook up a storm with friends and family.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! We’ll be adding two new titles to your monthly PS Plus on May 7: one is a slow-burning exploration of family tragedy, and the other a red-hot couch co-op mashup of cooking, puzzles and chaotic, laugh-out-loud fun.

Let’s take a closer look:

What Remains of Edith Finch

From the creators of The Unfinished Swan, the award-winning What Remains of Edith Finch is a highly original and often surreal experience. As the last of the cursed Finch family line, visit your family’s old family home and discover more about your relatives’ untimely deaths through unique interactive storytelling.

Sombre, thought-provoking and at times deeply moving, What Remains of Edith Finch is one of this generation’s most understated gems. If you missed it the first time around, now is your chance to experience it. Winner of Best Game 2017 from the British Academy Games Award (BAFTA), Best Narrative award at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2018 and more, developer Giant Sparrow’s follow up to their debut release, The Unfinished Swan, is a truly a special experience.


Built specifically with local co-op play in mind, Overcooked! is a fun, frantic and often hilarious experience for up to four players. You and your friends will join forces to become a team of chefs and work against the clock to turn out dishes for hungry customers. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and timing, you’ll need to communicate with each other to chop vegetables, fry steak, stir sauces, plate-up finished meals, and more — all without the kitchen catching fire!

With its cute and colorful stylings, huge range of dishes and kitchen layouts, easy controls, accessible gameplay and a focus on silly, over-the-top antics, Overcooked! is the perfect party game for gamers and non-gamers alike. Play solo or enjoy couch co-op and competitive modes for up to four players.

Both What Remains of Edith Finch and Overcooked will be available to download from PlayStation Store on May 7.

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up April’s two PlayStation Plus titles. Conan Exiles is a wholly unique take on the survival RPG genre that transports you back to the very dawn of civilization, while The Surge is a brutal and rewarding action-RPG journey through a dark sci-fi dystopia.If you haven’t downloaded these yet, fear not: both will be available to download for PS Plus members until May 6.

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    • Shawn Layden was a mistake

    • This pain is temporary until the PS5 launches. Still, only having 2 PS4 games isn’t very good.

    • Uh, why would it only be temporary? Because the PS5 really isn’t going to be all that impressive, what?

    • personausermike

      *Sony* has left the meeting.

      Lol..basically they don’t read the responses anymore anyways.

    • @SidNightwalker I think they are implying that Sony will be giving out PS+ titles for PS5 and PS4 when the PS5 comes out. So this theoretically will replace what we lost when they took away the PS Vita and PS3 titles in March.

    • At this point, why would i support PS5. Plus has no value and is overpriced. Sony going hardcore in to censorship. Why? There isnt a single reason to

    • We only get 2 games now. At least one should be a AAA game. This is sad. I have been a plus member since the beginning. I am glad that I have a tremendous backlog that will keep me busy well beyond ps5.

    • uncanny_show310

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    • Another shocking bad lineup. Line others, I figured getting rid of the VITA and PS3 games would in turn get us some premium games for the PS4.

    • Wow these games for the month of May are complete garbage! These are cell phone games! If I wanted these games I would play them on my phone! This is a total imbaressement to ps plus subscribers what the hell does Sony think we are little kids or something? I pay a lot for plus and now they throw in this crap!? I was hoping they would put up something good but no they have stupid cell phone games! Sony you better put on something way better next month or I’m just ganna quit your services all together. I can’t believe this total imbaressment sony im ashamed of you guys! You can do way better the. This crap!


  • Incredibly mediocre

    • they gave away battlefront 2 last month for xbox gold, i thought good games werent being given because of the fact the companies dont want to do that, but it looks like sony is neglecting good games we could’ve gotten

  • this is not good , after you took PS3-VITA games I defended you thinking that this would make PS4 games better but it’s not, very disappointed in you guys.

  • There should be an alternative game that you are only able to claim if you already have the two games.

    • Or just assign the current price of the ones you own already as credit to use on anything else you might want

    • @ddzgn dude… that would be awesome! Too awesome for Sony though. Sounds like something Nintendo would do, as they have Gold Points on the eShop so you can get discounts [small] for the next game you purchase.


    • they gave away battlefront 2 last month for xbox gold, i thought good games werent being given because of the fact the companies dont want to do that, but it looks like sony is neglecting good games we could’ve gotten


    • they gave away battlefront 2 last month for xbox gold, i thought good games werent being given because of the fact the companies dont want to do that, but it looks like sony is neglecting good games we could’ve gotten

  • I’ve been a ps plus member for since 2012 or 2013. Even when I didn’t have a vita, most of the vita games offered were cross buy which means I could own them on PS4. The same went with PS3. Some of the games offered were cross buy with PS4. It feels weird only getting 2 games a month now. I thought it was just a work in progress. But this is the 3rd month in a row where I’m just receiving 2 games. Can we at least get 3 games?

    • I miss cross buy. Was such a nice feature. I agree though about only 2 games a month. Seems slim compared to what we used to get.

    • Indeed, cross buy was amazing, and I’m sure helped generate sales too. But since it was a user benefit Sony got rid of it the moment they could.

  • I have a bad feeling about this

  • Why? tell me, why do we have to bare this poor stuff?

  • This is worst than when PSplus started. This is the usual trend, seems like sony is abandoning this project as well and turning it into a simple service to play online

    • 100% but some people will still say these games are just a BoNuS even though on PS3 when the service started it was ALL ABOUT THE GAMES and online was free.

    • I agree as I have both of these games and I don’t think they cost very much and we deserve better quality games. they don’t have to be aaa just good quality games that are not indie mobile port games. they need to offer something else for people who already own both games.

    • Two measly games shows you just how needless that multiplayer fee is, now don’t it?

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Edith Finch is great

    • Funny thing though, Nintendo’s Nintendo Online gives you hundreds of NES games…

      Gee… Sony wonders why the Switch out-sold the PS…

  • O que foi vazado na PSN japonesa foi Darksiders Warmastared Edition e Metal Gear Survive parabéns por terem piorado o que já estava ruim! isso que vocês disseram que estariam reduzindo os jogos (De 6 para 2) para “Melhorar a Qualidade” estou vendo!

  • Me: Xbox gold games May 2019
    Sony: hold my beer.

    • holy crap last month they gave away battlefront 2? sony could’ve got that deal but DIDNT

  • Yikes, this is paltry. Overcooked! is a great game, but its sequel has been out for months.

  • I’ve heard good things about overcooked so I’m actually down to try it out.

  • I just threw up a little in my mouth

  • I guess I’ll play overcooked… If my internet goes out. Wait can you play plus games if your internet goes out?

  • Ugh. Your selection of games is pretty terrible this month. There’s almost no value in this. These games were already pretty cheap to begin with so giving them out for free is basically a waste. I don’t remember the last time I was excited by one of the free monthly games. I don’t mind dropping the free PS3 and Vita games, but how about adding a free monthly PSVR title? Something to make the value to the gamer better. I’ve been a subscriber of PS Plus since the beginning. At first I mainly subscribed for the free games. Now, if I didn’t need it to play online I would cancel the service immediately.

    • The last time I was excited by a free PS+ game was November 2018 when they gave out Yakuza Kiwami. Was praying Y0 would come later down the line but it never did.

  • Remind why did we gave up PS3/Vita games again?

  • I really think online gaming with friends should be free..Also if you wanna pay for free games you get every month thin that feature should be separate. just a thought

  • Darkus_Obscurius

    Seriously? Metal Gear Survive and Darksiders Warmastered Edition was not so bad in perspective.

  • Overcooked in a fun couch co-op game. Already have it and got all the trophies for it. Not sure I’ll play Edith Finch since I would rather do VR games. I still haven’t checked out Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture since that was a free PS Plus game, and that was released back in November of 2016.

  • Alien Isolation would have been nice, given the 40th anniversary of “Alien” movie

    • This – a thousand times, this. I know Alien Isolation has been dirt cheap so many times that it’s hard to believe there’s anyone who wants it and doesn’t have it yet, but I’m here!

      I don’t have either of these games, either (not entirely true – I think I’ll have Edith Finch on XBox if I spend a buck to activate my Gold membership there, again). I’m wary of ever buying these cheap indie games on sale, because NEXT MONTH they’ll be free with Plus. It just keeps happening…!

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    Now this… this is garbage compared to Japan’s offerings.

  • Haha, what a story Matt.

  • Terrible month for me, but lucky those who haven’t played Edith Finch, that game is incredible.

  • I don’t wanna seem like a greedy gamer, but Sony should add more benefits to Plus if they intend on keeping long-lasting subscriptions. Maybe add more smaller games for the IGC? Maybe add deeper discounts or bonuses on the Store? Slash the price of PS Now? I dunno, they should do something other than handing us a couple of games people may or may not like.

  • So I have to add here how disappointed I am. You guys are actively taking steps backward. Dropping PS3/Vita support is bad enough but now only offering two games (while Xbox offers 4 a month) is just horrible.

    At least throw in a VR game every month, unless you guys are ditching VR as well…

    • That’s the worst part… no PSVR game to make up for the loss of PS3/Vita support.

      However, they won’t drop PSVR…seeing how it will also work with PS5.

  • I’m glad I don’t have PS+ anymore, these free games are completely garbage.

  • Sony please sort out this PS Plus rubbish ASAP! Do you want people to jump ship and go back to XBox. How can you drop from 6 games to 2 game and then over at XBox they have 4 games a month. That’s a slap in the face to your loyal PS fans. Sorry if this is not sorted out in a few months, then I’m never subscribing to PS Plus again. The value worth of PS Plus is now at a pathetic level. I’ve already cancelled my auto renewal when you announced the removal of PS3 and Vita, but hoped you would improve the service in other ways, but we’re halfway into 2019 and there have been no improvements yet. WAKE UP OVER THERE!

  • rafael_martines

    I swear to God, if I didn’t need PSPlus to play online…

  • UnleashTheCASEY

    I’m not impressed at all by these. Everyone talks about Edith Finch, but walking sims are not my thing. I thought Gone Home was terrible. No worries though, because the backlog is huge.

  • Hey thanks for the free games!

    I think in lieu of the PS3 and Vita offerings, you might implement a system of having, say 4 different PS4 games available each month and letting users choose any 2 of those games to DL free. Or maybe a voting system? Propose a few games at the beginning of the month and let the users vote for which they’d like to have free.

    I always appreciate the free offerings no matter which titles. They’re free games! Gives me a reason to try out games I would never consider otherwise.

    • RandyBenders: “4 different PS4 games available each month and letting users choose any 2 of those games to DL free”


  • Yawn! Another bad showing on Sonys part. Shows were our 70$ a yr for plus in Canada is going.

    • My man, go for the under 50$ sale during Black Friday/Boxing day.
      I picked up some subs when it was under 40$ at some point and I have till 2021 I think. But I didn’t feel inclined to add another year this past xmas, and I don’t think I’ll change my mind this year after.
      Sony could at least throw a bone to PSVR during such a month…wasn’t that a thing? a new PSVR game every 3 months or so?

    • Yep, i just cant see a reason to renew. I think i may be done with PlayStation

  • I have never commented on the quality of plus titles before, however the value proposition since dropping to 2 games has significantly dropped.
    Both of these games are excellent. There is no denying that. However overcooked is coming up at 3 years old and Edith Finch is 2. Both games you could of picked up in multiple sales at way below the £10 mark not to mention that they have both been given away elsewhere multiple times. Last month was bad, this month is insulting.
    I’ve turned off my auto renewal, this close to the end of the generation it makes no sense to keep paying money out for two games

  • Worst month in PS+ history.

  • I’ve already unchecked my renew option. I’ve been on ps plus since the beginning, with maybe a year unsubbed at some point. I think I’d rather just sign up for the PS Now service, most of these games appear there anyway.

    PS Plus was supposed to be about games, it’s definitely not that anymore. And since I rarely play games online, I’ll just drop my subscription.

    • I’m starting to think that maybe Sony wants people to drop this in favor of PS Now (which is more expensive).

    • That would be VERY stupid on their part….so it’s entirely possible.

    • @zedemer
      I’m starting feel the same way; which I wouldn’t mind if PS Now had better quality content, but it really just seems to be mostly old PS Plus game from the past. I’m gonna give it a try for a year and I’ll see what happens next year.

  • I’ve actually been wanting Edith Finch so I am slightly happy with that. Overcooked is more like overhyped, but oh well.

  • I have, like so many others on here, been a PlayStation and PS+ faithful since the beginning. I have never lost faith in the service, even in some of the bad months. But this… this is unacceptable. Two little games that most people already own if they wanted it. Where is the service in this? I’m sure these games may be good, but still. You took 4 games away, and give us nothing in return. Starting to really question what is going on here. Go back to supporting the Vita with PS+. There are plenty of games that could still be given out. Or find something worthwhile to fill in the void. Too much more of this and you will start losing subscribers.

    • ‘What is going on here’ is unfortunately the same thing that is going on with just about every other subscription styled business model, continue to gradually increase the price, and at the same time, reduce the amount of service or product you get for that price. Its a shame, as I usually don’t mind the monthly games, but this month is a real kick in the teeth to be honest.

  • Simplesmente patético isso SONY. Sou plus a mais ou menos 2 anos e é a primeira vez que me sinto lesado. Que serviço medíocre vocês nos apresentam esse mês. Nós brasileiros mesmo estamos esquecidos por vocês. Nem a Ps now vocês lançam para nós. Sem falar da plus tá uma verdadeira bosta.

    Simply pathetic that SONY. I am plus for about 2 years and it is the first time that I feel injured. What a mediocre service you present to us this month. We Brazilians are even forgotten by you. Not even Ps now you throw at us. Not to mention the plus is a real crap.

  • I kicked, screamed, and yelled on this board for well over a year after they announced that we were losing the PS3/Vita offerings, but nobody believed me in that we would get NOTHING to replace it. And now, here we are. Might I also add, these were free games with Games With Gold a few months back already, so while I dont mind owning multiple platform versions, way to rip off Xbox this month Sony. You’re not even hiding the fact you’re not trying anymore.

    • If they had lost subscribers when they announced that then they would have cared. But no, everyone has to play some mediocre multiplayer every five seconds or they don’t know what to do with themselves.

  • Does anyone here know where the term “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” comes from? I learned this at a very young age.

    • That only applies if the horse isn’t shafting you, genius.

    • Sid, it doesn’t have anything to do with the horse, look it up.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t see the monthly PS+ games as a gift, as I am paying for the service. That was the whole appeal in the PS3 era, free games every month. Just because we are now paying for online doesn’t give them a valid excuse to give us less in return for our money.

    • It has everything to do with a horse. It comes from not looking in the mouth of a horse that you’ve been given as a gift.
      By looking at a horses teeth, you can supposedly dertermine it’s age (in this case the value perceived value of your gift.
      Although if there is a different origin, I’d be interested to hear it!

    • You got it, JimBob. In this case you should add up the whole year if you want to determine the horse’s worth, then deal with the source. Sure it’s a poor analogy but the cost is payed without any promise of quality here. We’re paying for random games (and online play) and receiving exactly that.

    • You have no idea what the phrase means, obviously.

    • Well either that or you don’t know what getting shafted is. No, the actual situation is the service now offers less value for the same cost. Wake your friggin brain up for a second and maybe you’ll realize that actually happened.

  • Yikes. This is hot garbage! Sony deserves all the flak they get for this joke of month.

  • I rarely comment on the monthly games as there tends to be so much negativity, but this really is a bit much. Although I’ve not played either of these, and will likely at least give them a go seeing as I’m paying for them anyway, I can’t help but feel this isn’t the best way to look after your customers. Where I appreciate the increase in cloud storage, and access to online play, having removed the PS3 games etc, and now only 2 PS4 games, the standard of those games really ought to be better than this. I don’t have a problem with only getting 2 games a month, but considering the service we are all paying for, the quality of those 2 games absolutely should, and definitely could, be so much better. Obviously nobody in their right mind expects AAA games, but with so many titles old and new to chose from, this month really is very disappointing.

  • This is garbage quit offering us the dregs of the worst selling games or the most obscure games you can find. As it is you might as well not even bother giving us anything.

  • Fingers crossed Sony is perhaps planning on giving us some other exclusive or extra game to play at some point during the month.

    • Wouldn’t bet two cents on that.

    • Never going to happen. They had an entire year to plan for the change, it wasn’t a last minute change the day before.

      They gave us NOTHING after a year of preparing. Why do you think that’s going to change 3 months later?

    • SidNightwalker, neither would I, but one can always hope lol.

      Jirodyne – Take it easy there, just trying to at least be positive/hopeful.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

    I already own both of these games but to anyone who hasn’t played Edith Finch yet, you’re in for a treat. I highly suggest you play The Unfinished Swan first.

    For me, this is an incredibly disappointing month. I hope Plus starts to offer more in the future as I don’t play online, so the free games and discounts are the only reason for keeping the service for me.

  • man. this is just….awful. Not even an online game here. The best you can do with this is….shareplay and that only adds one more person. You know the game goes up to four players right SONY?

    Its fine that not everything is multi. I even enjoy some single player stuff…but if I’m already paying for online….at least throw me a multiplayer bone…jeeze. A multiplayer title as one of the 2 games we get should be mandatory.

  • Pros: I don’t have any of these games
    Cons: I’m not interested in any of these games.

    Here’s to a better June PS Plus month

  • I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to renew in September. I subscribed to PS+ in 2013 for the IGC games and don’t care enough about online multiplayer (which I rarely use) to pay for it. This is the first time I’ve ever questioned whether to renew but I’m barely playing IGC games anymore. PS+ was actually the reason why I bought a PS3 and was the reason why I never even considered buying a competitor instead of the PS4. I’m probably not alone in this either and its sad to see its value decline so dramatically.

    • Yep, people need to start speaking with their wallet.

    • I’m with you – I rarely use multiplayer, and although there are occasionally nice discounts with sales etc, very little benefit is coming out of this service for me.

      I’ve been a loyal PlayStation owner since I got my first PS1 in 1997, but the last few years, between screwing us over with the Vita and wanting us to re-buy all the games we’ve previously bought through PSNow rather than provide some kind of back compatibility, I’m pretty much done. Their contempt for their customers is becoming far too clear.

  • I am really excited to play both of these games, had considered buying both during sales so now I’m glad I didn’t. Honestly though, how does Sony justify the cut in value here? Overcooked is at best a game from the formerly Vita tier. Edith Finch was always a smaller game, I think the original price was $20 (maybe 30 but I don’t think so), and it has been on sale for as little as 5 bucks. Now that there’s only 2 games, at least one of them needs to feel like we’re getting something that’s worth the cost, even if it’s not our style of game. Not saying anything about the games’ quality, as I said I’m excited for both, but Sony can’t just expect to reduce the amount of free games from 6 to 2 and just expect fans to be super happy about it.

  • Let me be sincere. I am a plus suscriber since it was released. The “free” games quality are decreased since PS4 was released, but at least, you receive a bunch of games of PS3 and VITA.
    Right now, with ONLY 2 games that cost on the store below 10 bucks… the games are not an incentive to have a PS Plus anymore.
    What SONY is thinking on?

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