New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

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New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

We have some new updates about PlayStation Vue to share with you today. First, we’re happy to announce the addition of new channels to PlayStation Vue, including BBC America and NBA TV launching tomorrow, as well as VICE and more local broadcast stations from CBS and Fox coming soon.

Additionally, starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue. This includes channels such as Comedy Central, Spike, and MTV. At PlayStation, we always strive to provide the best value and service for our fans. As part of our ongoing evaluation of the PlayStation Vue offering, we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans.

It’s been quite a busy year for us since launching ESPN, ABC and other Disney-owned networks; we have expanded the service nationwide, added highly requested channels such as NFL Network and HBO, and introduced new PS Vue enabled devices such as Roku, Android TV and web support for PC and Mac. As demonstrated by the new channels announced today, we will continue to expand the PlayStation Vue service by adding devices and networks that are highly requested by our fans.

PlayStation Vue subscribers will continue to enjoy the popular features that make the service unique, such as simultaneous streaming and cloud-based DVR. We are continuing to add value and flexibility with multiple plan options to choose from, as well as a la carte options such as recent additions of HBO and Cinemax.

Remember that there is no long-term commitment required for any PlayStation Vue plan. You can visit for more information.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to all that’s ahead.

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  • For my house with kids, the Nick channels are critical – If these aren’t added back soon, I’ll likely have to drop this service.

  • I don’t mind paying extra for Comedy Central and MTV, but at least give me the option to do so. I literally only watch a few channels and this is a major setback. I know the simple response is you can cancel at any time, but the reality is I just upgraded services and paid $40 for the full season of Redzone.
    Kind of have me locked in for a few months while football is on now, and no options to refund that and ZERO NOTICE. A bit ridiculous if you ask me. At least give me the option to pay $10 a month extra or whatever to add Viacomm channels.

    • The zero notice thing is what got me. I use Vue every single day on my Roku, and I never once had a notification that these channels were being dropped even tho so many people have said otherwise

  • Really disappointed in this since Comedy Central was my most watched channel. It would be nice to be able to pick and choose even further and keep channels like CC since more than half the offerings on Vue aren’t worth a flip anyway, but whining here won’t do any good. I doubt the price will be reduced any even tho the quality of the product took a big hit with this move, so I’ll definitely be canceling my subscription once the BPL season is over

  • Definitely disappointing to see these channels removed. It’s especially painful for families with kids as Nick is a big part of the content they watch. I’ve been touting the VUE service to family and co-workers and have been personally responsible for getting an additional 15 people to signup for VUE. Sure do feel stupid when VUE pulls some great channels, replaces it with nothing, and keeps prices the same. Hope they get it worked out and these channels come back. It’s a great service but only if there is content available. It seems that we lost around 20% of the channels on the Ultra Plan so the price should come down 20% for compensation. To keep the price the same but remove 20% of the channels is not doing right by your customers.

  • This kinda stinks and is not very encouraging.

    Adding BBC America? Vice? NBA TV? Big whoop. I don’t know that I’ve ever watched those channels. I certainly wasn’t checking to see if they were available when I decided to punt U-verse earlier this month. There are a few things I like to watch on MTV and Comedy Central and Nick. Not enough to punt PSV at this point, but this is a troubling trend. It also lessens the likelihood that I recommend PSV to others as I know many people want to watch SouthPark, SpongeBob and Ridiculousness.

    How about adding One America News, Blaze TV or Bloomberg TV?


  • You guys HAVE to do something about this! We have VERY unhappy kids in our home. Adding BS channels such as BBC and NBA TV doesn’t make my kids happy. They miss Nick Jr and I don’t want them watching Disney Jr. I’ve heard that Sling is very pointless since it doesn’t have DRV or onDemand, which is what we need since we are on the go constantly and can’t catch things live. Please fix this or at least give us some explanation. It’s completely unacceptable that you gave us a 24 hour notice and we lost all of the shows that we had recorded already. I have referred so MANY people to your service and I’m so very upset about this. Fix it this week or that’s it. I’m gone and I’ll be talking all of the people that I referred as well. I would have paid more for the service. Did you guys even consider that? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  • This is extremely frustrating and I have to cancel. I’ve been a customer for two months and finally found a service that we could cut the cord with. My wife can’t live without CMT (Nashville) and my kids can’t live without MTV and nickelodeon.

    So everyone who says “It’s not PSes fault VIACOM is raining their prices” is ok with paying the same amount for PS VUE for 10+ less channels? If PS Vue reduced their subscription fee to compensate for losing good channels, that would make me stay.

    did anyone else receive the email from PS Vue describing this change after it happened?

    I got the email on Thursday November 11th, 2016 at 12:04 AM and the email said the change took affect on November 11th at 12:01 AM. Communication FAIL.

  • I called and complained today and got a full refund for this month…if you’re not happy let them know. Most of the channels that my family and I watch together have been dropped. Unless they add the channels back or drop the price to even out what we have lost then Vue is not worth it at all. 800-345-7669

  • I canceled a couple of days ago. I was telling a friend of mine how great Vue was last week, before they dropped the bomb on their subscribers. After I canceled, i told him not to bother and wait for DirecTV Now or Sling. Great way to shoot yourself in the foot, Sony.

  • how y’all gonna take out vh1, mtv and the cartoon channels that some of the most popular channels. At least put vh1 back damn.

  • If they dont get these channels back I will be unsubscribing and going to Sling TV.

  • it’s not about best value for the customer, its about Sony’s profit margins.

  • Like everyone else it looks like I will be canceling my subscription to. Sony was finally doing something right for once and then I got proven wrong they dropped the Viacom channels and give us 2 channels that aren’t worth anything nba tv and vice I can deal with BBC America but vice and nba tv sucks at least add some hallmark channels. I guess I will go to sling tv or to direct tv now when it launches or worse I will beg att uverse to take me back.

  • Please bring them all back, my kid loves nickjr and i love comedy central and spike. I am looking at other services and i have brought many people over to vue in the past few months and they are all leaving as well. Who has found the best replacement,?? i dont mind paying more, i just want it on my ps4 and fire tv, both.

  • Can someone with superior law intellect explain to me how Viacom isn’t committing extortion? “Give me more money, or I’ll take away some of your most popular channels which will have a major impact on your bottom line thus forcing you to eventually crawl back and give us what we wanted in the first place if not more.”

  • I am disappointed to see the Viacom channels dropped from the line up but I cut the cable because the monthly cost had gotten so over inflated. I’m not thrilled that they are gone but I can live with it. I would love to see A&E, History, FYI and Hallmark channels added. Streaming is in its infancy. Hopefully as more people turn to streaming and cable companies can no longer afford to pay for Viacom channels because of lowered customers then karma will bite Viacom for being so greedy. I’m saving $130 a month by streaming. I researched for months comparing options and PlayStation Vue offered the most channels that we actually watch at a decent price. Because streaming is fairly new I do continue to look for other options. My loyalty lies with the company that offers the channels we watch at a decent price.

  • Viacom may be pirates but this is a really bad idea. Figure out some real viable alternate entertainment programming (Vice ? Really??) ….You need to substantially cut the price or I’m gone. PSvue is already sports programming heavy, I never watch any of those channels . Be brave and offer smaller channel packages to cater to what people actually watch . You will corner the market if you do.

  • I was just saying how I like this service but nickeloden,vh1,MTV and Comedy Central gone I thing I’m going with sling at least they have lifetime channel

  • I’m very upset. I switch to PlayStation Vue about 6 months ago and I have been very happy. I tried Sling TV last night after I noticed my channels were gone! Sling is horrible, It buffers constantly, the channels get stuck and the all around quality is down right poor. I am truly dissapointed in the fact that Tv Land, Nickelodeon and Vh-1 are gone. there wasn’t even an option to keep them for more money. I like Vue but if I can’t get these channels I will have to cancel.

  • I don’t understand why everyone is hating on Sony so much, like they woke up one day and decided not to carry these channels anymore. It’s Viacom’s fault….it’s always been their fault, VIACOM has always had issues with asking for more and more money from everyone and their channels get taken down. They used to be on Netflix….then got taken down….used to be on Hulu….got taken down….they were almost off of Dish Network for an entire year.

    This is not an issue with Sony….this is an issue with VIACOM. All of y’all mad at playstation are very misinformed. The only thing you could really be mad at is the sudden change and you feeling like you’re not getting what you paid for in this billing cycle. If you call sony and made enough of a fuss about it, they’ll give you some kind of credit. Other than that, you’re not tied to a contract and can leave if you’re that unhappy. That’s the best part about cutting the cord.


  • The main reason I kept the service after my free trial was bc of how much my daughter loves her Nick and Nick Jr cartoons. Even my wife said to cancel our subscription and she loves Psvue… Oh well.

  • Sony needs to either add more channels or reduce the price of the service.

  • Well one of the reason I planned on keeping the service was my daughter wanting MTV for Teen Wolf and my grandchild watching NickJr. Oh well, hope you can get them back in the future but for now I have to look at other options. Did enjoy how stable your service was and liked the fact you picked up BBC America. May come back after a few shows seasons are over.

  • It sucks to lose the Viacom-owned networks channels without notice. The main reason we switched from Sling to Vue was for the kids channels and now you have removed the main one with Nick Jr. Also I have been haveing lost of issues saying I need to update my app. So I have to remove the app and reinstall it every couple of days. Becoming Very unreliable very quick.

  • Well I have only been with Playstation Vue for a few months and now that you dropped the viacom channels, guess I am going to have to drop Playstation Vue. Nickelodeon is the only thing my kids love to watch! Guess it’s back to cable for me.

  • Well enough is enough and I’m going back to SlingTV. It was great while it lasted but since you’ve dropped all viacom channels the only reason that I would stay is for the OWN network but it’s not worth paying $45 per month for one channel. I can no longer recommend this to any of my friends.

  • These are like the main channels I watch :( I would gladly pay a little more for these channels! Now, without them, I’m not sure if I will be renewing my service or not… and I’ve been using Playstation Vue pretty much since it came out. Please tell me that you guys are trying to resolve this with Viacom.

  • So sad! We’re fairly new to Playstation Vue and pretty much the only channels we watch (besides morning news) are Spike and Nickelodeon. I don’t know what to do now… Now, if Hallmark Channel was added, I might be persuaded to stay, even though hubbie and son would still be sad…

  • This is very upsetting to me because the Viacom channels were my family’s most watched. :(

  • Terrible decision! I wouldve gladly paid more in order to keep those channels. The channels you removed are popular channels people love to watch and its what made your channel packages and psvue such a great option to satellite. By replacing those channels with some obscure fillers, im essentially paying the same price for less watchable channels so whats the difference! Charge a little more and give us back tv we actually like to watch. Cmon man really?

  • You’re “improving” my experience by ditching channels that my family and I regularly watch (Comedy Central & the Nickelodeon channels), and replacing them with BBC America, a basketball channel, and access to “live streams” of broadcast network channels (FOX, etc.) that I already get for free? Well, you just lost 30 buck a month from me. Bye Bye.

  • I canceled the day it changed. Can’t believe this. My son loves nick which is far more education than the current kids channels and I cant opperate without spike and comedy central. Total bummer! I would pay extra to het theae channels back!

  • I’m really disappointed. I immediately noticed my dvr shows gone. And then I find this condescending message. You are not providing me with ‘compelling value’ Just pay up and stop being a cheapskate. I’m not renewing service. Looking elsewhere sigh . BUMMER!!

  • Just keep AMC.

  • Just days before I was going to get this service! Wonderful.

  • Recieved the notice about the cancellation of these channels and immediately cancelled my subscription. One of the main reasons for choosing PSVUE were some of these channels. Just not worth the price now. If they ever come back then so will I. Oh well.

  • Since your taking away 10+ channels I really hope your going to be revising your pricing or refunding customers. We have enjoyed this service since cutting Dish but now this is ridiculous.

  • Dump sports channels and bring back Viacom.

  • This really sucks. The same thing happened to suddenlink. My favorite channels are spike and Comedy Central. I can’t get enough bar rescue and now I can’t finish inkmaster, no more tosh.o or key and peele. Why even have cable or anything anymore.

  • Well I guess I won’t be paying next month I don’t need cable if its going to be trash give me all channels for 75$

  • If you add funimation or anime channels then I could live with it but I think you should keep nick and comedy central

  • No South Park — no vue here I come sling

  • I want to agree with most of the comments here. The channels removed we’re some of my favorite and adding a channel like BBC America is not going to make up for it. I imagine you will lose plenty of subscribers for losing these channels.

  • Is there another channel that has the show Cops? It was on Spike. Bring back Spike TV!!!

  • I’m super upset that both Spike TV and Comedy Central are out; How am I going to see what happens on South Park!? Or watch Jon Taffer throw some glasses on Bar Rescue… Even if it went up an extra $10 that wouldn’t make or break me at all, better than switching to pay for $100+ a month for cable with 15 channels not even…

  • Add AXS TV!

  • Why not keep viacom make there package a addon package I’d gladly pay more to keep the kids and my family happy. Besides your sports channels suck half the crap is blacked out and I recieve no locals oh well I canceled it hope Sony is happy. Gotta pay more for unlimited internet to use Vue cost ends up same as just bundling with my cable provider really not seeing savings anywhere your basically just Chooseing which corporation you wanna get screwed by.

  • Cancelled my Playstation Vue account today. Comedy Central was one of the main reasons I signed up. Dropping Viacom channels was a big mistake Sony!

  • I personally would much rather have BBC, NBAtv, et al than any of the removed channels. I certainly hope that future channel line up changes will continue to be positive. I’ll miss Comedy Central a little I guess but not enough to consider abandoning an otherwise stellar service.

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