New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

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New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

We have some new updates about PlayStation Vue to share with you today. First, we’re happy to announce the addition of new channels to PlayStation Vue, including BBC America and NBA TV launching tomorrow, as well as VICE and more local broadcast stations from CBS and Fox coming soon.

Additionally, starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue. This includes channels such as Comedy Central, Spike, and MTV. At PlayStation, we always strive to provide the best value and service for our fans. As part of our ongoing evaluation of the PlayStation Vue offering, we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans.

It’s been quite a busy year for us since launching ESPN, ABC and other Disney-owned networks; we have expanded the service nationwide, added highly requested channels such as NFL Network and HBO, and introduced new PS Vue enabled devices such as Roku, Android TV and web support for PC and Mac. As demonstrated by the new channels announced today, we will continue to expand the PlayStation Vue service by adding devices and networks that are highly requested by our fans.

PlayStation Vue subscribers will continue to enjoy the popular features that make the service unique, such as simultaneous streaming and cloud-based DVR. We are continuing to add value and flexibility with multiple plan options to choose from, as well as a la carte options such as recent additions of HBO and Cinemax.

Remember that there is no long-term commitment required for any PlayStation Vue plan. You can visit for more information.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to all that’s ahead.

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  • I started looking for other alternative as I removed Xfinity but sony removed Nick channels .. Bye bye Vue will cancel it

  • Bunch of crap. I really loved my PlayStation vue service until you guys had to delete the main channels me and my son watched. Going to sling tv now. PlayStation, you guys suck!

  • I would like to see the History channel added to the Elite line up.

  • I really don’t see why this is such a big deal. Props to Sony for standing up to Viacom. The only show I’ll miss is South Park. But if I want to watch the new season I’ll just go on Amazon Video and watch it that way. Still cheaper than cable. Vue is perfect for people that don’t mind not having perfect structure and are willing to be resourceful.

  • Yeah I’m out if I lose Comedy Central, I’m switching to Sling TV which is cheaper anyways and I still get all the important channels, glad I didn’t end up selling my Xbox One, I switched to game with friends. This is a complete load of crap, lower the price now if you want to keep customers that’s one channel I consider a must, I got rid of my cable for this so dropping this and not going back, I also got the experience of yelling at my TV and scrambling to catch any of the Walking Dead premier, ruined it for me.

  • No Spike? Nickelodeon? Comedy Central?
    No deal.

  • I just got done with the free trial and they got the money for the next months service, Comedy Central was one of the main reasons I subscribed to Vue.

    This is not good, I like my South Park!!

    This is going to force me to unsubscribe to Vue and look for another service.

  • Both my kids watch nick and nickjr, one unhappy girl yesterdayand today when she could not get her teletubbies! PSVue was one of the only offerings of these live channels. So perhaps over a viacom package upgrade $5 no different than cable companies. BBCAmerica is enough to warrant another 5 buck imo with nick/nickr/cc

  • Time to look at sling tv, service is no longer worth it… Majority of the stuff I watch is thru the Viacom channels.

  • Had SLING TV and P.S. Vue together in order to get all channels, but after this b.s. I just cut Sony loose today. I don’t really care whose fault it is. I just upgraded my service with Sling TV. Unfortunately, no DVR with Sling just yet, but I can live with it. Sony can stick it.

  • No Sony! my kids love Nic Jr, the new channels doesn’t make this Vue service worth it any more.

  • I how have a very very unhappy little girl. All of her favorite shows are on Nick Jr and Nickelodeon and now we no longer can watch those stations. Her favorite shows are Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, and Bubble Guppies but now they are no longer there for her to watch and learn from.

    Very unhappy watcher here. Please bring these stations back.

  • I would rather have Viacom channels than, ESPN, NBA TV (I don’t watch either of those) and network channels. I have network on demand free thru Roku and thanks to my $35 antenna I bought on Amazon I have like 56 over the air channels for FREE anyway. I have unsubscribed to Vue and will be going back to Sling (which is cheaper) unless you get those channels back.

  • I cut my cable two months ago, because I was paying to much for a bunch of channels we weren’t even watching. Now, Sony turns around and adds channels we will never watch and takes away the channels that we watch every day.

    Shame on you, Sony!

    It’s time to find another alternative.

  • I noticed the removed channels from psvue. I’m highly disappointed Viacom channels are being removed: I switched to psvue and bought two Roku’s. I guess I’ll have to watch the content on PC. I know network deals come and go, but really?! You are removing Spike tv near Thanksgiving! Thanks, now I’ll be missing workaholics, cops, James Bond marathons and Teen Mom for the lady. Oh well, sh*+ happens….

  • I am ****ed my kids watch Nickelodeon all the time that was a selling point for us we may cancel and find something else comedy Central and spike TV we another big one too

  • As long as Disney Junior stays.. sucks because I can’t watch Cops or Impractical Jokers though. However it seems that PlayStation Vue has an issue connecting to my internet and the shows stop constantly. My wife just had a 20 minute fight with the playstation to get disney jr to play for the kids. We just started the October 24th and were already frustrated. Worth the money but not worth cranky kids who cant watch Mickey Mouse or Little Einstein’s

  • Nick Jr or I’m out.
    My daughter is going to lose her mind without Peppa Pig.
    I was actually excited for PSVue and how it could give me the few channels I needed for cheap.
    What a disappointment.

  • This service is still better than Sling simply due to the TERRIBLE streaming quality on Sling. However, it is pretty terrible customer service to make these changes without any kind of notice to your subscribers, not even an email. It is also pretty poor service to reduce your channel lineup from over 100 channels to just 90 without any price adjustment. I have only been a customer for about a month now, but I hope this is not the kind of service I have to look forward to.

  • Well guess i will have to find another way to watch tv. I really like not having to sign a contract for cable but all the channels ps vue removed were the main channels that i watched. If anybody from the playstation network is reading this…. Please add the channels back!!

  • I have been a subscriber since April. You have lost my business with this move.

  • NBA TV HUH? Tried to watch the OKC game the other night to see the message we dont have the rights to stream this game… kinda worthless?

  • I just got done with the 7 day trial and was going to sign up for the service, but after them dropping the Nick channels, and TV Land, I’m going elsewhere. Looks like Sling TV here I come.

  • I just canceled my subscription. When Viacom returns, I’ll be back.

  • Yeah, pretty unhappy about losing Nick JR and the other Viacom channels. One of the main reasons we subscribed to PS Vue was due to the fact it had the channels my kids wanted to watch in one package. If there isn’t an a la carte option to add them back soon not sure if we will continue here or go elsewhere with DirectTV Now or Sling etc. I’d be happy to pay an extra $5 just for the Nickelodeon channels. If my kids and wife aren’t happy then I can’t be.

  • My 4 year old loves Nick Jr a lot. I cut the cord a lot to use this service . But it looks like Sling TV or Hulu may be a more Viable option now. Som wpuld pay a few dollars more just make it an addon package.

  • How can he even say “…we will continue to expand the PlayStation Vue service by adding devices and networks that are highly requested by our fans.” When they lost argueably the most popular channels in the U.S. Couldn’t make a more contradictory statement than that. Smh

  • I want my channels back. Those are the primary channels I watch. Otherwise I’ll be dropping ps vue. Maybe make the channels more ala carte. Nobody is watching we, tcm, travel channel, sun dance, science, octogenarian, home and garden golf channel forefront, esquire, destination America, cnn, CNBC, being sports, bbc America. We watch spike and tv land mtv for my girlfriend. We don’t golf. We are gamers. Get with it. The main draw is for sports ESPN big ten sec The rest of the channels are pretty lame.

  • Get the channels back before I have to renew or in out. Ps plus sucks and you are making ps vue suck also.

  • Viacom wants to charge more for whatever reason, Sony/Vue doesn’t want to pay more have the channels, probably because they don’t think they’re worth it or doesn’t want to change things up from the original price. Can’t fault them for that, but it’s always the consumer that always gets pegged in the end. We don’t have to pay more but at the same time, we loose channels and still pay the same price as before. Sucks.

    • If even half the people I’ve seen leave because of this change, Sony will be losing a lot more money than if they had just paid the extra for the Viacom channels

  • Screw nba tv. Put that in premium package. Vice is on YouTube for free. I’m out !

  • This is garbage. Comedy Central is one of the only networks I watch. Looks like I’m switching to Sling.

  • Well, I’ve been a Vue subscriber since may, when I moved and did not want to pay Comcast’s outrageous price for cable TV. I have boasted about Vue to everyone who would listen. Told them how little we pay and how happy we are with the service and channel line up. I’ve always liked the cloud DVR service and how easy it is to add a show to my shows. But the biggest reason we chose Vue when weoved was for Spike…. And now you’ve decided it’s a channel that your viewers won’t miss. Well you were wrong, the Viacom channels are a huge part of what alot of us watch, and by removing them your forcing me to look at other options. I would have even paid more every month to keep them. This was a very bad move Sony. Good luck. I’ll be waiting for DirecTV Now to launch I suppose.

  • Go ahead and leave . btw Sling tv sucks i had them before and they lag crap.

  • Wow! This is a huge setback to what WAS a great service. These are standard well watched channels. Looks like I’m canceling until Sony can get this figured out.

  • You might be losing me as a customer, the lose of Viacom to me is important! I watched those channels the most!

  • How about making it a buy up option? Not just getting rid of it all together!

  • I’ll I have to say is if it’s not back as a option by Monday, when my kids can’t watch nick… I’ll be changing services! This is crap! I cut the cord and came to you guys bc u offered those channels! It’s 90% what my family and I watch! We don’t watch sports!

  • I just got psvue im still in my free trial stage but damn MTV gone and my kids favorite channels too and it’s only been 3 days lmao what a joke well I have 4 more days for free then im going to cancel!!!! That’s to bad right when u think you find something great they start to rip it away from you channel by channel before you know it you will be paying twice as much for channels you’ve never heard of

  • I just got psvue im still in my free trial stage but damn MTV gone and my kids favorite channels too and it’s only been 3 days lmao what a joke well I have 4 more days for free then im going to cancel!!!! That’s to bad right when u think you find something great they start to rip it away from you channel by channel before you know it you will be paying twice as much for channels you’ve never heard of an lost channels and pay the same. Should have given us the chance to add on those channels man hate to be the guy that has to break the news to sonys CEO about how many people they lost hahahahhahahahahahahahaha get with it sony

  • After much thought, It is still a better deal. I will just purchase season episodes of Paw Patrol and Shimmer on Vudu for my grandaughter. That’s about the only thing we lost. I don’t like the contracts of the other services and she can watch all day if she wants to. For about $20 a season series, it might be cheaper anyway than getting add-on packages which charge by the month.

  • “At PlayStation, we always strive to provide the best value and service for our fans.” If you want to provide the best value and service to your customers, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE NICK CHANNELS. If the Nick channels aren’t back, I’m leavin PS VUE.

    • The reason I joined PS VUE was to save money and it has all the channels I want, because Optimum charges me $65/mo for my TV package that doesn’t even have all the channels I want, Plus a extra $10/mo for the cable box.

  • I just unsubscribed, but my service is good til 12/6, guess I’ll watch it until it runs out.

    In the mean time I will be looking for another service provider.

    Or Sony…….bring back Viacom!!

  • For those complaining this kind of stuff even affects the cable and satellite companies, when my fiance worked for dish network Viacom wanted to raise their prices at one point so dish dropped them from their service for about a week. Viacom ended up going back on their price change to get their network back on dish. Obviously Vue is much smaller than dish is so it may not happen for us.

  • My family and I were very upset to find out that Nickelodeon had been dropped the hard way and I do mean HARD. We have four daughters 5 years of age and under. 98% of our tv viewing was Nick JR. This is our second month with this service and we picked it because we cannot afford cable and Sling does not offer the channels we watch. We suscribed BECAUSE you offered Nickelodeon. I am not sure that we will continue to stream your service especially if you are going to just randomly drop your channels without bothering to even give us notice.

  • My boys love Nick Jr. i dropped comcast and subscribed to playstation vue because they had Nick Jr in line up channels.
    this is very disappointing and might be a deal breaker. please try to get them back.
    i love playstation vue idea but it is worthless without the popular channel specially kids channel.

  • Hey Vue when are you going to respond? Over 500 comments and not one from you. How about answering the questions? Is there going to be a price adjustment since you took away 25% of the channels? Are you still working with Viacom or is it a dead issue? Stop promising more stationss to come and address the issues. NBA channel big whoop it’s a $ adder not part of a basic package. Are you out there?

  • So I understand that this sort of thing happens. I’m sad to see Nick/etc. go because my 2 year old loves these channels.

    My question is, with the loss of ~10 channels, how can the service justify charging the same price? Couldn’t Sony have made a deal to charge, say, $5 like Sling does to Add-on Viacom channels? I’d have gladly paid that. Not to be entitled, but now I feel like I’ve lost value because I have a package I’m paying the same price for with 10 missing channels.

    I’m not going anywhere, yet. Currently Sling doesn’t compete with Vue for me since I depend almost wholly on On Demand and DVR but this is quite the disappointment. Replacing it with 3 or 4 channels I don’t watch doesn’t make sense.

    Perhaps in light of this, you could give people a choice of picking 1 premium channel added for “free” or adding the 3 channels.

  • Nice bait and switch. I cannot choose to pay less for not getting what I paid for, good thing I have the option to drop the service, and most likely will.

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