New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

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New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

We have some new updates about PlayStation Vue to share with you today. First, we’re happy to announce the addition of new channels to PlayStation Vue, including BBC America and NBA TV launching tomorrow, as well as VICE and more local broadcast stations from CBS and Fox coming soon.

Additionally, starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue. This includes channels such as Comedy Central, Spike, and MTV. At PlayStation, we always strive to provide the best value and service for our fans. As part of our ongoing evaluation of the PlayStation Vue offering, we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans.

It’s been quite a busy year for us since launching ESPN, ABC and other Disney-owned networks; we have expanded the service nationwide, added highly requested channels such as NFL Network and HBO, and introduced new PS Vue enabled devices such as Roku, Android TV and web support for PC and Mac. As demonstrated by the new channels announced today, we will continue to expand the PlayStation Vue service by adding devices and networks that are highly requested by our fans.

PlayStation Vue subscribers will continue to enjoy the popular features that make the service unique, such as simultaneous streaming and cloud-based DVR. We are continuing to add value and flexibility with multiple plan options to choose from, as well as a la carte options such as recent additions of HBO and Cinemax.

Remember that there is no long-term commitment required for any PlayStation Vue plan. You can visit for more information.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to all that’s ahead.

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  • relax everybody.loosing these channels for a few weeks wont kill you.this is a standard viacom tactic and i for 1 am happy sony stood up to these crooks.hopefully when these channels return sony wont have to jack up prices at all or just minimally

    • I really hope so. They took off nick Jr and my daughter loves it and learns from it. Definitely disappointed with VUE right now.

    • I don’t think they will come back. THEY ARE GONE FOR SURE. IT IS DECEMBER 5. AND they goneee… I cancelled my subscription

  • First we are customers not fans.
    Keep promising CBS – but don’t deliver.
    If you remove 10 channels replace 10 channels.
    Really get over the “fans”.

  • Hmmm…. just joined for the specific networks you had. Now contemplating other services. The value PS VUE had is now lost as the channels removed were some of the ones I needed due to family viewing habits. I guess I will be looking for another provider that can give me the value and channels I need.

  • Thie is not the way the go.
    I am very disappointed in you Playstation.

  • Where is the price decline? Less channels same price, that is the definition of a rip off. What is next? Better tighten up Sony there’s options out there.

    • well they are suppose to be like any other cable station… comcast does not lower their prices when they remove channels sooo

  • Cancelled nick jr without me knowing the reason i loves playstation vue was for the fact of all the kids shows available for my little ones. I guess time to start searching for something else

  • Yep, I’m going to be canceling soon because of this. Nickelodeon is key

  • So why am I still blocked from streaming my app over airplay on older Apple TVs?

  • This is a big bummer. I have had PS vue since it has started and i have always been satisfied until now. Those channels that were cut are some of the most viewed by my family. If PS vue cant get the channels back i will have to cancel my subscription. Also how would i go about complaining to Viacom about this situation?

  • People will find anything to complain about these days. Go ahead and switch to another TV service . Good luck finding all the same features for the low price and no contract.

    I never watched any of those stations. I am even more pleased with the added sports channels. So while people are crying like babies, I’m even more thrilled! Good job Sony!

    • Already did. Back to Sling and then on to dtvnow in a week. Enjoy the overpriced, mediocre channel lineup on Vue!

    • Idk how people are “crying” when they’re voicing their discontent about losing some of the main channels that made them sign up in the first place. The sports channels are nice, but you can watch almost any game online if you know where to look. Losing Nick for your kids is a lot different

  • While I do watch several Viacom Channels, Sony should be praised for not agreeing to their overpriced terms. The whole problem with TV these days, regardless how you watch it, is these actors making millions of dollars per episode, which in turn forces more commercial air time and forces higher prices for the carriers to have the channels. Sony isn’t the problem you lost Viacom channels, GREED is the problem.
    If you are thinking of switchign to Slingtv, save yourself the trouble, Vue runs rings around SLings terrible service. I currently have Slingtv and am on the Vue trial, Vue is flawless, doesn’t d/c for being inactive too long, and the stream is up 100% of the time. Slingtv crashes A LOT, the video quality increases and decreases at random, and the app simply crashes on its own. Slingtv does at least have Viacom channels though, at least for now.

  • You’ll regret it after you see how terrible Slingtv’s service is. It costs more, has less channels and their service is wonky, especially at peak times. Vue has more than just Own and Animal Planet, also has Pop which shows Impact Wrestling, the Chiller channel and several others.

  • How can you (Dwayne Benefield VP, head of PS Vue) say that you are continuing to add networks that are “highly requested by our”fans””. When you lost arguably the most watched, most popular networks in the entire U.S. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    I’ve been a subscriber since launch of PS Vue. I encourage ALL “fans” to make a statement and immediately log on and unsubscribe from the auto renewal. I have, and I wont be back until this service works something out.

  • Sony, this is heart-breaking. CC, MTV and VH1 is are must have for me, I have only been with Vue for 2 months, we love it. I’m a huge Sony Fan including on Mobile(Xperia). Mr. Benefield, you gotta do something, you can’t add new channels that pp don’t care about and take channels that defines the current value(s) of your service. Do something Sony.

  • WHEN do we get Vice? ****ed my kids don’t get Nick jr any more but oh well, BBC news and Vice are good enough for me! So when is it coming?

  • Get VH1 ,MTV and BET OR IM GONE………..,


  • Why did the prices all of the sudden go up for less channels?

  • Might stay around if there was a price adjustment buuuuuuuut…. Feeling kinda let down… Don’t think I even recieved an email about the changes… Boo..

  • please stop getting mad at PS Vue, it’s not there fault Vue is a great deal for the price it has DVR, no contract and customer service is great. It Viacom you should be upset with. Vue is still worth the price for everything they offer. cable is way more expensive and now that Viacom raised there prices cable company will too. so in all your gonna be stuck with cable with hidden fees and a contract because your blaming PS vue. Stick with Vue and watch the channels you want online (YouTube). I was paying $140 for cable that started of at $60 they just kept raising prices I’m so glad the Vue came to be. I’ll never go back to cable, don’t be mad at Vue blame Viacom for raising peices. Thank you for reading my blog much love

    • i had comcast and they were like that we started at 60 too and then it went to 100 then to like 160 and we still didnt have all the channels. for me playstation vue is a win. like you said blame the broadcasters not the vue. i remember when i had comcast and they dropped oxygen and some more channels in my area

    • Damn 140 is alot. I pay 45 bucks on ps4 vue. I’m was happy but due to this I cancelled subscription

  • LOVE YOU PLAYSTATION and all its services

  • Won’t miss any of them. You have kids might miss nick but the others never watch. TV land 99% of them shows free over the air. In fact almost all of them free OTA on sub channels.
    Now if only they would make a better guide and a DVR that records just the programs you want.

    • What channels do you watch exactly? Vh1 was key, MTV was super key, Comedy Central was key Bet was key … what are u talking bout bro,???

  • What a joke – hbo & showtime are already available on my roku player which i use for Vue. You still need a non-sports option & some other channels like History, PBS & CW.

  • From news I’ve been reading, other companies including Dish and Directv are letting Viacom programs go dark. There’s a good chance that Directv will let CBS and even FOX go dark as well. Stuff like this happens. For several months in 2014, Time-Warner and Dish had a dispute and dropped a lot of channels. It’s not the providers fault, it’s the broadcasters trying to get more out of us to watch their stuff.

  • All this talk about lost channels made me anxious because I just dropped cable. Then I realized neither my kids, wife, or myself have watched any of those channels during the past year. I’m so fed up w/comcast and the cap they just put on internet use that I will gladly kiss Viacom channels good bye. I have every SpongeBob season available on Amazon and my kids are cool with that.

  • We just had Google Fiber installed today. Looks like we will be switching to their streaming service as well since my children love watching Nick shows and you are being just like the cable providers and dropping stations because of money. Very disappointed in Playstation Vue.

  • For one some of y’all dont realize how good playstation vue is. With Comcast or some other big compony like att you’re going to pay over 120 (probably alot more) for cable plus boxes and taxes, installation fees, and everything. who cares if they took away mtv and vh1 download the apps for free. youre able to watch both through live tv and everything on the app. and for nick just watch disney or cartoon network. for most cable companies you wont even get disney without paying extra or any of these channels together. if Comcast cut off these channels people would just have to live with it.. take that up with the people that own nick and mtv not playstation. i remember when Comcast took oxygen away and i think something else but millions of people still pay for it. and if you watch alot of sports playstation vue is a win…

  • Comedy Central and MTV were two of my most watched channels, along with a recent price hike I can’t justify paying for a service that cost more for channels I don’t want and losing my favorites I do want. If I had to pay a little more to add Viacom channels as an add on like the hbo, or Showtime channels do I would be okay with that but at least give us the option to choose for ourselves. Im not happy with Viacom buying out all these channels just for more Price gouging leverage either, it’s all BS.

  • Well, it was fun while it lasted. Guess I’ll be going back to cable.

  • Very disappointed this has happened. I wanted to watch the Soul Train awards tonight but no longer have the ability. I watch a lot of Viacom channels. It was the selling point for me

  • Just like what someone said before, your gonna need more than just 2-3 channels to replace 10+ channels that was removed from Viacom. I hope Sony is negotiating with Viacom because those channels were some of the best on PSvue.

  • I really like playstaion vue but I want the CW, Comedy Central, and CBS to be added

  • I unsubscribed to Vue and ordered a Chromecast Ultra. Will be downloading the SlingTV app and getting my Viacom stations that way.

    What a bad move on Playstations part!!…….and still no response from them?!?!?!?!?

  • will you add hallmark channel, hallmark movie channel, cw to the access plan.

  • kids are going to miss Nick. There should be a PS app or Vue charge a premium for it

  • I’d rather pay more and keep the Viacom channels than have NBA TV. No one in Buffalo gives a damn about Basketball anyway. Playstation is not making it easy for me to stay.

  • Dang. I thought I had finally found my cord cutting gem. $40/mo with local and sports channels plus everything my kids like. Bummed. Glad my daughter asked to watch Paw Patrol for the first time in weeks. She’s been on a Disney kick lately so we haven’t touched the other channels and I’m late to this news. Cancelled 2 days before my next billing cycle. Back to Sling I guess.

  • My husband has this service on his play station and they cut VH1. I’m about to find another cable provider right now.

  • Dropping Viacom is a terrible mistake. I have always supported PlayStation Vue since it’s release but I have now switched to sling tv as they are cheaper and have Viacom channels. This childish dispute is ridiculous and disappointing to me as a lifelong PlayStation customer. Please resolve this and return services with Viacom so I can support PlayStation again.

  • The only reason I got vue is because of some of the channels y’all have I love BET, CC and MTv I think taking some of them show of is a bad idea if you ask me….Sorry but now I have to find something else

  • The only reason I got vue is because of some of the channels y’all have I love BET, CC and MTv, I think takin some of them shows off is a bad idea if you ask me….Sorry but now I have to find something else

  • yep canceled the minute i saw this sling here we come.

  • I went from 116 channels to 99. I lost 17 channels. But I still have to pay $55 (Going to be $65 thanks to this price hike I see on the website, a crossed out $65 with sale $55) for this “Elite” subscription? But we still don’t have highly requested channels such as the El Rey Network or PBS? I understand you didn’t want to pay Viacom’s price hike, but why should we pay yours when we’re receiving less?

  • Come on people it’s not a big deal!

    So your kids can’t watch SpongeBob or Fairly Odd Parents?

    Maybe that’s a good thing

    Their lives don’t revolve around Spongebob!

    Viacom is detrimental to TV & our culture so losing them is a good thing!

    Also this ISN’T Sony’s fault it’s Viacom’s so place the blame where it rightfully belongs

  • Let Viacom fall!

    We don’t need them!

  • This Is So messed up…… I just payed 45 dollars. Just to find out Vh1, Bet, cc, and nickelodeon has been removed !!!!!! I’m am Done R.i.p Ps VUE……. i.a go and get a deal with Direct tv

  • The main reason I decided to subscribe to vue is because it is the only streaming service that offers FOC news. Now I’m being told that they don’t offer nick Jr anymore which my daughter enjoyed. So far there are 5 or 6 channels that you don’t offer anymore yet I’m paying $30 a month for basic service? What the hell?

  • I find it suspicious that the channels are still in the guide. It is becoming clear to me that they are negotiating with Viacom. Dish and DirecTV were much more vocal about having people push on the holdouts. Sony seems to be negotiating quietly.

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