New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

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New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

We have some new updates about PlayStation Vue to share with you today. First, we’re happy to announce the addition of new channels to PlayStation Vue, including BBC America and NBA TV launching tomorrow, as well as VICE and more local broadcast stations from CBS and Fox coming soon.

Additionally, starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue. This includes channels such as Comedy Central, Spike, and MTV. At PlayStation, we always strive to provide the best value and service for our fans. As part of our ongoing evaluation of the PlayStation Vue offering, we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans.

It’s been quite a busy year for us since launching ESPN, ABC and other Disney-owned networks; we have expanded the service nationwide, added highly requested channels such as NFL Network and HBO, and introduced new PS Vue enabled devices such as Roku, Android TV and web support for PC and Mac. As demonstrated by the new channels announced today, we will continue to expand the PlayStation Vue service by adding devices and networks that are highly requested by our fans.

PlayStation Vue subscribers will continue to enjoy the popular features that make the service unique, such as simultaneous streaming and cloud-based DVR. We are continuing to add value and flexibility with multiple plan options to choose from, as well as a la carte options such as recent additions of HBO and Cinemax.

Remember that there is no long-term commitment required for any PlayStation Vue plan. You can visit for more information.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to all that’s ahead.

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  • My guess is that Viacom wanted even more money for their crappy programming (some of Comedy Central is still okay, but hasn’t been the same in quite some time). I would bet if Sony caved, they would have had to raise the subscription price by at least $5, AT LEAST, per month. So it would have been sort of a catch 22 situation. One of those “Would you rather…” situations. Also, if Sony caved into the demands of Viacom, that sets a precedent for them to keep asking Sony for more money which would keep raising subscription prices. So yeah… Nothing happens in a bubble. So don’t be completely angry with Sony. Though I understand the frustration.

    • This is probably part of it. I’d rather lose one channel that my family consistently watches (Nick Jr.) in order to keep the cost consistent.

    • I’m extremely disappointed. I frequently watched comedy central as well as mtv and spike. and my kids watched nickelodeon. What actions can I take to try to get them back. I really liked vue up to this point but Im going to cancel before the next billing cycle if they don’t bring those channels back or replace them with something worth it. BBC and NBA I couldn’t care less about

  • Well im not coming to vue anymore like i planned no comedy central come on man

  • Thank God I was getting tired of scrolling past all those worthless channels to find something good to watch!

  • Okay well this takes away many of my children’s channels, and several other channels I watch…I will definitely be going to Sling or another provider…not paying the same and losing 15+ channels I watch and gaining 2 I do NOT watch!

  • Hate to see Spike TV go :/ super happy BBC America has been added though. Only channel i think the lineup is really missing is History Channel.

  • Welp, I guess I’m going back to SlingTV now. I had just cancelled and started a Vue subscription last week when they added AndroidTV. Now this? Sucks, but they lost me as a customer.

  • No Nick, no renew. Right after I cancelled cable. Ugh.

    • Same boat here literally canceled last week. My kids are going to be bummed. Guess I’ll take a look at DirecTV. Seems like very odd timing on Sony’s part knowing they’re going to have more competition soon.

  • Time to find something else and dump playstation vue. Wasted money on a firetv to watch in a 2nd room. probably will skip upgrading the ps4 as well now. Huge loss in value with all those dropped channels, and only 3 day notice? shame.

  • when will you guys make ps vue available in Canada I live in Canada I would pay to get this but it isn’t available in Canada witch is a bummer

  • I’m 4 days into our prepaid 30 day subscription, and loosing a valuable channel. Our house watches 6 channels – Nick Jr. was one. Looking forward to what Directv Now has to offer.

  • Wow. I left PS Vue just a week ago due to you guys not getting MSG/MSG+ (Devils fan here, but those channels are still valuable to Rangers, Islanders, and Knicks fans too). This news is even more of a letdown.

  • Please don’t cave to Viacom – I might miss Comedy Central… maybe, but I have watched exactly 0 hours of their other channels in the last 6 months. I will gladly let CC go in exchange for better alternatives like BBC America. Thanks!

  • You don’t even have the stones to list the exact channels in your official announcement which will be lost. That is a seriously customer unfriendly move Sony. And as others have said, making this announcement via your blog which only a fraction of your user base sees is even worse. Do you expect people to just say “ok” when whey fire up Vue in a few days and find all those channels missing? You have LOTS of competition coming online soon and I’ll be moving away as soon as I can find something comparable.

    Your PR department needs to be fired.

  • So I lose 15 channels and get 2 that I would probably barely watch? and still have to pay the same price. If Viacom is giving you problems, there are better ways to go about it. Don’t punish your users for the shady dealings of Viacom. seriously, if you aren’t offering a price reduction, you’re going to lose a lot of users.

  • I sure do appreciate the bean counters at PlayStation Vue HQ stepping up and deciding what the best value for my dollar is without giving me an opportunity to weigh in.

    • I’m really kind of shocked that they have the gall to say that LOSING content is keeping vue as a good value for us. If they announced this alongside a price reduction, sure, but how can you argue that we are getting a good value from losing viacom when we are paying the same for less content?

  • Well… There goes my subscription… It was fun while it lasted but there is no way I’m paying for this service without Viacom channels… When you combine that with the lack of the History Channel (and others), your service just isn’t worth what you charge for it. You keep making your service harder to justify, no Apple TV support, now no Viacom channels, no History Channel (I forget what else is tied to that), etc…

  • That’s quite disappointing. One of the main reasons I was staying with Playstation Vue was because Nickelodeon wasn’t included with Sling and also because MTV wasn’t included in their basic package. Hopefully Vue will get the NHL Network and the Hallmark Channels soon or I’ll also have to start looking for a new option. This deal removes quite a big deal of channels from the service.

  • “we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans.”

    There is no way, whatsoever, that any reasonable person came to that conclusion.

    Fix, this or, like the rest, I’m out.

  • unfortunate as many of the affected channels were part of the reason i switched from sling and now i’ll be dropping vue…

  • Next question is….does Sling have Viacom channels?

    If so , the decision is pretty easy here.

  • Ok so we lose all these channels, but what i want to know is will my elite package pricing going down? Are sony going to give us HBO Cinemax and Showtime under elite? Because if not then the prices would be criminal and i rather go back to cable.

    • Of course not, your pricing is staying the same because they’re adding other channels. I don’t care about the new channels, I watch a few of the Viacom channels and this is the last blow to my experience with Vue. Either going to Sling or back to cable.

  • Really too bad, was about to cancel cable and move to vue since it had all of the viacom channels. It’s awesome you added BBC america, but it’s not enough, especially to justify the price

  • BBC America.

    Thank you for expanding.

    I realize that the Viacom thing is likely to a very sharp rise int eh price Viacom is asking, Sling had the same thing happen. While SLing eventually negotiated a reasonable price, I hope you can as well.

    I don’t care when TV channels think that I need to Pay $7/month for ESPN is a fair price.

  • Overall Vue is still a wonderful service. Far from perfect with the last minute changes, but still a good cost cutting service!

  • Well, we’re unsubscribing. Nice job working out a deal and giving us a choice.

  • I’m okay with the decision….I’m looking for a good value for my money….you’re adding two channels, but what will you fill the missing program?? I’m not a NBA fan, so having a true a’la Carey that I can truly pick and chose would be great. I’m not leaving, I had Sling and it’s still a mess….remember Sling is a mess too….what does more CBS and FOX programming??? I’ll wait and see

  • MLB Network please!

  • Wow. I was just going to sign up for Vue on Thursday when I get my PS4 Pro and move the old PS4 upstairs. Comedy Central, TV Land, Nickelodeon were some of the main draws. BBC America is a plus, but with still no CW or live local channels here, I don’t think the service is even worth it. Bummer.

  • This is more good than bad news.. I can finally watch Dirk Gently on BBC America, yay!
    Hope they have some catch-up option for previous episodes..

  • Cartoon Network is my main channel but losing the Nick channels is a bummer as i like those as well. My GF just started watching a few TV Land shows too :( I also watch Catfish every now and then. Hope they come back soon. It’s gotta be a money thing with Viacom, i can’t imagine it wold be anything else.

    Viacom – “You’re really gaining some ground with your service now Sony”
    Sony – “Yes we are, thank you for being a part of it”
    Viacom – “Yeah…. give us more money!”

    • Sadly, as the way all business works, you’re last few lines are most likely the entire reason.

      Sucks, but I’m sure they will work something out in due time, of course it will give Sony the chance to come back like the shining knight.

      “We know these channels are important to y’all so we nogotiated it to get them back for yas! Woot Woot!!”

  • They need to add lifetime channel or LPN channel then the vue will be even better

  • Vue is overpriced and functions on an outdated, cable style business model. Sony really missed an opportunity to offer something different and better to consumers.

  • Well, I just cancelled my subscription. I want to love the service and love the cloud DVR, but the following problems have been bugging me lately:

    1.) Channel lineup – Removal of the Viacom channels, no History channel, and no Hallmark channels.
    2.) Android App – A lot of channels are mobile restricted when away from my home. Lately everything is showing up as mobile restricted. Very annoying! Also the app is not very well designed and is sluggish.
    4.) Roku App – The design of the app is atrocious. Needs a channel grid or a design similar to the Sling TV app.
    5.) Web App – The newly released web streaming only works on Mac and PC. It doesn’t work on my Chromebook. Again, very annoying!

    I’m doing a trial of Sling TV again and enjoying it thus far, but it will be more expensive. I’m also interested in the upcoming DirectTV Now service. If Sony starts improving things again I’ll take another look. It seems every step forward they take they take another two steps back. Come on Sony, you can do better.

    • Agree with all your points, and I too personally have canceled, but the mobile restriction thing can be fixed if you log out and back in while on your home wifi although it does mess up again after a week. Very annoying

  • And we were on a trend moving up too. PC access added, my local CBS (the only network without OnDemand) was added recently. I look Vue after cutting the cord three months ago but losing two of my household’s most watched channels is a huge bummer.

  • All I lose in this is Comedy Central, which was a much bigger deal to me when The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were going strong. South Park is available on Hulu which if you can stomach commercials (as you would on Vue) is currently only $5.99 a month. What’s really left? @Midnight? Good show, but not worth signing up for cable over.

    I’m curious about the new local channels. As a Boston Bruins fan I can only hope Sony has heard our continuous cries to bring NESN to Vue. I’m also waiting for live streaming NBC, ABC and FOX. If there’s a reason this isn’t doable, is there also a reason Vue subscribers haven’t been told why? Or did I miss something?

  • Guess I’ll be canceling psVue then

  • So what channel packages are BBC America and NBA TV coming to? I hope I don’t have to upgrade to Elite to get them after losing 12 channels in the Core package. I am almost willing to give up all those Viacom channels, which I don’t really watch anymore, for BBC America, which I definitely will watch. However, it just feels wrong to no longer have access to such basic legacy cable channels like MTV, Comedy Central, Nick, and VH1. Some of those channels I’ve never not had since they launched in the 1980s. Why can’t Sony just negotiate a deal for those very basic channels?

    • Content providers are real big into “buy all our crap or get nothing”. That’s why we are flooded with hundreds of useless channels on most cable providers. “We have FXXXXXXXXX now, buy that or lose FX!” “No one wants that channel.” “Oh, well we moved a few of the most popular shows from FX to FXXXXXXXXX now so your costumers will be mad if they lose those. Money please!”

  • You can add me to the list of customers who were really happy prior to today and now it will be hard to explain to my kid that they can’t watch Nick Jr anymore. This is sad and I hope you bring back the Nickelodeon channels at least.

  • I think the biggest slap in the face here is that you’re giving everyone who is subscribed two days notice that they’re about to lose a bunch of channels. Seriously? Please tell me there was more advanced notice via email or something. Two days is not a reasonable amount of time to go find another service, especially if you need to call a cable company and setup a new account. If you were having trouble with negotiations or had any hint that these channels were about to be lost, YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOUR CUSTOMERS SOONER. Give them a chance to figure out what they’re going to do. Springing a change on them two days before it happens is just poor business.

    I’m personally very excited to see BBC America added as a channel, and have been telling myself I’d sign up for Vue instantly if you added it. But I wasn’t expecting to lose other channels in the process. Comedy Central is one of my top channels that I watch, which leaves me back in the same situation of not being completely sure I want to sign up. Especially if my service could randomly change out of the blue like this. Coming in as a non-subscribed, this looks like a horrible customer service issue that I don’t really want to be subjected to in the future.

  • Just great… my kids love the DVR function with Nick shows. So you are letting 22 channels leave the service and adding 3 yet keeping the same price? I also like how they did not bother to actually list the channels in the post because once you see the list you realize what a blow this is.

    Very annoyed as I enjoy the service but hate the fact they did not come to an agreement for this MASSIVE chunk of stations and the last minute announcement is also a bit crap if you ask me. Thanks for the 3 day notice Sony.

  • I’ve been a vocal supporter of PlayStation Vue since it opened up to me but this has me seriously reconsidering. There wasn’t very many channels that I watched to begin with so this makes my subscription questionable…

  • I mainly got the service for access to AMC and the cloud dvr capabilities, but the Viacom channels (mainly CC and Nick JR) were the deciding factor in signing up. This decision is going to cost you a lot of subscribers, especially this one. The channels you’re adding I have no interest in and I can’t be the only one that feels this way. This service had great potential. Such a dissapointment.

    • I watch BBC America when Doctor Who or Orphan Black is on. No other time. I actually hate seeing sports channels added to things most of the time because I know that costs them a lost of money and I will never watch them. Comedy Central and Nick Jr were two of the channels I signed up for. Losing them is a big blow to my house just to gain a channel that sits dormant for us most of the time.

  • Everybody keeps saying, “Well if Nickelodeon drops my children won’t have anything to watch, so I’m cancelling”… But I’m going to be honest… I AM OLD AND LOVE SPONGEBOB and IF NICKELODEON IS NOT HERE I WILL BE CANCELLING! That’s a very rotten deal, and I’m more than certain it isn’t Sony’s fault. I know Viacom is a bunch of a-holes that push content providers around to make more money. However, I notice rates don’t seem to budge too much after you drop those top tier channels. Hmmm. How else is Viacom going to learn that we don’t need them though if they keep bilking content providers (which then gives us higher rates). Want to know why your cable with your local cable company is outrageous? Disney and Viacom. Always those two.

    • I would be plenty happy to lose these channels temporarily just to stick it to the content providers and get them back without our costs going up.

  • Just get the normal Nickelodeon channel and comedy central and I will stay otherwise I just can’t gotta have Nickelodeon no matter what

  • No loss. Only going to miss Spike. So I guess after these stations are removed, the price will be dropped a little…..yeah right….they will now be pocketing more money after the 11th.

  • After adding Android TV, I thought I was done with Dish forever. Now I will be going back

  • Okay a few months back yo lost History channel and a few others, I dealt with that. Now you guys let go CC, Spike and the Nick channels… That’s ridiculous! I do like that you guys are getting BBC, But NBATV and Vice are garbage channels IMO and they are most definitely are Niche channels and most definitely do NOT make up for the loss of CC and Nicks…

    There’s not much left…. and the BS “FLUFF” channels like Bein sports, Esquire network and other like them NO ONE WANTS!!!!

    You guys need to get History channel back and you guys need to drop the price of ALL of your packages. for instance- your lowest tier that you guys charge 39.99 is now worth 29.99 AT BEST!

    You already lost my business as far as Pay$staion goes (i’ll NEVER buy another $ony Console again), I’ll Never buy another overpriced and restrictive tech product from you guys again!!!! And it looks like you lost my business for P$Vue which until today was actually a Decent, NOT great option for tv. Looks like My business will go to SlingTV or maybe Direct TV.

    You product was a bit Over Priced before this and now it’s most certainly overpriced!!!

    TL;DR: BYE!!

  • Playstation Vue is a great service and I have been very pleased with it for 4 months, but dropping Viacom is going to cause me to move to another service – I have 3 kids who watch Nick.

    Not sure if comments matter to Playstation Vue and hope this is brinkmanship, but I suspect you are going to lose a good chunk of customers on this.

  • I’m an animation fan, and Vue having Nickelodeon and Nicktoons was a big reason why I chose the service.
    Also, couldn’t you guys at least have waited until after the South Park season was over before doing this?

  • i guess i’ll wait to see what direct tv offers or switch to sling tv before i drop vue. thats a shame my wife and i really like vue, but not if they are going to take channels away.

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