New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

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New Channels, Additional Lineup Change Coming to PlayStation Vue

We have some new updates about PlayStation Vue to share with you today. First, we’re happy to announce the addition of new channels to PlayStation Vue, including BBC America and NBA TV launching tomorrow, as well as VICE and more local broadcast stations from CBS and Fox coming soon.

Additionally, starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue. This includes channels such as Comedy Central, Spike, and MTV. At PlayStation, we always strive to provide the best value and service for our fans. As part of our ongoing evaluation of the PlayStation Vue offering, we have determined that removing the bundle of channels from Viacom is the best way for us to continue to offer the most compelling value to our fans.

It’s been quite a busy year for us since launching ESPN, ABC and other Disney-owned networks; we have expanded the service nationwide, added highly requested channels such as NFL Network and HBO, and introduced new PS Vue enabled devices such as Roku, Android TV and web support for PC and Mac. As demonstrated by the new channels announced today, we will continue to expand the PlayStation Vue service by adding devices and networks that are highly requested by our fans.

PlayStation Vue subscribers will continue to enjoy the popular features that make the service unique, such as simultaneous streaming and cloud-based DVR. We are continuing to add value and flexibility with multiple plan options to choose from, as well as a la carte options such as recent additions of HBO and Cinemax.

Remember that there is no long-term commitment required for any PlayStation Vue plan. You can visit for more information.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to all that’s ahead.

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  • “all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue…including Comedy Central”

    Whelp, guess I should start looking for a new streaming service, and I’ve only been on Vue for a few months.

    • That’s where I’m at. CC is one of the few channels I actually watch and my daughter watched Nick Jr. I’m in my third month of Vue and it just renewed a couple days ago.

    • That’s kind of a good thing though. In all reality if Comcast or Time Warner pulls this crap you’re forced to deal with it. The fact that you can cancel any tie is a great benefit of Vue.

    • It is. Vue was the only service I found that came close to what I wanted. No DVR on Sling makes it useless to me. DirecTV Now could work, but still so little is known about it.

    • Where is WGN America??? This was suppose to be part of the channel line up. I am missing Salem!!! Help!

    • No Sony don’t I need Nickelodeon for my daughter I don’t care about the others get the Nick channels or I’m gone ):

    • It’s not PS Vue, everyone should be mad at Viacom for jacking up their prices and proud of Sony not agreeing to pay them to keep our prices affordable. Direct Tv is terrible if, like me, you live in a windy area. You will never have reception and the customer service is the worst ( it is att when you get down to it.)

    • Get used to it. I think this is how these services are going to be. Before you know it going to be worthless content overpriced and your right back at the beginning just like cable services.

    • This is terrible!!!! I cut the cord and my children enjoy Nick and MTV……..I may have to find a new streaming service now. And I just started Vue

    • Why leave Vue when you can tell Viacom you are upset with there decision to not work with VUE to provide that content. This is not the first time they have pulled this.

    • Thats lame. I’m out.

    • So what am I paying 44.99 a month if im losing all my most watch channels for me and my kids and still have to pay for losing 10 +channel’s and jus gained 2 channel’s is gonna be very disconcerting and would probably go back to basic cable after 3 months of finally being free from contracts and dealing with customer service looks like ill be unsubcribin from playstaion vue at the end of the month. Unless viacom channel’s get back .

    • Comedy Central and vh1 can viewed by app or Chromecast. TV land can be viewed over the air. All of those other channels are Passover channels unless you have kids or like bet. I’m sticking with psvue. I’m sure more channels will be added. It takes time to make deals.

    • Yeah! Sports programming pays the bills, Sony knows how many people (don’t) watch the Viacom channels. I’ll trade all the channels I wish I could delete from the guide for one just good one.

    • When I had cable this exact same thing happened.

      I couldn’t stream Comedy Central anymore so I had to use Hulu to watch South Park.

      Why? Cause Viacom increased prices and my cable provider couldn’t justify it.

      So getting mad at Sony it very short sighted. One of the reasons I stopped doing Youtube commentary 10 years ago was because I got a copyright strike from Viacom for talking about Gametrailers (owned by a company owned by Viacom) having better video reviews than IGN for Grand Theft Auto IV.

      I had no footage what so ever. I just talked for a couple of minutes about how much more content Gametrailers Reviews showcased and that overall they are a far better source to get info from…

      Viacom just never seems to stop slapping their customers in the face.

    • Eh, Comedy Central hasn’t been worth while live since Stewart and Colbert left. Only other thing on CC is Tosh.0 and you can watch that online. As for Nickolodeon, Sling doesn’t have it, Hulu may, I don’t know, havent’ looked. I will miss Spike, but again, I didn’t watch anything on it except Bar Rescue and the Tattoo shows which I can catch on Kodi. MTV, VHI, LOGO, never watched those, so no skin off my nose. I am stoked that we are getting BBC though. Also how to do you request a channel. I would like Vue to get NHL Network since they are getting NBA Network.

    • They’re giving you NBA , vice and BBC America though! Who’s really watching Viacom anyway? I used to work for dish and price hikes are a nightmare. I’m GLAD vue just told Viacom to **** off I like basketball and sports more anyway

    • Would also really like to see History added to the line up

    • So you drop 10% of the channels some of which I like to watch regularly, and there’s no price adjustment? How does that work? Plus still no local channels for Portland Oregon. Sling TV is looking better and better

    • Oh great. Now im going to have to find a new service provider. My kids loved Nickelodeon. The greed in this world is sickening…


    • I’m tired of flip flopping! I just made the switch from Sling Tv because of this whole Monday Night Football thing where it was blacked out on NFL Network on Sling but you could watch it on Twitter. I didn’t get Sling Tv to watch stuff on Twitter, duh! So I came to PlayStation Vue thinking things would be better, I was wrong! Looks like I’ll be trying this Direct Tv Now… whenever it finally comes out! You lost another customer over here PlayStation Vue!!!

    • My daughter loves her nick channels….i dont have cbs or any live local channels….you are removing tge channels that are most watched in my house……now i have to go back to cable……thanks

    • Well this is just horrible, I guess I will set myself a reminder to cancel before my subscription renews… well I guess I will have to get Kodi

    • You got rid of the only channels we watch. We won’t be usungbthis anymore. Thanks for nothing.

    • They shouldn’t do this in the middle of a billing cycle and should have given us some warning. Plus on the west coast it’s already gone. We should all be charged less now that these channels are gone. It’s one of the main reasons I signed up.

    • Yep I’m gone too my renewal date is tomorrow I not renewing

    • I need that comedy central in my life! This is very disappointing. Gotta find a solution.

    • Can’t help but feel this was a hugely bad choice. I would pay much more for those channels you got rid of. If they were on a more expensive plan I would have gladly changed. I feel I have 0 need for the elite package anymore. I even kinda feel I have no need for Vue anymore. The shows I wanted were on a comedy centeral MTV and TV Land. Those being gone I feel I should just walk. Thanks Sony! You just saved me $44 a month.

    • Won’t really miss those channels. Would be nice if history channel and hallmark channel would be added.

    • This was only a viable option because of it’s kids channels. With no Nick or Nick Jr, we’ll be cancelling. Unlimited DVR is secondary to programming availability. Let me know when you iron out whatever disput is going on with Viacom and we’ll be back. Disappointing.

    • I would have to agree I thought PlayStation Vue was the greatest service. I even brag to people about it. But with the loss of all Viacom networks it’s not a good deal at all in fact it’s a crappy deal sling TV is looking so much better. It’s not like we’re just losing one channel or two channels will losing almost 20. And no price adjustment so the people that are saying don’t be mad at Sony I’m furious at Sony you’re not going to lower the price then pay Viacom what they want and keep our programming the same

    • I hope there will be a price cut coming! I just had to renew my Hulu subscription since Hulu has a multi year deal with Viacom.

    • Im done the whole reason I switched was cause it was a good deal but now you’ve deleted all of the networks my famly watched wich is the whole reason I paid for the ultra package iether bring back those networks or rienberse me cause Im not getting what I paid for. and if they dont come back Im done and Its back to regular cable.

    • Bummed to lose the Nick channels as my daughter frequently watched nick jr. All these channels are being removed but nothing good added. Would like to see hallmark and lifetime!

    • I felt that way at first, but I downloaded the Comedy Central app on Apple TV and I get everything on the channel.
      If you want to watch older broadcasts it needs a TV provider, but new episodes are free with ads.
      You can check if you have a smart TV or another device for the Comedy Central app, it isn’t available on PS4.

    • The main reason I got Vue was to watch South Park, Tosh.0, and shows on Spike, now, days after I sign up, you drop the channels I care about. I don’t want to have to go online or use an app on a mobile device to watch these shows, I signed up for Vue because I want to watch them on my TV… Reconsidering whether or not I should keep Vue.

    • Iam pay for channel that I don’t have i don’t understand what’s going on

    • Well I will be canceling my service because those were some of the channels that my son and I watched. Very disappointed

    • Ps vue just lost me as a customer. You should contact people in advance before removing channels. Poor decision sony!!!!!

    • So Nickelodeon is gone along with comedy central, I wouldn’t pay $10 now for this crap service. You just lost a customer here!

    • Dropping MTV Live and CMT was a deal breaker for me. Downgraded my subscription from Elite to Access. Will be looking into Hulu Live and Google streaming services when they come out next year.

    • I will be cancelling my subscription due to this news.

      Very disappointed hearing it. Even more disappointed that my supscription renewed one day before they announced this. Terrible decision from Sony and PS Vue

    • Come on Sony? Negotiate and get those channels back, I just dropped Verizon FiOS for you. If you don’t want us running back to the cable companies figure out how to keep a basic stable package online.

    • Playstation has plenty of money to pay to the channel providers. Just realized that I don’t get the history channel. Would love to get it and the nickelodeon back. My daughter loves SpongeBob, I want to be able to watch moonshiners.

    • Still keeping it .There is 3 Disney stations for kids,and a cartoon network..Lots of shows you can add &series etc for kids..I like the stations…

    • Playstation vue was a good service. But now since it lost it main channels as well as 100 of customers to it won’t be the same. Word of advice keep your customers happy and they make you happy. I have try sling tv and it’s junk . Service is very bad . Freezes and cuts out all the time even with a high speed connection. So Sony bring back those channels because I’m backing out of yall service and going to netflix til then. Relook at yall plans and a cheap price for every one . Thanks

    • I understand that some people may not appreciate the VIACOM programming, but, to say who cares- most of us with kids do.
      Nickelodeon is a big one to lose, as is, tvland.

      I was almost completely done with my cable. I’m down to one cable box in my bedroom, and now with my smart tv, I was going to cancel cable TV completely on Friday.

      I’m also a little suspicious of what’s happening here. I have both cable and sling, tv land is still on both of them, and my bill has not gone up on either. If it’s a price issue, they could’ve added those channels to another plan- like ultra or ala cart, and, if customers wanted to change plans and pay more they can. I understand the cable cutters and vue wanting to stay in a certain price bracket. But, It’s not just the channels that makes cable expensive, it’s the boxes. I have 6 kids and 7 boxes @ 8.00 =$56 plus they were charging 16.00 for a DVR on top of the 8.00. Highway robbery!

      But, is VUE any better now? They just took 10 channels away, add three useless ones, and I’m still paying the same. Very disappointed!

    • I dont think thats a good move Sony… All the content that i watched was on the Viacom networks Mtv Bet Vh1 Comedy Central even Nick…. Im going to have to finish my season of Walking Dead and then I might be done with PSVue if I cant watch the shows I like… And I was Hyping you up to everyone… Bad choice p watch Love and Hip Hop and Husbands of Hollywood not to mentio Broad City and Avatar last air bender these are all popular shows that ppl watch regularly my entire cue is reduced to Flip or Flop and Gotham smh please bring the Viacom back ASAP!!!!

    • I dont think thats a good move Sony… All the content that i watched was on the Viacom networks Mtv Bet Vh1 Comedy Central even Nick…. Im going to have to finish my season of Walking Dead and then I might be done with PSVue if I cant watch the shows I like… And I was Hyping you up to everyone… Bad choice p watch Love and Hip Hop and Husbands of Hollywood not to mentio Broad City and Avatar last air bender these are all popular shows that ppl watch regularly my entire cue is reduced to Flip or Flop and Gotham smh please bring the Viacom back ASAP!!!! Please

    • You’ll lose me as a costumer if you don’t put back mtv or Nick on PlayStation VUE, plz give it back

    • I can catch Viacom shows somewhere else I only watch a few shows on that network anyway. Thank you PlayStation for not handing down their price hike to us . I would like to request the A&E channel and local channels in North Carolina

    • I was using my PS view account to sign into Nickjr apps for my kids. Without nick I find it hard to justify keeping my subscription.

    • Don’t leave Vue. Viacom is notorious for doing this to providers. Hold out eventually Viacom will come crawling back. They’re down 1 billion from last year, they’re just trying to stick it to Vue.

    • I don’t think leaving Vue is the best idea. Some one said call Viacom and complain.
      Another idea is call the companies that have commercials on your favorite channels and tell them you have been cut off from there commercials and expect you may well forget about their products.
      Viacom will cave if a good share of the Vue viewers cause trouble between them and the companies that use them

    • We just cut the chord. Time Warner cable was atrocious. If you take away channels you must lower the price. NBA TV? Yuck. BBC America? Double yuck. I’d like to see A&E and the NHL Network.History Channel, local channels as well. We’re tempted to go back to satellite.

    • Please put all the channels back up there please I’m dying with out the shows…. I really like paying for the service but I’m going to have switch if it doesn’t change

    • “all Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue…including Comedy Central”
      Whelp, guess I should start looking for a new streaming service, and I’ve only been on Vue for a few months. -I agree…
      Great service and I loved the ability to cast from Android phone, however the lost of Viacom has me looking else where for cable now. :-(

    • This is really making me mad why they do this my kids love Nickelodeon and as in me MTV comedy central I’m glad I’m not with y’all I just canceled it before getting charge


    • Well, I’m canceling PlayStation Vue now. And I can’t get football all the time? Naw, not worth it anymore.

    • You should be mad at Viacom not playstation. Playstation is trying to offer you a good deal at a reasonable price. Viacom obviously jacked up their price for Playstation. Instead of just accepting it and upping our price they chose to exclude these services and keep their price the same. It sucks I know. I have three kids and they love nick Jr. Be mad but point the blame in the right direction. Viacom is trying to take advantage of a good thing. That’s why cable prices are so high.

    • This is a big bummer. I have had PS vue since it has started and i have always been satisfied until now. Those channels that were cut are some of the most viewed by my family. If PS vue cant get the channels back i will have to cancel my subscription. Also how would i go about complaining to Viacom about this situation?

    • Personally, I never watched any of the Viacom channels. The only channel they seemed to add for me was NESN (New England Sports Network) – which was the only channel I was really missing, so I’m pumped. I can watch my Red Sox and Bruins now! Totally fair trade lol

    • I got this because I wanted CMT! Are you going to get it back? If not , I will have to get another TV service or go back to Directv. Please bring it back!

    • Lost everything I signed up for in the first week. Back to Slin

    • Only reason I switched to Vue was to get Viacom channels mostly for my kids to watch but also because I enjoyed them. Thankfully they just began my billing cycle and I was able to cancel and get a full refund of the $44.99. Trying to blame Viacom for them wanting some of the money Sony was making off Viacom’s work but not dropping the price after dropping all the channels just proves that Sony is the real greasey grimey greedy one. Add back Viacom and I’ll add back Vue.

    • I’m not thrilled at all about Vue and losing channels! I honestly would like an option for sports channels because I don’t watch sports and my kids are not happy about losing Nickelodeon! I guess after this month my family will be trying out Sling, and be getting Amazon Prime! Honestly I’m questioning weather or not PlayStation actually values having customers because I’ve looked at a bunch of posts and haven’t heard a peep out of them

    • @Jonathan_418, If you get a Amazon Fire TV box, add it to one of the TVs and watch it thru the Vue app. It’s identical to the system app. I have 1 PS4 and two Fire TVs for 2 different TVs in the house and we sometimes watch all 3 at the same time watching different programs. Kids are. Amazon Fire TV box is great with a Amazon Prime subscription. I have them hood up by LAN cable but they’re also wifi compatible.

    • I honestly don’t watch BBC America, and would love to get comedy central and BET back on the line up. My wife loves those channels. She is ready to cancel

    • I wish there weren’t so many sports channels almost half are sports. I’m paying $35 a month for 16 channels since I don’t watch sports. Other options would be appreciated

    • SlingTV is probably the way to go.

    • I agree this is the worst thing they could have done. to discontinue TV land & nickelodeon. I am looking for another streaming. I signed up it was 24.95, then without warning went to 34.95 and I believe it is back down to 29.95. Sling looks likeit has more stations now and for add comdy channels including cmt tv land etc for 5.00 I will probably check sling out some more. I was happy with psvue until the viacom channels were dropped.

    • I’ve recently started a free trial with Playstation vue. Unfortunately, the loss of Viacom has forced me to cancel my subscription. I’m positive this won’t be a permanent update, however I refuse to pay for service that I’m not satisfied with. It’s such a shame because I was loving the convenience of accessing my channels through my ps4. Too good to be true I guess.

  • “Viacom-owned networks will no longer be available on PlayStation Vue.” Do you know when you’re gonna bring back Viacom Global Entertainment Group, Nickelodeon Group, & BET Networks. Is Sony negotiating a contract?

    • This is purely speculation on my part but my guess is it has something to do with AT&T’s DirecTv Now package. It was announced in October that AT&T reached an agreement with Viacom. So, I’m thinking there may be something in the agreement which prohibits Sony from providing Viacom channels.

    • I don’t know Thur… I couldnt’ stream viacom on my Suddenlink because viacom was asking for too much money.

      This just seems to be a general trend. I’m sure South Park isn’t on Netflix for that reason too. Maybe Viacom is still represented on Netflix, but if they’re not, again, general trend.

    • Viacom channels blow and the constantly ask providers for more money and interrupt service. MTV is a wasteland of poor reality shows. Vh1 is lower brow garbage. Bet couldn’t even get their Prince tribute right and 90% is unwatchable. Nick is a loss for those with kids but Disney channel’s make up for it. Comedy Central is the only quality station. I’ll take BBC America and let Viacom realize they have a bunch of garbage and close down some of the crap stations.

  • Uhhh.. Viacom networks are a big reason why I signed up in the first place. Starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, I will start looking for a new service

    • Good luck. This is a pattern with Viacom. Netflix dropped them. Amazon picked them up, then Amazon dropped them, and then some internet providers wouldn’t let you stream comedy central’s website because viacom said they couldn’t let you… Maybe they are still on Hulu… but I kinda stopped caring about viacom some time ago.


  • Always a bummer to lose value (i.e. channels per dollar) but I never watched those networks, so I am ok with it. Even with this, Vue is a good deal compared to my other options, just hope the trend does not continue.

    • It’s the principle of the thing. We’re losing roughly 25% of lineup. Don’t see them dropping the rates 25%.

    • +Maddog53014 is right. It’s the principle. They should at least credit us for losing those channels in the middle of a billing cycle.

  • Will there ever be an option to pay for our Vue subscription with a credit card instead of through our PSN wallet? I generally pay for my gaming purchases with my own nest egg but my wife uses Vue as well so I’m trying to keep those payments separate. If that already is an option, I can’t find it so could you let me know if it is? Thank you.

    • If you are married shouldn’t you keep all your finances together? That is what I do with my wife, everything goes into the same account and comes out of it.

    • My wife and I have our “allowances” that are on their own card. Money we can spend without question. My games come out of that so this was an issue for me as well. One solution I almost used was just signing up for Vue under my wife’s account (who doesn’t buy her own games).

    • Yeah, TheNaze hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly how my wife and I work things as well. That’s why it would be nice to be able to pay the monthly fee via credit card instead of straight through the PSN wallet. It would be very helpful if Sony could implement such a solution. I wouldn’t think it would be very difficult to do.

    • Use PayPal with a registered C Card

  • That’s disappointing losing those channels. I don’t watch them but I am sure others do. To stay competitive you need stop removing channels or at least offer an explanation on why you removed them.

  • Very disappointing to lose these (particularly, as a parent, the Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. channels). More transparency on how/why this happened would be appreciated, as well as whether negotiations to restore these are in process.

    • The price should be cut to retain customers and hopefully get new ones. Personally as much as I love Sony I’ve had many issues with both playstation video and playstation vue. Mainly with the way it connects to those services….I think Vue should lower the monthly rate..and that has been the main sticking point as to why I haven’t subscribed in the first place. I do watch some of the viacom channels and the “replacement” channels are poor conciliatory prizes especially since those channels have content that stream for free through phone and tablet applications (nbatv). There definitely needs to be a lower price point for me to even consider it at this point…instead of $44…lower it to $7.99 for ps plus members…it sounds like a large cut..but just look at the slew of channels it’s losing…until there is a new deal or a significant amount of channels come back…this is the way to do it. IT doesn’t cost much to have the streaming rights…and this isn’t talking about pay per view channels here….$7.99 and I’m in…otherwise…forget all this baloney…and get rid of those commercials while you’re at it.

  • Adding these because I went and looked them up. It’s a lot of channels. Viacom networks by tier:

    Nick Jr.
    Comedy Central
    TV Land

    MTV Live
    MTV Classic
    Logo TV
    CMT Music
    BET Gospel
    BET Jams
    BET Soul

  • You can’t just take away channels and not offer refunds. This is a class action waiting to happen.

  • Comedy Central is in my top 3 most watched channels and the Nick channels were one of the few kids options. I have really enjoyed Vue, but I’ll be cancelling this week. Add those channels back and I’ll come back after I finish the contract I will inevitably have to start with my local provider :(

  • I’m definitely cancelling without Viacom.

  • Yeah, you can’t just go and discontinue channels that were already offered. Most likely Ill discontinue service if this happens and Im sure many others will as well. DirectTV Now will most likely offer all these channels and for $35.00 a month. PS Vue better get their stuff together.

  • This is quite a few channels to unceremoniously drop like this. I really hope this is some type of contract struggle to be resolved. If not, losing the NICK channels alone is going to really hurt VUE’s value to families.

  • Bad move removing channels so soon after launching the service to the masses. I’ll miss Comedy Central, but hopefully not too much else. You mention Adding Vice, BBC America, how about A&E and History? They are from the same content provider, so I’m hoping those are coming as well?

    • I’m pretty sure a&e is already available. History is not. That said CMT is really the only one my wife will miss. The others I really don’t care about. I do however hope the price will adjust losing that many channels. This is normal for Viacom, went through this a number of time while on DirecTV.

    • @Miami2399

      This is exactly the standard protocol for Viacom. I remember the yearly negotiations with DirectV and remember when they removed and then added them back.

      Can’t comment on the price. It will likely stay the same.

  • Wow. This is not good news PS Vue team. If Direct TV Now has DVR service, i’m willing to bet that a lot of people will be jumping ship.

    • This happens all the time. Sure Directv Now may get the Viacoms, but in year, they could drop them because of the garbage Viacom keeps playing. Why do you think Netflix and Amazon dumped them?

    • If they’d drop some of the sports channels they could justify the cost of Viacom. I was about to upgrade my subscription to the new ultra package but this will push me back to another provider.

    • Nope, DirecTV Now will not have DVR per att, just 3 day catchup

  • I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are there any plans to renegotiate to bring these channels back or to offer them as an add-on package? Your service isn’t nearly as valuable to me without Comedy Central and I might switch to a different service. It looks like Sling still offers Comedy Central at a lesser price.

  • Um, you know every parent will be upset by you removing the Nick channels right? You don’t even mention that in you post yet those are the most heavily watch channels by kids under the age of 14 or so.

    Posting this in a blog as opposed to putting a notice on the service itself is really weak. 99% of your customers don’t look for this information on a blog so get ready for some serious backlash.

    • You polled every Vue user and this is a fact? Stop whining.

    • Really Brian? Whining?

      So you think a lot of PS Vue folks wont be taken off guard by this change on 11/11? What, you like 90% better than 99%. How about 50% that better for you? no matter how you slice it notifying folks VIA a blog post is a terrible way to let people know this change is coming and with only 3 days notice at that. Lots of people who use PS Vue cut the cord because of what PS Vue offered. Changing the lineup at a moments notice is a great way to get people to leave and a terrible business practice.

    • I agree that it would be nice to see a notice on the guide or something. That is what DirecTv used to do during these contract negotiations.

    • They didn’t put it simply on a blog, they had big splash screen when I logged into Vue telling us they had channel changes and to go to the website to see what they are. If you couldn’t be bothered to go to the website who’s fault is that?

    • I got a notice when I logged in. It’s how I got here. Just goes to show you that the general public has no idea how TV subscriptions work and no desire to research it. Instead of complaints to the TV providers, who you can almost guarantee are not at fault for this, complain to the greed cable TV channel owners who are almost always at the root of these issues, because as a provider grows and contract time comes up, they ask for a lot more money. It is either they raise our prices or say no. I’m glad they said no, because out of these channels, I sparingly watched South Park, which I can honestly live without or find elsewhere online. There are separate apps for a good number of these channels and the ones I see requested in this thread. If you cut the cord, you also have to learn to adjust to watch what you want. Continually. Or you can pay more. Your choice.

  • Still no Apple TV app and then the removal of Viacom channels? No thanks. I’m doing the free trial on Sling right now and will most likely switch until DirecTV Now comes out. Sling seems to be working great so far.

    • You are an idiot. Why would they put crapple tv app on PlayStation? Also what does that have to do with psvue? Sling is garbage compared to VUE even with losing these channels and good luck with ATT owned DirecTV. Price is much higher for less content with a contract and equipment fees.

    • You never heard of Apple TV or direct tv now and call him an idiot?

    • miami2399 pretty sure fgmnt meant a ps vue app for the apple tv…

  • Without Comedy Central there is NO POINT, Good Bye Sony, you will be hearing from my lawyer for your BREACH OF CONTRACT.

    • Haha, good luck. “Wah!!! I lost my Nicelodeon! WAHHH!!”

    • You do realize that there is no contract with a Vue subscription. Just like subscribers have the option of signing up & canceling when they want, Sony can add/subtract channels. Thats one of the benefits of of OTT services like Vue & Sling — no longterm contracts or obligations. Unsubscribe if you’re unhappy & sign up for Sling or Direct TV once available. But you have no grounds to sue

    • No no. Let him sue. It’ll be fun when he realizes how silly he sounds.

    • BREACH OF CONTRACT….when there is no contract. Lolz.

    • DaveTheSnalke, I PAID for access to a set group of channels, if Sony cannot provide those channels till the length og time I HAVE PAID FOR is up then they are in BREACH, just because there is no LONG TERM CONTRACT, doesn’t mean there isn’t a contract with the monthly payments.

    • They should totally give him his $8 refund (or whatever, $1 per day for every day he already paid past the 11th) if he calls up and demands it. It’s only a few dollars and it’s a legit complaint. It’s getting a little whiney though. It’s a few dollars. No one died. Less drama please.

    • While I get the anger – at just about every single PSVue page, they include the following disclaimer:

      “Channels, content, devices, and prices subject to change. Live streaming for select networks may vary by location.”

      In other words – good luck, but they’ve clearly got a decent legal team covering themselves.

    • Yeah go ahead. You can cancel anytime, so you aren’t under an contract and thus there is no “breach”. As I say to people who always stomp their feet and walk out: “don’t let the door hit you in a$$ on the way out”.

    • There is no contract. And your monthly rate is based off a daily rate over a 30 period. So you cancel in the middle, you are prorated, just like when you join in the middle of a cycle. Good luck with your lol suit.

  • Well that was fun while it lasted. I can see why they made everyone buy RedZone season ahead of time. That way they could change their lineup without telling us a whole 2 days in advance without a refund.

  • Come on! This is clearly a Viacom price increase dispute. Just be open and honest with us Sony! There is no way you really think removing all these channels is what the customer wants. I will have to switch to something else because my kids watch all the Nick channels.

  • Going to have to add a lot more than 2-3 channels to compensate for the 15+ that are lost.

    • Agree, the math doesn’t add up. Add more channels to compensate or bring the price down.

    • Most of those channels are garbage anyway. I wouod bet most watched out if them are Comedy central and Nickelodeon. Maybe CMT and MTV but MTV has been garbage for years. I would much rather see History channel than any of those. Comedy Central was good when John Stewart was on but IMO he carried that channel. Haven’t really watched it since he left.

    • miami2399, doesn’t matter how “garbage” you vue the channels as, the math still doesn’t add up and STILL NO HISTORY CHANNEL, so WHY do you bring that up, it’s not like we are getting History in trade for this crap.

    • @miami2399

      MTV Classic is a Music History Channel so it is actually quite a very important channel.

    • Dudes, history channel has an app. I have it on my Fire TV.

  • I have to say that this is very disappointing news! Comedy Central and Spike are 2 of my son’s most watched channels. Can’t wait to see what Directv Now has to offer!

  • I seriously hope that you all will be providing a refund for the channels that you abruptly took away!

    • Refund for what? Their lawyers are definitely better than the Internet’s swollen sense of justice, and collective legal knowledge. I’m sure somewhere in the terms of service agreement that there’s a clause for this exact situation. :)

    • Sony got hit for a Class Action lawsuit over removing features from the PS3 that it was sold as being capable of, you damn well better believe it will happen again for crap like this.

  • I must say that after this news, i now feel like PS Vue was too good to be true. We have been thoroughly enjoying the service despite the UI learning curve. Now that a big chunk of content that my family enjoys is being removed, we will also be looking for service elsewhere (although i wish we didn’t have to)


    • Channel lineups are alwasy in flux. Directv does it, comcast does it, dish does it. Who ever said the streaming services wouldn’t be stuck negotiating with these channel companies?

    • Well if it were just up to Sony, it would likely be there. Providers always want the most content they can offer to consumers for a value over other competitors. But, someone owns these channels. And it’s in *their* hands, not Sony. Sony can try to get a deal done, but sometimes it’s not better to do a deal than it is to drop the channels.

  • Kinda sucks….I really love bar rescue n when I’m bored I watch SpongeBob or friends reruns. NOT too big of a blow for me as I don’t watch many Viacom channels but in general it sucks

  • I will also be looking for a new provider. Comedy Central is one of the channels I watch the most, and I feel they could at least keep the channels, but add to another tier if we choose to pay a little more for them, then so be it, but let us choose. Don’t just drop them. Very disappointed. I’ve recommended this service to family and friends in the past, but I won’t anymore.

  • I still can not watch this on my PSTV!!

  • I’m not happy about this. I didn’t enjoy many channels myself (aside from Comedy Central and Spike), but as a parent, my daughter enjoyed Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. quite a lot. This kind of makes me want to go back to Sling TV…kind of. I hope you’ll renegotiate with Viacom, maybe bump them from Access to Core, or something. That’s more than 20 channels getting removed.

    Also, to anyone saying they’re suing for breach of contract, you didn’t sign a contract. You’re free to cancel whenever without penalty.

  • Are you kidding Playstation?? When viacom tried to hold directv hostage for pricing concerns, DTV fought back and had customers write complaints and showed warning banners on your channels, how is this acceptable? Comedy Central is a huge channel and completely unfair that you’d remove these. If I knew PS Vue wasn’t going to have a stable service I wouldn’t have subscribed. Why did you lower the price if this was going to happen. You don’t have enough channels as is. This isn’t Netflix where we can expect content to come and go each month, this is a television subscription.

    • They lowered the price to be competitive and because people complained.

      I do agree with your fight back, however DirecTv has far more subscribers than Playstation Vue, and maybe Sony because of Sony pictures doesn’t want to rock the boat?

    • VIACOM are dirty at this, Suddenlink dropped VIACOM from their cable line up because they no longer saw the value of paying their extortion fees.. DISH Network has lost viacom at least twice for more than a few days.. and DirecTv has lost them before too…. don’t go into it thinking any provider is safe but it’s going to be easier to switch providers in the future.

    • Channels come and go each month is an exaggeration no? Channels coming and going each year is exactly what you can expect with ANY paid television subscription. It happens with Verizon, Comcast, DirectTV, et all.

    • Maybe direct your anger and annoyance at Viacom for trying to hold everyone hostage? Just a thought.

  • Boooooo…..Bring back Nick channels!

  • I hate to join the masses but I too and not renewing after this current month ends. I can’t justify the price when I lose so many channels. When these are added back, I’ll reconsider but even then I will be hard pressed as my faith has been shook. When I had Dish Network, if they lost a channel, they would let you know why (contract dispute) and keep you informed for when they had it live again (This happened years back when AMC got big from The Walking Dead). I was hoping being a Sony fan I could hope for more but I guess I will just have to keep a eye on it while I search for other providers.

    • How many of them do you watch on a regular basis? It’s really worth going back to renting boxes, contracts and high prices for maybe 2 channels? Most of those channels are fillers.

  • Very disappointed about losing Comedy Central. Though, Mr. Benefield, if you can find a way to bring Jeopardy onto PSVue, all will be forgiven.

  • That’s too bad, I to will be jumping ship on this move and I’m really disappointed as we really enjoyed this service. I can get the same value now with a basic cable package and at least have the channels you just killed off and more. Thanks for trying Vie but you failed now.

  • Hopefully, this is just saber rattling with negotiations with Viacom networks. Every other provider does the same thing, they just aren’t as pointed about losing the channels, and mention that they are in negotiations…

    Suppose we’ll see if it’s negotiation tactics, or if they’re legit losing those channels when we wake up on the 12th.

  • Losing Comedy Central for me is big.
    Losing Nick for my 3 year old daughter is horrible. I’ll be canceling on November 11 :(

    • I hate our local cable company and not having this channels will make me look for another way to get cable now. Bad move for PSN. Not having the cocal channels with minimal channels is bad news. Time to move on.

  • Unreal. The title of the post is as misleading an understatement as you could imagine. “Doctor, am I going to make it?” “Well, you have phenomenal blood oxygen levels… But you’re also going to die in the next 30 minutes.”

    “We’d like to inform you that we’re getting rid of half of the channels you watch on a daily basis. We feel that is best.” Really liked psvue, but my hands are tied now. Have to switch…

    • “We bought you this cool bracelet… But we have to amputate your arm.”

    • In my case it would be :”Sorry to inform you that your Corvette has been in an accident and was totaled.” , “Come again, I don’t own a Corvette.” “Well it has been totaled, sorry for your loss”.

    • How is it misleading? I knew from the second I read it channels were going to be removed.

      What else could it mean? “Additional lineup changes”

      new channels? Well, that’s specified in the title. So that’s sure as hay not it, because it’d be redundant.

      The only other option is… removal of channels.

  • Dropping Viacom huh? BAD TIME to be DROPPING channels when DirecTV NOW is about to launch. Well, time to give AT&T some of my hard earned money, and see what Hulu and Google’s live services have to offer next year.

    Stupid idiots.

    • This is probably why, VIACOM is losing money and AT&T probably threw cash at them to be the only streaming provider. If I am a bettering man, I bet NBC Comcast end up on one service, Turner ends up on another, and FX/FOX ends up on a third… why? To force people into having three or four streaming tv services to get all their shows… (kind of like having netflix, hulu and amazon prime)

  • Comedy Central is basically the reason I signed up for Vue in the first place. Please tell me a contract is being negotiated with Viacom.

  • I’ve got four kids… without Nickelodeon channels you will lose me as a customer. This really stinks because my ENTIRE family has really enjoyed PS Vue since the start of summer…

  • No Comedy Central? Ok I’ll cancel service on the 10th.

  • that is funny, I just signed up for the free trial and it ends on Nov 11th. I guess I will be sticking with SlingTV and to think I was just getting ready to cancel my Sling for Vue.

  • While I could care less about MTV, Spike and Comedy Central (for me), and Nick (for my son) are key channels. Those that are being added aren’t channels that I want/need/miss, so this is a big net loss for my family.

    Add this to the fact that I’ve had billing issues twice in the last three months, and I’ll be looking for alternatives.

    Sony…. fix this

  • As others have said, this had better be a dispute that is being resolved. Vue has done nothing but get better, but it is still not on par with cable. We can’t be loosing ground when we are still in the building stage. I have no plans to switch providers, but I know this is going to loose you a couple of the people I worked so hard to convice to switch to Vue.

    I look forward to seeing how this plays out. Hopefully the local CBS and Fox networks will be coming to the Seattle area. I am interested to see it more channels than just BBC arrive. I will continue to inform people about Vue, and I will keep people that really want Nick, MTV, and Comedy Central posted if you bring the channels back.

    Please keep up the good work. Do what you have to to bring back the lost channels. If they can only be added via the Elite package, then that is fine, but we have to at the minimum have an option. That is supposed to be the power of Vue. Give us the choice, if people want to pay more, then they have the option. If the content owner can’t draw enough people, then they have to make changes. Give the power to the people.

  • I’m actually quite glad MTV will be gone. I was looking for a way to block that channel out anyway. My kids will no doubt miss nickelodeon, but a lot of those shows are on Amazon Prime anyway. That’s a big group of channels to lose, but really glad about BBC America and hopefully this will open the door for History channel. Wow…I sound old.

  • I agree with most of the people here…. Viacom has a lot of stations most people in the so called tech generation enjoy…. They need to find a way to bring them back …. because other alternatives are being created and will start soon…. like DirectTv Now

  • Losing Viacom channels is a bigger deal than this post would like to let on. Mentioning all of this in the 2nd paragraph almost says as much. This is a significant blow to the value proposition the service can now provide, and I say this as a big fan of the service thus far.

    It’s a bigger blow to me personally, since the Nick channels were a big part of my family viewing. I’m willing to see how this goes for a little bit since Disney is still in the mix, but this is very disappointing. The service will surely lose customers over this, so I’m hopeful that negotiations will continue or resume at some point and the channels will return.

  • Okay, so if you are committed to giving us the best value, then you are dropping the monthly cost of Vue to match the loss off these major channels, right?

    If you aren’t going to drop the price to reflect this loss of content, then this isn’t about providing the best value at all, it’s making us pay the same for less.

  • What a shame. One month in my subscription and now to lose Comedy Central.
    I’ll be shopping for another streaming service after this month is up.

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