PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

Hello, PlayStation Plus members! We’re happy to reveal your free PS4 games for September, 2016. This month you can slash your way through demonic hordes, or journey across the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Let’s get started!

First up is Journey. The talented developers at thatgamecompany bring us the critically acclaimed adventure and winner of numerous Game of the Year awards. Finding yourself alone in the desert, you must make your way to the mountaintop. But there’s so much more to this sublime experience than simply traversing the world. With stunning visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and a unique online experience, don’t miss the very special experience that is Journey.

Next up is Lords of the Fallen. Looking for redemption for past sins, you play as Harkyn and try to end a war between humans and the gods. With three classes to choose from, you can tailor the combat experience to your liking. And in a game where every encounter matters and your choices have consequences, the layers of customization are an integral part of the action. So collect your gear and prepare for close-quarters combat as you take the fight to the demon lords.

Full Lineup

  • Lords of the Fallen, PS4
  • Journey, PS4, PS3
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, PS3
  • Datura, PS3
  • Badland, PS Vita, PS4, PS3
  • Amnesia: Memories, PS Vita

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • Great month considering long row of bad months at least for me on PS4. So I hope since subscription has gone up that following months will be good at least as this one.Keep it comming Sony!

  • End PS Plus and replace the online play requirement with PSNow, preferably at the $59.99/yr price point. This would end the complaining (and my own eyerolling) since now the customer can choose what games, however many games, they want to play a month…and it’s practically the same selection. It would also alleviate hard drive space (for digital hoarders like myself).

    Alternately, if you continued to offer both, but PSNow gives you online play access…I could see myself switching to that “tier”. Think about it. Your welcome. :)

  • this month sucks why cant we get a full Triple a month out inies all the time i pay alot of money for psn plus and all we get is indie titles that are 3 to4 years old theres loads of triple a games sony could give us but they wont

    • Lords of the Fallen is a AAA title. Do you want SONY to go bankrupt? You do realize that SONY pays for the free games for PS+ right? and You pay a lot for PS+ ooooh a big $4.16 a month divide that by 6 and that comes out to be under .70 per game and you consider that a lot? WOW. and let me guess you are going to say that plus is even more now. I could do the math on all the new amounts but that won’t satisfy you because there is no satifying anyone nowadays because we just think we are entitled for more 80 games and we don’t care that SONY would go bankrupt.

  • It’s an improvement from…every other month this year but, you guys do need to step your game up if you want people to stick around after the price increase.

  • Idgaf what anybody says, great list. If people wanna complain, let them. You are getting about 120$ a month in games for 60$ a year, try actually playing something new. I try everything I get every month and honestly I have fun with all of them. Expand your horizons and stop being a whiny little twit who doesn’t get a 60$ game every month so they throw a temper tantrum. And let’s face it, 90% of the people who do claim they’re going to cancel or go to xbone, they either don’t or they want to live with a watered down hunk of garbage.

    • And before anybody defends xbox one, don’t. Look at the specs on each one. The xbox one is weak comparatively.

  • More crappy games. Both have been on sale multiple times. JOURNEY!!! REALLY?!? A cheap to purchase, short game, and o yeah its almost 5 years old!!! Pretty sure anyone who wants to play it would have by now. I love everyone kissing butt, ooo A+ titles, blah blah. Mean while xbox had Lords of the Fallen 6 MONTHS AGO! PSNs lineup has been terrible and getting destroyed by xbox; embarrassed to be a playstaion fan these last couple months. LMAO AT PS4 SLIM. Way to go guys, steal the market just to hand it right back.

    • oooo 6 months ago for Lords of the Fallen you say. Well SONY has given us plenty of games 2-3 years sooner then Games with gold has done and look at this upcoming months GWG before you bash SONY’s offerings besides SONY gives 6 games instead of just 4 and PS+ get better discount then Gold.

  • Crap again. Look at what xbox are offering, I just feel let down. Ps+ was great before the ps4

  • Boooooooo! Bad line-up! Boo! Liars.

  • So for a person who has owned a Sony console their entire life is very dissatisfied with how you are doing business. You are making enough money to not go up $10 on a year subscription. Sony is a multi billion dollar company, they don’t need anymore money, Number 2, is have a required subscription you should let the user pick a certain game they want for free, following certain guidelines. I mean what happened to voting on the games for ps plus? That gave the community a voice of what they, For example Xbox Gold members are getting Forza Horizon, and Mirror’s Edge for backwards compatibility, and 2 indie titles as well. 2 AAA titles in one month for a $60 subscription. What happened to backwards compatibility on the PS4, when it was announced there were sign of Backwards Compatibility on the PS4, Im not talking about remastered PS2 games either or the PS now subscription either.

    I am very disappointed as a valued customer and a person who has tried to be mostly positive with the amount of horrible months of PS Plus. This month however is a mediocre exeption. I hope in the future you will do business better and communicate with your customers better.

    • Just stop paying then?

    • Yeah it’s terrible, sad that Xbox is doing such a better job

    • You do realize SONY gives money for the games they offer us right? and they take a huge loss because if you add up the game total it’s between 800-1000 worth of games a year and you think 60 and 70 bucks is to much? You need to get your brain checked if you say SONY is making money and that you cannot afford the additional amount.

  • Probably the best line-up I’ve seen in months. Good job, Sony.

  • This is so crazy! Ok so yesterday I bought Journey.. (Also I recently beat DS3 and Bloodborne) but I was still in a Souls game mood so I started thinking about Lords of the Fallen and for some reason in my head I thought it had already been a free Psplus game at sometime so I went through my library and it wasn’t there.. So I go to sleep.. Today I wakeup and check the free games for the month and to my surprise its Journey and Lords of the fallen! I mean what are the odds of that happening?

  • After a few disappointing months this is pretty golden. Journey is a little overhyped but Lords of the Fallen is supposed to be super fun.

    • your kidding right? Lords of the fallen was pure garbage and on sale for like 6 bucks for months because it’s just that garbage

  • This is a joke…right? I quit.

  • ok I know we were expecting a AAA game but I didn’t think you would give us that crap of a game. Lords of the Fallen is terrible. I’ve been a Sony guy from PS1 because I love the quality of the hardware. I’ve never had a problem with any Sony console but I had 2 problems with the XBOX360 I had so I gave up on them but this PsPlus thing is becoming really terrible

    • And before any remarks. I won’t be renewing my membership don’t worry. No value to me in the last 5 months.

  • Oh yay, a boring indie walking game from 4 years ago, a poorly reviewed dark souls ripoff that went bargain bin pretty quickly, a mobile port, some crappy playstation move designed game, and an old prince of persia game…..totally worth the increase in price……and people thought we were actually going to get decent AAA games like watch dogs, *facepalm*

  • Pretty nice

  • Finally some quality stuff… that I already own. Still pretty content that I didn’t renew months ago.

  • For all those complaining about an increase in price for online play need to stop.. As of now it’s roughly $4.16 a month to play online.. That’s about 13 cents a day.. With the increase it’s now just 84 cents higher at $5 per month, or roughly 17 cents per day.. If you can’t handle that slight increase, then you can’t afford to game in general..

  • It’s awesome to be getting lords of the fallen–it’s a very understated game–but didn’t we get journey a long time ago?

  • Solid Month. Good job

  • Here I thought nothing could top Yakuza 5 for August and wham here’s Journey.

  • Man I was looking online for a few days for this announcement… Pretty cool though

  • It just goes to show, you can never please everyone. This is one of the best months in a while, yet people are still complaining. Smh.

  • yet another month of games i already have, and lame stuff i will never install, and then they are charging us a extra 10 bucks a year for the privilege of playing online and this crap.

  • Best month in a long time thanks

  • People ***** too much. This is the best lineup yet considering you guys are finally offering a full game. I’m extremely picky about indy games so getting lords of the fallen is a nice treat and makes me not wanna complain about the increase. Please offer more free full games like lotf. Ps3 owners have been getting full games for as long as I can remember yet ps4 only got Indy games so its nice I finally get one. Please keep it up

    • I am in total agreement on the indies they offer. You know like NBA 2K16, ZOMBI, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Tropico 5 in the past 5 months. These crap indies just have to cease because we as gamers are entitled to get 6 games a month that are AAA caliber just so SONY goes belly up.

  • PlayStation plus is the reason why I drink bleach at night.

  • FINALLY we’re getting a good month this year! No more old games from 2007, no more Tricky Towers, no more PSP games for Vita. Literally every single one of these games is a game I have wanted to play and don’t already own, actually… Every single one of them, wishlist material. Hell yeah. You guys nailed it this time. Amazing variety of genres too. All games that were successful in their own ways.

  • I might be in the minority here, but I thought Journey was released as a free game many months ago for the Playstation 3 console, and if you had “purchased” it by way of actually paying for it or through PS3’s version, you got the PS4 version for free many months later?
    The lineup seems solid, but I honestly never have the time to play any of these games. I have enough time for SMITE and that’s about it.
    Can we just talk about how much GOD OF WAR, SOUTH PARK 2, AND HORIZON ZERO DAWN is going to be amazing?
    OK. Sorry. My bad.

  • What date will these games come out as ps plus because I’m looking forward to Journey and Amnesia Memories.

  • 2 decent games this month, which is better than most.

  • I’m not one for melodrama but this is legitimately the worst month to date, particularly considering frequent sale prices and actual interest base.

  • I’m glad I didn’t buy the Amnesia: Memories during this past flash sale at $5.99. I already have everything else. Got Journey already for free, bought Lords of the Fallen complete edition brand new for $8.96 at Walfart, Prince of Persia $4.99 at EB Games like 6 years ago. Badland, I’ll sadly try it but probably will delete it like all other games from the IGC lineup. Well like I said before I actually saved $3.91 because I didn’t buy A: M during the flash sale and I got a bunch of decent games with it.

    As for the PS+ Subscription going up. We will probably not see much in value (AAA titles) on the PS4 for at least 3-4 months. Of course we have been getting AAA titles but people just crap on them and think they are entitled to get games like Just Cause 3, Mad Max, Batman: A. K. etc. well I say deal with it. The only thing I care about is the added discounts and the cloud saving. If you don’t like the price wait till the have a sale on the cards because I have gotten every year since PS+ has been around have gotten for half price and when I bought my PS4 I received a free 1 year subscription.

    • I have not seen one single AAA title on plus for ps4 even once….the closest thing we have got to that was MGS ground zeroes which was a glorified demo and a couple sports games the rest are indies…..

      The only truly good game I have seen from plus since ps4 launched was rocket league and that wasn’t a AAA titlte either, that too was indie…. they did not expect it to take off like it did or i can say without a doubt we wouldn’t have gotten that either

  • Ok sony this is getting sickening… now not only do you stealth drop news of a price increase in a month old blog post then make not one single mention of it after…but yu obviously don’t even try to listen to your customers who have been sayin for years we are SICK TO DEATH of these freakin crap indie titles…you release this lackluster crap in the same month your supposed to up the price….

    If I wanna play 8 bit games ill go grab my gameboy.

    Sony has, this generation, been absolutely horrible when it comes to listening to the customers and for the first time I am seriously thinking of never owning a sony console again….and I have them all PSX (original PS not PSone) PS2, PSP, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, and I even have the move controller…Its bad enough when you guys completely abandon every peripheral you make and the vita….letting our expensive purchases equate to throwing money away…but now you increase the price, without giving us one single shred of improvement to PSN since the dang PS4 launched.

    If the playstation brand really is the only true money maker at sony anymore then I honestly hope they start hemoraging money…obviously the only way we can get respect from sony is if they are losing.

  • Soooooo lame. For a good strech on ps3 games were worth getting. I don’t play online with literally zero interest in playing with others, the free games and online saves are my ONLY interest in ps plus. With almost no worthy titles being released it’s not worth the money any more; espescially not with the price increase. Drop some good games or I’m definitely not renewing.

  • Never understood this whole complaining about free games. I know there’s a yearly fee, but you get plenty for that. I try out the games that interest me, if I like them awesome if not I move on. But the constant moaning about the games every month is depressing.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Also don’t see how PlayStation stealth dropped the news. It’s been popping up in news feeds and loads of other sites since it was announced.

  • What day do these hit, the 6th?

  • GREAT!!! So we get a cheaper version of Dark souls and an indie game from 4 years ago. Playstation just as bad as August games

  • So we get a cheaper version of Dark souls and an indie game from 4 years ago. Playstation just as bad as August games

  • Absolutely trash, cheaper version of Dark souls and an indie game from 4 years ago just as bad as August.

  • I’ve played Journey when it first launched but i’d be glad to play it again. Lord of the Fallen is kind of a meh. That slow gaming pace is really annoying for an act game.

  • Heard both of these are good, andi don’t own either of them, i dont have to worry about price increase but paying for online is stupid, they dont on steam

  • Ive been wanting to play lords of the fallen and glad I waited!! I had a feeling it would make it to plus one day!! thanks for this month!

  • Hopefully Sony sees it’s disappointing the majority of its PS plus subscribers. Yes Microsoft was charging to play online from the beginning with no games, but if Sony decided to do this for PS4 a lot of its consumers would basically have to choose from who had better games and specs. By giving free games every month they are attracting consumers who are first time buyers and Microsoft subscribers. I have friends who have switched from XBOX ONE to PS4 for free games it wasn’t the only reason but it was at the top of list, and this is why Microsoft will also start giving free games every month to retain, and gain subscribers

    • Also been member since day 1 and have a first edition ps4. They used to have great games now every month is a crap shoot… not saying these games are bad or good just saying showing you actually listen to your subscribers would do wonders

  • Xbox wins this month with Mirrors Edge, Forza Horizon, Assassins Creed Chronicles China and Earthlock: Festival of Magic

    Lords of the Fallen is an excellent game if you’ve never played before, it’s a lot like Dark Souls. Journey is another wonderful exploration game I look forward to playing again….had this on PS3.

  • Journey will be great to get a chance to play since I never did before. I am completely fine with a price hike as long as the quality of games for free increases.

  • I’m good with PS+ games and little price increase. PS+ saving me money, extra discounts for members. I can play games every month for $60 a year, no complaints here.

  • I just wanted to let you know a few things in regards to your PS+ Service.

    As a Sony customer since the psx era buying almost all of your main line gaming products you have botched this announcement of transition and you have botched the service in my opinion in the PS4 era.

    I feel like there is a return of what can only be described as arrogance (akin to the ps2 era of dominance)
    I do not live or game in a vacuum, I am not ignorant of other platforms and services over the years.

    I gave ps3 a pass on it’s weak / strictly inferior online experience for gameplay and features to xbox live your main competitor based primarily on it being “gratis” and that I don’t play a ton of online with a bunch of people generally.

    I subscribed on and off to the ps+ service at that time when I felt the subjective value was there for me.

  • You have since rolled the ps+ games “club” service into the online component for ps4 which is essentially a paywall to access the internet I already pay for on a console I bought at launch.

    I could accept this under two circumstances

    1 you brought your infrastructure, software and features for online up to par with current xbox live standards

    2 you removed the divisive increasingly eroding games club portion from the online.

    you offer for us to buy either the games club or the online, or both, but not forcing people that don’t want your definition of games that I will enjoy wrapped into being forced to purchase so I can play online only games like destiny etc.

    You had an opportunity to tell us about exciting new planned features for online service, for games offering in the coming year. you did neither you hid your update in an old post and tried to treat people as fools. whether intentionally or not you have lost good will with this move.

  • This is not an issue of price, although here in Canada it is a huge jump percentage wise and value wise from $50 to $70 dollars and an incredible jump in the 3 month option from $18 to $30 or so.

    If you said hey we are changing the service we are adding value, we need to increase the price so we can do these exciting things we want to do to make it better and the other portion ie in Canada is do to your devalued currency.

    Many of us would have read that post (a main post not hidden) and respected that and thought it over.

    The fact that you force me to take the online service with no dedicated servers, behind the times tools to even ps3 service, and certainly behind really any xbox live offering is beyond me. I’m sorry but cloud saves, and random adventure indie games and occasional 20% more discount on a game that has been out 1-3 years is not worth the membership to me.

    at the end of a year of plus I review which games I ended up playing and enjoying, 3 titles last year, the only reason I am good till Christmas is my friend bought me a year of plus last Christmas.

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