PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

Hello, PlayStation Plus members! We’re happy to reveal your free PS4 games for September, 2016. This month you can slash your way through demonic hordes, or journey across the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Let’s get started!

First up is Journey. The talented developers at thatgamecompany bring us the critically acclaimed adventure and winner of numerous Game of the Year awards. Finding yourself alone in the desert, you must make your way to the mountaintop. But there’s so much more to this sublime experience than simply traversing the world. With stunning visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and a unique online experience, don’t miss the very special experience that is Journey.

Next up is Lords of the Fallen. Looking for redemption for past sins, you play as Harkyn and try to end a war between humans and the gods. With three classes to choose from, you can tailor the combat experience to your liking. And in a game where every encounter matters and your choices have consequences, the layers of customization are an integral part of the action. So collect your gear and prepare for close-quarters combat as you take the fight to the demon lords.

Full Lineup

  • Lords of the Fallen, PS4
  • Journey, PS4, PS3
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, PS3
  • Datura, PS3
  • Badland, PS Vita, PS4, PS3
  • Amnesia: Memories, PS Vita

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • Until things improve and you offer us better options / and service in a clear manner. I will not blindly renew every year. Corporations only respond to one thing, lost revenue, so I will do what I do when I intentionally let it lapse, I will buy 1 or 3 months when a specific game appeals to me and let it lapse again. I will not support these practices. Yes I know your trying at the lower level but the executive level needs to invest in improving the service and the game club offering. It needs to be changed.

    People will argue if you don’t like it then switch. I have owned every console save the wii u and the x one I am not partisan for the sake of it, and I loved the 360 in the first half of that cycle, xbox live was very good even with no “free games” aka included rentals.

    The other thing for Sony to keep in mind about Canada is Microsoft is intentionally keeping their prices lower despite the dollar so it is compelling option for us. I am happy at E3 that you continue to show interesting games which is why I am with sony. But the plus service is just bad value that’s a fact at this point, it will be 3 years of the ps4 this November and it’s a lousy service many are being ransomed into for inferior online service.

  • One last thing I want to remind everyone including the staff, that only seem to respond to sycophants.

    It is against the terms of service to make personal attacks to other forum members or staff.

    People have the right to voice what they have to say in reasonable manner in regards to playstation plus in this their official channel for us to interact.

    I see this all the time people making rude attacks. It would be nice for staff to respond to critical but respectful comments about valid issues like hiding your announcement in the old post etc.

    It would also be nice for people to stamp out the behavior. There are many long time fans that follow the industry and have been consumers for many years.

    There needs to be better communications, as is it’s just not good enough, full stop.

    I don’t expect a lot of this to change so until it does I will vote with my wallet.

  • Pretty sure I just got Lords of the Fallen free on Xbox One within the past few months because of their similar Games with Gold program. Luckily, I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll definitely delete it from my console to save space, and play it on PS4. Looking forward to it and Journey.

  • I am excited for Journey, but I have never played it, and I am glad I did not buy it when it went on sale earlier in August. I have been some what happy with the PS Plus game line ups. I loved Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell, but I have never played it before, and I probably would have never if it were not on the line up of free games. I would like to say my friends it is still pretty cool what we have access to through the ps plus account. Not to mention all the free demos you can get via PlayStation store. I am in my mid thirties, and I remember owning, and playing the Nintendo when it first came out, the super NES, and even playing Tomb Raider II for the first time when it came out. Wow, talk about some fun. I guess I am old enough to be considered a grandfather of gaming compared to most of you.

  • When I got my first Nintendo, I got two remotes, a light gun , and a Mario/duck hunt game. The first PS4 I bought came with one remote and no HDMI cable. Go figure, right? That being said, I would of loved the access to new games that the PS Plus account offers now back when I had a Nintendo or original PlayStation. I was a poor kid, and new games were not easy to come by. The access you have to cheap games is mind blowing. The PlayStation network is always having a sale, PS Plus gives you tons of games, and also the demos , and free games that come up. Also, there is/was that company gamefly that sent out games for a fee. Your gaming generation has it pretty good compared to the good ol’ days. That being said , if you enjoy a few games per year during your member ship, you are doing good. Not to be preachy, but is it that bad guys? Like I said, I would of loved this kind of game access back in my early days as a gamer.

  • I want to let people that make this statement every time a popular game is offered how everyone has it or wanted to play it etc.

    For instance Journey which I bought on sale a couple years ago and was happy they allowed access to the ps4 port. It’s a great 2 hour thing, game what have you.

    If you say everyone had this game etc the fact is no matter what game they offer us, the majority has not played the game.

    If you look at the install base of a console and then the amount of sales it likely is very rare to break 10% install base.

    even in the hugest hits, 10 million sales +

    so keep it in mind, when they offer good games in their genre or style I am happy even if I own it.

    When you say everyone that wanted to play killzone / knack etc played it the fact is they didn’t. Those games did really poorly sales wise even relative to just launch install base.

    Keep in mind popular games being on plus is a good thing for the service as a whole, whether you don’t like it or bought it. The vast majority did not. Tired of these erroneous statements.

    • Very well said. I feel the same way. I think if you enjoyed a few games during the year, you did alright. Plus, you got to play a ton of games that you might not of otherwise.

    • I love PS+, though when it first released on the PS3 I was like, “It costs HOW MUCH? Please, I would never, EVER sign up for something like that!” Then I got my own (I was playing on my boyfriend’s console at the time) PS3, a God of War special edition ruby red SuperSlim at a steal of a price, and it came with three months free. I now rarely let my yearly subscription lapse after all these years, but I will let it slide a few months until a price drop happens which now seems to be consistent at BestBuy around when it’s time for renewal. I love being able to play games I would probably pass up in the store. I think Remember Me was probably hands down the best game I was introduced to through PS+. I really wish they made a sequel…

  • Journey will make up for my No Man’s Why experience. Thanks Sony <3

  • When will those game available ? Next tuesday?

  • Will Kingdom of Amalur ever comeback to ps plus?

  • Garbage line up but, they’re free so why complain

  • I look forward to seeing what new updates to the PS+ service now that we get to pay $10 more a year for it. I’m not a fan of the price increase, in any service for that matter, and just because it has been a while without an increase or because the other guys charge the same amount is not a justifiable reason for an increase. Just make sure you kick it in gear and start offering more for us PS+ members, maybe bring back Qore or something similar. At least then I know my extra money was going towards some new service or improvements that I can benefit from because I’m a member.

  • Woo! Good games and my birthday september is a great month for me!

  • Did playstation forgot to make a ps3 and ps vita plus games video promotion?
    why every month is like this ?
    By the way , i like the ps plus lineup games for this month.

  • Great month..for me one of the best for ps4 from the start of Ps plus..nice work.

  • Heard nothing but great things about Journey, anxious to finally get to experience it. I checked out videos of Lords of the Fallens and Badland, both looked like pretty great games! This looks to be a great month!

  • Something i didint like were the rumors, people treat them like there true so, i saw a lot of “i would go to microsoft it we get crap games” they cant please eveyone and people cant seem to understand that. I mean i like last month as i wanted one of those games.

    • I really dont like rumors. They ruin everything

    • I agree, another thing I really would like to know is how can one afford the switch to Xbox one if they cannot afford a yearly fee of 60.00? One would also have to pay for Gold as well….

  • I believe this to be a good, solid lineup. I have never played Journey before, and I already own Lords of the Fallen. I haven’t been paying 50.00 a year solely for the free games every month, and I am glad when one comes along that I’m interested in. It happens enough times to where the subscription fee actually pays for itself in terms of content, not to mention the huge discounts we get as plus members on a weekly basis. I see a lot of people are upset about the price hike for Plus, but I say as times change, so do prices. At least we haven’t seen a major spike in the retail pricing of games, they have been remotely the same forever now it seems. 60.00 a year is well worth the spoils and content in my opinion for Playstation Plus, but of course, not everyone can be pleased.

  • This is my first new months as a ps4+ member.
    My expectation wasn’t the quality of free games. But the simplicity in networking, streaming, sharing and backups.
    As more to expect i get a free game to play.
    And a AAA game isn’t automatically a good game.
    Tricky Towers as we just played is a great gameplay that’ll find the price worthy in fun.
    Ee don’t only pays for free game, the ps+ is so much more.

    Now let’s talk about Minecraft Realms!

  • Is the 3rd PS4 game this month due to the fact you’re trying to warrant the $20 Canadian Plus price hike? If so, bad job. Still cancelling.

  • Well customers here it goes. PlayStation plus has been the same price since it’s beginning. A very small price increase to this service will pay for its self in the upcoming months. In all actuality this month it has paid for itself just in PS4 title’s with a total of $56.97 alone not adding PS3 games or Vita games. Look im saying this is still the best value for you hard earned puts out a mix of title’s for all to enjoy.Some people love triple AAA games some like indies some like retro etc. You see we are all different. Let’s remember that. PlayStation 4 and all related PlayStation products equals one thing Entertainment complete.Sony strives to put out the highest quality entertainment experience for everyone and will continue to do so. Look for more exciting content from PlayStation Entertainment International. Be Moved Thank you again from your customer ambassador to the PSN PSN ID bombbreath any question or comments drop me a line on PSN.

  • I can’t believe they raised the plus membership price?! All the free games are sub-par. Looks like will “Be Moved” by the playstation moved to PC gaming. Playstation 4 for sale with 3 controllers and 10 games (but you can only play the games if you play an additional $70 CAD).

  • Welp, i must be a lucky one, i have never played Journey, neither Lords of the Fallen or Badlands. Also my subscription ends September 9th, so my renewal will cost me 49.99. It´s not like i care to spend extra $10, but it have to be justified, the service is not at a good level of performance, not because of the monthly free game lineup (which still is a important factor) but because of the constant technical issues the service have, plus many features missing that the clients have been asking for. I will renew because it will cost me the same, and i will see how things go through the year, if the service improves (at the same or superior level of the competition) then those $10 extra will mean nothing, and i´m sure many customers will think the same. It would be nice from sony to at least give the customers a list of incoming potential improvements to justify the increase in the price, basically for those people who renew after September 22th.

  • I Guess This Is Sony’s Way Of Saying We ****ed Up Last month So We’ll Give You This Games. Not To Mention The $60 Price Increase For PS Plus. Lords Of The Fallen And Journey Great Games Which I Haven’t Played Yet Can’t Wait! Apology Accepted.


    i was considering on buying journey but when i saw it on the line up that made my heart go all warm

    thanks a lot !

  • available date ???

  • This is one of the few times I’m actually interested in the igc since the the PS4 launched. Amnesia for the Vita is the one that stands out to me.

  • a $10 annual price hike…and the best they can do is a game that XBOX ALREADY GAVE WITH GOLD MONTHS AGO

    I’ll keep my ps4 for exclusives, but I think next year I’ll stick with my xbone

  • I owned lord of the fallen and I loved the game :) so for all those people complaining give it a chance. Hopefully with the price increase we get more AAA games. I’m super surprised Knaxk hasn’t been on ps plus yet it was one of the first games that came out. So far since ps4 came out we have had injustice gods among us, zombi, nba 2k16 and lords of the fallen. They need to release more AAA games

  • i hope gta v is a free game next month XD

  • Well done Sony. You have done it again
    Another c### month of games

  • Around what time are we able to get the september games? Just looked right now at 11am pacific. And the August games are still there.

  • I literally bought journey 3 weeks ago XD
    Still the best indie ive played and im glad more people get to play it.

  • Is journey the complete version or just vanilla? Just hoping for complete since PlayStation already gave everyone the vanilla

  • I have not played Journey yet, but am looking forward to it!

    P.S. Much love to teh POWERHOUSE, Ryan Clements. @pwamcider !!!111!11

    P.P.S. BEYOND!

  • Journey is still $14.99

  • So glad to see Journey free. One of the best games ever made and now everyone can enjoy it.

  • I have Playstation Plus, but it doesn’t show that Lords is 19.99, am I looking in the wrong place??

  • When Can we get them? It’s the 1st . . .LOL

  • I bought Journey in 2012; it gave me the most vivid dreams imaginable. I still think back on it like it’s an experience I’ve personally had, rather than just a game that I conquered and shelved.

    Looking forward to seeing how it looks on my PS4.

  • When does all this update? I got a PS4 last month, got PS+ and got Rebel Galaxy/Tricky Towers, but im excited to play Journey, but going to the PS+ Page, its still the same two games, do they update on the 2nd? Orrr

  • Are people really complaining about a 10$ per year increase?
    That’s 10$ a YEAR. Not even 1$ per month! Gods, it’s like the internet is nothing but a whinefest now. Grow the hell up.

  • This possibly the best PsPlus lineup to date. I’m buying a 3 month pass today, thank you

  • The real question is when are you going to put Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 in the store?

  • I was wondering why Asia region does not included Lords of the Fallen for free?
    It is a such huge disappointment for PS Plus members in Asia region.

  • This might be a dumb question but when are the games available

  • Finally a couple of good games on PS Plus PS4. Looking forward to it this month

  • I really hope Sept. 7 gives a more definitive answer for PS+ Prices hike. PS+ use to be great with delivering free games but now many games are either indie. Recycled games from previous months, or very lackluster and very little sales that benefit the pricing for said content sold every week. I rather just pay half of PS+ yearly subscription just for the online and cloud save based service. Cause everything else seems to be an elusive shill that makes paying $50 a justifiable thing than what it really is. Oh and I would really like a better infrastructure in regards to downloading content. I have really fast Internet and those speeds are nowhere near benefited in downloading my content Sony. If you really wanna justify that price hike. Better infrastructure and no data caps would be an ABSOLUTE AMAZING START!

  • Please sony can you give us the complete edition of lords of the fallen? It costs way more to buy the add-ons with the vanilla version than to just get the complete edition.

  • Oh man a pretty good month I must say. Super excited for the vita titles and journey and I know I’ll probably try and get the platinum for lords of the fallen as well. Can’t wait :)

  • Given you are jacking up the price of the subscription, i was expecting better subscription games!
    Also unless you now allow the games to be played after psn plus ends, stop calling them “free” games, they are subscription games, in some cases good deals….in others….well we have had some bad months lately.

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