PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016

Hello, PlayStation Plus members! We’re happy to reveal your free PS4 games for September, 2016. This month you can slash your way through demonic hordes, or journey across the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Let’s get started!

First up is Journey. The talented developers at thatgamecompany bring us the critically acclaimed adventure and winner of numerous Game of the Year awards. Finding yourself alone in the desert, you must make your way to the mountaintop. But there’s so much more to this sublime experience than simply traversing the world. With stunning visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and a unique online experience, don’t miss the very special experience that is Journey.

Next up is Lords of the Fallen. Looking for redemption for past sins, you play as Harkyn and try to end a war between humans and the gods. With three classes to choose from, you can tailor the combat experience to your liking. And in a game where every encounter matters and your choices have consequences, the layers of customization are an integral part of the action. So collect your gear and prepare for close-quarters combat as you take the fight to the demon lords.

Full Lineup

  • Lords of the Fallen, PS4
  • Journey, PS4, PS3
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, PS3
  • Datura, PS3
  • Badland, PS Vita, PS4, PS3
  • Amnesia: Memories, PS Vita

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • It took you guys a lot of months to finally wake up and put on some good games huh?
    Or is it because of the $60,- a year ?

    Nonetheless, Great Month!

    Thank you.

  • Very disappointed to find that the Amnesia on Vita is NOT one of the horror games on PC, and is instead something very offensive and gross to most people. Why would you offer this as one of the featured titles? How many innocent children will you expose to this? I really don’t like that my subscription fee is now giving money to something like this.

    • I’ve wanted to play it, and easy platinum. Soooo yeah.

    • And I will play it just for the easy platinum. :p

    • You would rather that innocent children play an M rated first person survival horror than a T rated Visual Novel with a romance storyline? Innocent children are going to be more affected by a bunch of still frames and voice acting than full motion jump scares and gore? Reading and choosing dialog options is offensive if you’re playing as a girl flirting with a guy, right? Running and hiding from something that wants to skin you alive is perfectly fine for innocent children, right?
      Sorry, I haven’t actually played either games but this comment was hilarious and I forgot to avoid being a jerk. Hopefully it’s deep enough in the comments that no one else notices.

  • just when you start to lose hope that Sony is gonna “Ghostbusters (2016)” us with the price hike… they do something like this, and TOTALLY redeem themselves… journey isn’t just a great game, it’s a special piece of fiction.

    • Yeah true…but how many people already own journey?! Journey is pretty much the only good title! The rest are garbage

  • Great month!!…Lords of Fallen was a perfect choice,I was in the fence about buying it,you guys couldn’t have picked a better game to give away.And about Journey I can’t believe most of the comments are about the freakin recycled Journey,people are happy about getting a recycled game for free lol.

    Anyway Plus finally gave an AAA game like y’all whiners wanted…and guess what I bet there will be plenty of people complaining still.

    • I’m very happy about Lords of the Fallen, although it’s not a AAA game. However my disgust at this Amnesia thing is overriding that.

    • Not AAA?…sorry man but you’re trippin.And I just googled up about Amnesia…damn worst “game” to ever show its face on Plus lol.

  • Good thing I held back buying Amnesia on the last sale.

  • After a few bad months, this one looks much better, good selection this time.

  • This month’s Ps+ line up includes a good mix of AAA titles and indies. Always wanted to give lords of the fallen and badlands a go. I especially love the vita support. With the OLED screen (on first generation models), giving away a visual novel is a wise choice for it will highlight the graphical fidelity of this beast of a handheld.

  • great month for ps3 and ps4 but please sony give some better things to the ps vita, I mean I know psvita shine when it comes to indies and visual novels but you could at least give a visual novel for more general public, dont get me wrong I will download amnesia but i think that you have way better visual novel (stein; gates) and that can get more interes to the handheld.

    sincerly a big fan of psvita.

  • If I only knew Journey will be on PS Plus, I probably didn’t buy a physical media for it which happens to be R3.

  • Hasn’t Journey which is a cross-buy game already been on PS+ free lineup before?

  • Neither of these games (mainly the PS4 ones) didn’t really appeal to me. However, it’s nice to finally see some good games (even though I’ve played neither of them) for us PS Plus subscribers. Hell, I might even check out each of them (again, mainly the PS4 ones). Journey from what I’ve read is one of those best games on the PS3, so I might check it out on PS4. Lords of the Fallen on the other hand, I still have never played any of the Souls games or anything that plays like the Souls series, I might check that one out too. Overall, it may not be appealing to me, but at least I’m happy to finally see some good games on PS Plus.

  • Wow I’ve just now woke up and noticed what game is Badland…damn I was really wanting that game since the devs announced it here on the Blog,was waiting for a good sale on it.Ha great job this month Sony great job…Lords of Fallen and Badland alone makes the month.

  • Looks like a promising list. hopefully worth the extra $10 we now have to pay for having PS Plus

  • That’s Amazing

  • Journey, say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! :-D

  • Already have journey on PS3 but I’ll play it again on the 4. Looking forward to forgotten sands and lords of the fallen too. Good month

  • never got to play journey. curioius about Datura and i’ll play prince of persia again for the trophys even though i own it on the wii and 360

  • Good list, but I have then all “/

  • this looks like a GREAT month! more months like this, please! it will make the decision to keep subscribing with the $20 (Canadian) price hike easier to make.

    Can’t wait to play LotF and PoP and my wife is going to LOVE Amnesia!

  • Another month of throwaway games :( Journey is good, but it is so old, most playstation owners already have it. I’m so tired of this, i’m definitely not renewing my PS Plus subscribtion, I rarely play online anyway and I get 1000 times better free games on my xbox.

  • Decent line up. I own Journey, but Lords of the Fallen looks fun. Now if only Playstation support would figure out why my Rocket League was removed from my download list I’d be happy.

  • I am very impressed. My first really good PS Plus month. Is this the start of a better selection going forward?

  • Awful Month. Lords of the fallen is terrible and the rest are garbage!

  • I’m kind of disappointed to be honest but its not PlayStation’s fault (not 100%). With the rumours of a AAA release I kind of put my expectations higher especially with the Watchdogs rumour. Having already owned Journey I feel i’m being flogged something almost out of the “Bargain Bin”. I am mainly disappointed by the PS Vita release, Amnesia: Memories. At first, I thought it might be a portable horror game based off the Amnesia series. However, being let down with some awful Japanese talking simulator, i’m definitely considering unsubscribing.

  • Journey is legend , not lord of the fallen, should have been witcher 3 :P

  • Fairly decent month. I think they should have given Lord of the Fallen and Journey like a year ago, and it’s kinda bad considering the price increase, but still fairly decent.

  • great games this month!

  • Wack got Lords of the fallen from Xbox for free months ago smh could have done better

  • Normally I would not complain, but I just bought both of these during the flash sales. Ugh. At least I know now how other people feel when they just buy a game, only to watch it come out for free the very next month. ::sigh:: Two disappointing months in a row. Maybe a suggestion: possibly giving those who bought games offered for free from PS plus a credit towards something else if they had just bought it in recent months. This really makes me hesitant to buy games in flash sales and stuff in the future.

  • Oooo good month. Already have Journey (fantastic game btw) but I’ve been wanting to play Lords of the Fallen for some time now!

  • Will definitely play Lords of the Fallen looks interesting then the week after its time to move on to Bioshock The Collection and Dead Rising Triple Pack

  • Great month!

  • This is actually a great month. It’s about time Journey went on Plus. And Datura too… and Amnesia on Vita. Pleasantly surprised about Lords of The Fallen as well. Hope this is a reflection of the increased pricing meaning more quality or notable titles now.

  • I like this month. Journey and Lords of the Fallen, great games. I loved the Prince of Persia game, so for those that don’t have it it’s a great game. Not excited about the Vita offerings as much, but all in all, this is one of the better months in quite a while.

  • I am will to pay up to 100$ a year for psn being that there is so much more the enjoy in the community. there were soo000 many more child like players on xbl, so the price increase means nothing. but yeah this month free games are superb!!!!. but then again Im not one of those freeloaders that love to complain about everything. I live a simple life and it doesnt take much to keep me happy. but most gamers are so picky that I wouldnt justify them as adults. I guess because most people commenting most of the time dont know what life it yet lol

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! This lineup is great guys!!

  • Tired of indie games. With all the playstation subscribers you should give us better games.’ I have not downloaded a free game in months. Ready to unsubscribe. Come on now you hear all these complaints over and over. I love playstation. Just come on.

  • Best Release in years!
    More than happy to pay the extra $10 if you guys keep this up!

  • Lords of the Fallen is a fun little Gem. Totally worth a play through, its not as tough as Dark Souls which is the people it was geared towards, though highly enjoyable.

    SUPER excited about Journey.

  • ok, what about who just bought Journey because it came with a discount on Playstation Store in July? Don’t you think this is a kind of scam?

  • Put watch dogs or I’m canceling my PS plus year. Jesus. Horrible lineup once again.

  • IMO, this is ANOTHER terrible month. I know Sony is top dog right now and not desperate like they were back in the early days of PS+, but enough of this indy CRAP. If I wanted these games, they’re not that expensive to begin with and would have straight paid for them. I’m about to renew my PS+ subscription for 12 more months. After that, if it’s still indy CRAP month after month.. BYE.

  • You know, Sony. Gamers have some BIG CHOICES coming up this Fall and in 2017 and your competition is looking REALLY good compared to what we’ve heard out of your camp. These CRAP indy games on PS+ isn’t helping you. Get your act together or you’ll be back in 2nd place, playing catch-up, like before.

  • Had lords of the fallen when it first come out and i did not enjoy it very slow action and stupidly hard? Never played the over

  • I’ve been a Plus subscriber since before they had the free games and cloud storage and online was free anyway on PS3. I rarely get any of the Plus games but I’m interested in Visual Novels and have bought a few on Vita and PS3 and am looking forward to the ones releasing soon on PS4. They are too slow for people who need be constantly moving and shooting or slashing but I like variety in games, as in life.

    I never heard of Amnesia so I looked it up. It’s currently selling for $30 on the Vita store. In a few days I will be downloading it for free, so thank you.

    Journey is a masterpiece, beautiful and intelligent and emotional. But again, for those who need to constantly move and shoot or slash, it will probably be boring. Wait ten years and try it. You will be amazed at how good you will find it.

  • This month is absolute garbage aside from journey…which majority of people already own! Lords of the fallen is so-so, prince of Persia is a joke and datura is a big steaming pile…so let me get this straight, last month was pretty bad and you had a ton of people complaining and this is how you make up for it?! This price hike is not worth keeping my ps plus if this is the garbage your going to give us! Come on Sony do something correct/good for once!!!

  • The first time there have been a passable game in the lineup since MARCH and it ends up being Journey, a game I already own XD just my luck

    • Note that I said “a” passable game, the rest are utter garbage. Why have 90% of the free games been awful this year? You need to make us think that paying $60 for the new PS+ is worth a damn

  • They could charge you for online play while giving nothing in return. Maybe you should go to pc then and play those **** games.

  • If your buying plus Purley for the game u would be better putting it towards ps now

    • They should offer ps now w/ ps plus instead of the free games…honestly with the line up lately it would be a better deal

  • Good line up. I’m glad to see better titles this time around. Do we get the complete editon for lords of fallen or just the main game no dlc?

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