PlayStation Vue Expands to Roku Today, Launching on Android Next Week

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PlayStation Vue Expands to Roku Today, Launching on Android Next Week

We are happy to share that PlayStation Vue is expanding to Roku devices today, with support for Android smartphones and tablets launching next week. Since we’ve launched PlayStation Vue nationwide, we have heard from many of you that Roku and Android are the top devices you wanted us to add, so we’re pleased to make this a reality.

PlayStation Vue will be available on Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming players, and Roku TV. If you already have an account, just download PlayStation Vue on your Roku device and start streaming.

If you don’t already have a PlayStation Vue account, you can sign up for the seven-day free trial option through the PlayStation Vue website, or through your PS4 or PS3.

Here are the plans we have available. For specific information on pricing and channel lineup in your city, including live local stations and regional sports programming, please visit and type in your zip code.

  • Access: 55+ channels, including live cable TV, movies, and sports channels for $29.99 per month ($39.99 in cities with major live local broadcast stations*)
  • Core: 70+ channels, including all the channels from Access with the addition of live national and regional sports networks for $34.99 per month ($44.99 in cities with major live local broadcast stations*)
  • Elite: 100+ channels, featuring all the channels from Core with the addition of top movie and entertainment channels for $44.99 per month ($54.99 in cities with major live local broadcast stations*)

With an Internet connection and a PlayStation Vue TV-connected device, there are no additional fees such as monthly set-top box fees, or long-term contracts. In addition to Roku devices, PlayStation Vue is also available on PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick, as well as iPhone and iPad through the PlayStation Vue mobile app.

Users can also access PlayStation Vue on Chromecast though compatible iOS devices. PlayStation Vue provides up to five simultaneous streams across different devices, including up to three mobile devices used outside of the home, so you don’t have to worry about using multiple devices at the same time.

Next week, we’ll be launching the PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android, so you can use your existing subscription to access PlayStation Vue on Android smartphones and tablets (with OS v4.4 and higher) through our mobile app. It also supports Chromecast and other Google Cast-enabled devices. We’ll provide more information on the launch date for Android soon, so stay tuned.

*Cities with major live local broadcast stations: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami

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  • Dont do it people!! Vue has been down for 4 days on the ps3 and ps4, they can’t fix it! Applied an update today and it still does not work, they clearly have no idea what to do. I will likely cancel and wait for the competition in 2017.

    • What are you talking about??? I haven’t had any outage since I got it a few months ago and watching it right now. Is anyone else in your area experiencing the same issue? Could the issue be isolated to just you? This is no different than experiencing a cable outage from your local cable provider.

    • It might depend what city or state your in I am In California (San Pedro/Torrance area) and I have had no problems since I signed up for the service .

    • “Don’t do it?” You’d be crazy to not do it. My service on my PS4 is working fine and I haven’t had any problems. Don’t know what your talking about.

    • Location errors are only problems I’ve heard.. I’m still waiting for a fix :'(

  • I have a Sony Android TV and it has the Playstation Video and Music apps. I was surprised that it didn’t have the Vue app. Will the app be available for Sony TVs now, too?

    • I was surprised to not see a PS Vue app on Sony smart blu-ray players either. But this announcement about PS Vue on Roku and Android is definitely welcome! I’ve had PS Vue for three weeks now after cutting the cord and it just keeps getting better.

      What’s the ETA on locals rolling out in other markets?

  • Apple Tv app and ill leave Sling in a heartbeat

  • Now please update the fire TV to 60fps and fix the annoying buffering and skipping issues on Disney channels. ABC is the worst!

  • So this has been out less than a year and the top tier has already went up $5. I see where this is headed.

  • Finally android will be launching for next year I can’t wait for that & that’s cool.

  • Is PlayStation Vue available, or will it be available on Sony TVs at some point?

  • Vue is awesome. Great channel line up, amazing price, no contract – and now available on the Roku. I look forward to the improvements I’m sure you have in store for subscribers in the future. Keep up the good work. And thank you for rolling this out nationwide. Just an FYI, for those who don’t know, you can also now use your Vue credentials to log in to various Roku apps like Freeform and FX, which is an added bonus.

  • Me and my family would have signed up for this months ago, but we refuse to until the full (non-slim) packages are available in our area, Columbus ohio. Everyone I have talked to needs live streaming across the board in order to cut the cord and switch.

    • If you live in or near the city that old technology of OTA is still pretty simple. I’ve 2 25$ antennas from Walmart that are very good and even get 29 channels with a paper 6$ antenna from eBay. I’m actually pretty complete now with VUE on Roku. Hope they never get the local channels in Jacksonville!

  • Playstation Vue is great. I was running it on Fire TV, then purchased a Roku stick and Roku 4 today when I heard PS Vue was now supported. PS Vue runs snappy on the Roku and has quality picture. The functions are different from the Fire TV and the PS3/4. The presentation of the channels and shows is different. I hope they make some improvements to th interface and make it more like they PS3/4 and Fire TV. For instance, I don’t see a way to start the selection over. Overall, happy that I switched to Roku.

  • Roku definitely helps keep me around, but an Apple TV 4 app will elevate me to Vue fanboy status!

  • Finally! I have been waiting for this to come to Roku. Now I just need History and Lifetime and it will be perfect.

  • Great news to hear about the service finally coming to Android! I can now stream to my bedroom TV via Chromecast from my phone. The more platforms the service is available on the better. The next improvements I want are to add the CW Network, as well as ABC local broadcasts here in Miami. Keep up the great work, the service is great!

  • All I need now from this service is Starz HBO, then I’m set.

  • Playstation Vue is looking more awesome every day. I really hope it comes to Canada soon.

  • We need the Hispanic networks like Univision for my ladyson novelas

  • Please add unI vision for my wife’s novelas!

  • bye-bye sling TV.. HELLOOO Vue!

  • I Can’t wait for the day that PS Vue gets NFL Network added on to the list of channels, until then I will stay with Direct TV.

  • Finally thank you I was waiting for that because I only have roku an the ps4

  • Nice! Roku today and android next week. Pretty sweet

  • Hi I have the Sony XBR-55X930D and KDL-50W800C android smart TVs, are you guys gonna add PlayStation Vue on them. Please add PSVue to Android TV’s.

  • OMG OMG this is what I been waiting for. Thanks for the Roku support finally!!

  • Ditto on the request for a native Android TV app! I have an Nvidia Shield TV that I would love to use for it, and casting from a phone or tablet to the Shield TV is not the same as having a native app since casting uses WiFi versus a hard-wired connection for the stream.

  • Android TV please. And the Redzone Channel would be nice, thank you.

  • Why was the Vue guide removed for Roku? Certainly the Roku 4 at least can handle it? Or maybe optimize the coding for it to work better? This was one of the main reasons I was waiting to get Vue on Roku.

  • Roku is great, but I’m still baffled as to why PlayStation Vue is not supported on PlayStation TV!!! If they ever get Vue working with PS TV and add the CW networks to the service I’ll switch over in a heartbeat.

  • Please add a TV guide feature to Roku PS Vue!! I love PS Vue on my PS4 but on Roku I can only watch Live TV and shows that I favorites on my PS4 that were DVRd. On Roku I can’t look at the channel guide and browse upcoming movies and TV shows to record to watch later :( please add this feature and it will be perfect!

  • Support Android apps on Vita… I guarantee a flurry of purchases of the console.

  • We need Apple TV and Android TV support. Both of these devices have Sling support already so not sure why I am not seeing Vue on it.

    Can you at least tell us why you have not yet launched for these two devices?

  • Hopefully you have support for your Sony Android TV. Only reason I cancelled, was due to the fact I did not want the PS4 running all the time to watch movies/shows, having to switch picture settings, etc..

    Android TV came a long way, and I prefer the apps on there for all the streaming content now (HBO Now/Netflix/Amazon/etc.).

  • I’m very glad this is coming to Android. I recently signed up for the trial and bought an Amazon Fire TV. The performance is very smooth, and all of the channels I watch are in the least expensive package excluding the local channels.

    The guide is just the worst and needs lot of work on the Fire TV. You can’t read what shows are going to air past the current time, because those shows are grayed. You can only easily view the shows that are currently playing or have previously aired.

    Other than that, I don’t have many gripes.

  • I’m trying the free trial version right now and I’m very impressed, especially when compared to Sling TV. I probably won’t pay for the subscription unless it came to Apple TV though. Don’t know how it is on the Fire TV, but it’s terrible on the Fire Stick, and too cumbersome on the Chromecast. Please include tvOS!

  • I signed up for the 7 Day Free Trial yesterday. I don’t own a PS3/PS4/FireTV, only a couple of Roku 3s. According to your FAQ, you can set up additional User Profiles in Vue. I’d love to do that from my wife and daughter but I haven’t been able to figure this out. Is this possible using just a Roku 3 and/or the PS websites? If not, you really should update your FAQ so you’re not giving false information to potential customers.


    • To somewhat answer your question, I have a PS4 (main VUE account) and I have one PS3 , I also have three Amazon Fire sticks, I am able to stream from all of these devices at once from the ONE account! Im not to sure how the ROKU’s work

  • I am so HAPPY to hear this, I recently cut my cord and went with the PS VUE service, I tried it when it first launched and I was not happy with the channel options or pricing. Fast forward for early this year (Feb) I noticed the new tiers and pricing I jumped right on it. I got a few fire sticks and I use One of my PS4’s and one PS3 between the firsticks and the consoles I am able to VUE on 5 TV’s, at once for 60$. Hope to see more channels and ability to VUE on the go (while at the gym/office/work) Keep up the good work guys.

  • Now how about a pc app so I can use this on my pc which is what is hooked up to my video and sound systems and I use for nearly everything. Along with not having to use wireless with the cheaper options.

  • So far I’m happy with the PS Vue streaming service…however, I’d really like to be able to watch shows on my laptop while I’m at home. Sometimes it’s a hassle to turn the PS3 and Tv on late at night or the wee hours of the morning.

  • Glad it finally came to Roku! Started a 7-day trial today.
    Like the addition of Bravo and Discovery, which we don’t have with Sling. Can’t say the interface is any more attractive than Sling, which is really rather clunky.

    Plus, it seems the only live listings are for a few hours, so it’s hard to see what’s coming up. And we love Turner Classic Movies and aren’t quite sure why Sling has about 50 TCM On Demand movies at any given time while Vue seems to have about 6.

    Thought this system might move us off Sling because of the broader channel selection, but now I guess it’s time to wait and see what Hulu comes up with. Kept hearing about Vue’s DVR capability but I don’t see anything like that at this point, unless we are missing something.

  • @Mary Taing
    I vote for Apple TV, That is the only thing not letting me completely cut the cord, an Apple TV App would finally give me the chance break away from DirecTV and their $160 bills.

  • Is PlayStation Vue coming to Apple TV soon? I would get a full package not just FOX Soccer Plus because PS$ takes a lot of energy

  • Realy like PS Vue but one thing I miss on the Roke the PS Vue doesen’t have the Guide that list all the channels and what on and what’s comming on. I hope that add that as with 100 channels its really needed.

  • Android TV? I mean really…..that should have been higher priority than even the iOS client. (at least I can cast from my iPad, but it would make more sense to just have VUE be right there when I turn my Bravia on.

  • Android TV Support next please skip apple

  • I had the location error in the first few days of having PlayStation Vue. Loved it when it was working but I had to leave. Glad to see it expanding but PlayStation you need make this location error a priority before anything else. Do you realise how many customers you have lost and are waiting for a fix? Please help us out!!!

  • I love playstation vue! best tv service ever! great value for money, specially considering there are no long term commitments and additional fees. Streams are always perfect and having the dvr function is just amazing. Very very happy to see it coming to android. Cant wait to use it on my Nvidia Shield TV.

  • Will you let us know when you are adding a Apple TV app? And when you are bettering the video on the fire tv? It sounds like we need to add the roku’ versions picture quality with the fire tv’s guide.

  • I ditched DirecTV yesterday for Vue. Absolutely love it. But, two things I’d like to see:

    1. Give an option for local channels. I don’t want not need them.
    2. On PS4, at least, allow us to expand full episode descriptions. The info you get when clicking more info tells about the site, not episode. Only in the show selection do you see a brief description of the episode with no way to fully expand it

  • I was happy when they announce that it will be available for roku this week, I open my account I an loved it , but that next day the app of PlayStation Vue it was gone from my TV. (Insignia roku tv) I try to reach Roku and PlayStation costumer service and none could not help me, I reset my tv and roku account , and it was still no app, am I the only one who has this problem ?

  • I agree with the android TV. Especially since many of us seem to own Sony Android TVs :)

  • We just started our free trial yesterday and so far so good. We have both Roku and AppleTV. You really need to get on the ball and make Playstation Vue for AppleTV. The Roku is the only reason why we are trying it now, but if we know that AppleTV is going to be added, it will guarantee that we stay. I agree with the folks here that the guide on the Roku is terrible. It’s very sloppy and cumbersome. I would prefer that it looks more like the guides on Dish, Directv or even Uverse. Heck, at this point would take anything that actually looked like a guide. Finally, Please add CW to your list, that would be the icing on the cake!

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