PlayStation Vue Expands to Roku Today, Launching on Android Next Week

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PlayStation Vue Expands to Roku Today, Launching on Android Next Week

We are happy to share that PlayStation Vue is expanding to Roku devices today, with support for Android smartphones and tablets launching next week. Since we’ve launched PlayStation Vue nationwide, we have heard from many of you that Roku and Android are the top devices you wanted us to add, so we’re pleased to make this a reality.

PlayStation Vue will be available on Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming players, and Roku TV. If you already have an account, just download PlayStation Vue on your Roku device and start streaming.

If you don’t already have a PlayStation Vue account, you can sign up for the seven-day free trial option through the PlayStation Vue website, or through your PS4 or PS3.

Here are the plans we have available. For specific information on pricing and channel lineup in your city, including live local stations and regional sports programming, please visit and type in your zip code.

  • Access: 55+ channels, including live cable TV, movies, and sports channels for $29.99 per month ($39.99 in cities with major live local broadcast stations*)
  • Core: 70+ channels, including all the channels from Access with the addition of live national and regional sports networks for $34.99 per month ($44.99 in cities with major live local broadcast stations*)
  • Elite: 100+ channels, featuring all the channels from Core with the addition of top movie and entertainment channels for $44.99 per month ($54.99 in cities with major live local broadcast stations*)

With an Internet connection and a PlayStation Vue TV-connected device, there are no additional fees such as monthly set-top box fees, or long-term contracts. In addition to Roku devices, PlayStation Vue is also available on PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick, as well as iPhone and iPad through the PlayStation Vue mobile app.

Users can also access PlayStation Vue on Chromecast though compatible iOS devices. PlayStation Vue provides up to five simultaneous streams across different devices, including up to three mobile devices used outside of the home, so you don’t have to worry about using multiple devices at the same time.

Next week, we’ll be launching the PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android, so you can use your existing subscription to access PlayStation Vue on Android smartphones and tablets (with OS v4.4 and higher) through our mobile app. It also supports Chromecast and other Google Cast-enabled devices. We’ll provide more information on the launch date for Android soon, so stay tuned.

*Cities with major live local broadcast stations: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami

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  • Nice to finally see roku supported, and another vue blogpost.

    Now do the vita!

    • If we can’t even get PlayStation Music/Spotify on Vita, don’t expect PS Vue to ever come to it. Vita has been abandoned by the West.

    • Been a Playstation Vue customer for a while now. The fam loves it. Glad to see support for Android. Service has been awesome, no complaints here.

    • Please bring yo Apple TV next. I have been waiting patiently and using on my fire tv but that just isn’t the same. Apple TV 4 next please give us a hint.

  • Thank you based cast support!

  • Yay for android.

  • An Android launch is great news. When it comes out I’ll finally be signing up. I would love to see the app improved with Android TV support, too.

    • +1 for Android TV support.
      I have a *hint* Sony Bravia */hint* Android TV and I would love to see this on.

    • Yes, to this! I also have an Android TV and would like to see this :)

    • Yeah!! Finally coming to android. I’ve been using ps vue for 2 months now in my fire stick it kinda slow to start up in fire stick. I hope it will faster to my Android tv box.

    • Android TV support would be epic! Please add this! This would be awesome on my NVIDIA Shield Android TV and if they integrated Live Channel support it would blow everything else away!

  • Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!! Finally I can cut the cord completely from my cable provider now, I have been waiting for Vue to come to Roku for a while and now if Playstation Video would as well be available on more apps would be great! This was a great announcement and Android support next week. Just awesome. Can’t wait to start my trial and use this later on tonight.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Let us know what you think about PlayStation Vue. Enjoy!

    • Apple TV, Please! You already have it on iOS, a port to tvOS can’t be THAT hard, come on Sony!

    • Mary,

      I like Vue a lot. Switched from Sling and I find the interface to be much better. Not perfect, but better.

      My suggestions for the service are to allow DVR streaming if the user is on mobile data. If the show has been saved, then I’d think the user should be able to watch the show on the go if they’d like to.

      Ability to stream all channels I subscribe to via mobile data. I’m assuming there may be some rights issues that differ based on location, but just detect my location when I launch the app and at least allow me to watch the channels that are available in that zip code.

      Speed of fast forwarding. When I fast-forward on my PS4, it takes several seconds to do anything and then increasing the fast-forward speed fakes a few more.

      Overall it’s a great service and I’m sure that as time goes on, these and other enhancements can make it an even better one.

    • Oh what glorious day-e-ay!

  • Please bring this to Canada. Thanks you

  • I would love too subscribe too this on my Android phone but I’m from Canada Ontario and I don’t know if this service is available there does anyone know if it does?

  • You guys seriously have a thing against iOS o.O. How do you justify a Roku launch without and Apple tv 4th gen launch?

  • I’m getting much closer…love it.

    • Once Google Fiber comes around, you should be saving some money. Fiber is just like Vue given they have no contract or sudden fees.

  • Good news! The more devices this gets on the better. Any idea when a live broadcast of ABC will come to Miami, FL? ABC On Demand is nice but would like to see the full fledged channel up on Vue.

    • I’m surprised that ABC is not live down here, is the CW still not available. Tried canceling my Comcast but Internet alone is more expensive than Internet and HBO together.

  • That’s great! I love options! I am using the Amazon Fire TV and it’s about a 7 out of 10 so far. We have to restart it daily. If this keeps up I will give the Roku a try. Thank you for doing this!

  • Have you guys fixed the issue where Vue keeps showing that I’m accessing it from different cities on my PS4, even though I’m not? I would love to sign up again, but only if I can actually use it. I had to cancel after two days of having it, because it was showing my location as almost two hours away from where I live.

    • Would love to know this to. I also had to cancel for the same problem. Now I am currently without tv until this is fixed. They told me the only way to fix it was to cancel and resubscribe. After they reimbursed me twice I was told the next time it stopped working I was on my own.

    • FYI, that is caused by your ISP changing your IP address to one that Geo-locates to a different city, unfortunately that only leaves to possible solutions:
      1. Sony renegotiates its deals to drop the location requirement completely
      2. You could look into getting a Static IP from your ISP, this often costs more money and is not worth it over other TV choices.

    • I tried 2 different accounts before this on the Amazon fire stick and gut 1014 error. Singed up with a new account on the Roku and FINALLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! It works!!!

    • Sony needs to use an IP geolocation database that matches the actual ZIP location of a user. Current online order system locates actual ZIP location of a user, offers channel packages based on that ZIP, then upon first usage compares the geolocation distribution of IPs determined by the Internet service provider and blocks the user. How many thousands of calls to customer service will it take to convince Sony they need to use reliable IP geolocation databases that actually reflect the actual ZIP location of the user? Many potential customers have tried and failed and are waiting for a fix. While Sony hesitates more competitors are entering the TV streaming services market later this year.

  • Nice service but i do not own an android tablet and my phone screen is about 4inch, i have a Ps Vita, the service is available for ALL the others device but not for the “official” Sony’s handler… I mean WHY NOT ON VITA ?????

  • It is very important to me that the package without local channels be offered in Dallas. I have access to the local channels for free using an antenna, I should not have to pay $10 more for these channels.

  • Yay for Android support. Hopefully Android TV support will be not far behind.

  • So excited for the Android and Chromecast support, this one I’ve been waiting on. Thanks for listening to us, I’ve been very pleased with Vue since I subscribed. Not going back to traditional cable TV anytime soon.

  • Any info on availability in Canada??

  • heard nothing but good things about this service.but i already have comcast so it wouldnt make sense for me to subscribe to this service.maybe in a future, though

    speaking of which,i know that you guys are competing with comcast but could you guys make a comcast app so that i can watch cable over my ps devices? and also, i have another request,could you please add spotify to the vita?see i dont have a tablet or a smartphone and the vita would be just perfect to use to listen to some music.hope you guys are listening,thanks

  • PLease tell me this is a beta client and not the offically released client on Roku. The interface is so Bare bones and not having The Explorer, GUIDE, and Timeline functionality is a MAJOR screwup for a Release trying to get new users! Also, does this finally support 60FPS on Roku? First is limited to 30FPS.

    • Yes, the guide is terrible. Its almost perfect on the PS4 but on the Roku its really hard to figure out where which channels is. Seems like the focus is on shows and not on the actual channel. Terrible terrible guide

    • Totally agree. The guide is even on PS3, although it performs pretty terribly there, it’s needs to be optimized to run on all players.

    • The Roku PS Vue interface is awful, super messy compared to the PS4 or Amazon FireTV. I switched over from the FireTV to a Roku 4 for faster processing power today. I was simply sick of the “Prime” orientated FireTV. The Roku Vue app needs a channel guide interface, the reason I subscribe to Vue is to have a live TV experience. On the Roku its more like a beta version of Netflix.

      I called Sony today to see if any updates will be made to the Roku Vue app and they said most likely, but didn’t know to what extent. They also stated that interface design is not up to Sony but actually Roku. I then proceeded to call Roku and they noted the issue of no channel guide and sloppy interface. Only time will tell if anything will change.

      For those who see this as an issue, call Roku (1-888-600-7658) and tell them your not happy with the ugly interface. The more complaints they get the more likely a quick update will happen.

      I’ll give it a month, if I don’t see any updates I’m dropping both Vue and returning my Roku.

  • Great news on Roku and Android support. Now PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE develop an app for Apple TV! it’s the only major play left and your main competitor has an App for it.

  • Wow still not on PS TV

    • I think they are done with PSTV which was a dumb move to not support TV like functions ie. STREAMING SERVICES

  • I’ve been poking around the official site since I’ve seen this post. I’m afraid I don’t see exactly how this work; unless I do and I don’t like it. Looks like your “home location” is set to one IP address and can’t be changed more than once. So if I have Vue on my PS3, it sounds like I can’t use Vue on my PS4. (different IP address) Similarly, I have an account in the home and I see a Android app coming next week. I would think, I can now access my account on my smart device and watch on the go. But this one registered IP, it just won’t work that way. Also, say I register with my smart device in my home zip. My device goes where I go, so me going on travel or from zip code to zip code, does my account become locked or invalid due to constant switching?

    I hope I’m wrong, but reading some of the FAQ, this is my conclusion. With a sour taste in my mouth sadly :(

    • read the article supports up to 5 devices at one time!

    • You can watch on multiple devices at the same time while you are at home. I use my PS4 and amazon fire stick both at the same time while I am home.

      I agree it is a little confusing about the home part but when I spoke to an agent once they told me if you leave your “home” and DO NOT open the app while outside it should be fine when you are back home.

      I have accidentally opened the app while outside and you just get a message saying try again when you are in your “home” location and worked fine when I was back.

      Hope this helps.

    • ah, maybe I should have finished the blog, but even after skimming the FAQ, it read a bit differently.

      Thanks for the input, much better feeling now coming back here and re-reading.

    • It binds to the external IP not your LAN IP’s. So it doesn’t matter if your PS3 and PS4 have different IP’s because it reads the IP coming from your modem (external).

  • As someone who doesn’t watch much television like I used to, I may or may not get PlayStation Vue.

  • Please advise why this is not on Apple TV and/or provide an update as to when we may expect it (if it’s even planned to that is) as I would really like to get in on this.

  • This is great! My only two requests would be:
    1) Getting PS Vue on Apple TV
    2) Getting the CW channel on one of the access plans.

  • Great to see it expand to more devices! At $30-40, it’s excellent.

    What about bringing the service to Apple TV?
    Any plans to integrate a channel that shows “Live with Playstation”/PS game tournaments, etc?
    What about creating and managing your account on other devices besides a PS3 or PS4?

    Now you guys just need to bring PS Now to all of these devices!

  • So, any chance of Borderlands 2 for Vita getting in on the 2K sale today? It’s only twice the price of the PS3 version…

  • I am very happy to have PS Vue on Roku, but ANDROID TV PLEASE!

  • current subscriber! thank you! now i can watch the news while daughter watches bubble guppies….all the time.. :-|

  • Android TV PLEASE, I want to use my Nvida Shield TV as my sole streaming device, and that way we can get a FULL APP like the Fire TV app instead of the MOBILE app that restricts several channels completely even when at home.

  • Thank you I can finally get my parents hooked up they love Roku A LOT. and I like it better than my cable because HD is free on Roku…. cable still broadcast in 480i horrible picture. But thanks again for Roku support you guys rock!!!

  • Please, please tell us if an app for Apple TV 4 is coming, that would be amazing. I hate the performance on my Fire Stick and don’t want to buy another device since I’ve already got an Apple TV 4. I can’t imagine a larger device segment left, so please announce something soon. This is painful.

  • I would definitely love an AppleTV version released. Also, the only thing holding me back from subscribing is the absence of CBS and CW. Add those, and I’m in like flint!

  • Thank you have been waiting for this, just added it to my Roku, do not see the guide??

  • finally! I’ve debated on whether to keep it or not because I couldn’t use it on the dozens of devices in my house, aside from my PS4.

    So where’s the Vita and PC support?

  • (I also hope you can add CW soon. Thats the only big channel missing to meet my needs)

    • Actually Lifetime Networks is the biggest missing channel. Try converting your wife / girlfriend to VUE without the man hating channels and you will get alot of pushback!

  • I want to drop cable for Vue but I love my HBO. Will Vue ever get this or? Or at least HBO Now? Xbox has HBO Now…PS3 even had it. Why not PS4? This is the only thing holding me back from switching.

  • Glad to see Roku supported now. I’ve been a VUE member since it went nationwide and while my PlayStation devices play it fine, my firestick is slow when trying to navigate it. My Roku shouldn’t have that issue though and now I can have the kids watch their shows in the living room instead of the game room.

  • AppleTV next, please.

  • Do you need a PS3/4 to use this with Roku? I been telling my in-laws how great this service is but they will not be playing any games, nor know how to use a controller…

  • Can we watch Vue on more than 1 device at a time? I have 2 TV’s and would like the choice of either without having to move my PS4 (or any other supported device) around the house.

    • Yes, a single PlayStation Vue account provides up to five simultaneous streams across different devices.

    • Just wanted to note that when they say, “PlayStation Vue provides up to five simultaneous streams across different devices,” this does NOT include simultaneous streams on multiple PS4s.

      I hope they change this. We have two PS4s and we had to get a Fire TV for the second TV so we could watch Vue on both at the same time. Very disappointing since the PS4 is a great way to watch Vue.

  • Dude. AndroidTV! Not just Android devices. I’ll subscribe the minute it’s on AndroidTV, and not a moment sooner. Just let me know when you’re ready to take my money.

  • YES FINALLY, Now I can rid myself of cable, PlayStation Vue is a Lifesaver!!!!

  • YAY! Now I just need CW on the service so I can get my DC fix when they blot from HULU.

    speaking of DVR, need that option to adjust settings cause many shows don’t start on time and I miss like half the episode :|

  • Will Apple TV 4th Gen be next? I would sign up immediately if this happens.

  • Any word of it will come to Android TV boxes?

  • Can you make it available on Apple TV 4.

  • Another vote to PLEASE bring PS Vue to Apple TV 4!!!! :-D

  • I echo the requests for Android TV.

    Besides Sony’s television division shipping Android TV as their smart TV platform (synergy!), Android TV has some obvious advantages that make it superior to other options. Live Channels app is the perfect companion for a service that offers linear programming like PlayStation Vue. It also has, objectively the best low-powered hardware in the Nvidia Shield Android TV box.

    Make it so.

  • Finally a roku channel! Just two feature requests:

    1. TV Guide listing
    2. Ability to change channels on the fly like we do with normal TV

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