Persona 5 will Take Your Heart on Valentine’s Day 2017

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Persona 5 will Take Your Heart on Valentine’s Day 2017

Take a deep breath. Ok. Ready? Persona 5 has a release date in the Americas. The Phantom Thieves are coming to take your heart on Feb. 14, 2017. Exhale.

And because this is basically the biggest title in ATLUS’ history, we HAD to go all out and do one of our renowned special editions. Exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, the Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition is going to arrive in a massive, collectible box, and will contain the following:

  • Soundtrack CD: A selection of music from Persona 5 by legendary series composer, Shoji Meguro, in a CD sleeve featuring special P5 artwork.
  • 4” Morgana plush: Morgana the Phantom Thieves’ cat is not just the mascot of the Phantom Thieves, but also a member – and also not just a cat! The premium edition includes an exclusive 4” plush of Morgana.
  • 64-page hardcover art book: This art book is full of concept sketches, character art, and more by character designer Shigenori Soejima.
  • SteelBook: As strong as a vault, the game disc for the PS4 will come specially packaged in a SteelBook collectible case, emblazoned with Persona 5 designs.
  • School bag: Designed after the traditional school bags in Japan, the exclusive replica bag comes complete with the Shujin Academy crest.

The Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition will be available for $89.99!

For those just interested in the PlayStation 4 version of the game, we’re releasing Persona 5 in a special SteelBook® Launch Edition! All pre-orders and a very limited number of launch copies will come in an official, collectible SteelBook case, adorned with glorious Persona 5 art (identical to the one in the “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition). It’ll be $59.99 at launch! Just a reminder, this will be exclusive to the PS4 version.

And for all the rumor-mongers out there, I’m just going to go ahead and confirm this here and now. (What better place than PlayStation.Blog?) Persona 5 is 100 percent still coming out on PlayStation 3. And at launch, it’ll be $49.99 and come in a regular game case.

Now, even after all that, if you still are thinking: “Why 2017!? You promised us 2015, and then 2016! Now it’s 2017?!!!?!” Well, the biggest factor in the 2017 release date is attention to detail. When we show off Persona 5 at E3 next week (Next week!), I think you’ll understand what we mean. We’re making sure every bit is in place. Persona has exponentially grown as a franchise, and considering that this is our first numbered sequel since 2008, ATLUS is taking its time to ensure this is the best possible experience.

I know the wait is agonizing, but I hope you’ll look forward to all the amazing news when Persona 5 infiltrates E3 next week!

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  • Just pre-ordered on Amazon for PS4!

  • This is day one for me. I absolutely CANNOT wait to play this. This could be my GOTY 2017.

  • I’m trying to preorder the premium edition, but it says its not available on Amazon. Don’t tell me it sold out already >:(

    When can I preorder it and is Amazon going to be the only place to preorder from. NEED MORE INFO PLEASE!!!

  • God, I can’t wait for this game! That Special Edition is an instant-buy for me!

  • John, will we get graphical comparisons between the PS3 and PS4 versions at E3? I have a cheap pre-order for the PS3 version for a while now, but if the graphical and performance upgrade is too significant I might end up buying a PS4 for this game.

    • the worst thing is if they add features to the ps4 version
      it would be a slap in the face to ps3 owners

    • Well for one, if the game is super pretty, you might want to take screenshots… and the PS4 can do that while the PS3 can’t. So, just the basic system features are different.
      And yes, you can be almost sure that it’ll run around 720p on PS3 and 1080p on PS4, possibly even 60fps on PS4. If you don’t have a big TV, then this won’t matter, but the difference is noticeable once your TV gets over 40″. Unless you have bad eyesight or something.
      Really, you should just get a PS4. There are so many RPGs and JRPGs that are only going to be releasing on the PS4 going forward, including Star Ocean 5, Final Fantasy XV, and Tales of Berseria. Unless Persona is the only franchise you care about, you’re going to be missing out.

    • Not at E3 – but definitely before the game is out!

  • Absolutely ridiculous that we live in a world where a game comes out in one country in September but doesn’t come out anywhere else until FEBRUARY of the next year. It’s a joke. How am I supposed to wait for this game? Anyone know if there is a way to import the game and have it with English subtitles?

    • entitled much?

    • Localization takes time and effort. ┐(ツ)┌

    • @John Hardin Crunchyroll turns out an english dub an hour after it airs. Your thoughts? I understand the game is bigger than an episode of anime but let’s be serious here… it doesn’t take 5 months to put localize a game.. and even if it did why hasn’t the process started already? If you’re implying there was never a way for the game to launch with both Japanese and English than you’re being ridiculous or take me for a fool.

    • @AlbieG – no they don’t. Crunchyroll provides a subtitled version an hour after. They subtitle around a few hundred lines of dialog in an hour… and do a mediocre job at that. There’s no modifications made to the video for this.

      P5 is probably going to have a hundred times that much dialog, counting both voice and text. They also have to properly localize it, which means more than just translation. They have to test to ensure that the game is able to call the correct dialog at will, since it’s not just a linear progression and you can interact with people multiple times or out of order. Additionally, they have to record the dub. Dubbing takes days of studio recording sessions, if not more, and that can only be done after the localization and script translation has occurred.

      There’s a lot more that goes into this than you are giving credit for. And it’s a lot more complex than simply subbing an anime..

  • Well I found my birthday present for next year ^_^. Played the first two and missed out on 3. Came back for 4 Golden and have been hooked all over again (damned compendium). Been bouncing off the walls waiting for 5, hoping the US would get the same anniversary edition. We didn’t but getting this for $90 is still a deal.

  • Please, let the original voices, let to players the choice between japanese and english voices. Thanks!

  • IM SO HYPED FOR THIS!!! Any word on Pre-Orders being available through GameStop, and if we will be getting the P3&P4 DLC or the Theme? I really need to get that Collectors Edition and Steelbook!!!

  • Nah screw you, now I have to literally dodge spoilers for 6 God damn months

  • Just preordered the premium edition on Amazon

  • I’m actually glad for the delay! This year is so packed with must-have games, that a little breathing room is appreciated!

  • Keep checking Amazon guys. It’s popping in and out of stock.

  • Just preorderd the Take my Heart Edition off shipping to Canada.

  • No! I’m already disappointed with the Special Edition we’re getting (even though it’ll save me money), so PLEASE give us the option to play it with japanese voices!

    But really, the japanese Special Edition would have been an insta-buy if I knew japanese because it has the music of all titles!

    Pff, what a bummer -.-.

  • Just charge me $15 for original audio DLC, really don’t want to suffer again after Dancing All Night.

  • This is some seriously asinine stuff here. First, the ridiculous reasoning for the censoring – you do realize we’re not idiots and can see the original japanese cover where Morgana’s face is partially covered anyways, right? So why the hell is it suddenly important his face is fully visible for NA?

    Oh right, because boobs bad!

    Secondly – 2017?? And what a god awful reasoning – “attention to detail”. More like “We have to market this and get the hype train rolling, despite the fact it was ALREADY rolling, because we’re just that ridiculous”.


    Also, way to basically say “Ah, to hell with Canada”. Not even an opportunity to get a collectors edition? Come on.

    Talk about dropping the ball, my excitement has gone from OMG to “Who the hell really cares”.

    • Ok – so to address these in order.

      1) It’s not censored. ESRB logo and CERO logo are different sizes. Morgana’s face was too obscured by the ESRB logo, so we shifted the art up. Also note “design not final”

      2) Localization takes time and effort. Our releasing strategy is production-focused. We give them enough time to ensure the game is up to those standards. Marketing is not the issue here.

      3) Canada is getting everything identical to the US versions. and other Canadian retailers (EB Games, etc.) will be carrying the game and taking pre-orders.

  • N O D U A L A U D I O




  • I just ordered the Take My Heart Premium edition off Amazon. With Prime you get a decent discount, and unlike lame digital pre-orders, you can of course cancel at any time and they don’t charge until it ships.

    I’m a bit disappointed after the earlier release dates came and went. That wasn’t cool. PR was terrible with retracted release dates. It ain’t Duke Nukem legendary but it gives me pause. I love my Persona games (and anime), but any series can lay an egg. But I got my fingers crossed that this franchise will deliver another stellar entry in the series. Honestly, the last entries Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden were never much in the graphics department, but the story and gameplay were phenomenal. The stories behind P4A and P4AU were likewise awesome. Persona 5 is gonna have to be epic to surpass its predecessors.

  • Can’t wait, wish we can get a limited editions with PS3. I want that school bag.

    Oh well…will be buying a PS4 just to play this and some select other games. Even better if you can make a PS4 bundle with this game.

  • So it get delayed, but atleast it’s early 2017. I’m fine with dat :).

  • I have some questions:

    1. Will the NA version be region locked (I really hope not)

    2. Who is going to publish the game for Europe with NIS America not publishing your games anyore due to SEGA broke up the deal between you and NIS America. Back then Ghostlight had to publish Persona 3 Portable while Square Enix published Persona 4.

  • I’m baffled by the amount of “no dual audio, no buy” comments. Atlus’ English casting in games like Persona 3, Persona 4, and Catherine have all been excellent and I’m confident this will be no different.

    Anyway, the six month gap is going to be a pain to avoid spoilers. I managed to avoid spoilers for Persona 3 and 4, despite not getting to either until years after their release, but the internet has only grown in size and scope since then and with things like Tumblr and Twitter avoiding spoilers for such a story heavy game could prove to be a nightmare.

    • Voice cast won’t hurt the game. It all about the gamplay, collecting monsters, and story. Atlus voice cast…if anything has been far better than other localization studios.

    • Well, I like hearing to the original stuff which is generally better and guarantees that lyp-syncing won’t be off, the characters will have voices that go with their design, etc.

      It’s not that I’m an anime fan or anything because. In fact, my native language is spanish and I don’t like watching american movies in spanish because of the same reasons.

    • The voice cast for P4 was not outstanding. Inaba is pronounced like sixteen different ways. Terrible terrible dub.

    • FearMonkey, I live in a place called ‘Winnipeg’, if you talk to people from Winnipeg, you’ll hear at least 30 different ways to pronounce ‘Winnipeg’ – sometimes multiple from the same person. People who live in a place having different ways to pronounce it is actually more realistic than if everyone was exactly the same.

      The P4G cast was awesome. Catherine was even better.

    • So, “I like the English VA so everyone else should like it too!”? Different strokes for different folks. Believe it or not, there are people who don’t love pizza. Blasphemy, I know.

    • Sighto, I was specifically stating the REASON for disliking it was silly. It’s realistic that a town won’t be pronounced the same way by everyone.

  • Go Ahead Persona 5, Take Our Hearts I’m Ready For You.

  • I really really want the JP audio , this game has amazing Japanese seiyuu’s cast , but I shouldn’t expect anything else from this company when it comes to giving us dual audio games and persona games the most. I guess I’ll be getting the JP version instead.
    I’ve only ever seen them give very few games with original and en voice cast but those games have been limited to the Vanillaware titles.

    I know licenses for getting the rights for the jp cast can sometimes never be helped, and they have to out weigh that cost as well, but again, it is nice to give people the option if it becomes available and there has always been a demand for dual audio for persona games over the past few years and to their games in general.

    Though to the PR manager, it might be nice to pass along the info to your higher ups that, there are people who are interested in the original audio, and that some are even willing to pay extra for it.

    Again, not saying the dubbed will be horrible, and I know persona games dubs are pretty good, I know you guys stand behind them, my personal preference to let me pick which voice cast I would prefer to listen to or even to both.

    • It’s not a license thing. They just refuse to bring it with JPN audio. Heck if Aniplex brings out the P5 Anime in the US. Guarantee it would have JPN audio in it. 100% GUARANTEED.

      So don’t believe whatever the US PR clown says. They have no say on what really happens in the game development. Only Atlus JPN has complete control on the game.

      All the US branches do are localize and remove JPN audio if they can.

    • >Though to the PR manager, it might be nice to pass along the info to your higher ups that, there are people who are interested in the original audio, and that some are even willing to pay extra for it.

      Have been pressing this issue since 11/24/13.

    • @PrinceofXIII
      I do know sometimes its not even the choice of the NA division and yes I know some company’s do not even allow the NA localized team even bring out the jp audio, for reasons sometimes never explained. Its disappointing which is the reason why I’m only buying the jp version of the game. its sad, because i’d love to support the NA release.

      @John Hardin
      So is there any reason as to why it never gets pushed through? If you say you’ve been pressing it since 2013…..

  • Is there anyway to pre order and get the game day one, but *not* get the steel book? I really love the look of the regular physical case, and would much prefer to have that. However, I don’t want to buy digital or have to wait long enough for all the pre-order and first run copies to be gone before buying. I still want to take advantage of either Amazon or Best Buy’s E3 pre-order sales.

    Is there anything I can do?

    • PR has confirmed game is not final. Also Im sure gamestop throught talking with the manager will let you swap with a used cover.

    • Ment to say design is not final.

    • I also wanna add, I think this game is going to be amazing, English audio is the way to go, and the delay is disappointing, but certainly understandable!

      Also, I will happily support the game on launch either way, it would just be nice to have the option to get the beautiful standard PS4 box at launch.

  • Please don’t delay it any more!!!! you are too close to Horizon release date now!!

    • I never wanted it delayed in the first place! T___T

    • With this delay P5 will be really close to one of the bigs juggernaut that is Horizon zero dawn, really not a smart move in terms of sales, and having 6 month difference between the JP and the US release this game will be spoled so bad by all the people who will import the jp version ASAP, so not very a smart move, sorry

  • I have the Take Your Heart Edition ordered! But do you know if there’s any chance to get the 20th Anniversary Edition 5 disc soundtrack that comes with the Japanese release separately?

    • Also, just a suggestion, you could probably put the Japanese voices as DLC on the PSN store. I know it costs money to license but a lot of people would pay an actually $5-$10 for dual audio!

    • AFAIK, the Japanese premium edition is the only way :(


  • How about making it up to us for waiting much longer than intended by bringing us those PS2 Persona and SMT games to PS4… You know… The PS2 to PS4 thing with trophy support? ;)

    • We had a cursory talk about that, but it hasn’t really gone anywhere since. Everyone’s too busy working on Persona 5. ;)

  • Just preordered the Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition! I’ve been waiting patiently for P5 since 4 came out. 3 and 4 are some of my favorite games of all time, and i’m so excited for this. Really looking forward to it.

  • Yes yes yes. P5 is my most anticipated game right now.

  • Just preordered from Gamestop. So excited for this, been waiting so long for this and now the wait is near over!

  • Why doesn’t this game have dual audio!?

  • Man! Cant wait any longer ahaha, P3 games were the ones that made me love persona ( ive played all pre-P3 games too)
    i would really like to know when they would release P5 in Australasia or Oceania region ( NZ and Aussie land) thanks :D

  • Wouldn’t be a persona game if it weren’t extending the life of a Sony Console. Hyped. C:

  • No school uniform DLC?

    • As for right now, no. Not sure if it will ever be a part of either of those editions, but it is HIGHLY probably it will be available (free or paid is TBD) at launch.

  • If it’s English-only for now, when does the enhanced edition with all the DLC included, added features, gameplay refinements, and dual audio come out?

  • I’m surprised some people got trick by this clown.

    Considering the amount of BS and excuses for not including JPN audio.

    “Massive task” LMAO. Seriously do people believe this guy? This is the same guy who said Persona 4 Arena is not coming to consoles.

    Also the same guy who BS about removing the JPN audio in Lost Dimensions. Even though it’s the same studio that did Danganronpa.

    And considering some of the statements he said about P5. About new trailers at E3 and some inside info despite his branch has no clue what Atlus JPN does.

    I wouldn’t take this guy’s word out at all.

  • Before anyone even says about license issue.

    Considering all Persona 4, Golden and even the 3 Movie US BD’s have dual audio in the US. There’s no license BS.

    But Persona 4 Arena is Dual Audio. Yeah the first game is also region lock. Made some BS excuse about reverse importing(as if Japan even cares about your release).

    And funny thing. Is Persona 4 Arena Ultimax JPN version had dual audio. Yes it has English and Japanese voices in the story mode and battle voice.

    How did that happen? Lol excuses

    It’s always the same BS response. Trying to reason out, “oh but our English dub is good and the best ever so you shouldn’t bother on the JPN voice”. Yeah we don’t care what your saying. We’re asking if it’s possible to bring the JPN audio which it is, but he is just blocking it because our English dubs sounds better.

    I’m surprise Atlus JPN has no clue what this clown is doing outside of ther JPN division.

  • really hope the “take your heart” premium edition is not too limited so i can get my hands on, didn´t stand a chance with FFXV collector´s edition.

  • Will there be an FES/Golden/Ultimax type game for Persona 5? I don’t want to have to buy a second version AGAIN. Please let me know so I can save my money/time.

  • English Only!!. Screw you Atlus. You guys are so full of it. Lazy and cheap. I don’t care how much effort u put into ur dubs. I would never listen to it anyways. I like what I like and I enjoy the Japanese cast. So thanks for considering all of us. Other companies include dual audio all the time. How bout they release this game instead of you. Guess I will import cause I won’t give you my money.

    • So much for being constructive on the PS blog, this is a case of don’t shoot the messenger if I’ve ever seen one. If you dont like the fact that the ENGLISH version of P5 won’t also have the JAPANESE audio then you should spend the 3 months until the JP release reading some JP to ENG translation books and buy the damn JP version. Lay off the US Atlus for trying to meet the demands of people like you moaning about the lack of dual audio, the second delay, the DLC for the games and the soundtracks for all the main Persona games coming with the JP release and not the US release and just accept that there are difficulties in the video game industry that prevent the product from arriving on schedule yet doesn’t really effect the actual product.

    • First. My comments are not directed at John. Just Atlus as a company. Second. I already said I am importing it so I can play it early and get to enjoy the Japanese cast. But regardless I will complain all I want about it not including dual audio cause I would prefer not to import it. I don’t care what BS Atlus gives or what u think u know about it. Won’t change anything.

    • wow whiny much? complaining about how a game wont have what you want and telling them to go to hell really makes you look like someone with nothing better to do then moan about it. if you dont like it fine but dont complain about it just accept it and wait to see if they do the japanese voice acting for it.

    • I would say the same about u who came here to complain about me. Besides. I have already accepted it. Why I am importing it and any other future Atlus game.

  • What the hell with the dub only crap? Atlus seems to be the only company that still releases JP games without dual audio.
    If there will be no original voices I’ll have to buy used copy, just to make sure that my money are not rewarding your behavior.

  • Is there any plans to do digital pre-orders

  • Was a little bummed to see it delayed again, but the collectors edition totally makes up for that delay. PREORDERED!

  • I honestly don’t understand why you seem to be the only publisher incapable of providing dual-audio. I don’t buy that it’s too expensive to provide both because your friends at NIS America were able to bring over a Bleach game with dual-audio and that game featured top tier Japanese voice talent like Akio Ohtsuka (Solid Snake) and Noriaki Sugiyama (Uchiha Sasuke). If they can afford that, you can afford Persona’s.

    I don’t buy the space issue because, as you said, you could always provide it as DLC. It’s been done by others including your friends at Square-Enix. It wasn’t until late in the PS3’s lifetime where SE started providing those tracks either as DLC or including it on the disc. Now it seems that most of their new and upcoming games will all have dual-audio.

    Regarding your earlier statement that you are no slouches when it comes to dubs, I have only ever liked one dub your company did; Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on PS2. I played Persona 4 with the voices turned off. I plan to do the same for Persona 5 so if it is indeed only voiced in English, please make sure that everything is subtitled including the animated cutscenes. Thanks.

  • This is pretty much what I expected. Same localization time as Persona Q. I’m importing from Japan like I did with Catherine, though my Japanese is terrible so I doubt I’ll get that far, more of a curiosity. Will probably pre-order the Premium Edition on my way home.

  • Beat P4 Golden, P3Portable and P3 FES. I can’t wait for Persona 5, definitely getting the Take Your Heart edition :D

  • Any chance we can get the Japanese voices as DLC? I’d much rather pay $5-10 more if I can play with the original voices.

    • Chance? Yes. Miniscule, and highly improbable chance, but I’ve been bringing the issue up multiple times. The only definitive thing is that the NA launch will have an English dub.

    • This is ur only saving grace. I would gladly pay for it. But I won’t hold my breath.

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