Persona 5 will Take Your Heart on Valentine’s Day 2017

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Persona 5 will Take Your Heart on Valentine’s Day 2017

Take a deep breath. Ok. Ready? Persona 5 has a release date in the Americas. The Phantom Thieves are coming to take your heart on Feb. 14, 2017. Exhale.

And because this is basically the biggest title in ATLUS’ history, we HAD to go all out and do one of our renowned special editions. Exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, the Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition is going to arrive in a massive, collectible box, and will contain the following:

  • Soundtrack CD: A selection of music from Persona 5 by legendary series composer, Shoji Meguro, in a CD sleeve featuring special P5 artwork.
  • 4” Morgana plush: Morgana the Phantom Thieves’ cat is not just the mascot of the Phantom Thieves, but also a member – and also not just a cat! The premium edition includes an exclusive 4” plush of Morgana.
  • 64-page hardcover art book: This art book is full of concept sketches, character art, and more by character designer Shigenori Soejima.
  • SteelBook: As strong as a vault, the game disc for the PS4 will come specially packaged in a SteelBook collectible case, emblazoned with Persona 5 designs.
  • School bag: Designed after the traditional school bags in Japan, the exclusive replica bag comes complete with the Shujin Academy crest.

The Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition will be available for $89.99!

For those just interested in the PlayStation 4 version of the game, we’re releasing Persona 5 in a special SteelBook® Launch Edition! All pre-orders and a very limited number of launch copies will come in an official, collectible SteelBook case, adorned with glorious Persona 5 art (identical to the one in the “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition). It’ll be $59.99 at launch! Just a reminder, this will be exclusive to the PS4 version.

And for all the rumor-mongers out there, I’m just going to go ahead and confirm this here and now. (What better place than PlayStation.Blog?) Persona 5 is 100 percent still coming out on PlayStation 3. And at launch, it’ll be $49.99 and come in a regular game case.

Now, even after all that, if you still are thinking: “Why 2017!? You promised us 2015, and then 2016! Now it’s 2017?!!!?!” Well, the biggest factor in the 2017 release date is attention to detail. When we show off Persona 5 at E3 next week (Next week!), I think you’ll understand what we mean. We’re making sure every bit is in place. Persona has exponentially grown as a franchise, and considering that this is our first numbered sequel since 2008, ATLUS is taking its time to ensure this is the best possible experience.

I know the wait is agonizing, but I hope you’ll look forward to all the amazing news when Persona 5 infiltrates E3 next week!

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  • I bought Persona 4: Golden for Vita to see what all the fuss was about and I actually enjoyed it. I look forward to this game.

    • Purchased for the same reason asyou an really… REALLY enjoyed it. Now i can barely wait for persona 5.

    • I purchased my vita for persona 4 on a whim and it turned out to be one of my all time favorite games. Collectors edition here I come. And will possible want to import cause that’s 6 months after the Japanese release.

      Question Japanese and English?

    • :D

      I was kinda lttp on P4 and although there may be plenty of bias because i work for ATLUS now, man they weren’t joking around about how it’s one of the best games on the Vita. So good.

    • Can’t wait! Been a fan of Megaten games since ps1. But I gotta admit, I’m really disappointed it’s not gonna have dual audio. :'( Please, please, please, please add it? Others were suggesting paid dlc for Japanese audio. Although I guess I would cave and pay that extra money, please also remember that games in Canada are $79.99 ($20 more than in the states).

    • Just pre ordered and I don’t even own a PS4 yet. I was really hoping for a PS4 Bundle. Imagine an awesome red ps4. Sony is going to be missing out on a huge opportunity here, choosing to instead back this or that years shooter.

    • UnstopableChaos9

      Just like Akihiko I’ve been waiting for this but I have a serious question. The Japanese 20th anniversary edition of Persona 5 is coming with DLC so will the US Take Your Heart premium edition come with that DLC? If not will the westerners at least be able to buy and download that DLC separately?

    • CristianAAguirre

      No vita version? I really enjoyed persona 4 on vita

  • madmanwithabox12

    Oh sweet lord above, let it be a simultaneous release with Europe! @_@

    • We don’t have any EU news to announce yet, unfortunately, but we def. know how thirsty EU is for it! #notlikesmtiv

    • It’s bad enough US will have a ton of divorces that come from married men ignoring their spouse in order to date virtual women and possibly put guns to their heads…

      You wish that on Europeans too?

      If they don’t put guns to their head in this game, don’t tell me, I’m kinda on a media blackout. Didn’t read the article, because I want to go into the game as fresh as possible. Just came for the good vibes. Too many trolls on other articles.

  • John, I love you magnificent man, you. :) So can’t wait for this. :) Will get that premium edition so fast heads will spin. Persona’s one of my favorite series so will happily toss $90 at it.

  • I hope it will have dual audio.

    • Yeah if it doesn’t I probably won’t buy it. I don’t like Persona enough to play it with subtitles.

    • Right now, it’s English only. But we’re no slouches when it comes to dubs.

    • As much as I enjoy audio options galore, hiring talent & the track itself is costly & takes up tons of space.

      It’s incredible to me that gamers- & in this case Persona fans, will Not support Atlus or experience this new Persoba

      Personas are generational titles; it’s a major event for fans & their studio! (=

    • Edit: accidentally tapped “post”, I hope I was able to sway some potential fans…!

    • I also hope so, even if it’s paid DlC. P5 has a bunch of my favorite voice actors

    • @luvtoseek
      I hope you realize that space is essentially a non-issue nowadays, right? It’s not like any of the pre-PS3 gen SMT games where space was strictly allocated to basically just the memory cards and disk space.

      You can put voice tracks on the store and distribute it that way. It has been done before.

      That said, I wonder if that dual audio poll Atlus did last year was actually worth something.

    • Honestly I wouldn’t even mind paying for DLC JPN audio. You guys know there’s a big demand for it so I’m hoping you can at least push for it for dedicated fans.

    • I wish Japanese developers would start off with the standard of Dual Audio. From what I understand changing the audio is equivelent to remastering the game. Probably due to all the timing required.

      Then maybe we’d see JP games with a lot more frequency, and they would make a lot more money by just starting with the assumption that dual audio is beneficial.

      Then maybe we’ll see a resurgence in the awesomeness a handful of games have had.

      Anyone remember there being a joke version of dialogue in the game? I think you had to work hard to unlock it, but it was almost like a standard day youtube parody of a game’s audio.

    • Let me guess? Reverse importing? Look, I get that the JP market sees a problem with it, but a good few of us US fans are really bummed out about things like you guys removing JP audio from P4AU after P4A because you couldn’t region lock anymore.

      While I do hope your dub delivers, I’d really like to see that JP voice option.

    • @Xienzi, I know it’s been done before. I was referring to the physical release. Just as graphics fidelity has increased, so has the size of audio tracks. Further, there’s alot of spoken dialogue in Persona games afterall.

      We both want the same thing- & obviously some of these factors are holding the option back.

    • Here’s another vote for Dual Audio. I know Atlus goes all out with the dubs but I really love this particular JP voice cast that has been assembled.

    • I hoped it would have dual audio as well, Atlus is the only company not doing it after SquareEnix with FF and Star Ocean and Bandai Namco with the tales series listened to their fans.

      If it’s set in stone that there is no dual audio I’m going to spend more money on the three games mentioned above, got around 200$ (conservative estimate) I’d spend on limited editions and other goodies freed up now that I can spend figurines or soundtracks.

    • If this dude says reverse importing I swear…

      You know why that’s not a problem? Because Social Links. And the UI. And dialogue choices. And narration. NONE of that has voices, which means you’d need to speak english to play a dual audio game anyway

      And I was really bloody excited for Japanese audio. No, it doesn’t matter how good your english talent is.
      I want the voices of Jun Fukuyama, Mamoru Miyano, and Tomokazu Sugita. Like, do you KNOW what an amazing allstar cast that is? If you asked me a moment’s notice on the street I could easily shoot off several game and anime characters that each of them has voiced, because I’ve watched a disgusting amount of anime (174 series’ not including movies) and literally THREE of those I watched in english dub.

    • And yes, I seriously would pay money for a Japanese voice DLC. This is me in the “bargaining” stage of grief. I skipped past disbelief and straight into anger because english-only titles from Atlus is the norm despite the rest of the entire industry realising “hey maybe a lot of our fans are weebs”

    • Your dubs are straight up disgusting, so I won’t even waste my money if I can’t disable the voices.

    • I wouldn’t mind if it only had English dub but it better be DAMN good. The Japanese voice actors are amazing while including some god-tier voice actors. I believe having a paid Japanese audio option would be awesome. Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls had that option and I was more than willing to spend the extra money for it. Having the option would give fans the extra WOW factor.

  • Bummed as anyone to see another delay, but the wait’ll be worth it. It always is. (^~^)b

    • Thanks for being cool about it! I was (selfishly) hoping it’d be closer, but I’m all about letting our devs/localizers take their time to make it great.

  • It´s very close to Horizon.
    Would be nice if we could get P4G and P3 FES for PS4 meanwhile.

    • I was just going to say, it’s way too close to Horizon. Yeah they are completely different games and all but still, why put two of your biggest exclusives so close to each other??

    • Yeah, kinda unfortunate how that worked out. But we’re not publishing Horizon and Sony’s not publishing P5, so we didn’t know :(

    • i’d rather have it on the vita

  • I think atlus realizes this isnt a good year to release Persona 5 because of all the other JRPG titles flooding the year. An early release next year is perfecto.

    • Persona 5 is releasing in Japan on September
      So is US players will literally have to dodge spoilers for 6 months after said release
      Hopefully the jap version has English subtitles a

    • So many JRPGs! It’s been a crazy resurgence, and hopefully everyone has plenty of time to enjoy them all!

  • AnimeDarkAngel92

    When will the pre-orders for the premium edition be available?

  • Great, 6 months of trying to avoid spoilers from the Japanese release. This outta be fun :/

    • I hope that you don’t have your enjoyment ruined by spoilers, but more importantly, I hope our game transcends the threshold where spoilers ruin the story. It’s the journey, not the destination!

  • joey_joey_joey8

    Pls confirm if this will be region locked. I am planning to buy from the US but my PS4 is asian version. Thanks! I cant wait for this game!!!!!!!

    • The PS4 is region free. Nothing stopping you from making a US PSN account and purchasing games.

    • This isn’t Nintendo. PlayStation hasn’t had a region-based lock on software since the ps2.

    • Well the first P4 Arena was the first PS3 game that was region locked. I can see why this would be a concern.

    • I *assume* not, but I unfortunately don’t have a concrete answer for this.

      If I so much as hear that phrase around the office though, rest assured I’ll make a stink about it.

  • Better have dual audio. Dont be cheap and lazy Atlus

    • Persona has always had one of the best English voice-overs consistently in imported games. Being lazy would be to leave it with Japanese only (cough NIS, xseed, aksys cough). Dual audio not necessary, but if they have it great, if not, oh well, just have to deal with the always AMAZING English voices

    • @FPFALL
      No, that’s not being lazy. It’s just cost-based analysis on extremely niche titles for the most part.

    • Yeah. I’ll deal with it. Like never buying an Atlus title again. I can’t stand there company. So full of themselves. Whatever. I will import it if I want to play it.

    • Before you posted that you had to see.


      Did you just decide that, it doesn’t apply to companies?

      From my understanding if a game isn’t built from the ground up to have dual audio or dual languages, it’s almost as bad as reprogramming the game to add it in. Why? Because you have to go to everywhere that references an audio, program in a different audio sample as the default, and then reprogram in a second audio call out if they have another language selected, and keep both languages properly separated so that “WHAT THE HELL?!” doesn’t suddenly play instead of “NANDE DESU KA!?” or vice versa.

      As far as I can tell all of Persona 4 really only sold like 1 million copies in between the PS2, PS3 digital, and the Vita version. If they don’t think it’s affordable to fully implement Dual Audio then why would you risk them never bringing over a Persona title again?

      Why do you need to rage that you’ll just import the game? I wish companies could do like a “Dual Audio” fund so that they could gauge interest based on donations.

    • @MakaiOokami:

      Of course there’s programming complications if you try to add another audio track. That’s why the simplest solution is to just not do it in the first place. Sure, I’ll settle for there being an English audio track in addition to the correct, original audio track, but the default position should always be to have the correct, original audio track. If the game is so niche that it “only sold 1 million copies”, then why bother wasting the time and resources replacing the correct original audio at all?

    • @MakaiOokami and @fourfour44

      Like you said Ookami, if Atlus (and they have been asked for it many times for many years) didn’t think of dual audio from the beginning it may be a hassle adding it afterwards or not…
      It’s funny how some people nowadays are able to undub games replacing the english language pack with the japanese ones…
      I wish I was given a choice to play with the language I like.

      I liked very much persona 4 golden on the psvita but it really felt awkward when japanese names were said. And try to match the tones in voice with the behaviors of characters looked misplaced.

  • A bit disappointing, I won’t lie, but at least I don’t have to worry about it running into Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse now.

    But geez, looks like I’m going to be spending a LOT of time on PS4 next February, what with Persona 5 and Horizon: Zero Dawn both releasing that month.

  • WIll Best Buy get the preminum edition?

  • Dual audio or don’t care.

  • When is this version coming to Europe?

  • Body is ready

    Take me Atlus

    Take me

  • No news about Australia?



  • Not as cool as Japan’s Collector’s Edition, but I’ll take it!

    (Really hoping the P3 and P4 outfit DLC make it over here.)

    • I dunno, I’d disagree with you there…but I really like bags (I still have my GTAIV one from forever ago) :)

      We haven’t actually discussed the DLC yet, but it should make it’s way over (Not sure if it’ll be part of the CE or not, but it should at least be available!)

  • Well I’m obviously buying the Take Your Heart edition…but I don’t WANT to wait until 2017!

  • Hello Europe is calling! It says that discriminATLUS can go to hell!

    Take example from NIS America and do your job properly. You are not getting any fans from Europe with this kind of actions. It’s beyond me how company that is working with SEGA cannot ever do world release at the same time.

    Shame on you. Shame on you.

    • Hi Europe, it’s John.

      I know you’re angry. We don’t have a great track record for releases there. Well, with the exception of SMTIV, and some recent SEGA titles, every game we’ve announced since I’ve started working at ATLUS has released in EU in a reasonable amount of time. And you know what? SMTIV is part of the reason why we don’t announce anything before we’re signed and sealed on EU distribution deals. I know it’s frustrating to not have news, but I’d rather wait until we have a sure thing than deliver false promises that I have to backtrack on.

      Thanks for your concern,


    • Hello Common Sense is calling! It says that Europeans coming onto the NA Blog really isn’t that fair! Please reach out to European division of Atlus to get upset because of all the different regulations and challenges that Europe offers!

      Take an example from all the other Europeans not here just to complain, and please don’t troll the company. You’re not making their job easier by getting mad at them for things that are likely not in their control. The EU numbers are about half what the NA numbers are on Persona sales in general.

      NA sells on par with Japan. Europe sells on par with the rest of the world. You shouldn’t expect first class treatment if you guys are barely buying enough of the games to be profitable, so help your friends get interested in Atlus titles if you want them to work as hard as possible on not offending you.

      Shame on you. Shame on you.

    • @MakaiOokami There’s no “AtlusEurope” smartass.

    • @MakaiOokami

      You took a mean shortcut based on your self-centeredness.
      You blame Europe for not buying enough of Persona games (or other ones by extension) and that we ungrateful Europeans should not expect too much of videogame companies.

      In NA let’s say 90% of the population speak english (native tongue)
      In Europe, you have as much native tongues as you have countries, and a small portion (except UK) of the population of those countries master english.

      For games that are English only, you don’t need a doctorate degree in mathematics to forecast that they’ll sell less than in NA (even with UK into account).

      Would you buy a game if it was only dubbed in french with french subtitles?

    • @Joeghi Good points, and don’t forget that Europe often get Atlus games much later, which leads to alot of Europeans importing the games instead, so when the game finally releases in Europe most of the fans that wants it already have it. Now with PS4 there’s no region lock, pretty much every european that is interested in the game will just import it, that was my plan before I heard there will probably be no dual audio.

  • Please guys, can you confirm whether it will have dual audio or not?

    • English-only right now.

    • While I respect the work your english voice actors do and the work you guys put into the english dub, looking at the japanese cast for this game just makes me think that this is a shame. I really think you guys should reconsider this.

    • He did say “Right now” So since we’re 7 months out, something might change. Or heck maybe they’ll even add a free Dual Audio DLC if they can’t make it by the time it goes “Gold” (as in retail ready and can’t be changed, not a Golden Remake a la P4)

    • We lose all of this:

      Sad day. But well, it’s not like we aren’t swimming in game releases – one can play other things.

    • @MakaiOokami “He did say “Right now” Yes, and that’s why I said in a polite way that i hope they change it.

      “So since we’re 7 months out, something might change. Or heck maybe they’ll even add a free Dual Audio DLC if they can’t make it by the time it goes “Gold””
      You don’t know that.

  • Euro what now?

  • unknown_thing632

    My first ever persona game I played was persona 4 for the vita, and I loved it, then I played Persona 3 for the psp and I also fell in love with the game, I dont know what it is about persona games but for some rare reason, persona games actually keep me playing all the way to the end, which is something I rarely do. I will definitely be buying this when it comes out, a little dissapointed with the 2017 release date, but it is so worth the wait.And Keep up the Amazing work.

    • Thanks! I started with P3 and I totally didn’t understand the gameplay mechanics. I read a few primers on the Persona series, and poured dozens of hours into P4. Probably one of the few I actually obsessed over playing/finishing (Hardcore Risette trophy, y u so hard), but I’m a huge fan too, and can’t wait to share more P5 with you all!

  • Everyone is welcomed to my ITS HAPPENING bunker to avoid spoilers once the Japanese version is out. And a huge sincere hug to Atlus for keeping their word on localizing the PS3 version. Thank you and have a great E3.

  • Um, with this game and Horizon on the same week, I’m worried that they’ll cannibalize each other.

    • Considering that one of them is a Japanese old-school RPG, and the other is a modern third-person action RPG, I really doubt they’ll cannibalize each other’s sales. And they come out two weeks apart. If you meant to say “same month”, then sure.

      But I know I only had plans to buy one of these games anyway, so them both getting pushed to the same month doesn’t bother me at all.

    • Same month, you mean? Maybe – I just hope that people can really appreciate the vastly different styles of the two games – everything from the aesthetics and soundtrack to the actual storyline (presumably?). And I hope people that pick up both enjoy them equally!

  • Holding off on pre-ordering until Japanese voices are confirmed.

    • Damn right

    • Why? Atlus has a history of getting great English casts together. P4G and Catherine both had stellar casts that did a phenomenal job of their roles.

    • @Seluhir I would not bother. Despite the fact that some people might argue, the majority tend to prefer English VAs and even Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- has a whole lot of requests for English VAs to be added to the Japanese version of the game.

    • @SilentNova True.. just seems so… prejudiced. Yes, there have been bad English voice casts in the past, and there was a time when English VAs did a really bad job – especially of Japanese games… but they’ve gotten so good. Especially some of the more notable ones like Troy Baker and Laura Bailey.

    • May be a while/never. :\

      But even if you’re stalwart on having original JP audio, I hope you at least give P5 a shot! We don’t half-ass our English dubs, that’s for certain.

    • @Seluhir Yes, and both os those games pretty much ad the same exact voice actors for their main characters. Troy Baker(Kanji) as Vincent, Erin Fitzgerald(Chie) as Erica and Laura Bailey(Rise) as Catherine. Great voice actors but it was pretty jarring hearing Kanji as a 30 year old man when i had just heard him as a 16 year old teen. I’m not interested in persona 5 if I’m going to hear Kanji, Chie or Yukiko whenever one of the main characters open their mouth.

      “But english voice actors are much better today”
      It’s not about that, it’s about enjoying the entertainment I watch/play in it’s original language. Do you watch german or french films with an english dub? I certainly don’t. I presume that most people that prefer their entertainment dubbed in english have english as their main language. Growing up in a small country in Europe it was a pain in the a** to find american movies like Toy Story in english, I had to watch them in my own native language which did not give the same experience, I missed out on Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, it’s just one example among many. The Japanese cast in this game is amazing, like really amazing, missing out on them would be a big shame.

    • Exactly, i dont care how AMAZING their English dubs. I will never like them.

      The characters are Japanese, the setting is in Japan.
      So, the Japanese voice is a must!

      No JPN voice, 100% no buy.

    • heh… that’s kinda silly, IMO, but it’s your call – and your loss.

    • With all due respect: I think it’s more silly playing a japanese game about japanese high-school students in english is more silly, just as I think it’s silly watching a german or french movie in english.

    • @based

      It’s not that it’s silly to play it in Japanese. It’s silly to pass up on an experience that is extremely likely to contain a well written story, good gameplay, a good soundtrack, and interesting characters…. simply because you cannot have it in one specific language… when you speak the language it’s going to be in.

    • Regardless of how good a dub is, people want to experience the characters as the devs intended, the JP cast is amazing. It’s a shame that this is even a debate. I would think by now Atlus would realise want the fans want.

  • Disappointed we didn’t get the 20th anniversary edition and sad it’s not coming until 2017

    Hope we can at least get dual audio. Oh well, preorder secured.

    • Yeah, there was a ton of hype around JP’s CE, but we really wanted to separate it with some physical goods that we thought were pretty awesome! I think we both have pretty good offerings!

  • Nice, it comes out Valentines Day. I am actually a little more excited despite the delay.

    • No one likes delays, least of all me, but having more time to play a game is always a good thing!

    • Hey John,

      Thank you and Atlus for the English Dub. Really angry about Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- right now. I also tend to get a lot of my cases signed by the English Voice Actors.

  • When will it be ready for pre order? You will be getting my 89.99.

  • I’m just about to finish Persona 4 ( Golden ) for the first time! I’m getting really excited about 5 now. Dual audio would be awesome.

  • Ugh… that was one of the two games I was REALLY hoping wouldn’t get delayed (again)….

    but I can’t say I’m terribly surprised. Well, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

  • The delay is a bummer, but not entirely unexpected; what’s really a disappointment for me is the CE lacking all the “Persona 20th Anniversary” items from Japan’s CE, like the Persona 1-5 soundtrack set.

  • It is the last game i’ll buy from Atlus, damn, ridiculous to take so much time to release the game.

    • Sorry to hear that. I mean, I know 5 months is a lot of time…that’s like the entire life cycle of some breeds of chameleons. Maybe you’ll change your mind about ATLUS once it’s out?

  • Please nothing else in February!

  • The special edition looks fantastic! And it’s good to know that PS3 players won’t be left out! But what about dual audio?

    Will Persona 5 have Japanese audio with English subtitles in the West? A LOT of fans have been begging for dual audio in this game for a while now.

    We know that you guys will work hard to ensure that the game has a quality English dub and I have no doubt that it’ll be great, but we would really like to choose between both English and Japanese voices as we please.

    Square Enix confimed that Final Fantasy XV will come with the Japanese voices as free DLC upon launch in the west, so why not implement something similar?

    Honestly, if you were to make the Japanese voices available as PAID DLC, we would still be thrilled and would be happy to pay extra for the Japanese voices to cover the cost.

    • um the ps3 version is being left out…of getting the special edition

    • I’ve gotten the same feedback, and would like there to be a solution for Japanese VO dub via the DLC route, but there are many hurdles in the way of that.

      Right now, all we can confirm is that it will be 100% English audio/text at launch.

    • I understand. Glad to know you guys are listening and taking feedback seriously!

      >here are many hurdles in the way of that.
      Like what if you don’t mind me asking.

  • Persona 4 Golden was a pretty good movie. I wish Persona 5 has more action than 4 did. They should have Micheal Bay direct Persona 5, guarantied action.

    • P5 protagonist goes to school *school blows up*. Protag goes to his part-time job after school. every patron pulls out a gun and a massive gunfight ensues, and then THAT building blows up. Goes home. *Home blows up* Where do you want to go tonight? *everything blows up*

      You know what, I think we’ll pass.

    • I don’t know John, I wouldn’t mind a Persona game where Mark Wahlberg is my teammate and friend with Shia LaBeouf starring as the main character, Megan Fox would be the love interest obviously and Optimus Prime a Persona. Every ability would cause a nuclear explosion.

  • So, definitely picking up the CE, but I like the normal box art way more unfortunately. I don’t really wanna buy two copies of the game D:

    • It’s possible that there could be a plastic overlay on top of the steelbook to retain the original art, but we do need Atlus to confirm that.

    • Same here — I’m interested in the collector’s edition contents, but I hate steelbooks and would much rather have the regular box art.

      Anything you can tell us about this, John?

    • I’m sure you could walk into a game store and ask the manager to let you swap out your steelbook game case with a normal one, once they get some in stock. I’ve done similar things before. They generally don’t mind doing it.

    • I don’t actually know – let me ask if we’re planning to have a sheath like the Valkyria Chronicles box.

      Also, just stressing the “design not final” bit.

  • Totally missed the Collector’s Edition preorder. Sucks to be west coast today.

  • Well this is a bummer it is not 2016.

    But my anticipation for this game will hold me over.

    Willing to give a clue to which retailers are going to offer the pre-orders for both versions?

  • Any information on Dual Audio?
    It would be a pretty ****** move to not include the Japanese voice track considering how great the VAs are

  • Seems like I will have to use stealth just like the Phantom Thieves to avoid spoilers on the internet during 5 months.

  • 90 bucks for the premium edition? Actually that’s a REALLY good price with what it comes with; and with me ordering it to get it on day 1, yeah I’d be happy to throw in 98 bucks (S+H included) to get it.

  • I’m so excited, but why can’t the localized version come out around the same time as the Japanese release?

  • Excited for the game, but not your best move putting the game up for pre-order so early. Special edition sold out at Amazon by the time I woke up. Hope they get more in stock, or it comes to other retailers.

    • It’s not limited by quantity! I think something screwed up on the Amazon back-end that we’re trying to sort out. keep checking :3

  • MengetsusLegacy

    Atlus will there be Dual Audio? I want to buy the game twice for digital and collector editions but, this is a big factor please say it’s so!

  • I was searching on Amazon for the Premium and was refreshing often, and it sold out. Seriously please make more.

  • Welp, thanks for greatly underestimating the demand for this game, Sega. It’s wonderful to know that the Special Edition was sold out within an hour of going live on Amazon. I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to utterly missing out on snagging the collector’s edition of my most anticipated game of the last two console generations.

    What a joke.

    • I don’t think it lasted minutes. I checked just after this was posted on the blog. Refreshed every few minutes. I found the steelbook version, and then searched a bit more for the special edition, and found it sold out. All within less than 15 minutes.

      Not that I need more knickknacks around the house, but I want that soundtrack.

  • For the love of Messiah please make more collectors edition available to amazon. like many others when i wake up it was already too late. this is depressing.

  • Ok Im confused its coming out in 2017 because of “attention to detail” Well the JP version comes out in Sept soooo youre saying the US version will have detail the JP version doesnt? Doubtful so really instead of dubbing at the same time as doing the JP release theyre gonna do it AFTER JP release meaning that whole 6 month wait will be nothing but dubbing as everything else will already be done

    • There’s more to localization than just dubbing.

    • Typically there shouldn’t be more to localization than “just” dubbing unless they want to edit sign textures to read in English.

      It should be noted that nowadays localization can be a euphemism for censorship, which I certainly hope is not the case here.

    • @bahramz:

      You have to edit all dialog to be in English(and ensure that the game still makes sense since sometimes things don’t translate as well as you might hope), you have to dub the game, you have to program the game to play the dub, you have to ensure that the audio matches the timing of the video queues still, and often re-record audio a few times to get the timings right…

      There’s a lot that goes into it when it’s done properly. The fact that game companies recognize this nowadays is why we don’t get translations like the old FF3 translation anymore.

  • I will purchase this game for sure.

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