Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation

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Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation
Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation

Today is the day! On behalf of team Powers, it is our pleasure to tell you that the wait is over – Powers is available now to watch on PS3, PS4 and online.

If you’ve been following us, you already know that Powers is not your normal, shiny superhero story – it asks deep and challenging questions. Powers explores the concept of what it would be to be a superhero in today’s celebrity obsessed culture. What if having a superpower is like having an addiction? What if you could fly, but you still had all the vulnerabilities of an average human being? And what if you lost your powers, and had to police your ex-mates while living as a mere mortal? In this show, not all people with powers are heroes, making the storyline mature and the characters deep, complex and challenging.

Interested? Good. You can watch the first episode of Powers FREE today – all you have to do is click here to immediately start watching. Everyone – whether you are a PS Plus member or not – can watch the first episode for free.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to watch the entire season free, along with enjoying all the other great benefits of being a member.

The first three episodes launch today on PlayStation Store at one time for those of you who like to binge watch. Episode one is also free on PlayStation Store and weekly episodes will release every Tuesday until the season finale on April 28th.

And with that, PlayStation proudly brings you our first-ever scripted original content series! We have worked on this series in partnership with Sony Pictures TV for the past several years, and I think you will really enjoy it. If you like what you see, be sure to let us know at @PowerstheSeries using #PowersonPS.

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  • So I just paid for a 3 month subscription to Plus, specifically to watch this show. Is the comment below correct? Was this a U.S. only launch? Because if so, I want my money back.

  • Will Canadian customers who were necer informed of any of this US only BS be given a refund becausr of false advertising? Some people got ps plus just for this and I know that NOWHERE was it ever mentioned that this was US only.

  • Not even a peep from Sony.

    They were perfectly aware of this situation beforehand and still they decided to let the deception go on in order to retain PSN+ subscriptions.
    They are perfectly aware of the discontent present now.

    And they won’t even apologize. They won’t even comment a thing.

    I’ve been a Sony fan for a very long time. I even work for the mobile divison.

    And I’m very dissapointed right now. POOR FORM SONY. VERY POOR FORM.

    • We’re happy that fans everywhere are so excited to watch the show and are aware that gamers in other territories would like to view as well. Please know that we are actively working on bringing Powers to more countries, including Canada, and will have more information to share in the short future.

  • This is the dumbest ****, even netflix who is different in every country gets it. Launch day is the same for everybody because people get ****ed and pirate it.

  • ya sony this is bad Bs ive been a long time member of the ps+ and this is the worst thing you said that powers was getting released on march 10 in when you announced it you said that anyone with a playstation and a ps+ can get to watch the show well i haven’t seen it yet and this could lead to lawsuits for false advertisement not keeping up the promise of you guys advertising it as such a way posted by said by the co creator of powers PlayStation will be releasing the first three episodes on March 10th the full season will be available free to members of PlayStation Plus…which you should have already because it’s awesome. so where is my free show that i have not gotten yet seriously sony man up and get this show out to every playstation before you get sued again for millions

  • Are you kidding me? Not available in Canada? Sony, your making it REALLY hard to like you.

  • Boy I hope this previously unannounced delay for Canada is because they are dubbing it into french for Quebec not that they’ve worked out an alternative non-PSN distribution deal. Sony is definitely behind Netflix Originals in their distribution methods and I hope this is not a trend.

  • These comments gave me cancer. Don’t you have better things to do than complain… Not the place to voice concerns, and next time don’t assume. The announcememt was very clear about US only back at E3.

  • Sorry I was wrong this US exclusivity was announced on this blog last year but not mentioned during the E3 Press Conference or in any of the trailers / featurettes advertising the series. So excuse me for missing this detail up to now.

    Funny thing is that Brian Micheal Bendis is convinced on his Twitter account that the series should already be available in more than just US territories. If the creator is confused about the release than it doesn’t surprise me that many fans missed the memo.

  • it’s not even available in Canada?

    i expected we wouldn’t get it in Europe, sony have a long history of apathy towards Europe.

    but Canada?
    just across the border and you can’t watch it?

    like that song says, aint that a kick in the head.

    you have an international cast here, two brits, a russian, and one of the leads is south african.
    yet the only place you’re showing it, is the us.

    like half the main cast wouldn’t be able to watch their own show in their own country.

    you produce this show for your own network, seems to me, the only reason why it isn’t shown outside the us is because you chose not to release it outside the us.

    what does that say about sony’s attitude to their non american customers?

    this is even worse than not getting Agent Carter in the uk, at least marvel have the excuse that they don’t have a distribution network, sony have the psn or sen or whatever, these days.
    no excuse.

  • You know what Sony, and I mean all of you from the lowest mail room guy to the highest CEO. I can’t even get angry or irritated at you any more. You all just disgust me at this point all I feel is just utter and complete disgust.

  • Watched the first 2 episodes. First one started off rocky, but the second is getting better. Not the best show, but I am interested. Looking forward to seeing where they go with the story.

  • Instead of saying this is the launch of ‘Powers’ on the Playstation network don’t you think instead it would have been smarter to say that this is the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Launch of ‘Powers’ on the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playstation network. I live in the UK and have been looking for this Pilot episode everywhere only to then find out it isn’t on in the UK. That is honestly really BAD advertising, and shows serious lack of judgement on somebody’s part.

    The comment you made above :- To clarify, this is the US launch of Powers – more details about the international release will be announced soon. Do you not think Playstation should have led with that information.

    Just goes to show how little Sony and Playstation think of there overseas customers. I for one will now probabley give this show a miss when it comes on in the UK. At the very least there should have been release dates set for all regions, that we could have all been made aware of. Once again BAD judgement.

  • You are seriously region locking a show produced by playstation, this is a new low for leaving other regions out of things.

  • ^ Give us a fraking blog.can.playstation.com so we can actually filter news that is relevant to us.

  • Dear Mr. John Koller,

    while I appreciate that SONY is “working really hard” to make the series available to people in other countries (including Canada), you do realize that we live in the age of the Internet and as such it’s ironic that, as a Playstation plus subscriber, I can’t watch the show… but I can download episodes off some file server, torrent sites or other web palces by using google.

    Isn’t it counter productive for SONY to have region locked releases in this day and age? We don’t live in the 90’s anymore and it seems bizarre that a company such as SONY wouldn’t be prepared for something like this. Is SONY going to make the show available after we’ve all watched it using some other distribution method? I wonder.

    Then again I also question why I have to watch SONY conferences (such as the Playstation Events or the E3 conferences) via YouTube and there’s never a direct feed on PSN. Maybe it’s time for those making such decisions to stop living in the past and embrace the 21st century.

    Best of luck working on this. Meanwhile, I’ve grabbed two episodes so far and will start downloading the third one right after this.

  • How do I see about a refund? I ordered the first season, because it said it was available to watch on the web. I paid for it, and found that it doesn’t play on Windows XP, which means I can’t watch it at home, and I don’t have any other device. Yeah, I’m an idiot. Who do I call about a refund?

  • Even though this “isn’t the 90’s anymore”, and hipster everywhere love to remind you that we “live in the age of the internet”, international copyright. licensing, content, and censorship laws are not universal. Even on the internet, programs have to be cleared for broadcast even on the internet. This also works the other way. I can’t see certain BBC shows until they’re cleared for broadcast here.

    This is not something that saying “COME SONY” can fix. We are still governed by these laws, and they’re not going to change anytime soon.

  • you’re working on bringing it to more countries?

    a sony show on a sony network and you have to “work” to bring it out outside the us?

    what a joke.

    other producers have to deal with different station and networks in different countries and they can manage to get the shows out within hours of their us debuts.

    sony, on it’s own network seems clueless as to when you can even show your own show outside the us.

    this is bad comedy.

    no company is that feckless.

    well, clearly that’s not true is it?
    you’ve proved that.

  • @NotFirstnorLast

    The CRTC does not govern web based content. This is entirely on Sony.

  • Not having it available in every territory at the same time is just bad business, Sony. While we get that it’s not always a simple question of pressing “Send” and giving it to everyone, it’s not like the show was made and released by surprise. How did it get overlooked that people outside of the glorious all-gifted U.S.A. may want to consume media at the same time as our star-spangled friends? This is just insulting.

  • @CaptainAlbator

    Wrong! Nothing needs to “cleared for broadcast” online in Canada. You are spreading false information here and all over the forums. The reason there are delays is because usually publishers need to sell the distribution rights. But in this case Sony has their own distribution network. So the only reason they haven’t released this in Canada, is because they want to make an extra buck by selling the rights instead of streaming it themselves. It’s all on Sony!

  • Guys, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s not Sony preventing a Canadian release. It’s those evil, money Grubb hungry basted at the CRTC. They are probably still trying to figure out the bribe amounts.

  • “Not in Canada” WHAAAT?? You said yourself (Sony) that the Show would hit PSN Store in Canada at the same time. Can’t keep simple promises? This is a joke… I was waiting for this show, it’s looking really nice and now I can’t even watch it… If you’re going to do this, at least don’t lie about it, tell us exactly WHEN we’ll have it instead of saying lies everywhere about it…

  • John Koller, thank you for your reply. Even if it seems to me that by stating “including Canada” you don’t really pay attention to what we post here. I’m writing from Mexico.

    But oh well, I already saw the first episode. It seems my office has a US IP address so I was able to watch the first free episode on youtube there.

    I liked it, but Sony’s extremely poor form on this matter definetely took some shine out of it, since I don’t know when I’ll be able to the see the rest of the episodes, in the comfort of my home, on my PS4, which technically I should have been able to do since I’m a plus subscriber.

    Oh well… I’ll just have to wait and hope my hype for the show is still there by the time you people decide when I’ll be able to do so.

    Congratulations on letting so many fans down Sony. Nicely done.

  • Would have been nice to have some warning about the show not being viewable in Canada. Typical Sony, you put out a product that gets people excited, and then turn around and find as many ways to turn us off of it as possible. You just kicked thousands if not hundreds of thousands of PS Plus subscribers who don’t live in the US right in the teeth. All this hype over this new show and not even a peep that a large majority of us won’t even be able to watch it.

    Something to keep in mind. Season 3 of House of Cards was pirated twice as much as Season 2, and a large part of that was because it’s premiere in China was delayed. So why bother releasing Powers outside of the US “in the short future”? By the time you get around to it, anyone who cared to watch it will have found another way to view it. If you make the legal means of consuming content difficult and complex, people will ultimately resort to easier, illegal methods. All these years and you’re still refusing to take notes from Apple. What a shame.

  • Why is this the US release only?

    It’s frustrating, but understandable, when licensing restrictions get in the way of anything associated with traditional broadcast television.

    It is frankly ridiculous that Sony is not releasing their own show simultaneously across the globe to all PS plus subscribers.

  • Just finished the first 3 episodes and I am enjoying it. I am looking forward to the next episode.

  • You can watch it on the Vita, if you stream it thought the browser.

  • Loved it was very interesting looking forward to more

  • Where is the subtitle? I am deaf. I know this show is awesome, but I won’t watch it without subtitle. Please add it asap!

  • Its frustrating about the US only thing and i understand these things happen but it would have been nice if it had of been made more well known about the different date for Canada and other places. I never came across anything mentioning it myself until the day of the release myself when i found out about the region lock. With ps+ games and releases being the same as the US for most stuff it can be easy to have thought that Powers would also be seen on the same launch date. Was really looking forward to this but hopefully things work out and a release date for outside the US happens soon.

  • So I go onto http://www.playstation.com/powers, and up pops a youtube link to the first episode…. that doesn’t work.
    Then I click on the “how to watch” link and it says if you’re a playstation plus member its available on the PS4 via playstation store; So I fire up my shiny PS4 then search and search and can’t find it… hmm weird…

    Then I come on and read the comments on the blog and find out it’s not available in Canada.

    I have to say I’d probably be a little less angry if on that very first web page instead of saying ‘You can totally watch this right now’ I had received a nice polite ‘Sorry this won’t be available to your awesome country for a little while.’

  • I will 100% be torrenting this. The reason being that although I have playstation plus, I am sick of having to wait for things because I live outside of the US. This show is streamed, not distributed, and it’s made purely by Sony. There is zero reason why it shouldn’t be available to everyone.

  • Ridiculous that it is not worldwide release. You will lose so many registered views as everyone here in Europe will have pirated it by the time you release it here, what a joke it is 2015! You would think you may have learned from walking dead, better call Saul etc that you must release in Europe the next day if you want ANY views registered in the region. I and everyone I know here simply will not wait weeks or months after the US. That is what the Internet is for, so stupid as the PSN would be perfect for worldwide releases for shows and may have set a trend. However now this will fail everywhere outside the USA and shows won’t get made in future. Big shame, big drop of the ball on an otherwise exiting venture into live action shows.

  • * Exciting :-

  • Not releasing this worldwide at the same time = Piracy. People don’t want to wait months,days, even hours. But hey, it’s your wallet that suffers when you encourage piracy like this.

  • I read: “PlayStation Plus members will be able to watch the entire season free, along with enjoying all the other great benefits of being a member.”

    They should mention that for them “everyone” only means the US since everyone else doesnt share in those great benefits.

    Such a huge scam making people believe they will have access to this with a ps plus subscription without saying it’s only in the US.

  • Why can’t I find Powers on the store using my PS3 or PS4? I go through all possible tabs and even search up Powers. It’s not working!

  • US relase only? Really?! Usually you guys come out with pretty good ideas but this is just dumb. Why make something a exclusive to the US when everyone in Canada pays the same price for PS Plus!? And don’t say more details on the international release coming soon how about explaining why it wasn’t released internationally from day 1?1?

  • Sony still has their head stuck up their a** when it comes to anything besides Video Games. We’ve always had a simultaneous launch of almost everything here in Canada when compared to US launches. No Powers in Canada or the UK, or anywhere else for that matter right now = DOA.

  • I have been a PS Plus subscriber for over 5 years. They say powers is a Playstation exclusive. Am in the UK and I can seem to find anything about it on the Playstation store but apparently you can watch the first episode on YouTube for free. I tried to watch it but it’s not available in my country. I don’t get this at all. When original Netflix shows air, it’s all over netflix no matter the country because they understand that customers in other countries pay for their services too not just america but Sony some how does understand that. 3 episodes have aired already and you can watch them anywhere except on your Playstation device. What a joke. What a great customer service Sony.

  • This is pathetic guys. Really. This a Sony produced show. There is no good reason at all for this not launching globally on the same day. It’s incredibly naive of you to assume people interested in this show will not just find alternate methods to watch it. This is 2015, just a heads up…

  • I think it’d be cool of Sony to do something exclusive to Canadian PS plus members as it seems we are quite a invested bunch. It should also be mentioned that we dish out more cash on a personal level for games, $70 instead of $60. Annoying hearing podcasts complain about paying 60!

  • So you release a show online, you know the internet that connects most of the world, but you release US only first. By the time it comes to the Uk and other countries we won’t need to watch because we will know the full story. Why do you think SKY jumped on Game of thrones and other US shows right away? Because if you wait the US has told us all about it and we don’t need to watch. The same reason I didn’t get round to watching breaking bad. Next time you create a show release everywhere at the same time. Its what the customers want and its better for buisness.

  • Soooooo. Episode 4 is out today and not yet one peep of when we who have not been blessed to live in the U.S.A still cannot legally obtain the show. Just how does Sony define “Short Future”? This is abysmal.

  • Can someone at Sony explain why this show is restricted to regions outside the US. And why I should renew my plus membership with a company who treats its customers differently based on where they live?

  • Makes no sense why the u.k doesn’t have this. Back 10 years ago we had to wait months for TV shows but today we are normally only a few days apart. Causes issues for spoilers. Have too keep away from social media as we don’t want to hear about who died or what the latest big story is. Anyone would think you want people to get this from torrents!! Keep up with the times Sony I pay my psn fees just like people in America do.

  • DanielleBird, who says Powers is even going to be on the Playstation Network in the UK? Community, another Sony owned program, is on Sky’s Sony Network in the UK, Stan in Australian, and on Yahoo Screen in the U.S.

    It works both ways. I can’t get shows on BBC iPlayer in the U.S.

  • so I guess the “we will announce dates for outside US very soon” was just as vague as it sounded.

    Still not a SINGLE comment on when this will happen.

    Piracy time!

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