Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation

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Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation
Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation

Today is the day! On behalf of team Powers, it is our pleasure to tell you that the wait is over – Powers is available now to watch on PS3, PS4 and online.

If you’ve been following us, you already know that Powers is not your normal, shiny superhero story – it asks deep and challenging questions. Powers explores the concept of what it would be to be a superhero in today’s celebrity obsessed culture. What if having a superpower is like having an addiction? What if you could fly, but you still had all the vulnerabilities of an average human being? And what if you lost your powers, and had to police your ex-mates while living as a mere mortal? In this show, not all people with powers are heroes, making the storyline mature and the characters deep, complex and challenging.

Interested? Good. You can watch the first episode of Powers FREE today – all you have to do is click here to immediately start watching. Everyone – whether you are a PS Plus member or not – can watch the first episode for free.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to watch the entire season free, along with enjoying all the other great benefits of being a member.

The first three episodes launch today on PlayStation Store at one time for those of you who like to binge watch. Episode one is also free on PlayStation Store and weekly episodes will release every Tuesday until the season finale on April 28th.

And with that, PlayStation proudly brings you our first-ever scripted original content series! We have worked on this series in partnership with Sony Pictures TV for the past several years, and I think you will really enjoy it. If you like what you see, be sure to let us know at @PowerstheSeries using #PowersonPS.

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  • When was the show produced again? The sets were dark and dingy, actors unlikeable, story far fetched even for fantasy. The pilot screams low budget. I avoided all trailers and such because I wanted to wait till I saw the first episode before casting judgement. Now that I seen it I feel like it was just a waste of Time. I knew it wasn’t gonna be a blockbuster but come on, this is just laughable…! Maybe I’m just too old for silly nonsense.

  • So not once during the marketing and build up to this premier did you mention this was a US only launch, and now anyone outside the US (who also pay for PS+, many of us more than what the US pays) is just told an “announcement” is coming soon? Everyone outside of the US who wants to watch this will just pirate it and then we won’t get a second season because the views weren’t what you were hoping for. Poor form Sony, poor form. You own and created this show, why can’t the rest of the world watch it as the same time as the US?

  • Sony needs to understand this would only cause people to pirate it, and will likly affect any chances this will see a 2nd season..

  • Is there a ‘power’ that will update the PS Blog on time?

  • Little bit disappointed guys, you should’ve thought this through.
    I mean, really? Giving Canada the shaft?

    Odds are we’re gonna have to wait till it premiers on The Super Channel in October.
    Will folks watch it then?

    Hell no!

    The ones that wanna watch it will pirate it by then.
    Don’t give en excuses or else they win.

  • Having to use my PC to compensate for the many features of PSN I don’t get simply because I live on the other side of the Canadian border makes me wonder why I didn’t just invest that money into a better PC.

    This isn’t the first time you’ve failed to mentioned US exclusivity until the day of release, quite often it’s easily assumed, but this? For all the reasons stated by FakePlasticTree, this instance feels far less acceptable than any other.

    Not only do I hope that your international viewing numbers aren’t hurt by the fact anyone who’s truly interested in this show will is probably going to find an alternative way of watching it. But I also hope that the people who actually do wait for the international release won’t be going in with a bad taste in their mouths, looking for anything to hate on. Both of these things will probably happen, I just hope they do not.

    Good job, Sony *Thumbs Down*

  • I am really quite upset at the revelation that non US PlayStation Plus members do not get to see Powers.

    This was not said on the website for the powers series. Nor intimated on any release.

    I find this out TODAY after setting myself up for this.

    What the hell is going on guys? I’m going to have the series ruined by spoilers almost instantly, then i have to wait an undisclosed time for this.

    And people wonder why piracy happens?

    I know you wont much care as i can not have PS plus if i want to play games, but this is pure bait and switch. If this was going to be US only, you should have told us, and not pulled this at the last minute.

    Really disappointed in Sony and Playstation today.

  • Is this another BS excuse for Copyright Law? I pay for my membership; why am I unable to view the content? Because I live in Canada?! Why not post this on something OTHER than YouTube?! Or allow people from every country that PAYS for your service to be able to see it? Rant done. Super PO’d.

  • Not just a bit disappointed, massively disappointed!

    What’s the point of offering ‘your own show’ to your customers and then not make it available in all every region?

    I hope this is a one off and won’t be a regular thing.

    P’d off I’m not able to watch on my PS4 or even on your website!

    Not good enough Sony!

  • Unsubbed from PS+. Stop screwing Canadians.

  • This blog is a lie. I’m a Playstation Plus member and I can’t watch the show. It doesn’t mention being US exclusive, nor has it at any time during the marketing of the show. Deceitful. Disgraceful.

  • So ps3 and ps4, how about us vita users?

  • It was mentioned at E3 when Sony announced the series that it was initially only for the U.S. not for NA. This was not a surprise. People just did not listen.

  • I am watching it with the subtitles in English. Did not buy the season yet; just watching the first free episode via my PS3.

  • Customer support said it should be up in a couple hours in Canadian PSN so not a big deal. I was tempted to just buy the season on a us profile I made as Powers did show up than but decided I’d wait the couple hours.

  • Even the Canadian PSN site is advertising that the series is available now, with a big old Watch Now button. This was handled extremely poorly and it looks like Sony is going to have some PR spinning to do…

  • USA!! USA!!

  • Yep. Screw you for shorting Plus subscribers outside of the U.S. Way to weaken the impact of the show you’ve been hyping for MONTHS. You’re distributing your own series so there should be no excuse for this. Thanks for making me feel like a second class citizen gamer, Sony.

  • You guys have never ONCE said before today that this was the “US launch”

    You said it was launching on this date. You didn’t specify US only. You know perfectly well that this blog is shared between the US and Canada.

    That’s not cool guys. That’s not cool at all.

    Next time something is US exclusive, y’all need to specify, because until you make us one, this is the Canada blog too.

  • A lot of PS Plus customers feeling pretty entitled about the free show they couldn’t see quite as soon as us counterparts. I really want to see it too but 1, 4, 24 hours from now doesn’t make a difference

  • Lmao, wow, you guy’s are going to loose so many views, and so much income off this by doing a staggered release. I may or may not of heard that there’s already links all over the internet. Why do those in charge of the release of TV shows for so many different company’s keep doing this when the outcome is so blatantly clear.

  • @ Skovick:

    1, 4, 24 hours may or may not make a difference. I’m sure there are some people who pulled the trigger on a Plus membership in time for Powers, and those people have a real complaint.

    i’m not one of those people; I’m just excited to finally get to watch this show. It’s very disappointing not to be able to, especially since there has been no communication from Sony. All I have been able to find is page after page advertising how easy it is for me to Watch Now; all I have to do is sign up for PS Plus. None of those sites tell me that Step One is to move to the US; if I were to sign up for Plus today, would I EVER see a warning that this reward is uniquely US-only? Because I’ve been looking for notification and cannot find any.

    Even still, we have no indication (beyond a random customer service person saying “maybe in a few hours” which I’m not prepared to accept as fact) whether we will be able to watch today, tomorrow, or ever. This is another case of Sony communicating poorly with its customers.

  • This is getting Ridiculous If this is being given free to all PlayStation Plus Members why isn’t it available WORLD WIDE from day one?

    Not once have i heard anywhere that this wasn’t going to be available for everyone infact even in your article here you state
    ” Everyone – whether you are a PS Plus member or not – can watch the first episode for free! ” Yet the only people who can are those of you Living in America. Im finding it realllly hard not to start insulting you here but ill do my best …..

    Americans are not the only ones that come to this blog, Use PlayStation or listen to your podcast so please start taking that into consideration when giving updates for EVERYTHING to do with PlayStation whether that be to do with news releases or anything else what so ever.

  • Not even out in Canada. You’ve just given me a reason to pirate it, thanks.

  • It would have been nice to watch this tonight… Looking forward to its Canadian arrival.

  • Sorry what? All this hype and you released it only in the US and not to all of North America? WTF are you doing? Who’s the idiot who thought that was a good idea?

    Now I know why I can’t find it on the store. Bush league. Very disappointed in yet another oversight. You know network and cable shows release same day?

  • Interesting so far I will watch the rest of the episodes and see how it progresses. Is just season 1 going to be free than if more seasons turn up we will have to pay up to watch?

  • According to http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/03/10/watch-the-first-episode-of-powers-episode-1-a-playstation-original-series-right-here/

    “For those of you who do have PlayStation Plus, the first three episodes of the season go live today in the United States (Europe, Canada, and other regions are getting Powers later this year).”

  • This being US-only is something that should be mentioned in at least some of the press instead of as a reply to a comment. Get your acts together, Sony, and stop neglecting your non-US customers. There’s no legit reason that this can’t be made available to the entire world at the same time, or at the very least, PAYING PS+ CUSTOMERS.

  • So we pay the same amount as US residents for plus but we have no rights to watch a tv show that is supposed to be for plus members, not nice. How is this region locked? You guys produce a show to be watched online but deny access depending on where are your clients located?. This time I’m really disappointed. Loved the comic, loved the look of the show, really sad to see this.

  • Not available in Canada! :(

  • What about Canada?????????????

  • Sorry, why not on Vita? It’s there on the Vita store, but I can’t stream in on Vita. Come on

  • Well let I me many here I put the 10th in my calendar to watch the series, I then spent all day trying to find it. Silly me I live in the UK…. Not happy

  • Well like many here I put the 10th in my calendar to watch the series, I then spent all day trying to find it. Silly me I live in the UK…. Not happy

  • I got the first season from my PSN account with PlayStation Plus, but when I try opening any of the videos on my web browser, it says an unknown error has occurred and I can’t watch them.

  • U.S. only, what a load of crap! Since when did Sony start delaying releases in Canada, bull****!


    Why would you release this only for the US??

    So my money is good enough to have my PSN+ account, but not enough to have this show the same day as in US??

    That is just LAME customer service. Shame on you Sony. You don’t even have dates for when it’ll be available? Poor work Sony. VERY poor work

  • I have watched and enjoyed the first 3 episodes, but was disappointed to see Closed Captioning was only available in the first episode. If possible, please make it available in all further episodes.

  • I’m from Mexico btw

  • I really feel like pirating this now. I was looking forward to watching Powers since it was first announced, and today at work I couldn’t wait till I got home to watch it. Of course I come home to playstation pretty much saying, oh by the way we forgot to tell you before if you don’t live in the US you don’t matter, maybe one day you will but right now we don’t care about you. Also thanks for buying our products and paying for PS plus to help support this show for the people who do matter the Americans.


    So dissapointed on you right now Sony

  • Just finished watching. Looks pretty tight so far. I will definitely watch the whole season.

  • Not in Canada? I’ll just wait for the torrent and trade in my ps4. **** these guys.

  • My fellow oppressed Canadians, lend me your ears (er, eyes),

    It is not Sony’s fault that we have been denied the opportunity to watch Powers while our American bretheren, a people who have valued personal liberty and freedom, kick back and revel in this free offering. No my friends, rather it is the fault of the socialist agenda of our much-despised CRTC (Communist Radio and Television Commission), whose own powers were granted by our federal government (duly elected) that has denied us this opportunity. Since this show has no “Canadian Content”, and since Playstation (Sony) cannot offer an alternative show with the minimum required “Canadian Content”, we are stuck in a legal quandry…, a state known as “sucking it”. :( Rise up, lazy Canucks!! Rise up and demand your freedoms! To HELL with mandatory Canadian content, I say! Call your MP and tell him it’s time to abolish the CRTC!!!

  • Please … understand once and for all, Canada is part of the region the US is in … you are the blog for our region … I’ve yet to see a canadian blog or even mexican blog.

    So in future news, release, etc … could you PLEASE make sure to announce when something is US only!

    Big fan of the blog and the news reported, that’s why it’s on my feedly feed, but when it comes to things like this, you’ve missed the ball almost every time. How long has it been since you’ve posted about powers coming on March 10? What about that E3 app that was released to view the conference?

    I’d recommend if possible that you change this to NA.blog.com rather then US.blog.com

    For Europe, they have EU and post things for many countries, yes? … why not do the same here

  • seems pretty lame that this isn’t available internationally. you produced it and own the network it’s on so seems like this shouldn’t be an issue.

  • I binged the first three. One is OK. Sets the environment, but seems a bit forced… as in “we have to get this in now!”. Really enjoyed two, and three has me waiting for four.

  • Lets be honest I get that there are region issues and that not everything can be made available throughout North America simultaneously. Can we please give the folks in other regions a heads up, a notice, something to soften the blow when they realize that a show or feature that they have been looking forward to will not be available to them at launch. I’m not asking for anything free just a message. I know we are a smaller demographic but we are loyal and deserve to be kept in the know. I’ll give an example.

    Form arbitrary service “Hello non US customers of the “Plusomer” service, we regret to inform you that the new show that we have been advertising and you are excited about will not be available in you region because (insert honest viable reason here) we are going to be doing everything available to us (not “in our power”) to make this available to you. We will keep you posted.”

    It’s a short message it’s not going to hurt, don’t make any promises just show us you understand and care. As someone who thinks you have an amazing service, don’t leave me in the dark. I’ve paid for the service.

    Best regards,


  • I live in Canada and the only thing worse than missing out on US-only content is when you fail to disclose the fact that it’s US only. This blog covers US and Canada, it would be nice if you showed some consideration when you write your blog posts, I was exited about this and went onto the PS store only to discover Powers was nowhere to be seen.

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