Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation

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Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation
Powers Premiere Available Now, Only on PlayStation

Today is the day! On behalf of team Powers, it is our pleasure to tell you that the wait is over – Powers is available now to watch on PS3, PS4 and online.

If you’ve been following us, you already know that Powers is not your normal, shiny superhero story – it asks deep and challenging questions. Powers explores the concept of what it would be to be a superhero in today’s celebrity obsessed culture. What if having a superpower is like having an addiction? What if you could fly, but you still had all the vulnerabilities of an average human being? And what if you lost your powers, and had to police your ex-mates while living as a mere mortal? In this show, not all people with powers are heroes, making the storyline mature and the characters deep, complex and challenging.

Interested? Good. You can watch the first episode of Powers FREE today – all you have to do is click here to immediately start watching. Everyone – whether you are a PS Plus member or not – can watch the first episode for free.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to watch the entire season free, along with enjoying all the other great benefits of being a member.

The first three episodes launch today on PlayStation Store at one time for those of you who like to binge watch. Episode one is also free on PlayStation Store and weekly episodes will release every Tuesday until the season finale on April 28th.

And with that, PlayStation proudly brings you our first-ever scripted original content series! We have worked on this series in partnership with Sony Pictures TV for the past several years, and I think you will really enjoy it. If you like what you see, be sure to let us know at @PowerstheSeries using #PowersonPS.

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  • Just finished the 1st episode. Excellent show!

  • Is it subbed? Like English hearing impaired?

  • i’m looking forward to watching this in the uk tomorrow.

    i mean you’re not going to have this sony made show made for the sony network not show on the sony network in the uk and europe are you?

    i mean, why would it not show?
    sony’s show, made for sony’s network, no reason why it shouldn’t, right?

    if it didn’t though, what would that say about sony?

    that they’re either incompetent, to a huge degree, so much so that they can’t even show their own shows on their own network.
    or they just don’t give a toss about their paying customers outside the us.

    i gess we’ll find out tomorrow

    • To clarify, this is the US launch of Powers – more details about the international release will be announced soon.

  • Any idea when Canada gets to watch this? We pay the same PS+ subscription.

  • the video link isn’t work

  • Doesn’t work for me. Is this IP locked? I am a Plus member and interested, but stationed overseas. Am I out of luck on this like the rest of the video store, or will there be an exception to this since it is ran by Playstation and not the big movie studios?

  • Why hasnt the store updated i want to download RE: REV 2 EP3

  • Watched the first episode and it was amazing!

  • I would like to know if it’s subbed in English for the hearing impaired too?

  • “Interested? Good. You can watch the first episode of Powers FREE today* – all you have to do is click here to immediately start watching. Everyone* – whether you are a PS Plus member or no*t – can watch the first episode for free.”

    * – Unless you aren’t from the US. Even if you are from Canada.

  • Was interested in watching this, says available now but… US only maybe? Love Canada love? :(

  • Ahem, no comment edit :P No Canada love?*

  • Sorry, does this mean I can’t watch it on my Vita? A portable device with a great screen, one that’s ideal for watching TV shows?

  • Kind of disappointed at “only viewed in US”

    I was hoping to see a 1st no region-locked series since it’s still under playstation. *sigh*

  • Awesome! Thanks so much for making this available for Canadian Plus members!


  • It’s good that this is out..but why don’t you guys still update as fast as Xbox Live. For people like me who are YouTubers, Game Journalists, etc..we can get a big start on things. By the time I get content up for games I have on PlayStation that are multiplatform other people have most of the content up just cause they are on Live. You guys are winning in a lot of ways but you still behind on getting content out. You guys should start on the midnight before. Just saying..now I’m out to watch Powers.

  • It is absolutely ABSURD that this is not available for Canadian members.

  • Is anyone having problems loading the episodes in web browser? I can load them up (I have plus), but it only loads the first minute and stops… not freezing due to web speed but only showing the episode as 1:33 seconds long.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to watch this.

  • just the first episode? Thats kind of lame. I was hoping you would pull a netflix and just drop the entire season all at once, so we could binge watch it. Either way, thanks for making this show free. :)

    • You’ll be able to binge watch the first three episodes today. Plus members will view for free, and everyone else can view on the PS Store or via web browser for a per episode fee, or season pass. From here, new episodes will launch weekly (every Tuesday).

  • Sounds very interesting and I will be watch this….

  • When are the next 7 episodes going to be available? Also, why did it seem like they were playing Infamous: Second Son multiplayer in the second episode? That game doesn’t have multiplayer.

  • Canada want to watch this too

  • I hope the Canada thing is just temporary and it will be available for us to download or stream when the store updates later.

    ‘Cause seriously, I have been waiting for this since the announcement. I have spread the word about this show to as many of my friends as I could. If, after I went and championed this show to everyone I know, you turn around and tell me I can’t even watch it, I’m going to be SO mad.

  • Could you please provide a reasonable explanation as why this wasn’t a worldwide release? This whole time you never specified it was US only. That is why people, including myself, are mad that it’s not available to our regions…

  • And modify the post or the title that it is US. North America (which includes more than the US) share this blog, it is incredibly misleading to not say it is US only.

  • It is absurd and embarrassing that a show made by Sony, for Sony, still has to clear copyright hurdles in order to be shown outside of the US – including in freaking Canada. Waiting for an explanation for this nonsense, although I’m sure there will be none.

  • Is it possible to download the episodes? My internet is very slow and inconsistent, so streaming is not really an option. I assumed there would be a download option, as I have been able to download rented movies onto my ps3 in the past.

  • I have watched the first three episodes and this series is a little crazy. So the first season ends April 28th. I think that will be quite a crazy season finale at this rate.

    @Syrlis I felt like the inFamous Second Son mod was really bland during episode 2. It was like they tried to hide that it was Second Son by showing only minor parts of it. He was obviously not actually playing as well. Though it makes me wonder if they might add a Black Diamond skin to the actual game.

  • Sorry for the double post. The previously on Powers during episode 2 showed an alternate scene of an event during episode 1. That happens a lot with series’, but I was surprised by this one since it made the son look like a different type of character for a second. Ha Second Son. Anyway, just something I noticed.

  • EU representant, managed to watch it this morning (somehow there was no country restriction then) and i really enjoyed it.
    definitely will follow the series.

  • You guys do realize that you can download Powers from PSN, right?

  • Hi Sid, I know you because of Boogie2988.

  • any info if powers is available for Canada yet pretty pissed off i had to watch episode one on youtube on the playstation page when i couldn’t even watch it on my ps4 this morning at 4 am

  • sucks to find out its not on the Canadian psn yet. Hopefully its just turning out to be a late update.

  • WOW, U.S only!

    Good job Sony. What’s the point of an online network if we still need to deal with the same BS we get from our cable providers?
    Everytime there seems to be something positive from Sony, it comes with a huge caveat. NOT FOR EVERYONE!

  • You forgot to mention the first step which is “live in the USA”. Probably because you forgot, as usual, that there’s this whole other country in North America that goes by the name of Canada.

    And they wonder why Canada has such high piracy rates…

  • Hey, Thanks! Another great PS+ benefit to enjoy…

  • Is the high piracy rate a product of self-entitlement? There are many factors related to releasing content in any region. Some may be out of Sony’s hands. While I don’t always agree with the way the (do not) communicate some things – you can’t lay ALL of the blame at their feet without knowing all of the facts. Do they need to work on their communication? Most definitely.

    Either way thanks for the series. As a few mentioned this is another great benefit to PS+ and I don’t regret purchasing any of my PS consoles nor the subscription.

  • Just got done watching the first episode and it did not disappoint. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  • i hope playation sony comes out and apolges for this BS for the canadain ps + members i don’t get why we have to wait for a show that’s a North america release if its not up by tonight for canada i swear i’ll never trust anything that sony will say again for North america stuff

  • Just because us Canadians kicked your ass once and burned your White House down to the ground all those years ago doesn’t mean you should still hold a grudge and not let us watch your cool superhero series. :( lol

  • Netflix has always launched their original content internationally from day one, what’s Sony’s excuse?? I mean, you couldn’t even bother to include Canada?! That’s pathetic.

  • What!?!?! US only? With no warning. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Not acceptable Sony.. Netflix doesn’t ignore its canadian members when it comes to thier origional programming, there is no reason why you couldn’t offer powers to Canadians at the same time as your American members..

  • Can we get an update on when this is going to be available in Canada?

    Also, it would have been really nice for you people to let us know that that March 10 release date was for US only in advance. I’ve been tracking this since it was first announced Powers would be coming to PSN and for that entire period not one word was said about Canada having a separate release date. We pay for our PS Plus accounts the same as anyone else. We don’t deserve to be treated like second class citizens.

  • Not on Vita and not in Canada. Typical.

  • I want to know if there’s any subtitles too. Why is it so hard for someone to answer that question? Are you ignoring the question because you’re worried about offending those of us that need it by giving us a no? Honestly is the best way to go, not ignoring the matter.

    If they are going to continue to ignore the question, can someone decent here that has watched it tell me please?

  • I’m not the type to complain (this is my first comment), but I too am surprised and disappointed in this being US-only for now. I’m sure there are reasons, but maybe try to avoid that for your next big brand launch? Anyway, best of luck.

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