PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for March 2015

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PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for March 2015

Back in January we were excited to finally unveil the PlayStation Now subscription service and we have been ecstatic with the feedback so far. In February, we added a round of additional games to the service.

For those of you unfamiliar with the subscription, you can choose from two subscription plans on your PS4 — monthly for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month) for unlimited game streaming to all your PlayStation Now compatible devices.

Today I’m excited to let you all know which games will be added to the PlayStation Now subscription in March!

PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for March 2015


We all know you enjoyed running around virtual Seattle as Delsin in inFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4, but have you seen the world through Cole MacGrath’s eyes? For those of you that missed the second installment of inFAMOUS, now is the time to catch up.

Twisted Metal

What would PlayStation Now be without a visit from our dear friend Sweet Tooth? Relive the vehicular carnage as you stream the latest iteration in the Twisted Metal franchise.

R-Type Dimensions

Do you like to kick it old school? Then R-Type Dimensions is for you. A lovely package of both R-Type 1 and 2 with a new feature that allows you to shift between original and newly revamped graphics — R-Type Dimensions is still the extremely challenging, side-scrolling shooter you remember.

PlayStation Now

Alone in the Dark: Inferno

Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up in the middle of a literal and theoretical nightmare? Battle hellish forces and try and piece together your mysterious past while saving New York City from doom in this adventure horror game.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Boasting 4-player co-op in this geopolitical shooter, Operation Flashpoint: Red River delivers the full intense modern day shooter experience. Team up with your friends (or play solo with complete squad AI) to take on the unique modes.

Whether it’s playing as two PlayStation legends, reliving some old memories, or engaging in high paced action adventure, March’s additions to the PlayStation Now subscription offer something for everyone.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t tried the subscription yet, there is a free 7-day trial waiting for you on PlayStation Store.

What’s your favorite game in the PS Now subscription catalog? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Plus is too expensive? Hah! It’s a great deal and the automatic cloud save backup thingy saved my butt twice, a long with all kinds of games that I got to play that I normally would never have bought. However, I would rather pay $5 a month auto renew instead of shelling out $50 at a time for a card.

  • I’d be more inclined to subscribe to PS Now if the pricing was $10 a month. As it stands, GameFly is the better option because it’s physical, doesn’t rely on iffy connection issues, and you can get brand new games. PS Now is great because of the ability to play PS3 games, but the pricing just isn’t there yet.

  • @opikal I think Mando meant to say PS Now.

  • I think Resistance 3 and Beyond: Two Souls would make great additions to PS Now. Never had the chance to play either of them so if they could be added, that would be great!

    Hope to see it happen! :)

  • That would make more sense.

    Also, to the gamefly guy, I agree, until a disc gets lost in the mail and they ban you for life when you can’t return it, or pay for it.

  • Possible PS Plus Free PS4 Games For Mar 2015 For Europe Leaked: “Octodad And Lego Marvel Super Heroes”

  • @52 StealthReborn I agree, I missed both of those and that would make me fire up my PS3 again!

  • As someone who actually wants to comment on the PS Now offerings and not ask about another playstation service, I want to say that the library of games being offered is pretty incredible. It really is the best of the PS3 available on other playstation devices.

    Is there any chance that Vita or PSTV owners will be able to subscribe straight from their devices anytime soon? I know you can do it by going through a PS4, but was hoping to cut out the middle-man.


    I’ll defiently be using PS now when it gets more games. Some of you people are dumb for selling your PS3. Anyone with a brain would know not to do that… I’m glad I got options, I can either pay for PS now or use my PS3.

  • anyone else have a feeling Sony is going to phase out the IGC ? ever since PS4 released the whole of IGC has gotten worse even for Vita and PS3. i think by the end of this year IGC won’t exist. if we are lucky they might let us rent a game from PS Now every month. think about it. with each month Sony are struggling getting games onto the monthly IGC. i just have a bad feeling about this.

  • @59 spacedelete2 Right. That makes a whole lot of sense…. phase out Instant Game Collection right when their big competitor has started following suit with their own free games.

  • @OtterX – Who knows, anything could happen. Why did they remove youtube from the vita eh? They could drop anything next.

  • Here is the thing I don’t trust Sony with my credit card information why would I give them my card just to try out the service. It should really fall under the same program as psn. I can if I decide use psn cards to pay for it.

  • Wake me up when Socom2 is available with Online support

  • OtterX don’t be stupid. the moment Sony phases out the IGC Microsoft will drop the Games with Gold service faster than a hot potato.

  • @62 opikal because the active userbase using Youtube on the Vita was not large enough to remain viable for Sony to continue paying Youtube for the rights to use their service. You’re telling me that IGC userbase isn’t large enough for Sony to continue it too? LOL If anything it’s bigger than ever.

  • @OtterX with that same logic Sony now have a monopoly with the games industry and the fact that to play online you need a PS Plus subscription meaning Sony have no incentive to give us any games. IGC only existed to gain people’s trust and it has actually worked as many former Xbox owners have jumped ship to PS4. thats a sneaky tactic most businesses use such as offering cheap prices to gain marketshare then once they have everyone hooked they raise the price.

  • @spacedelete2 – LOL, not gonna happen guy. I believe eventually additional games for the PS3 will cease and they may instead make it 3 PS4 and 3 Vita games per month but they’re not dropping it.

  • They had to pay youtube? That is kinda nuts, google makes profit from the AD’s…

  • Can we expect to see whats new for that other subscription?! Thx.

  • @spacedelete2 you’re basically grabbing things out of your a**. There has been nothing to even suggest that Sony is planning on getting rid of IGC.

    Look at you, you don’t even have PS+. You’re just here to troll.

  • Why is spacedelete2 even bothering posting? He’s not a Plus member. He’s paranoid that Sony’s big trick, that they’ve been slow burning for coming up on 5 years now, is yanking the IGC out from under us. Get out.


  • We’ve been here before, all too recently. Prepared to be disappointed in the IGC friends. Starting to not feel bad about reupping when mine expired a cpl days ago. Doesn’t look like I’m going to miss much.

  • Dancinganimal256

    My guess as to why we haven’t learned about March freebies is that some dev/publisher had second thoughts at the last minute and now Sony is left scrambling to find a sub or re-negotiate the terms. Either that or they are being secretive ****s. I prefer to believe the first option :D.

  • So let me guess this is going to replace ps plus igc in the next coming months. or has it already???

  • Ummm…Nobody cares about PS Now. Its twice the price it should be.

  • Can’t believe the price they think they can charge. Most of probably have our ps3 and the games that matter to them. Buy an old pre owned alone in the dark for a fiver……

  • PS Now is good idea in my eyes for those who want to play those older games. I for one am done with last gen. My PS4 isn’t even a week old so maybe down the road I will try out PS Now. As for the March PS+ games I honestly couldn’t even tell you when they usually put those games out for free. I don’t buy consoles for the free games. I buy them to play games and not hold my hands out. Don’t get me wrong the free games are nice but that’s my lest worries.

  • I agree with everyone. PS Now is expensive! It wasn’t too bad at first. When the subscription service first launched, it could be shared with all ps accounts on one system. Now it can only be used by the paying account. So if you share your system, each account has to have it’s own subscription to PS Now. A family of four is $80 a month. Ridiculous!

  • I have to admit the comments have been pretty entertaining today. I think the only way it could make me laugh harder is when Sony announces the igc for March and they put Disgaea 2 on it.

  • I am reading that correct?
    $44.99 for 3 months PSN? Over here in the UK it is £39.99 for 12 months ( around $35 ) that does not seem right to me.

    If you are putting up the prices so we have to pay £160 per year I guess its bye bye PS4, or I may have read it wrong.

  • Ignore my last comment #81 I have read it wrong, I read it as PSN not PS Now.

  • @80 I would probably laugh pretty hard if they finally announce the IGC for March and they give us Hannah Montana the Movie game for PS3. I wouldn’t be happy, but I’d laugh. Greg Miller (formerly of IGN) platinumed it, lol.

  • Has PS ever had a AAA PS4 game yet? As far as I know both new consoles haven’t yet.

  • I mean for free.

  • @ghostgamerz81 Injustice Gods Among Us was the only one. I’m not complaining. I for one enjoy a lot of the indies we get, plus I still have a PS3 & Vita.

  • IGC ?

    We’ve been getting either really popular titles that most people would own already, OR titles that nobody would play unless it’s in the IGC, and then you probably delete it after the first try….

    I’m just not expecting much for it this month, yet again, that way the dissapointment will be less.

    Even the sales for + members have been lacking… :(

  • @OtterX @mmitch079 “He doesn’t even have PS Plus.” that is such a lame argument. He probably knows what he is talking about seeing how unsatisfied he is, and like me, won’t me renewing he is PS+ sub any time soon due to the garbage “advantages” we get. If only online multiplayer wasn’t charged I would never ever again resub PS+.

  • @88 won’t be renewing his* (autocorrect)

  • @#83 That would be funny! I don’t think you would be able to buy a pitchfork anywhere after they announced that! Lol!

  • I remember someone from the Playstation blog team apologizing for not communicating well with PS customers. This was I believe when Driveclub PS Plus ed. was supposed to come out and the blog didn’t mention it anywhere and pretended it didn’t exist. Here we are again. Sony it’s fine if there’s been a delay but don’t keep us in the dark or pretend we don’t care about this.

  • When will we be able to download all the games purchased on the ps3 to the ps4 like the TWD season 1&2?

  • They don’t say anything about free line up intant game collection… because this 2 games will be awesome! right?

  • u know alot of us still got ps3, where the free ps plus games for march? I would like infamous 2 and operation flaspoint red river or watevr its called, twisted metal is cool too. I want a socom like game, theres been alot of action fighting and driving games, some coop socom like shootr would be awesome right now. anyone else agree ehh?

  • would much rather pay to purchase these psnow games rather than rent them let alone stream them. Just saying..

  • Maybe this is just me, but I personally think PS Now is a joke. I understand the want from people who still like to play their PS3 games and would like to do so on their PS4, but this subscription is a joke. The PS4 should honestly be backwards compatible. When you break it down, the PS4 is basically a PS3 just 10x more powerful.

    Theoretically, it should be able to play PS3 games because it’s not like they changed the entire disk drive. (Case and point would be games on PS3 you could play on PS4 with a “registration code” and it magically worked) I understand them wanting to make a service like this, but make it for PS1 and PS2 games and let everyone use their entire backlog of games without having to pay for it. I love SONY to death, but I’m really upset at them for doing this. (Especially when games roll out at a snail’s pace)

  • Where’s that PS Plus announcement though?

  • Sony, stop wasting time & resources on Services 1% use. Ps Now, Music & Video Unlmited all need to die. The Prices are Insane, & Ps Now is only a Band Aid covering the festering wound that is Ps4’s Unimpressive Library. Barely a dozen Games use Ps4’s capabilities, while most are Indie or Polished 2 year old turds. Sony needs to make Great Games, not Great Looking Games. The moment I saw screens for The Order I knew it was a Faberge Egg, Gorgeous & Hollow inside. *keyboard dropped

  • Wow. Aren’t you all an angry bunch of people.

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