PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for March 2015

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PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for March 2015

Back in January we were excited to finally unveil the PlayStation Now subscription service and we have been ecstatic with the feedback so far. In February, we added a round of additional games to the service.

For those of you unfamiliar with the subscription, you can choose from two subscription plans on your PS4 — monthly for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month) for unlimited game streaming to all your PlayStation Now compatible devices.

Today I’m excited to let you all know which games will be added to the PlayStation Now subscription in March!

PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for March 2015


We all know you enjoyed running around virtual Seattle as Delsin in inFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4, but have you seen the world through Cole MacGrath’s eyes? For those of you that missed the second installment of inFAMOUS, now is the time to catch up.

Twisted Metal

What would PlayStation Now be without a visit from our dear friend Sweet Tooth? Relive the vehicular carnage as you stream the latest iteration in the Twisted Metal franchise.

R-Type Dimensions

Do you like to kick it old school? Then R-Type Dimensions is for you. A lovely package of both R-Type 1 and 2 with a new feature that allows you to shift between original and newly revamped graphics — R-Type Dimensions is still the extremely challenging, side-scrolling shooter you remember.

PlayStation Now

Alone in the Dark: Inferno

Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up in the middle of a literal and theoretical nightmare? Battle hellish forces and try and piece together your mysterious past while saving New York City from doom in this adventure horror game.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Boasting 4-player co-op in this geopolitical shooter, Operation Flashpoint: Red River delivers the full intense modern day shooter experience. Team up with your friends (or play solo with complete squad AI) to take on the unique modes.

Whether it’s playing as two PlayStation legends, reliving some old memories, or engaging in high paced action adventure, March’s additions to the PlayStation Now subscription offer something for everyone.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t tried the subscription yet, there is a free 7-day trial waiting for you on PlayStation Store.

What’s your favorite game in the PS Now subscription catalog? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Hm ok. But where are the PS Plus games for March?

  • What about the Plus games for March? Nobody’s gonna bother with PS Now until the prices are more reasonable.

  • Congratulations on getting me to almost think we get 5 remastered games for PS4’s PS+.

    Way more important than PS-Now updates

  • Maybe i missed it but is the Vita getting a subscription plan as well ?

  • so…erm…where is the PS+ games announcement?

  • hmmmmmmm. I feel something is missing though.

  • I just can’t put my finger on it.

  • Ok. Now please the news that matter.

  • PS Plus March announcement please, pretty please

  • PS+ list please. March has already started and we’re only a day away from the update. Other than that, I really think that all SCE games from the PS3 era should be on the PS NOW sub. I mean Netflix always has house of cards and the other shows that it produces right? It only rotates the stuff it has to license. PS Now should be the same. All of the Sony content should ALWAYS be available since you guys aren’t licensing the content from anyone.

  • Yeah, what did you guys expect these comments to be about? Five whole games added to overpriced Now? Or the plus announcements you were unpreparred to make?

    You really should know your customers by now. Its insulting every time this happens. Theres info we want, and you just go about things like normal.

    First post today should be plus announcement, nothing until then.

  • The more Sony posts about non PS+ IGC related material, the more people will be mad. Not a wise strategy at all.
    I hope the free games are worth waiting, otherwise expect an outrage from the PS fans.

  • Where are our free games tho?

  • udontneed2know26

    Overpriced Now lol. People who say that seriously show themselves either to be 12 years old and only living off mom and dads lunch money, or incredibly cheap people. $4.99 for 7 days for most games on NOW and thats overpriced? LoL.

    Anyway, the main disappointment is no Demons Souls leading up to Bloodborne launch. Massively missed opportunity if it does not get into NOW before Bloodborne hits.

  • PS NOW costs way to much as it stands now. Just think a 5mbs internet service is $50 a month by itself.

    How about an option to stream content we own for a smaller fee. You could even sell us PS3 titles on ps4 and charge us a small streaming fee.

  • WolverineMachida

    I think PS Now prices are very reasonable, but since I own mostly all games already there’s no point in subscribing.

  • udontneed2know26

    PS Now costs next to nothing compared to what you are getting in return.

    The sub service gives you access to over 100 titles for just $15 a month if you buy 3 months at a time. Thats chump change. Thats an hour of work for most legit people out there. Less for many others.

    Or spend less then a value meal at McDonalds to grab a game of your choosing for a month.

    Man, thats is SO outrageous

  • I am preparing myself to be underwhelmed by this month’s PS Plus offers. . .

  • udontneed2know26

    for a week anyway. in some cases in games like Bejeweled or Critter Crunch its $6.99 for 90 days.

  • Weird? Usually they already announced the March PL games. That’s what I want to know. Although. I’m still playing last months games.

  • They may not even announce the IGC until Thursday and not have them in the store until next Tuesday. It seems like they did that once before.

  • I can to see how many posts would be about March PS+. I didn’t come away disappointed. 9 of the top 10.

    Is the plan for PS Now going forward to release games all at once during the month, much like PS+, or could there possibly be more added to PS Now later in the month?

  • @4 BladesofGold –

    Right now the sub is only on PS4 but coming to all platforms but if you have both a PS4 and another platform, you should be able to play the sub games on other systems according to the official FAQ.

    “What device is the PS Now subscription available on?

    The service will be first available on the PS4 system starting 1/13/15 and gradually rolling out to other PlayStation Now enabled devices. A fun fact: if you subscribe on your PS4 system, you will be able to get access to all those games on other PS Now enabled devices. (PS3, PS Vita, PS TV and select Sony TVs) – just look them up in the rental game library and as long as they are games in the subscription catalog they will be playable for no extra charge. “

  • Cool story. But what about PS+? Hoping you guys make the games worth the wait.

  • I seriously have no idea how any of you who continue to complain about every little thing function. Waa where’s the list of PS+ games, waa PS Now is overpriced, waa all of the PS3 games should be free already, waa why does no one like me.

  • For those that are wondering about March 2015 PlayStation Plus announcement, it won’t be happening till next week. I found this in a post on PlayStation Life Style. From what the article author understands, the games will still go live when they usually do.

    What I don’t understand is why the PlayStation Now 1-month subscription is a little more than the PS+ 3-month membership while the 3-month PS Now membership is a little under the 1-year PS+ membership. I personally think PS now should be included in the PS+ membership especially when PS4 basically requires the membership anyways.

  • I like the price of PS Now, but bring the subscription service to the PS3 already.

  • @11
    +1, yup we’re all thinking it. I just didn’t want to have to explain it. Hope they see your comment and others take a moment to give you props for saying it.

  • Oh and bring the sub to Vita TV as well, then I will buy one.

  • Ohh boy, this is going to be interesting… When sony takes more time than usual to announce the PS+ IGC and offers it is because the IGC is going to be HORRIBLE!, I just hope Sony prove me wrong!

  • For all you people wondering about March PS+ games, you should know that US Blog always keeps its readers in the dark… ALWAYS. Then after the issue gets resolved they say “yeah our bad, we should have told you, we have taken your feedback and will do better and inform you next time”. But don’t expect a peep from them.

    However the EU Blog ppl did mention a hickup last week and they haven’t finilazed the list yet, so the are unable to announce it to everyone yet. There, Thats all we want to hear. We wanna hear “Something” instead of being in the dark. It’s called communication. Expect the games to be announced when the store updates tomorrow ppl.

    Now coming back to PS Now. I think this post would be better suited if it was included in the weekly store update post. Make two sections:
    Games available for rental in PS Now
    Games added to Suscription of PS Now
    I think this would be a neater format instead of the information being scattered around.

  • Ps now will have to be ps later! Let’s get the March plus games story printed!

  • And PS+ of March? If you really think that this “PS Now” will somehow compensate eventually the offer of PS+… keep trying. For those who are complaining about the “complains”, this is a service that we are paying, it´s not a joke, if you buy a Car and the company says that you will get it in X day, but you don´t, you WIL COMPLAIN, because that was the pact, is a legal contract. And if “Mr. Blogger” here at least answered that are problems or delays or SOMETHING, would be different, but they are just ignoring us…

  • Wow, you guys are pathetic at customer service.

  • So still no word on why Sony removed over 100 games from the service a few days ago?

  • i think this service is cool and all… but are they really going to roll out the games at a snails pace like this? sony, you guys need to seriously consider doing MAJOR drops (i’m thinking 25 games a month). also, get as many ps1/ps2 games on there as possiblel. that will make this service much more enticing to playstation fans. o yea, and a discounted price to ps+ users… $30 for 3 months or $70 a year would be more reasonable.

  • @udontneed2know26 too bad 90% of the PSNow offered games are horrible bull****.

  • Is the PS Now subscription service going back to working on a PS4 for all accounts on said PS4, like how it was when it launched in January? Or does it still only work on one paying account? I have one PS4 that I share with my wife and two kids. I don’t really want to pay $80 a month for us each to have a subscription. What happened to the sharing that Sony was so proud about at the PS4 launch. I guess “family friendly” is not a thing Sony strives for anymore. Too bad. I still would have had my PS Now subscription if it wasn’t for that. I don’t want my family using my account for trophies and saves. I want to earn my own trophies as they also want to kwn their own, on their accounts. And some games only support one or a very few saves, so we might not be able to play the same games because of it. It was very nice when it first launched. Great app and great games! Hopefully this gets fixed. Sharing is caring, Sony. lol

  • I’d be all over PS Now except I have my PS3 still hooked up and still have such a big backlog to play through…

  • I shouldn’t have to pay to play the games iv’e already bought from the Playstation store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • PS+ games today?

  • udontneed2know26

    Then keep your PS3 around and keep playing your games. Wow thats so hard.

  • @Spitfire_Zero_ this. +1 EU Blog >>>>>>(x1000)>>>>>>> US Blog

  • I do think the timing of this post is odd, just like Sony saying there will be a sale in the months ahead and here is this service for people who if owned a ps3 either own the games out right or have rented and played said games in the past.

    so those of course would not see a value of the service offered no matter what price.

    but to push sales and a subscription based service while not keeping the sight updated with information on a paid service with at this point millions of subscribers points to bigger issues at Sony or a lack of direction and focus by those who run said services.

    as a fan of Sony one would hope they do better with such issues and information release and web upkeep better in the future also one could hope the invest more in servers.

  • I agree with jhernandez360. I have over 200 games that I bought on the PS3. Some are offered in PS Now. I should get to play those for free. I got rid of my PS3 when I bought my PS4. I regret this. :-( So many good games. PS Now could be great but has a lot of flaws. Link it to our account purchase history so we don’t have to double dip and of course sharing for all accounts on our main PS4.

  • Subsided_Assasin

    PlayStation has the orst communication ever and seems to love too alienate their consumers. If PlayStation plus game have been selayed all you had to do was make a psot on that and no one would be angry now but instead you leave us in the dark about it.

  • I have never worked in PR. But I know this — one post would make us all shut up. “Hey, guys, we need a little more time before we announce the March Plus titles. Apologies for the delay, but stay tuned.” Something to that effect. Silence is much, much worse. Openness is much, much better.

  • March PS+ lineup please. K, thanks.

  • PS+ is still FAR too expensive for what is offered, especially with no PS+ discount or PS+ bundled deal. Going to Gamestop and buying a dozen of these games used would be a lot cheaper.

    Also, obligatory ‘where’s the PS+ post?’ comment

  • Why don’t we get the digital PS3 games we own FREE on PS4/Vita via PSNOW? Thats the only way I’d use the service. Why would I want to pay for them again?

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