The Order: 1886 Out Tomorrow, Watch the Launch Trailer

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The Order: 1886 Out Tomorrow, Watch the Launch Trailer
The Order: 1886 Out Tomorrow, Watch the Launch Trailer

PlayStation Nation!

The wait is nearly over! Soon, The Order: 1886 will finally launch around the world, officially adding a new cast of characters to the PlayStation family. Ready at Dawn not only has created a marvelous new world for us to play in, but a new breed of hero. The knights of The Order are extraordinary warriors, but it’s important to remember they are still human. They tire, they feel pain, but they still stand up and persevere.

We hope this trailer captures a little bit of that and sets the stage for your next amazing PlayStation adventure.

Thank you so much for your support!

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  • why i can’t download my free theme for the order 1886 cause i’m from canada?

  • Im with you on wanting to support the developers but I wont 60 bucks support them.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 Oh, I get your angle now. You’re blasting any review site that gives this game low scores based on graphics alone. You’re one of those guys…

  • @48 Elvick_ Amen brethren, ppl lettin ign ect pick their gaming libraries is sad really. The ppl who instantly cancel their 3 month preorder bc ONE PERSON from ign said it was “mediocre”. Don’t u realize ign’s review is the bias opinion of a single person who likely played 1/3 of said game. Don’t u research games u preorder & watch/read/play it at shows? U should know b4 reviews come out if it is something that’s up your alley, u shouldnt need someone to tell u what to think – a microcosm of society.

  • @53 colorbl I dont care that much about graphics i prefer STORY any day, but they said there was nothing good about the game, as in nothing, but clearly the graphics are VERY good so the review doesn’t quite add up to me. I platinumed Transistor & beat it twice on stream, graphics are great but not my main concern.

  • @55

    The Order Without Gameplay 1886 coming soon to a cinema near you.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 This is where you’re confusing me. You’re telling me graphics don’t matter, but then you’re saying that graphics should matter in a review. Crysis was a benchmark in graphics at the time, but the game itself was quite boring. So what if it’s eye candy? If it’s not fun, then what’s the point? There’s no new game+, or any real mode outside of single player. All that’s left after you beat the game is to play it again to find collectibles. I’ve played enough shooters to tell this game has the replay value of a DVD you purchased and watched only once.

  • @32 color – It is a game, entertainment, it markets itself as “a cinematic experience” not a “pure storyless shooter” it isn’t as different from games like Heavy Rain or twd as u think, notice the Letterboxes on the screen? Notice the dynamic cutscenes that merge w/gameplay, it is like a movie rather than a mindless shooter. Heavy Rain & Beyon2souls were all QTE. U don’t understand what the game is obviously.

  • @56 Do u have a point? Yeah all the cinematics from TheOrder would prolly make an entertaining 3hr movie. Your point? Sheep nation in here, or troll town idk.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 You’re being unbelievable. I clearly noticed the cinematic quality. Who. Cares? If they wanted to sell a game as a movie, then they should have made a movie. Instead, we have a half game, half movie, and it sure doesn’t nail down the gameplay half. This game isn’t Heavy Rain or TellTale’s The Walking Dead. Those are designed as purely narrative based games. 1886 is an amalgamation of story sequences and cliches, with copied shooting mechanics from other games.

  • @57 color – iI never said graphics don’t matter at all i said that they are not the MOST important thing, but they are a factor that contributes to the game, a substantial factor. When a reviewer says “there is NOTHING good” about a game then it should mean just that. When a major component of the game is very good i see contradiction in that, u dont? Graphics are 1 of 4 major components 2 a game – story, gameplay, graphics, controls. What don’t u get, 2 say u don’t like the game is fine but 2 say (by omission) the game doesn’t have good graphics is a lie. Therefore the review is untrustworthy. U get it…

  • It’s unfortunate that the majority of the reviews for the game seem to paint it as technically stunning but otherwise mediocre. I don’t think this will stop people from buying the game and playing it, they just won’t be as likely to pay full price on day one. However, RAD has to accept the reality of how people perceive what they’ve released and live with the results.

    While I don’t think people should be cancelling their pre-orders just because one reviewer said the game wasn’t so great, it’s a different story when a large number of them are all saying it’s sort of mediocre. That’s the sort of thing that will cause people to cancel and just buy it later on sale. You can make all the arguments you want about review sites being corrupt, but when you take the 2/10 crazies out of the mix and look at the average from the rest, the result is pretty clear.

  • Finished the game last night and I have to say this is a in between 6 – 7 game.
    Nothing more, nothing less that.

  • @61

    I agree with you on the graphics, but that’s it.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 I DO NOT GET IT. Are you being serious? Who the hell said those are the 4 major components to a game? That is in no way an established guideline. By anybody. Those are just perks to a game, and to have any of those are simply proper practices by programmers/designers.

    You’re taking reviews way too seriously. Literally, even. I haven’t come across a review where journalists are saying the graphics are bad. Some criticize the use of “cinematic” filters, but no collective group is implying the game looks bad. It’s just bad, you know, the part where it’s a game that you play.

  • The only thing I am upset about is the fact that I cannot play my digital copy until Saturday at 2am CT!! Oh man, this is going to be a tough wait. All of you that are hating this game and haven’t played it I smh. There are plenty of review sites that really liked the game. DualShockers has a great review up. All of these reviews are just one persons opinion. Can’t wait to lose myself in the lore! Thanks for all the hard work R@D! Glad I contributed to this new IP and hope it sells well and you are able to flesh out the story even more in the sequel.

  • @ 33 and most of the sheep. None of u have played it but yet all of you are certain of the games quality. 33 ur certain mgs5 will be great? A game that is not even close to done u know already that it is a great game, makes sense especially considering Ground zeroes was ehh. Just like politics/gov u guys allow others 2 think 4u, parroting what some foxnews anchor or reviewer said instead of researching, experiencing, & making informed choices/comments. This is why the masses r so easily controlled, it’s sad. This is y good devs n games fail, this is y irrational went under and nobody played spec ops the line or the metro on 360 ect.

  • Here are my thoughts. This game, visually, looks great and is without equal for a PS4 title. I’ve been excited for this game ever since I saw the first trailer. London, Tesla, werewolves…how could you go wrong? In the last few weeks details have been coming out about this game that made me question the value of this game. In particular, the length of the game. Today reviews have been hitting the internet and have been mediocre at best. Praising the beautiful graphics and soundtrack, but saying the story, and gameplay mechanics leave much to be desired. For me, even though I WAS excited about this game, I can’t take this in stride and still hand over my money for it. The value just isn’t there. I’m okay with a short game, but if it’s short it needs to have a stellar story and gameplay mechanics, and from the majority of reviews the story is okay and the gameplay gets bogged down by quicktime events and pacing issues. That said, I DO want to play this, but can’t justify this purchase for $60. I’ll wait until it’s discounted and play it, or rent it from redbox.

  • Bought The Order CE on the 18th, finished it same day and trading it in tomorrow (sans the cool statue). I can honestly say that the game would’ve benefited a lot more if depth to it. There are only a handful of enemy varieties and fighting lycans are a joke. Put your back to a corner, shoot as they charge and dodge when near. Rinse and repeat. Despite having vampires (and hints of even more horrific creatures in the game), you only fight lycans (rarely at that) and humans.

    Just feel cheated when some of the chapters in the game have nothing more than story scenes and that’s it. The game has 16 chapters and IIRC, about 3 or 4 (could be more) of those were solely cinematics, with you moving Galahad from Point A to Point B to trigger ANOTHER cutscene (without any combat sequences in between).

    Even the trophies are lazy. This is probably one of the few games that don’t reward players for finishing on different difficulties. Just a single trophy for finishing and that’s it? I got all the non-collection based trophies in a single run with zero effort and have no intention of going for the missed ones, especially since the cutscenes are forced upon you even on repeated viewings.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 Ugh, you’re one of those guys. We already have an idea how MGS5 will be, since Ground Zeroes is a precursor, in terms of game mechanics, tools to use, and an opening to the story. I liked it, but I’m with everyone else on how short it is an how much it costs, not that great. Nothing was really hyped about MGS: GZ, it’s pretty much a paid demo of MGS5. And the certainty of 1886’s production value isn’t in question. It’s, again, the gameplay. Anyone who “has” played the game (game journalists, streamers and Let’s Players) are saying the gameplay isn’t that great, and that’s the game’s biggest problem.

    I don’t have any thoughts on Metro, but Spec Ops: The Line was terrible! And see, this is where the problem lies in between us. You simply can’t accept people thinking differently from you about things.

  • @60 Ur so absolute in how good or bad or fun TheOrder is, but u haven’t played it? You alone know what the talented devs R@D were trying to convey? U categorize the game however best suits your argument, it is a cinematic experience just as R@D have said idk why you seem to think it should be gears of war (those games had great stories right?).Play it then tell me exactly what the game is, until then stop copy pasting gamespot. Go to xbone’s site go join major nelson’s fanclub. Y do u feel the need 2 trash a ps game on psblog? It is 4 ppl to feel good and celebrate what we love.

  • @65 plenty of games get credited with bad graphics ru serious? Plenty of games get credited with great graphics (the last of us). Games that were smashed 4 bad graphics umm Homefront, Ride to Hell, Watchdogs (considering how grfx were way worse than advertised), prototype, aliens colonial marines ect ect. Games bolstered by great grfx tlou, Uncharted, crysis (do u think ppl would care about crysis if it wasn’t a grfx beast? The grfx make crysis), Soul Caliber (dreamcast), Battlefield 3, 4, Second Son, KZ 2, KZ mercenary ect.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 I haven’t played it. And I’m not going to play it, because it is 60 dollars and I know I won’t play it again. In no way am I criticizing how they do their writing, or the message they were trying to convey. While I don’t find the story revolutionary, it’s only my opinion and we can agree to disagree in that aspect.

    What I’m saying is that I have played many story driven shooters like The Order, such as The Last Of Us (a game not that much different in terms of design), that I find the gameplay, as in how the game plays, the mechanics of gameplay, the exact opposite of revolutionary. I’ve been burned on buying bad games at full price more times than I can count, and it’s not financially responsible of me to go out and buy games at the slightest hint of hype. Again, that’s why we have reviews of people who have played the game, to educate people on what a game is and their thoughts, which are completely subjective and not to be taken to heart.

    Oh, and since this is a Playstation Blog about a Playstation exclusive game, I can’t see why I can’t post my thoughts. I love my PS4, but this game I can tell that I will not.

  • This game still sounds like something I want regardless of reviews. I’ve found at least one reviewer that was honest with themselves about it. So I’m happy to be getting the collectors edition tomorrow.

    In any case regardless of how things turn out after I finish The Order:1886 is that Sony attempts to help nurture this project and Ready At Dawn with a sequel. There is a lot of potential here and I don’t want to see this turn into another Heavenly Sword. Sony has 3 workable examples that R@D can use as an example, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and God of War. I think maybe having the designers sit together for a few lunches to flesh out ideas every once in awhile may help R@D grow and maybe help them see what might have went wrong. Maybe even in a company postmortem and invite those studios down.

    As I said, I’m expecting a beautiful game with annoying black bars that I’ll enjoy playing. I have every bit of faith in R@D’s ability, but they need to keep their dream project alive if this is the kind of backlash their getting.

  • @ 70 Wow Spec ops the line was terrible? It was actually quite unique in showing the mental degradation that war can have on a person. Why terrible? Nolan North voice acted, it looked pretty in unreal 3, controls were spot on. You obviously didn’t appreciate the idea of the game which is really the anti cod or the anti shooter, most shooters glorify war , Spec ops the line was the antithesis of that. I know it is a difficult concept to actually see meaning in a game. It was great but overall it was good and deserved to be played.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 Neither realistic military fiction or overstylized war games like COD is really my cup o’ joe, and I disagree that the controls were spot on. Like the horror genre, I’m just can’t get interested. That’s just my thoughts, we’ll agree to disagree there, and maybe keep personal passive aggressive swipes to a minimum.

  • @ 73 Fine don’t buy it but don’t spew venom on a game YOU NEVER PLAYED and be irresponsible in dissuading others from buying it with your yellow journalism. U seem to have a motive in trying to prove it is a “bad game”. Or ru trying to inflate your ego by “being right”? Reviews aren’t terrible they are mediocre along the same scores Lords of the Fallen got, i for one love Lords of the Fallen so i could care less if it is rated a 7/10. I liked spec ops, u didn’t, opinions differ. Don’t bury the game like it is trash, u can state your opinion but why the need to convince others that it’s trash, why the need to destroy it & damage a fantastic Sony studio? Play what u like and let others revel in the joy of what they like, it’s release night unless ur a troll let ppl be excited 4 their preorder w/out reigning bad feelings on them. U hate a game u never played, got it.

  • @ 76 Ur correct i apologize for sounding somewhat condescending at the end. I know u only played Spec ops the line bc it was free, ur right ppl have different tastes that is the beautiful part it doesn’t make your opinion right or my opinion right, they are opinions & it is a matter of taste.

  • This game is gonna suck ass and probably will end up this year for PS Plus IGC seeing they only give out trash. Glad I didn’t renew my subscription.

  • @79 Wow. Nobody forces u to buy a game it is just another option u can buy or ignore. Im glad u didnt renew your sub i’d hate to play multiplayer with someone as negative & immature as yourself. Guess u wont play Bloodborne? It wont be on yhe igc in 2015 that little boy rhetoric. Naive.

  • @80 I plan to play Bloodborne. A lot, actually.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 Inflate my ego? Look at yourself, mister white knight. Do you feel it’s your duty to go to every forum and call everyone a sheep for talking negatively over a game? If you really cared, buy the game in support. Nobody’s going to give you a medal for hissing a fit at strangers.

  • @82 Im supporting the devs i bought the 150$ wicked azz premium edition, ill begin streaming @ midnight & im sure ill enjoy the game but if not oh well. This is y the Vita undersold bc of ppl just parroting what others say, Vita is amazing btw.

  • Personally, I agonized about whether or not to cancel my pre-order based on the reviews. I love third-person story-based games, but money is tight these days. I’ll either get it when the price drops or trade for it on 99gamers.

  • It’s nice too see so many people not thinking for themselves & making choices based upon the opinions of other people.

    But not really…

    What did you all do before the advent of the Internet? Hide under a rock until someone told you it was safe to come out?

    Or did you somehow manage to make your entertainment choices on your own like the rest of us?

  • I think its more embarrassing that people are arguing and wasting their time over VIDEOGAMES… just think about that for a second….

    This game was meant to be a cinematic experience from the beginning which you know a lot of people like that never really do well with critics (of couse there are exceptions).

    All of you are arguing over semantics and opinions, games like these are ones I play multiple times. A game like The Order is worth $60 to me. It might not be to you but you people really need to be more considerate, videogames are a hobby, you are not OWED ANYTHING.

  • Oh man did I just luck out big time. Gamefly shipped me a copy about 10 minutes ago, which is really cool of them because they haven’t even received the last game I sent back. Thank goodness. I really wanted to support Ready At Dawn with a purchase, but I just can’t be cool with spending 60 bucks on a 5-7 hour-long game that currently has a 65 outta 100.

    I hope I like it. If I do, I’ll totally grab it down the road when it’s 20 bucks.

  • I was hoping that this game would dethrone Resident Evil 4.

  • I don’t think there’s any justification for the price this game is asking for. It seriously looks like a tech demo. Beautiful game, but you can’t interact with it much. We’ve yet to play it but when the reviews have been this mixed, we don’t need to waste 60 bucks on this. Wait for a massive price drop or possible PS Plus entry.

  • @EverythingOnFire

    That’s why I never pre-order games anymore. Due to these stupid review embargos they put upon us all nowadays. Ideally reviews should come out at least 1 or 2 weeks before release. That way if you like the game or not you can cancel in time.

    If a developer release a review 2 weeks prior of release of the game, surly that’s a good sign they believe in there game.

    I am waiting to see if a developer does that this year. My bet would be CD Prodject Red with The Witcher 3.

  • @Strangeheaven I think The Last of Us did that. Fantastic game too.

  • Good luck with all the backlash you will get for doing such an easy, short, shallow, lazy, and overall terrible game zero content and zero replayability!

  • Super disappointed that I preordered this game on Psn and can’t play it til 3am. That’s bull. I could’ve went to gamestop and be playing it at 12:15. This is definitely my last preorder on psn

  • Any word about those free promo theme codes that hadn’t worked? Will they get fixed soon?

    And I’m actually quite relieved from the reviews. I was already going to disregard any comments about gameplay (Barring it being broken or dysfunctional, of course), and was mainly just concerned about the story being good.

    Given all of the reviews praising the story, my mind is pretty much set at ease. I hope that the inability of some reviewers to see the goal of the game won’t hinder the progress of a sequel, because it would really be a shame to waste this world.

  • Still keeping my preorder despite all negative reviews. I have the utmost faith in Ready at Dawn, because of what I know they’ve made before; two great God of War games. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Go play the game first and don’t give into someone else’s opinion about the game. And most of all DON’T COME HERE ON THE OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION BLOG AND COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED YET!

  • Rezznak, you don’t have to play the game to know that it is both short, lacks any other mode than the single player, and has ridiculous “innovative” cinematic concepts added to it needlessly (black bars).

    The game already has all these features, or lack there of, confirmed. The only thing that might be able to retain some value for this game, is the story…which is about 6-7 hours long…not exactly a lot of time to get you to care about any of the characters or what they’re up to.

    Sorry, but the company in question hasn’t given much reason for anyone to have any faith in this game.

  • I’m not gonna sit here and say RAWR CANCELLING MY PREORDER because the world of this game and what I’ve heard of the story (dat viral marketing campaign tho) has its hooks in me and I really, really want to play it, reviews be damned.

    I am however going to swap out my Collector’s Edition preorder for the regular one.

    Ready At Dawn, I know you guys are capable of greatness. Both your God of War games are among the best ever released on the PSP. I hope you guys find that spark again with your next title (which I hope is an Order sequel because man, this world you guys have built, I haven’t even played the game yet and I want more).

  • I hope Ready at Dawn takes the criticisms regarding the lack of innovation and poor execution of all of the gaming mechanics seriously. Fail and restart QTE sequences when Heavy Rain set the precedent with QTE sequences with no fail state are unacceptable in a cinematic game. You either need to make an innovative cinematic game, or a TPS with replayability.

    I cancelled my collector’s edition pre-order and the money will go to Bloodborne. I really wanted to like this game, but the only thing I can do is speak with my wallet.

  • Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow. Based on some of the more uplifting reviews, I am sure that I will enjoy it. Thank you Ready at Dawn, keep up the good work.

  • Sony has lost control of the comment section and forums. Too many people attacking other users instead of commenting on the games.

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