The Order: 1886 Out Tomorrow, Watch the Launch Trailer

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The Order: 1886 Out Tomorrow, Watch the Launch Trailer
The Order: 1886 Out Tomorrow, Watch the Launch Trailer

PlayStation Nation!

The wait is nearly over! Soon, The Order: 1886 will finally launch around the world, officially adding a new cast of characters to the PlayStation family. Ready at Dawn not only has created a marvelous new world for us to play in, but a new breed of hero. The knights of The Order are extraordinary warriors, but it’s important to remember they are still human. They tire, they feel pain, but they still stand up and persevere.

We hope this trailer captures a little bit of that and sets the stage for your next amazing PlayStation adventure.

Thank you so much for your support!

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  • Looking forward to this immensely

  • Very much looking forward to this game! It sucks that Ready At Dawn had to battle untruths flaming this title rather than celebrating a fledgling company (first console title, correct?) and a great new IP for the Sony library. It almost seems that last line in that first paragraph could be used to describe the developers.
    Anyways.. I’m looking forward to the reviews and then the game, guys. Congrats on seeing your baby finally out there.

  • Hey Sony, your new “exclusive” game is a piece of turd. Reviews are out and they are a doozy of mediocre scores left and right.

    This is why the PS4 embraced the slogan “Greatness awaits”. Because it’s still really not here.

  • IGN gave this a 6.5 out of 10 rating. (Okay) people are already streaming it on Twitch. This game is not a video game but more like a “Movie” game. *sigh* overhyped much I guess.

  • WOW. Horrible reviews all over the net. I was really looking forward to this. Sony you should be ashamed of yourselves. Im going to cancel my pre order this afternoon when I get off and put it towards something coming out on my Xbox One. PS4 just collecting dust.

  • just hit the unlock button already xD. i have too much free time between now and digital release..central time zone might i add…ugh!

  • The game is getting murdered by reviewers, but I’m still buying a copy.

  • This game is worth at most, $18.86

  • @4jrey – What would u call the walking dead or the wolf among us? Cinematic is automatically bad then right? Good point.

  • @5 sigma – You are going to cancel your nonexistent preorder and put it towards 1 of the great AAA xbone exclusives coming out in the next couple months, what games were those again? Bloodborne..oh wait no that is PS4. Have fun not playing Bborne, No Man’s Sky, & Uncharted – all 2015.

  • I will pass on this game… The game I’ve been waiting for is BATMAN!

    They need to make a real open world WALKING DEAD GAME based off the tv show! All the possibilities…

    CRASH BANDICOOT REBOOT? Bring it on… 2016-17 Now I’m dreaming right?

  • @5 just sell your PS4. Your toxic mentality is not wanted here.

  • Picking up my beautiful premium ed. at midnight, yes i will be wearing the amulet. This is exactly what im looking for, i dont need another Dragon AI (great game) i cant sink 100hrs into every game. Cant wait for Tesla & the incredible setting, visuals, Story, engrossing characters, & the awesome thermite gun. Lycans are visceral enemies who can talk to u menacingly while stalking u. Victorian era London, Arthurian legend, Tesla, Lycans, airships, 3rd person, Story, Lore, the best grfx ever seen on console (xbone could never produce such aesthetics, ddr3) im all in, catch me streaming @ midnight.

  • I’ve seen some gameplay from Twitch streams. Even for a game to watch, it’s still passable. This game is walking, watching, dumb shooting, and QTEs. The story doesn’t seem that great, and there isn’t a thing innovative or exciting about the mechanics; they’re ripped straight from other cover shooters. 2015 just started, so I’m hoping later on we’ll get some great games, but this is just not one to kick off the new year.

  • HA ha ha ha ha… Got to love the pathetic trolls bringing the hate along with their stench to the Order 1886 thread on the PlayStation blog while parroting every negative review from sites looking for clicks. Sad lives indeed.

    Anyways, Ready at dawn has yet to make at bad game.

    Looking forward to the Order. Picking up my premium collector’s edition tomorrow.


  • I’m really disappointed in the reviews I’ve read about this game. When it was first announced, I wasn’t too interested. Then all the trailers really hooked me. I still think it’s a beautiful looking game. But the trailers set my expectations on something up to the quality of The Last of Us, and I just don’t feel this is it. I’m sure I’ll play the game eventually, but it’s no longer a launch buy for me.

  • @11 james – They did make a terrible dead island clone open (somewhat) walking dead game “survival instiinct”. Bloodborne & Witcher are my most anticipated, oh & this little game called Uncharted..and NM’s Sky. Yes Batman as well, geez too many games.

  • I’m so disappointed. It’s not that is single player only, I love single player games, but asking $60 for a 7 hour game is too much. Wolfenstein TNO costs the same and was 12 hours long. Yes, I know that the graphic and art is amazing, but what I find disappointing is that the game doesn’t take advantage of it. According to the reviews there’s almost no lore and the characters background is not well explained.

  • @crsn891 World Champions!!

  • What’s even more sad is dropping full price on a game with less than 5 hours of actual gameplay (the rest of the campaign consist of story sequences and QTE events that barely count as gameplay) with no bonus modes like online or an arena horde like mode. Maybe DLC, but not worth 60 bucks.

  • all this hype for a 3 to 5 hour gameplay and no multiplayer or co op no dlc what a bunch of over hype crap this is yea this is worth 60$ sony

  • @iamtylerdurden1 I pre ordered this game 3 months ago sir. Thank God I didnt do it digital. I work hard for my money and dont have enough of it to throw around on mediocre titles. I own all 3 current systems but my loyalty belongs with Sony but Im not a blind fan boy. Ill wait for Bloodborne and Uncharted.

  • Ill be looking forward to this game when it drops on PLUS later this or early next year

  • Everyone saying it isn’t a good game is full of it bc none of u have played it yet, i don’t really trust corrupt review sites & the metacritic which is complete garbage – meta would lead u to believe cod ghosts is FAR superior to KZ Shadowfall & titanfall is equally as good as Deus Ex HR..Gta is better than Fallout 3..Gta is better than The Last of Us, and Lords of the Fallen is a BAD game but dark souls 2 is game of the yr. How is evolve rated so highly? Watchdogs was the most lifeless uninspired character & story of 2014 but it is better than Secon Son & wolfenstein & perhaps Metro Redux & nearly equivalent to Transistor & Mordor. Craziness

  • Looks like a game to play for sure, I’ve never trusted reviews too much, I just want a story. But I will probably wait until it’s on sale because $$ and not enough time. I hope it does well!

  • @iamtylerdurden1 What if I told you the boss battle, the fight that should wrap up the game, is the EXACT SAME QTE event, animations and all, as from Chapter 4? Long cutscenes with one occasional random QTE that immediately kills you and forces you to start the whole scene over, bland and uninspired shooting, along with padded length in the form of walking around finding collectables. You don’t need reviews to figure this out, just watch the streams. You want corrupt reviews? Read the one from TheVerge. It just screams, “I got ‘encouraged’ to praise this game.”

  • One or two bad reviews you can say they are corrupt or “paid off” but when every single site is saying the SAME thing…there is no conspiracy man. Its just a bad game. I really think people were looking forward to this game and thirsty for a good exclusive.

  • @21 smokin.. You know that it’s a “3 hour” game? You played and beat it w/all the story dialogue in 3 hrs right? I think it has more than 3 hrs of dialogue alone. U haven’t played it and it is supposed to be 8-10 hrs, why ru exaggerating about a game u know nothing about? Xbone forums are right by the sign that says ddr3 underpowered jk, u took a wrong turn.

  • @20 Story, dialogue, and QTE don’t count as gameplay? I guess TellTale games have no gameplay?

  • The reviews seem to be mixed but I’d rather play the game so I’ll rent it later on. Paying 80$ is too much.

  • @23 Ur crazy if u think this will be free on plus this yr.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 It’s not like the TellTale games; it’s supposed to be a shooter, but falling back on cutscenes and QTEs to make up for how little of the game you’re actually playing.

  • @iamtylerdurden1

    Stop defending this flop of a game. It has great graphics but nothing else. This game should be free to all ps plus subscribers.
    Or have the price slashed to 50% off.

    I however will be paying full price on The Witcher 3 & Metal Gear Solid 5. The games that are worth full asking price.

  • @26 So u know it is bad but haven’t played it? U watched some stream? That holds no water until u played it yourself. Reviews are corrupt a site gave the game a comparable score to Ride to Hell (the worst game EVER made). How is a 3rd party game rated higher on xbone than PS4 when it runs worse w/sub 1080p on xbone? Makes no sense.

  • Whatever, I’m still getting the game.

  • ok, Game Trailers gave it a 8.2 which is the highest Ive seen.

  • What’s the status about canceling a digital PSN preorder? Can it be done in a 24hr period?

  • @27 sigma – Ur wrong, there are sites giving 1886 9.5 n 9/10, metacritic chooses out of hundreds if not thousands of reviews which ones to put into its metascore, it chooses 40 out of 400, it’s a lie they decide what score it deserves & PS4 scores on 3rd party games usually come out b4 xbone’s so they can make the xbone score slightly higher (in most cases). U tell me cod ghosts is an 8/10 like meta says it is, meta score is basically 8/10 so it must be right bc it’s more than 1 or 2 reviews – cod ghosts was terrible, not an 8/10 (78 on PS4), that my friend is corruption. Allow ign to dictate what games u buy, keep parroting what others say, buy cod, be unique.

  • I don’t care what the reviews say. I am spending $60 on this game strictly to support Ready at Dawn. A studio made up of former Naughty Dogs with very few titles made to date. Two of those titles were God of War games for the PSP and they were spectacular for that platform. To see Ready at Dawn all grown up making a AAA Cinematic Console game pleases me greatly. The only negative I have outside of playing the game myself is that I was expecting closer to 20 hours like the Uncharted games. Like the Uncharted series however I see this one being popularized by a sequel as well. No one really gave a hoot about Uncharted, but when Uncharted 2 came out it was the bees knees. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen, thanks for another fun experience. Look forward to your future projects.


    I’ve only played one exclusive so far, that was Infamous Second Son and that was a complete turd of a game. It bored me to tears, and I never completed it.

  • @36 sigma – GamingTrend gave it a 9.5/10 or 95/100, google it, check metacritic. Not hard to find.

  • This is like Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes,should cost $30 $35 not $60

  • I have seen through many different reviews for this game. This was reviews from: IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku and the verge. In these reviews I have seen that this game gets around 5/6 in score (out of 10). The negative things about this game is mostly that the story is not very good and the game lasts about 6-8 hours. I don’t think that a game that is so short should cost 60$. I would personally recommend to not buy this game.

  • @iamtylerdurden1 That’s some pretty close minded view, to see every review site as corrupt. A Hello Kitty game and a GTA title could get a similar score, but they’re typically scored based on the genre or player experience or whatever, and in no way should they be compared. A review from a game site is just a professional opinion, and only an opinion. You shouldn’t ever take reviews to heart, though I do read a couple only to know what to look out for, and there’s not much to look at.

    It’s cutscenes, it’s QTEs, it’s a cover shooter (you can kill enemies at long range with shotguns, too. It’s that bad of a shooter). You play as Troubled McKillEveryone, you open a door to a room, enemies show up from the opposite side of the room, you duck down and shoot dumb AI ducking out of cover, with the occasional throw-away-all-cover-and-charge you Shotgun Specialist. You don’t need to play the game to ‘see’ this trend.

  • From the beginning this game really reminded me of the original Uncharted.
    Except Uncharted didn’t get slaughtered in reviews.

  • Just saw Metacritic a few minutes ago, and the scores are definitely a buzzkill. I’ll still play it though. I don’t let mixed reviews sway me from games. If I did, I never would have been able to enjoy Binary Domain, Beyond: Two Souls, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Silent Hill: Downpour, and Alpha Protocol.

    Having said that, these scores are still a buzzkill. I would have loved to see a game that blew everyone away instead of a game that will be deemed a “cult classic” years from now.

  • There was no game I had been looking forward to than this and I´m still excited to try it myself tomorrow. It looks beautiful, the gunplay still looks entertaining but from the twtich stream I watched this morning I saw a lot of problems. Lycan fights are not what I expected, way less epic than I expected and quite mundane. There should be melee instead of QTE, that should change for the next one. I noticed that the pacing is not very good, with huge stretches of doing nothing but walking. Sigh.
    I think they focused way too much on the aesthetics, the technical aspects. People involved with the game talking about using real eye capturing for the characters or something… they should´ve focused more on the actual gaming.

  • Can’t wait to play it. I don’t give a hoot about reviewers, they’re a massive joke. 10/10s to games I could not care less about, review content that contradicts itself with other reviews, 3/10 reviews because the reviewer didn’t finish the game, etc.

    No thanks. I’ll play it myself, I’m pretty confident I will enjoy this game a lot. I can gauge what I like and games well. It’s really not that hard people. Know yourself and trust yourself. Not strangers.

    Do you really want stranger picking out your gaming library?

  • Digital Trends gave it a 20/100, cmon man u think reviews are trustworthy a 2/10 cmon that is worse than Ride to Hell or The Fighter Within, Live 14, NHL 15, Halo: Spartan assault – awful games. It said “there is not one redeeming thing about the game, forgettable in every way” that is a LIE bc it has unarguably the best graphics on console to date, setting a graphical benchmark is redeeming & not soon forgotten – so that review is bogus.

  • Disappointed from what critics are saying about The Order 1886. I’ve played enough games to understand where this title is heading. I’ll be sure to wait until the price drops to around 30$. To the people that aren’t listening to critics and denying that this game isn’t as good as they hoped, I hope you have fun shelling out $60-70 for a game you’ll play for 6-7 hours then never touch again.

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