PlayStation Network Update

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PlayStation Network Update

UPDATE: PlayStation Network is back online. As you probably know, PlayStation Network and some other gaming services were attacked over the holidays with artificially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. This may have prevented your access to the network and its services over the last few days.

Thanks again for your support and patience. We’ll provide any further updates here.


The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible.

From time to time there may be disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible.

If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have been unable to log onto the network, know that this problem is temporary and is not caused by your game console. We’ll continue to keep you posted on Twitter at @AskPlayStation and we’ll update this post once the problems subside.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • I still can’t get on my psn account on my ps4

  • I’m Still down also. Been 4 days.

  • Av been of for the best part of a week a hope Sony are gunna extent my play station plus at the end of my subscription paying for something am not getting!!!

  • hello i am still having trouble with getting on to my psn account on my ps4 you said you have fixed the proplem just want to know if you are still trying to fix the proplem witrh the psn??

  • **** PlayStation i want my ****ing money back

  • Why can’t I connect to psn tried everything

  • I still can’t connect to the pan

  • Type – How to Get Your PS4 Back Online (After the DDOS attacks on Sony) on youtube. I tried to put the link up but waiting for the moderator to allow it! SONY THE JOKE!!

  • MTU changes don’t work for everyone!!!

    Sony when you fix the problem and why you said that psn is online, its not true, not for everyone!

    Why you find time for comments moderate and don’t have time to answer, when you fix this problems!!!

    We have 1661 comment and just 2 replays!!! You serious?

  • Can somebody please help me !!!

    after the hack i cant log in to psn.
    i’ve contactet my internet provider and they sad that my internet connection works fine.
    and that the firmware was updated.

    and after trying login to psn. psn gives me this code (NW-31194-8)

    please help !!! this the 4th day without psn.

  • Sorry but it not back up for me at all !!!! this is 4th day now ….i can not even log into my psn account on ps4..

  • I can sign in in my ps4 is psn fix?

  • My kids both just got ps4 and i am on vacation that iget once a year this is bull**** iwant free internet for another year and for my kids as well get this **** together

  • I still carnt sign into psn can anyone help me plz

  • PlayStation…. Correct me if I’m wrong, I paid £349.00 for my console, £30.00 to get online and £50.00 a game + what ever add on’s I decide to buy.

    For me that’s half a months wage, for you that may be nothing.

    I worked damn hard to be able to get the opportunity to be able to go online and play with my friends, I’m very dissatisfied with you’re services.

    I called you’re customer services line and he did not have a clue when this will be resolved (this was 2 days ago) and also said that Play Station will not be doing anything to compensate there customers that pay a lot of money. (Whats the point on paying people to pick up the phone if all they say is – I’ve not been told anything)

    As each day goes by I’m getting closer and closer to getting my PS4 and letting you put it where the sun don’t shine and go and get my self an XBox one – as they seem to have engines resolving there issues, what do you have… Junior Engines?

    You need to wake up a smell the beans and sort our networks “that we pay for”, as you are slowly but surely having “YOUR” costumers lose faith in your services.

  • Seems I’m the only one with still down at PSN. Since 12/25. When will I be able to play online again? It’s only Brazil’s PSN that’s still down? Why?

  • Yep, after this I’m definitely letting my PS+ expire when it runs out. There’s no point in paying $50 a year when you have to deal with CONSTANT downtime like this. I know in this case it’s hackers/ddos’ers (whatever), but what about all the other times you have maintenance and whatnot? Not to mention the PS store hasn’t had any good sales in months, the so called “free” games I either own already or have no interest in, the PSOne Classics have pretty much been abandoned (Yeah, we got Suikoden 2 after how many months of whining? Big whoop.), and the Vita has for the most part gone ignored with the exception of one or two good titles here and there. Like I keep saying Sony, I like your products, but your customer service sucks.

    /end rant.

  • Don’t contact your service providers there’s nothing wrong with your connections. This is simply a SONY issue.

  • Still waiting on the PSN for PS4 to work

  • Where do we stand on refunds! I was automatically charged after a free trial period unable to cancel or change settings via my ps4. I’m now out of pocket with the wrong length of package for a service that your unable to offer atm.

  • Av just got bk online Psn is working for me am from Middlesbrough North East England

  • Hi Have been trying since you said Network back up but apart from a brief few minutes have been unable to connect. is this likely to continue? it is not acceptable for the cost..

  • When will the redemption website work again.? Tried redeeming my free game but keeps saying its invalid or the site is still not working

  • @catherine Jensen It’s been two days since your last update which said that the psn is back up and running. Is that it? None of the other problems have been fixed in two whole days?

  • 6 days now still without psn. What the hell are you guys doing, my xmass holiday has been ruined…So i payed 40 pound to subscribe to not use my ps4. Well done sony top marks for you guys

  • Well not having the PS Network did mean i got to spend more time with the family – so its not all bad :-)
    Good its all up and running now. Thanks Playstation.

  • Is the network back up 100%? I’ve not been able to connect while a friend of mine has been able to, just wondering if It’s still in the process or it’s done and up 100% and I’m out of luck.

  • I’ve been online on this new ps4 now once from I got it and the hassle of getting on is disgrace it’s been over 3 days I haven’t been able to get on get it sorted out

  • I can log in on my PS3 but not my PS4 .Why? Please help.

  • i don’t have it yet :( am I the only one left out ??

  • I understand that PSN is online but I still cant connect, is this happening for other people?

  • This is frustrating. PSN is up for my kids on ps3 but i can do nothing on my Ps4. I am so glad my wife got me Ps4 games for Christmas that i cant even play.

  • Hey everybody; its been almost 4 complete days since i can´t connect to psn, the errors that the system shows is the same as all that has been mentioned here. I Am from chile, i know there are alot of people here with the same problems. Southamerica present too :).

    Kind of frustrating that sony says it is all normal, because clearly it is not, and beside a couple of users who had a bit of luck in getting back on-line, most of the users (like me and the rest of you here) really can´t connect to the psn, can´t play destiny, can´t go to ps store, can´t upload my score on resogun, i mean….. am paying for a service, i just want what am paying for, nothing more..

    Compensation for all of us should be given sony, too much loyalty and not much taken back so far…

  • Can someone please care to explain to me why it’s taking so long to get PSN on the PS4 working as Microsoft managed just fine to get Xbox Live fully working by the 27th while I have not been able to sign in once on PS4 it’s ridiculous that all the money I pay you can’t even buy descent security for your systems instead you buy Bugatti Veyrons with all our money, we pay to get a quality system not a Bugatti that we can’t drive and you are going to crash. Also now we have to pay for the online we do expect a lot more and at the moment we are receiving less, a lot less than we were before. Thanks to no security I have not been able to sign

  • should be able to fix witin once on my PS4 as I got it on Christmas day however I have been able to sign in on my broken PS3 which has overheated 3 times since Christmas day leaving me very happy… NOT. Also 5 games that I received for Xmas are still wrapped in cellophane as with no online they are pretty much worth less to me also I am very disappointed about not being able to play GTA 5 as there were lots of events such as there was snow so you could have a snowball fight with friends but because of this I am left with ‘Please Wait’ then ‘Connection To The Server Has Been Terminated’. I am also truly disappointed that when people complain all they are greeted by is… ‘Our engineers are working hard to restore PSN as quickly as possible’ but for a major

  • company like Sony you h speed and precision instead of keep on putting it online then realising no one can sign in and having to take it down again.

    P.S. Try putting methods on your websites that actually work instead of faulty time wasters.

  • it says psn is online again but I can not get on it still sony what a joke if I could take it back I would it is the only console I have had that I wanted to take back less than a hr after opening thank you Microsoft for being reliable my xbox live never went down once xbox one over paper weight ps4 any day

  • You guys claiming that you PSN works…what are you doing? Go find someone else to troll. There are still tons of people unable to log in.

  • Restoring PSN in 3 days? What the **** do we pay you for you bunch of ******** . We are the customers and we have the right to demand what we pay for!!! In my case X-mas holidays were one of very few oportunities per year to play. How do You want to compensate this? You will pay me to take 3 days off-work so I can play – for sure not. 24h would be too long to fix this 72h is a show of ‘We don’t give a **** about our customers’ from sony. Play ****** Network should be removed in order to play online games because You ****** cannot maintain it properly!!!

  • So far I see 1697 comments…. and 2 replies. Lovely… just wonderful. SO here’s another complaint: I cant log in… big surprise. Now, here’s a non sensical one I’m hoping someone can help me with… bare with me please: I can no longer access Dragon Age Inquisition. I have disconnected my ps4 from the internet entirely but when I try to load the game, it freezes at the first loading screen. then I get an error message advising the following:

    “Update the application or Update the system software” Why is this even an issue if I am completely offline? This problem started after the DDOS attack… but its weird to think that might be a reason. It doesn’t make sense that I am getting this message when attempting to play the game offline while my console is completely disconnected from the internet.

    Do I just wait for Sony to decide to completely fix the server issue? or is there something I can do that has nothing to do with the aftermath of the DDOS attack. Please help.

  • PSN may have been out but Sony’s billing system wasn’t. They still took a months subscription from my wallet. It really pisses me off because I had loaded my wallet up to buy a 12month subscription. (it may only been $9.95 aus but if they did the same thing to 1000 users or more, that $10000+ in their pocket) I emailed support and they basicly said bad luck no refund because our network was down for maintenance. Since when is hacking or network attack classed as maintenance.

    I purchased the PS4 because it was the only thing my 12yr old autistic son wanted for xmas. Try explaining to any child on xmas that something doesn’t work. At least he had a few hours xmas morning.

    Sony and Microsoft were warned about these attacks, why weren’t they better prepared.

  • 5 days no psn please just sort it out before some of us have to go back to work

  • Still can’t login, only NW-31194-8 code appears. Can i do some thing with it??

  • Just look at wot flammey wrote and do it as it has worked for me

  • 1700 comments and 2 replies?! This is bull****. It’s been 5 days! I’m still getting NW-31194-8 and all you people can tweet out is “Everything’s fine. Restart your systems.” Can you imagine any other BILLION DOLLAR company being simply unable to provide their service for over 5 days because of a few teenagers calling themselves the Lizard Squad? If this isn’t fixed by the time Game Stop opens, I’m trading in every single thing in my home with your logo on it and getting an XB1.

  • Can get online with my ps3 but not ps4…pissed off!

  • no psn what a joke I have not even opened my games I might get more for them if they are wrapped still. the shop I got my ps4 from says tough as it is sonys fault they will not give me a refund great way to go sony thank you any chance you will refund me as your system is crap

  • Billion dollar company get hacked by lil kids. You guys need help on defense. Smh still waiting on PSN for PS4 get it together

  • I have a PS Vita, PS 3 and the PS4 and as of today the 29th I still can not get online with the PS 4.

    Just for thought, I live in Clearwater Florida

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