PlayStation Network Update

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PlayStation Network Update

UPDATE: PlayStation Network is back online. As you probably know, PlayStation Network and some other gaming services were attacked over the holidays with artificially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. This may have prevented your access to the network and its services over the last few days.

Thanks again for your support and patience. We’ll provide any further updates here.


The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible.

From time to time there may be disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible.

If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have been unable to log onto the network, know that this problem is temporary and is not caused by your game console. We’ll continue to keep you posted on Twitter at @AskPlayStation and we’ll update this post once the problems subside.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • im in NZ and still i cant log in thru my ps4. almost 5 days..getting frustrating

  • I’m having the same issue!

  • New users seem to have more priority then your existing clients, why am i not online?

  • Sony i have playstation plus running and psn is not working i demand to have 4 days extra of playstation plus.

  • Still can’t sign in on my ps4. ( NW-31194-8 )

  • Just wanted to say as a big investor in sony as a company I think it very unprofessional to have these continued outages to the network. I personally work in networking and know there should be backups and process in place to expedite outages. I’ve been online multiple times of day when the outages come varying from 5mins to 2hrs. How is it windows version of the same game only have network issues when the games network goes down but if my playstation network goes down I can’t play my games anymore? This can be fixed I’m sure and I feel some infrastructure investment here is needed. Do you all realize how much content of yours is relying on this network just to operate. It’s like with cellphone carriers, everyone knows having a cellphone is no use to me if I don’t have cell service. Take a moment to reflect and really capitalize where needed. And on a side note if having our passwords 10 characters or more in length protects us I think we should do it.

  • My son had a New ps4 for Xmas still can’t go online can’t even ring for support so angry ?????How much longer do we have to wait ???

  • My psn is still not working :@ shouldn’t it be working by now?

  • (NW-31194-8) … for whatever good it does… That’s the message I am still being hit with when I attempt the now seemingly impossible feat of attempting to simply log in to PSN. If I didn’t have my Xbox 360… I would be a lot more pissed off. Please Sony for the love of the gaming gods, hurry up!

  • @ Dragonman46
    Thanks alot. Worked for me!!

  • Aún en España está caído????

  • I had to set the MTU in network settings at 1473.It’s the ONLY way to sign in & play MP online.Default setting at 1500 does NOT work at all.

  • Do as some have mentioned.
    Worked for me.

    Guys try this if you can’t get on PSN I got this from Yahoo and it work for me

    If your PSN is still down, follow these steps:

    Boot up your PlayStation 4.
    Go to “settings.”
    Go to “network.”
    Select “custom.”
    In this menu, leave everything as default except MTU.
    Change MTU settings to “1473.”
    Save your changes.
    Reboot your PS4.

    Now this might not work for everyone they said but it work for me

    BAM and I’m up and running


    And then stop *****ing. It can be a pain in the a**, to recover from a DDoS attack..

  • I’m unable to play online since 24 and you’ve posted that Playstation Network is back online? Back online for who?

  • I still cant log in now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i get that NW error code. Good Job Guys for real


    Signing out of PSN should work. I just tried it with Dragon Age Inquisition and Minecraft because those weren’t working for me, and it helped. You might not be able to sign back in to PSN, but at least you’ll be able to play your games.

  • my playstation network is still down and someone took money from my account like wtf. 5 days this is a joke may as well trade in and purchase an xbox .

  • Sort this out starting to hate psn

  • + TukzYoDaddy_X on December 29th, 2014 at 3:00 am said:

    my playstation network is still down and someone took money from my account like wtf. 5 days this is a joke may as well trade in and purchase an xbox .

    It happend to Xbox live aswell..

    Start reading the news ;)

  • Its all good problems can accrue………. BUT if you have to pay for the services and things like this happen that is just messed up……….. hope sony will compensate their online users for this down time ………… blackberry did when BIS fell apart …….. I gave up on blackberry cause of all the issues hope the same wont happen with sony……. im sure alot of ps4 users are wondering about xbox 1 now ……………………

  • 5 jours sans connexion possible au PSN (payante).
    Compensation ?

  • I am signed in and I can see my friends online but i cant play any games online. Destiny for example says “Unable to sign in to PSN” but i am signed in.

  • I still cant login to psn on my ps4, can i get an update for the uk.

  • I still can’t getbon and it’s been 4 days it’s unbelievable :(

  • Why can’t I get online still!

  • JBLeh

    I tried accessing the games from offline. Dragon Age inquisition to be specific. The game freezes at the first loading screen and I get that PSN error message. It’s not as though the game is faulty, I mean it played perfectly until this whole mess up. if you can suggest anything else, I would be grateful. Thanks dude.

  • I still cannot log in my psn

  • That 1473 MTU doesnt work. i just press log in, wait 1 min and its says Cannot sign in at the time limit. Its a S**t

  • Next gen my ass !!!

  • My PSN is still down on my PS3 & PS4, is anyone else still having difficulty??

  • It is still not work at Malaysia

  • All my friends can play online now. Im still get NW-31194-8 Error. wtf is going on!

  • My ps4 is still down ???

  • I still cant log in it gives me NW-31194-8 error

  • Still no psn in uk

  • I still cant sign in

  • We would like a replie we pay money for this !!!!!!!

  • @ UryuShatriya No problem. DA: I never froze on me though.

  • i wont get any replie dude. they can just say: Reboot PS4-Network, We are working, etc. but we still cant sign!

  • I can sign in with my ps3, vita and my brother’s psn id works for the ps4, which makes no sense at all. Also all the games I was currently playing are digital and I cannot sign to verify my licenses. This is beyond ridiculous. We want a resolution. Before our business goes elsewhere.

  • My PSN has been off since xmas and its still off. Hope its sorted out soon

  • I’m not online, haven’t been able to connect since Xmas eve.

  • Totally fed up! I can’t get anywhere with my ps4. Can’t even find a working contact number to get to get support. All I keep getting on my ps4 is error code NW-31194-8. Iv reset my router & still no joy.

  • Dear Catherine Jensen

    You had reported as of the 27th December network services had been restored. Although this may be true for PS3 and other devices a lot of people are still reporting problems with the PS4.

    I doubt very much yourself or Sony as a whole will even respond to this but I would like to know the following:

    1. Why has information regarding this fiasco been so difficult to find and generally incorrect?
    2. Had personal data been compromised during the outage?
    3. Will Sony offer a full apology for the loss of service or continue to ignore their SUBSCRIBERS (In bold just to point out a lot of us pay for this service)?

    Kind regards

  • i m a new PS4 owner and had been offline since Christmas, not actually been able to play online since I un boxed it!

    I got back online by following the instructions in this link, just before I posted this

    Now finally I can actually play destiny…

    A 3-4 day outage is not acceptable Sony, the lack of information is not acceptable, don’t let the good work you’ve done building trust go to hell…

  • My son as got a ps4 with games gameing network and still carnt get on line not happy at all spend all that money and he still carnt go online should of got xbox one there all back online what a joke been trying to ring all the contact numbers and carnt get through just get knockt off

  • Guys there’s no reason to moan about it I mean they are doing the best they can to get back online and besides its not like they wanted to get hacked

  • XBL got hacked and microsoft took everything down while PSN was still up and got flooded. Sony you’re a joke company

  • Down for 5 days now… All i want to do is purchase Tomb Raider Definitive Edition…. By the time its fully restored the sale will end :/

  • 12/29/2014 . Was just able to log-in to PSN ! Had to use a Ethernet cable and also change my MTU from 1500 to 1473 but I finally got online.

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