Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

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Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

Happy Holidays, everyone!

This is Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. I won’t take up too much of your time as you prepare for your holiday festivities, but I did want to share our holiday card with you today that truly encapsulates my feelings about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in a single sentence.

Final Fantasy Holiday Card 2014

We launched the original Final Fantasy Type-0 on PSP back in 2011 in Japan, and due to the market conditions and many other factors, the Western release of the title simply wasn’t feasible at the time, as much as we tried. But thanks to you and your perseverance in letting us know that you wanted to play it, here we are in 2014 nearing the release of the HD version. In this case, it is you who made the fantasy become fact.

In Japan around this time every year, we have a large festival (much like the conventions you attend in the West) called JumpFesta. We’ve debuted two new trailers for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV.

With JumpFesta behind us, I’m personally looking forward to 2015 very much, with a visit to the US in January, where I’ll be joining you for a Reddit AMA on 1/23/15 at 10:00AM Pacific. Please bring your questions about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for me!

And after that, it’s only two short months before the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, so please remember what made this game possible in the first place — you!

Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

-Hajime Tabata

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  • How about a FREE Vita version when I buy FF Type-0 HD? Thanks!

  • Bring Terraria to PSTV

  • No Vita, no buy. I mean it. I’ve played it on the PSP and I don’t even like the game, but I’d pick up a Vita version to support the HANDHELD gamers who were begging for Type-0 for YEARS and to support Square-Enix’s next project.

    There’s no way in hell that I’m buying a PS4 just for one game that I don’t even like!

  • From the recent trailers it shows that it should have been Vita game.


    No Vita No buy!

    Give us physical Type-0 HD on Vita instead… and don’t forget for appologizing! Good old Square Enix ended in 2001 when Sakaguchi left…

  • Make a Goddamn Type-0 HD for VITA !!!
    Or At least remake HD for Dissidia !

  • And you better keep that Agito+ to yourself!

    WE don’t want mobile phone ports! We want games! Games for handhelds! Not cropped out game, that doesn’t even let you explore maps (from what I’ve seen you select battles… and than jump straight to battle)

    We want Type-0 HD on VITA.

  • @48 I didn’t say “No one would buy this on Vita” – I said “No one would buy a Vita for this,” and that it wouldn’t sell as well on Vita as on PS4 with the install numbers as they already are, nevermind how they will be by March. As for Sony stopping support for the Vita – that’s pretty much what’s been happening for a while now. It’s why I sold mine and got a PSTV – at the very least I can play my PSP games on the TV with a DS3 now. And Senran Kagura.

    I don’t blame them for not wanting to; it’d be dumping money into a product they, and others, aren’t confident enough in. Why spend it when they can get a good return doing what they are now.

  • I’m gonna jump in the FF Type-0 for Vita train, even though I’ve already pre-ordered the HD version. Come on Square, the game and the translation are already done. Listen to the voices of your fans!

  • I definitely can’t wait for FF Type-0 to come out. In this case, I think it actually makes more sense for it to come out on the PS4 than on the Vita. The major parts having to do with the FFXV demo and also the PS4 install base. Will it come out on Vita? Maybe, it all depends on how the PS4 sales go and what they have planned next after FFXV and KH3 comes out. At any rate, I’m glad to be playing this on PS4, especially with the Collector’s Edition.

  • Look Tabata, if your vision is too shoddy for making a Vita version of Type-0, then why don’t you just get glasses or contacts instead of laughing in the face at everyone who wanted it? (http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2014/09/21/behind-closed-doors-tabata-talks-final-fantasy-xv-tgs-and-type-0-hd/) Both you and SE need to actually listen to your fans and consumers, as they’re the ones who will be supporting you for your good work or abandoning you after stunts like this. None of this casual-gamer pandering SE is doing is paying off, and this is evident if you look at the iOS and Android top-sellers charts.

  • @55
    “You wouldn’t buy this for Vita. ”

    In most articles before it was revealed to be home console exclusive there were hundreds of comments saying that they would even buy Vita for it. I was observing those articles as I wanted Type-0 here in West… BUT FOR PSP/VITA

    If you say otherwise than you probably didn’t even know that this game existed before they announced it.

  • You know you can just say you didn’t think you’d get money out of bringing it west to the vita. Also, good job on having the ff demo with the ps4 version since that’s the only reason most people will buy this game since for a home console game it’s kinda bad but I’m sure the people that buy it will let you know about that.

  • Go for Vita! Go! Go! Go!

  • I won’t buy any non Vita Square Enix games new anymore. You guys really messed up.

  • Yeah because we Vita fan only ask for mobile port AGito+ Version that probably never make it into the west.
    PS4 and X1 user are the one who keep asking for english version FF Type-0 (without last-gen standard graphic by the way), not Vita and PSP user

  • …yeah, the guy with the Lightning avatar didn’t know about a title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Okay.

    As loud as you are on the internet, a Vita version is in no way a guaranteed success. I work games retail, and I can tell you honestly we move Vita stuff the *least*. I sell more Wii U titles a week than Vita.

  • “With JumpFesta behind us, I’m personally looking forward to 2015 very much, with a visit to the US in January, where I’ll be joining you for a Reddit AMA on 1/23/15 at 10:00AM Pacific. Please bring your questions about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for me!”

    Vitas will definitely come to you, Tabata.

  • I totally agree we most of you guys… The Vita deserved this game and not the PS4… It is the portable gaming community that made the HD redo matter and now they are being left out? No I believe that its wrong. Anyway I just hope they change their mind about it.

    Also @32… What’s so cool about the big screen? I personaly prefer to play on my vita, I love the portability and the fact that I can stop playing and resuming exactly where i left off… The Vita is an amazing consoles and I believe the only reason the sales are strugling is that Sony didn’t bring PS3 quality games as promised…. I personally spent hours on GTA on my psp and enjoyed every second….

    So anyway am sure we are all waiting for the last sale to come up today… Europe has announced Freedom Wars on sale today, hopefully the US store for the vita has a pleasant surprise as well… Just hope its not Minecraft because I got it on launch… Lol

  • @RandomReduX: It’s not necessarily about people being entitled, wanting exclusivity or preferring it on Vita. IT’s about the fact that it’s Vita owners who went out of their way to make this happen and then Square Enix come out and say it’s coming to Vita. Then they retracted that and said it was PS4 and Xbox One only.

    So not only did Vita owners make this game happen, we then got lied to about the game coming to our platform. Then Square Enix goes around saying “your voices made this happen” to the PS4 and Xbox people… no, that’s just ****ing wrong. Vita owners took twitter by storm, message boards, emails. IT was a result of a campaign called #JRPGVita that this game got localised. That’s why people are angry and upset.

    Square stabbed the people responsible for this game’s existence in the back. I don’t care who you are, that’s just not cool.

  • I can taste everyones tears of NaCl. I’ll just be here, buying the PS4 version and enjoying it.

  • @RandomRedux… I would like to point out that many vita games are usually downloaded … Aka Digital purchase… So that’s why the physical copies ain’t moving as much… I mean Why would they put a game like Minecraft on a cartridge for the vita when its so small and u can just download it…

    Anyway the Vita has a very strong community, if not then why would we get Resident Evil Revelations 2 …. Yeah I thought so…


    damn SE , we need a TYPE-0 for VITA ,


  • Way to continue insulting people; our voices? The voices of the plethora of PSP gamers that begged for years for FF Type 0 to come to the West did so for the PSP or, ultimately, the PSV. Nobody ever asked for an XBOX One / PS4 HD version. Our voices were used to gauge interest then discarded the base system for which said version was asked for in the first place. Our voices made it possible, yeah~.

  • Instabuy!!! Only it comes out on Vita!
    I don’t want to buy ps4 for this.. that’s ridiculous to spent extra money buying ps4 just for ‘port-remastered-already-have-unofficial-translation’ game..
    wake up squenix! listen to your fans!

  • Thank you for bringing this to consoles where the most people can play it. I and many others are appreciative of this. We aren’t dumb vita fanboys and know that you launching it on a slow, poor selling crappy console like the vita would be a huge waste of your money and resources. Thank you again.

    Vita kids, Sony doesn’t even care about that thing anymore.

  • It being localized at all is better than not being localized. Although it is kind of true that they half-listened for localizing it but then not putting it on Vita. I don’t really care though as I would have rather had it localized during the PSP time, but now that there’s a upgraded version along with a localization that’s good enough for me even if it’s just for the PS4 or XB1.

    Funny enough there’d probably be less rage if it didn’t get translated at all rather than just not being on the Vita. Sadly even the more recently highly requested Vita games haven’t really had good sales in the West compared to games of other platforms.

  • NO VITA NO BUY!!! and FF XV for PC!!!

  • Vita version please

  • Thank you for bringing FF Type-0 HD to the west. Though I would have bought this on PSP and is the main reason I still had my PSP at the ready for many years waiting for this release. I would also have purchased a Vita version. I’m glad to see it come to the US so I can finally get a chance to play the game in the best possible way on my PS4 in couple of months. I can’t wait to dive into what I’ve been waiting for just as long as I have been for FF15 to arrive. I’m thankfully that time is coming to a close to see the hard work the Type-0 team put into the game.

    My only disappointment is this didn’t get the FFX|X-2 HD treatment. One of the best things about that collection (which i’m still working my way through) is being able to jump between vita and ps3. I was kind of hoping for more of the same and with a cloud save system much more similar to what is found in FuturLabs’ Velocity 2x. Please try to get this on the Vita.

    With sincerity, Thank you and happy holidays.

    BTW. FF7PC HD Remaster… bad move.

  • “Thanks for all of your voices asking to play Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on your Vita! Unfortunately for you, we decided to screw you all over and make it for an entirely different platform instead to maximize our profits. Hope there’s no ill will between us, after all, we did our best!”

    I don’t even own a Vita and this game annoys me.

  • So, if we made this game possible how come you aren’t listening to the fans who have pretty much been begging for it to come to the Vita?

  • hope there’s a vita version of the game

  • I guess Vita sounds like PS4. Thanks for bringing it west, still a crappy move to say it wasn’t possible without our voices though we asked for a VITA version.

  • Wow. Will you people please stop whining on these blogs?
    Square Enix just wanted to send holiday wishes and all you people can do is complain. Seriously? Buy it or don’t buy it, no one needs to hear your every thought

  • I think it’s quite clear that majority of our voice is expecting it on Vita?

  • @RandomRedux:
    Nobody will buy a Vita for this? That kind of generalization seems so ignorant.

    Sony is still selling the Vita in stores and those idiotically priced memory cards, so it looks like they plan on selling it for the foreseeable future….

  • TFW Squeenix wants us to buy a $60 dollar PSP game. Release it on the Vita and then get back to me.

  • Vita version of Type-0, Square. It’s a PSP Game, be fair to those in the West who had PSP and saw the game get stuck in Japan and bought Vita hoping to have the game one day.

  • No Vita, no buy! Squenix, listen to your goddamned fanbase and stop being ignorant.

  • Happy Holidays Square Enix
    Tomb Raider was great and FFX HD on the Vita was one of my favorite experiences this year.

  • We should show him pictures of our PS Vita on reddit.

  • @magooser

    “It’s like a blind deaf mute trying to land a helicopter on top of a pyramid.”

    I’m going to have to close my eyes and try that later on Battlefield 2.

    As for this article, I feel like Square Enix has entered a different dimension and won’t be brought back into ours any time soon. Final Fantasy has turned into something far different than I could imagine the past few years. I look at the HD remake of FF Type-0 and all I see is Resonance of Fate and a couple of other games. Not that more of that isn’t good, but I’m not planning on buying a PS4 or Xbox One ever and would’ve liked to play this on my Vita if I did buy it. I don’t feel hype for any of Square Enix’s offerings anymore, even FF XV. Square Enix has killed my excitement for their games with their relentless milking and stupid business deals circa every day after Tomb Raider was released.


    Yeah, we’re all pretty much just waiting for the store. Always fun when they put up these articles though.

    Happy holidays to everyone reading/posting here. Also happy holidays to Hajime Tabata and Square Enix, on whatever days those happen to take place in the alternate dimension you’re in.

  • I’m buying it, because I’m not gonna skip a game I really want just because it’s not on the console I’d prefer it to be on, but come on. You wouldn’t even have to give the Vita the HD version, just put the PSP version on PSN. It’s really that simple Square.

  • @Grayfox2k8

    Be sure to make a sign that says “please notice me senpai” on it for added effect :)

  • You all guys SUCK!! We finally manage to get the game localize it, in a platform (PS4) where it could secure the sales of this kind of games and all of you are whining of not having it in the Vita. Don’t get me wrong I would also prefer to have it in my Vita, but if the device do not have the units sold to make Square decide to bring it there why it’s a problem to have it for a another platform?? I mean you could at least say something like “Thank you but please consider a Vita version as well” but this kind of situation it’s why I hate close-mid fans like you. No appreciation whatsoever, if you are mad for this situation font be mad with Mr. Tabata be mad with Sony and the way they decide to treat Vita.Also, if you can’t afford a PS4 right now you will need to wait, choosing a console is a gamble and if it not has success you will have to deal with the choice you made.

    Thank you very much Mr. Tabata for all you efforts bringing the game! And don’t hesitate in bringing Agito+ to the platform you consider the best. Thank you very much and have an awesome Christmas, don’t let all these Grinchs to ruin your holiday.

  • I can’t help but be very cynical while reading this. While it’s better than having no game at all the truth is If you actually listened to you fanbase in the West you would know most were asking for a Vita version, and that’s why I can’t pick any resemblance of sincerity in this message.
    People at Square-Enix at this point are just either completely clueless or love to troll their fanbase.

  • I feel for you vita owners.

    I hope square is counting on selling to many copys of a $60.00 psp game on a ps4 or xbox 1

  • @91 The complaints are more than justified. Square even advertised it to come to the Vita at first, then said oops, we made a mistake. PS4 only. Then they have to rub salt in the wounds with a bs article like this saying they listened to the fans when they clearly didn’t. If they did it would be on the Vita.

  • No PS Vita version, no Buy from me, Square Enix!

  • SE hates money


    NO BUY

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