Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

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Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

Happy Holidays, everyone!

This is Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. I won’t take up too much of your time as you prepare for your holiday festivities, but I did want to share our holiday card with you today that truly encapsulates my feelings about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in a single sentence.

Final Fantasy Holiday Card 2014

We launched the original Final Fantasy Type-0 on PSP back in 2011 in Japan, and due to the market conditions and many other factors, the Western release of the title simply wasn’t feasible at the time, as much as we tried. But thanks to you and your perseverance in letting us know that you wanted to play it, here we are in 2014 nearing the release of the HD version. In this case, it is you who made the fantasy become fact.

In Japan around this time every year, we have a large festival (much like the conventions you attend in the West) called JumpFesta. We’ve debuted two new trailers for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV.

With JumpFesta behind us, I’m personally looking forward to 2015 very much, with a visit to the US in January, where I’ll be joining you for a Reddit AMA on 1/23/15 at 10:00AM Pacific. Please bring your questions about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for me!

And after that, it’s only two short months before the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, so please remember what made this game possible in the first place — you!

Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

-Hajime Tabata

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  • @91 C’mon man, when you beg and beg and beg for something for YEARS and not only do you not get it, you get told that you’re getting it to only find out minutes later that it was a mistake, anger is pretty justified. Nobody is saying they want it to be exclusive, they just want to be able to play it on the system it was most heavily requested on.

  • Oh please Tabata, you don’t know anything, just like the company you work for.

  • I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but…REMOTE PLAY?

    It’s been clear for years now that the PS Vita has become little more than a dumping ground for cross-play indies and that there are few, if any original PS Vita games to look forward to, and this is not going to change. EVER. I finally saw the writing on the wall earlier this year and traded in my Vita for a PS TV, where I can at least have access to and play the Vita games I have bought plus the numerous titles that I have received and am still receiving for free via PS Plus, but I don’t waste my time anymore hoping for Vita originals or AAA ports.

    Stop screaming at Square Enix, they have to make their decisions not only based on what their fans want but also what makes the company a profit, and that means focusing on platforms where they can expect a positive return on their investment. If you want to get mad at someone, get mad at Sony for making the device so prohibitively expensive and full of useless tech that not enough people bought it in the first place, which led to developers not getting behind it.

  • So many entitled and spoiled people in the comments. Thanks Tabata for the progress in XV, and for bringing us FF Type-0 to the west. : )

  • @55 There really is no reason why this couldn’t be Vita and PS4 cross-buy as even FFX AND FFX-2 HD Remaster got Vita versions and that’s a remastering of TWO PS2 games instead of just one PSP game. In terms of costs and difficulty for the unaware,
    PS2 > PSP games. So two PS2 games >>>>>> one PSP game. Yet they do the former for Vita and not the latter? That makes no sense.

    Then there’s Type-0 costing $60 even though it’s a PSP remaster (with removed content) but the remaster of TWO PS2 games retailed at only $40. But hey, even the PS2 remaster has SE trying to rip fans off because it’s getting a direct port to PS4 with NO changes and will retail for $50, a price higher than the identical in every way PS3 version. A remaster that at this point OFFICIALLY retails for UNDER $40 BRAND NEW.

  • OH WOW


  • The people defending SE have no idea why people are actually upset and that most of their defenses are flat out disproven by even Square’s past releases let alone this release *facepalm* You wouldn’t have this game localized without these angry people who pushed VERY HARD for YEARS, these people that were originally told they were getting it and then out of no where got denied despite their being no logical reason why let alone not getting a stated one. Listening to fans is not something SE knows how to do and never has been. That reddit is going to mostly consist of them being slammed, they should just cancel it.

    But hey, this is the same company that said that they couldn’t even give the original soundtrack for FFX HD Remaster because of size issues even though FFX-2 HD is digital ONLY and is much bigger than the OST. Not to mention DLC (that people would even pay for) making that irrelevant anyway. Yet they can give Japanese voice tracks for lighting returns as DLC even though that file size is ALSO MUCH bigger than the OST file size. So many more examples I can give.

  • Just to clarify, I’m still a Sony fan, in fact, with the PS4 I’m literally a Sony fan reborn, as Playstation has truly turned a corner in the past few years, listening to their fans and focusing on what matters, games. But sadly, the PS Vita is still a remnant of the PS3 days, when Sony was far more arrogant and insisted on forcing tech down our throats before considering the gamer’s priorities and wallet.

    Just imagine if the Vita had launched with the LED screen it has now, instead of the expensive AMOLED it came with. Imagine if it didn’t have that useless, awkward back-touch screen. Imagine if it had launched with trigger buttons and analog stick buttons so that the system would have been a direct portable analogue to the DualShock 3 and ultimately, DualShock 4 controller. And imagine if the Vita had supported Micro SD out of the gate, instead of overpriced, proprietary memory cards. It would have cost less, it would have been easier to develop for, it would have sold better and more developers would have supported it from the beginning. Alas, its too late to turn the ship around now, so just be glad Sony is still fighting to keep the Vita alive.

  • *Sorry, I meant to type OLED, not AMOLED.

  • @101 um Birth By Sleep Final Mix?

  • I can remember thinking the game looked cool, but as the years went on I lost interest. I’m not sure why they felt a need to hd remaster a game that never even released in the west. I’m sure it will make some fans happy, but for most it will just be an after thought to FF XV. The install base argument is weird since the psp install base, when it was still relevant, had a decent install base. Much larger than the ps4 or vita currently has combined.

    Basically, it had the “final fantasy” name on it so it would have sold. There really wasn’t a good reason to not release the game sooner. Just localize your rpgs Squenix!… and stop being coy about it. If it’s good, it will sell.

  • @Lestatdelioncort

    Agreed, be happy that you’re getting to play the game in the West at all. Yakuza 5 is finally coming to the West as well, but only to PS3, not PS4. Am I bummed about it, yes. Especially since I already bought the Japanese import version for nothing, and I won’t be able to play it on my favorite current-gen console. But I still have my PS3, and I will gladly dust it off to play Yakuza 5 in a language I fully understand. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, at least you now have a way of playing Type-0 in the West!

  • Its too bad that this wasn’t realeased on the PSP. I am actually glad that this getting a PS4 relase. Since i will gladly support the company and get the Collector’s Edition. I would like to grab the official soundtrack if there is one. I have every OST for every Final Fantasy that I currently own.

    Since alot of fans aren’t really asking for it at this post, “What are your plans regarding Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII?”

    I would love to play this on next gen systems sometime in the near future. Maybe put it on the Vita and have it compatible with PS TV to really get alot of buzz for this game. It would redeem you in the eyes of alot of consumers here in the West. Plus it would help if theres a Japenese voice option when this being played. Kinda like Drakengard 3.

  • Can’t wait to see how many posts on the AMA will be ignored.

  • @108 rock on man I also kept my ps3 for games like tales of zestiria, and Yakuza 5 is just a recent bonus. I can’t wait. I’m happy that type-0 and Yakuza 5 are even coming out to the west. SE never said “i hereby promise to bring type-0 to vita” they made a mistake on the ps blog get over it, everyone makes mistakes.

  • Considering the odds were in favor of us never seeing this game on ANY platform, I am 100% ok with it being a PS4 title. A Vita version would’ve been nice, but come on guys no reason to lose our minds over this. This is just a whole lot of toothless vitriol directed at somebody who’s excited about making the best game he can and who I doubt has any power in dictating where that game ends up. Where’s your holiday cheer!?

  • @ 100: Entitled? WTF? Yes, how DARE I ask for something hand held for the platform (Vita) sony convinced me to buy. How dare I want something fun to play for my hand held. How entitled am I? How entitled are we the people?

  • @111 A distinction needs to be made between just making a mistake, and editing the post 20 minutes after everyone gets excited without acknowledging the error in the update or apologizing at all.

  • @106 Kingdom Hearts can’t happen happen for Vita because Sony and Microsoft a few years instated a policy that ALL retail releases MUST also have a digital version or you can’t sell games on their platforms. Meaning you either go all digital or you have both formats. SE has said time and time again that NO KH game can get digital releases because they have not formed a new deal with Utada Hikaru to allow her songs to be distributed digitally by them. This is why people are unsure if she will sing the theme song for the third game.

    Even FFX/X-2 HD (which I forgot to mention was new content for either or both games outside Japan depending on where you lived) made X-2 HD digital only because they couldn’t fit it on the vita cart alongside FFX HD and they most likely didn’t think it would sell well enough to justify physical distribution of it. What’s that? SE possibly contradicted themselves with their own past actions yet again? How unsurprising.

  • The funniest part of any Vita/PS4/PS TV conversation on the internet is that Vita owners are somehow the ones that are the entitled whiners when PS4s cost double that of a Vita and a PS TV costs $99 but the added cost of a television, which varies in price (I’ll say most people who have a PS TV have a TV worth at least $99) and a DualShock 3 controller (memory cards can be used interchangeably so the cost is the same and not used in this context). I think the Vita is a good buy overall even with the lack of support, which is why I bought one. There is no writing on the wall, there is no coming apocalypse for the Vita or the PS4 (no idea about the PS TV, that may get so cheap that it would be the superior option). This article along with many other things Square Enix are doing are just paradoxes is all. Square Enix just announced a new SaGa game for the Vita for example (who even knows if it’ll be released outside Japan) yet they went through all this trouble to put a PSP game on the PS4 for $60. They killed a fan-made English translation for the game just to put this thing on the PS4. You could say Vita owners traded up really. Hope those who buy it have fun :)

  • Sign.. way to rub salt into the wounds there …
    That company is dead to me only way i will buy a game from them now is if it’s used so they get jack

    Hope it fails big time no wait i take that back i hope the company FAILS


  • + Ikusa02

    The fan translation has been out for some time just look around
    if you have a psp

  • sucks that i convinced so many of my friends to send emails askin for a vita version and they asked their friends and we only get a ps4,xbox1 version. even if it werent exclusive to vita, a vita version as well along with the other console versions would have been good

    You can still fix this tho, give us vita owners Final Fantasy XII HD Remastered at least. if you think FFX-X2 sold well belive me a game as big as FFXII would do much much better. Considerin theres no way to play it aside from Ps2 and Emulatin. a Handheld version would fly off shelfs way too quick

  • @115 thats not what i meant. Birth By Sleep Final Mix is another example of a Vita game put to console, Same with MGS peacewalker. Its been done before and already.

  • #VITAFinalFantasyXII

  • PSP game*

  • That’s so awesome. You know what I really want for Christmas though? A Vita release date for this game, because the Vita is the only platform I’m willing to play this game on.

  • Vita version please!

  • I think I know why Type-0 HD is for PS4 and Xbox One. They’re not worried about us, the Western fans. They’re worried about the Japanese next-gen install base, since sales of both the systems pales in comparison to the portable dollar. They need to throw a popular PSP game onto new gen to convince the MASSIVE PSP fanbase to jump on board in time for FF XV. Besides, at least we actually get Type-0 HD, even if its announcement was a slap in the face to the Western fans.

  • Thanks for FF Type-0 on Vita and that FF7 Remaster, good job S-E.

  • @125 Peace Walker and Birth by Sleep are PSP games, not Vita games…. Metal Gear HD Collection was in development before Vita was even on the market so obviously it wasn’t getting a Vita version when it originally released. Again, KH COULDN’T come to Vita because of the digital stipulation alone. Console was the ONLY choice of release for KH because of it.

    The issue here isn’t just about handheld releases coming to console and vice versa. It would be the same thing if the platform was the Wii-U that got shafted under these circumstances. You’re missing the point entirely. Those are NOT releases that made their very localization possible in the first place because of fan demand that came EXCLUSIVELY from the handheld audience that pushed a campaign about it coming TO handhelds for multiple years. Those are NOT releases that those companies said WOULD COME to handheld and then reneged later.

  • @132 i fixed it already before you said anything. You don’t get the point the point is that they were making PSP games for console Before type-0 was even announced coming to the west. If you are true to your words you should also be complaining to konami about no MGS peacewalker on Vita. Albelnox here btw. And KH can be released on the VITA via physical copy. SE never promised a vita release. Sorry but psp to console has been done before this shouldn’t be any different.

  • Final Fantasy XIII trilogy for Wii U!!!
    Please!!!! and… and… vita!!!
    \(T-T )/

  • What an insulting post. “Your voices made Final Fantasy Type-0 HD possible”…. except that NO ONE wanted it on the PS4, it was a PSP game and should have been on the Vita! How out of touch could SE possibly be?

  • You claim to be listening but here is why I am not a SE customer anymore:
    1.We asked for years for Type-0 on PSP/Vita only to be ignored until June 9th,2014.On that day a Vita version was announced.For 45 minutes we rejoiced until the announcement was “corrected” to be for PS4.Something we never asked for BTW.As yet have we gotten an apology for the first announcement?No,we haven’t.Let me state here also that updating the graphics does not fundamentally change the gameplay that was designed for a portable system
    2.Your company has taken a franchise,Tomb Raider,with a long storied history with the PS brand and made the next installment Xbox exclusive.Timed as this may or may not be.Do you actually think this is what fans wanted?
    3.Since the reveal of the PS3,9 years ago,fans have wanted a Final Fantasy VII remake.Now this was mostly your fault for showing that “tech demo” but it was,and still is,something that fans want.On December 6th,2014 at the PSX Keynote your company announced a port of FFVII PC Version.The way this was handled was horrible.This should have been just a press release.Instead you made a big deal out of the announcement giving us hope we would get what we asked for for so long only to dash those hopes

  • @135 I think it has something to do with FF 15. It’s not ready yet, but SE wants to start winning FF fans on the Ps4 and Xbone right now. So they release FF Type- 0 and hope that it will create more demand for 15.

    but if that’s true, then the fan’s voices had nothing to do with Type – 0 coming to the west and it was all planning in some business meeting at SE offices.

  • @135 Why aren’t you complaining about Birth By sleep final mix not being on vita as a physical copy. Or MGS peacewalker. Also you guys were asking for psp port not a vita hd remaster. They never promised you anything.

  • Yeahh you listened to our voices you bring a game designed to be PORTABLE on the home console and not on the NEW PORTABLE!! On top of that, we were not asking for a ps4 version, but for a Vita one

  • Hajime Tabata
    should of listened to the fans, all of square should of listened.

    Everyone called out for the game to be released for the psp / psvita and you guys never listened

    I waited before the title change when it was called final fantasy agito 13

    I probably wont pick up the game on ps4, because to be honest I played The fan translated version on psp ^_^
    which was pretty dam good (talking about how well It was translated)

    so I wont be picking up this game for my ps4
    if only it was ported onto both systems, and don’t give me that crap about remote play, it just isn’t the same experience

  • Square Enix, Ever heard of this thing called the PSVita? I recommend you put The legitimate Type-0 on that console as well.

  • The AMA is going to be fun! all the Angry vita owners.

  • @104: Dude it’s not just entitlement. I honestly don’t believe people are angry over a PS4 version of the game. People are just angry they’re saying they listened to the fans feedback when the message from fans couldn’t be any more different. It’s implicitly insulting.
    Have doubt that the only reason this game is not also on PSVita and PS3 is because they wouldn’t be able to sell the FFXV demo with it, because that’s what you’re actually buying.

  • @143 sorry to say this but they never once said “we SE hereby promise to bring you Type-0 to the vita.” You guys asked for a psp port/ vita port. In the end it’s their decision not yours. You can’t have everything in life, grow up and learn to move on especially over a video game. Just don’t buy it if you have a problem with.

  • If our voices were really being heard, we’d have a Vita version too.

  • Yay for broken record! Let’s see a PSP/Vita release in Europe and the States.

  • Vita version , please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy Holidays to you guys too! Thanks for making amazing games! Looking forward to type 0 and ffxv demo!!

  • To hell with SE, you didn’t listen and you put the game on PS4 instead of PSP or its successor.

    Get out.

  • Even I as Vita owner know it was a smart move to bring it to PS4 and Xbox One. Thank you for the amazing updates on FFXV Tabata, can’t wait to play type-0

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