Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

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Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

Happy Holidays, everyone!

This is Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. I won’t take up too much of your time as you prepare for your holiday festivities, but I did want to share our holiday card with you today that truly encapsulates my feelings about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in a single sentence.

Final Fantasy Holiday Card 2014

We launched the original Final Fantasy Type-0 on PSP back in 2011 in Japan, and due to the market conditions and many other factors, the Western release of the title simply wasn’t feasible at the time, as much as we tried. But thanks to you and your perseverance in letting us know that you wanted to play it, here we are in 2014 nearing the release of the HD version. In this case, it is you who made the fantasy become fact.

In Japan around this time every year, we have a large festival (much like the conventions you attend in the West) called JumpFesta. We’ve debuted two new trailers for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV.

With JumpFesta behind us, I’m personally looking forward to 2015 very much, with a visit to the US in January, where I’ll be joining you for a Reddit AMA on 1/23/15 at 10:00AM Pacific. Please bring your questions about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for me!

And after that, it’s only two short months before the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, so please remember what made this game possible in the first place — you!

Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

-Hajime Tabata

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  • FF Type 0 Vita version!

  • Those voices were calling out for Type-0 on Vita, Tabata. Not as a $60 FFXV demo vehicle.

  • Release date PS Vita version?

    Like said above, those voices were for PSP/Vita release…

  • “Many other factors” like that you didn’t really care about the fans. How many People who owned PSPs own PS4s now? Not this one, so THANK YOU FOR NOTHING! FOR NOTHING!

    Wasn’t feasible…..you guys were just lazy. I hate everything this post stands for, as it feels like a cheap excuse to let down the fans once more.

  • We called for Final Fantasy Type 0 on the Vita, during Shahid’s push for #JRPGVita. Though I’m glad to see it localized, hope you guys don’t forget where the original voice of the message came from.

  • Now please slap my face again with FF8 on PS4, considering my “voice” (or your bullcrap indeed) heard lmao.

  • Combo breaker!

    Thank you guys for bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the West.

  • lol, is this a joke Square Enix NA?

  • Was definitely willing to throw my money at Square for a VITA version but I’m over it now… I’ll just play Freedom Wars, Senran Kagura, Hearts R, Persona 4 and other great games on my Vita instead.

  • Thank you Square! Jump Festa had some great information amd videos released. Still hoping we get Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth :3

  • Good luck with FF Type-0 HD Square Enix and good luck with the new year!

  • Will North America be getting the free two week trial of Realm Reborn like Europe is now?

  • Our voices were obviously not heard clearly enough because what we actually asked for was a Vita version.

  • We asked for the vita version, or at least the translate version of psp, not this

  • Get this game to VITA!

  • Type-0 Vita!

  • Vita! Vita! Vita!

  • No Vita no buy.

  • Just Vita we want it on Vita yeah Type-0

  • I like how our voices made the game get a PSP release that was Vita compatible, and that we got a Vita port!

    Oh wait…

  • I wouldn’t mind having this one on Vita now that you all mention it. Would also like KH 2.5 on Vita also :p

  • I will pick it up because it’s one of the games I want to play and I’m still a fan of your games but people are right to be upset when you said you heard their voices and you clearly didn’t understand they wanted a vita version.
    It’s kind of rubbing it in their face and not really the brightest promotional move if you ask me.

  • No Vita No Buy

  • Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

    But yes, I would like to buy Type-0 for the Vita.

  • Our voices were heard!!! through a garbled Styrofoam and cellophane cup so they weren’t really heard. IT WAS A HANDHELD GAME. DESIRED AS A HANDHELD to play in HANDHELD FORM. WHERE WAS IT LOST IN TRANSLATION THAT WE WANTED TO SIT ON A COUCH AND PLAY IT!!!

    NOT FEASIBLE? Was it really cheaper to remake it in HD than to just translate it when fans did it for free? I CALL BS!

    Our voices were heard? Don’t come to us with that corporate pseudo buddy-buddy crap.

    I’m sure that by your delusional reasoning PS4 fans were also clamoring for a port of Final Fantasy 7 and not an HD remake.

    You stopped listening to the fans after FFX.

    Please realize this or go to a psychologist so you can come to terms with how delusional your company is.

    I guess fans were clamoring for Dragon Quest to go to Nintendo since it wasn’t “FEASIBLE” to release them on playstation.

    The last DQ On playstation only made a meager 5 million.

  • My voice asking for a Vita version was not heard. Nothing will make me buy Type-0 HD on PS4, even the FF XV demo.

  • It’s funny coz they keep spitting on our Vita owner’s faces

  • Seriously though. Vita…

  • Our voices said that we want Type-0 on vita, not ps4 or XBO. Please consider bringing Type-0 to psvita.


  • By our voices he means:

    It can make money now. Let’s put it on this other platform and bypass the platform Sony convinced (tricked) the fans to buy so they could play console games. #indieportmachine.

  • God damn the lot of you are so petulant. I for one am way happier the game is hitting PS4 instead of the sales nightmare that is the Vita. It’ll be more impressive and more comfortable to play, for one (for starters, no headache from concentrating on that tiny screen instead of my proper big TV). And it’ll likely see way more success on the better selling system to boot. Glad I saw the writing on the wall and sold my Vita off.

  • we never asked for a home-console version lolSquare

  • Vita owners made this game happen, not PS4/Xbox One owners. What a way to absolutely stab your most loyal fans in the back. Square Enix are the biggest joke in gaming these days.


  • so they have finally listen to the fans.FF7 remade for ps4.thanks for not making it a port.hahahahahahahaha Tears(holding back the rage)AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Damn you Square

  • Like everyone has said before me, people asked for a Vita version. This would’ve been the perfect Vita game, would’ve played and looked beautifully on the Vita screen. Those upscale graphics from the PSP version just looks terrible on a TV, especially running off of current gen technology.

    This was the exclusive the Vita needed to get it off the ground, but Sony and Square Enix really dropped the ball on a Holden opportunity. And no Remote Play is not the same as having it as an exclusive title for the Vita.

  • @ 32 Random Redox:

    Not petulant. Insistent that we get what we want, not just roll over and take it how they want us to have it. Do you think all of us have an extra 600 dollars to get the PS4 and the game and accessories needed for setup? If you can’t relate then of course you would think we’re petulant.

  • FF Type-0 for PS Vita… u_u

    Happy Holydays!

  • Tabata-san could you please release Final Fantasy Tactics The War of The Lion from iOS on PS4/PS3/PSV?

    Not the PSOne Class and not the PSP version, I want with online co-op, pvp and trophies :)

  • Happy Holiday…
    Thx for the port from PC to PS4….

  • Wow….. It’s almost hilarious how out-of-touch you guys can be with your fans.

  • V

  • @41:
    It’s like a blind deaf mute trying to land a helicopter on top of a pyramid.

  • The Vita needs more good games but I would rather see games made for PS4. Though in a situation like this….why? If nothing else, why not make Vita and PS4 cross buy/save?

  • @38 I’m sorry that you don’t, but it’s clear that more people have and will grabbed PS4s than Vitas, so this is simply a better move for them than releasing it on a handheld that most people agree is floundering, especially with support being lessened by Sony themselves. The game would largely tank in comparison with what it will do on the other, more successful system. A lot of the comments here refuse to see that and are, yes, petulant about it. I’m sorry you don’t have the hardware to play it, but putting it on the Vita instead of the PS4 is just leaving money on the table.

    Nobody was going to buy a Vita for this. Ideally releasing on both would have been good, but on both we know that once again the Vita version would have been an afterthought that wouldn’t do the same kind of numbers, and commenters here would complain that yet again it wasn’t an exclusive title. They already do that when something hits both Vita and PS3!

  • Square why I haven’t you just admitted it already. It’s obviously a better business decision to put it on ps4/xbone (not really for xbox) but at least just tell people in your post. Brushing aside those who asked for it is pretty rough.

  • My voice also said I want FF12 HD.

  • @45:

    Like many other games, MANY, it could easily come out on BOTH. Just like Final Fantasy X (which made money on the vita.)

    Saying “Nobody would buy this on the vita” is pretty ignorant. If Sony wants to stop supporting the Vita then they should grow a pair and stop selling Vitas and just cancel the damn thing.

    I’m not saying it should ONLY be on the Vita. I’m saying it should be on it as well. If indies and square itself can do it, then it’s only because they don’t want to not because they can’t.

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