It’s Vita Time! 3PP Bringing More Titles to PS Vita

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It’s Vita Time! 3PP Bringing More Titles to PS Vita

Hey PlayStation Fans,

Throughout 2014, the Third Party Production team has been working with our partners across the game industry to bring all kinds of exciting, diverse and fun titles to our favorite portable powerhouse.

During the PlayStation Experience keynote in Las Vegas, we announced some terrific new titles for the Vita: the legendary classics Suikoden I & II, the single screen competitive chaos of Towerfall: Ascension, the gorgeous Tactical Strategy RPG The Banner Saga, the ludicrous suburban Octopus simulator Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the craziest time traveling shooter of all time, Super Time Force Ultra and the latest entry in the legendary shambling zombie franchise, Resident Evil Revelations 2. All this and that’s not even including all the other great Vita content we announced, like, Bastion, Darkest Dungeon, Severed, Shovel Knight and Broken Age: the Complete Adventure.

Whether you’re into twitchy arcade action, deep strategy games with epic tales, or clumsy mollusks that have trouble with the most basic of tasks, there’s never been a better time to own a Vita. Check out more about the exciting games coming to my favorite video game machine Q1 2015

Super Time Force Ultra (PS4/Vita)
Are side-scrolling platformer/shooters too difficult for you? Too bad because Capy Games’ Super Time Force Ultra isn’t going to hold your hand through its bite-sized but intense levels. Luckily, you can rewind time, bring back fallen characters, and add their previous runs to your current one for absurd extra firepower (or just a little help to get past timing-based obstacles).

It’s Vita Time! 3PP Bringing More Titles to PS Vita

The just-announced Vita edition comes with bonus content like extra playable characters, including our very own Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment.

Towerfall: Ascension (PS4/Vita)
Perhaps shooting your friends in the head is more your style? In Towerfall, up to four players compete in arena-based combat, launching super-powered arrows at each other until only one (or one team) survives. It’s fast and addicting, and on the Vita! Along with Towerfall Ascension the new Dark World expansion content with new characters, levels, and power-ups will also be available for both Vita and PS4!

Bringing More Titles to PlayStation Vita - Towerfall Dark World

The Banner Saga (PS4/Vita)
The critically acclaimed strategy role-playing game is coming to the Vita. The Banner Saga features beautiful, hand-drawn art and animations; deep, tactical combat; and an epic story influenced by Viking legends that players can shape with their choices.

Bringing More Titles to PlayStation Vita- The Banner Saga

Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS4/Vita)
Our eight-legged — and intentionally difficult to control — hero is back for the Vita, sloppily knocking over everything in his path as he attempts to complete normal, everyday tasks (like mowing the lawn or going grocery shopping). Octodad just wants to be a normal guy, after all, and live peacefully with his human wife and kids in this lighthearted and hilarious adventure.

Bringing More Titles to PlayStation Vita - Octodad

Broken Age (PS4/Vita)
The Complete Adventure is a love letter to the classic adventure games of the 90s, written by the creator of some of those famous games, Tim Schafer. The tiny title that became a Kickstarter juggernaut features two characters in independent, parallel stories—Vella, a young woman destined to be sacrificed to a giant monster and Shay, a young man coddled and overprotected on a mysterious space ship. Both Vella and Shay attempt to change their fate, but doing so sends their respective stories on a crash course into each other.

Bringing More Titles to PlayStation Vita -BrokenAge

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4/Vita)
Famous series protagonist Claire Redfield returns (and goes portable) in the latest release in the Revelations Franchise! The Vita version is being produced and digitally published by Third Party Production

Bringing More Titles to PlayStation Vita - Resident Evil Revelations 2

Darkest Dungeon (PS4/Vita)
Darkest Dungeon focuses on the humanity and psychological vulnerability of the heroes and asks: What emotional toll does a life of adventure take? It is a game about hard trade-offs, nearly certain demise, and heroic acts. Prepare to experience an RPG like nothing you have played before.

It’s Vita Time! 3PP Bringing More Titles to PS Vita

Suikoden I & II (PS3/Vita)
The legendary PS1 RPGs are finally coming out West as Suikoden I & II make their PS1 Classic debut on Vita (and PS3) this coming Tuesday, December 9th thanks to our good friends at Konami and countless #BuildingTheList requests!

Suikoden II Coming to PSN

All of these titles will be released throughout the Spring of 2015. No Matter where you play and no matter what kind of games you love the Vita’s got something for everyone! What games would you like to see come to the Vita next? Add your games to the comments below or continue to tweet your suggestions to #BuildingTheList! Believe it or not, we’re always listening!

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  • That was awesome and totally needed after disappointing E3 and Gamescom conferences. Awesome job, hope to see this continue to grow. Shovel Knight, RE, Broken Age, Severed, Bastion. Some awesome announcements today. I can only hope Suikoden 1 & 2 make their way onto the EU PSN too.

    As for that Persona love, I would love it if we could get Persona 4 Dancing All Night localised on Vita. That would be incredible. Especially if we Euro-folk could get our hands on it. :D
    Also completely for the idea of a Vita port of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. =)

  • This was the best outing of Vita since I don’t know when. Probably since it’s original E3. 7 more games than we had before, 1 of which is Suikoden II, which is the equivalent of 5,000 new lower-quality RPGs being announced. So buying that on Tuesday.

    While these are mostly ports, they are very -different- ports and are all of high quality. I’d rather have 7 high quality ports than 7 new games that may or may not turn out to be bad.

    PS: Who else thinks Octodad will just be complete insanity on the Vita?

  • I was so excited cause I thought they were gonna announce digimon cyber sleuth, at least I get to play suikoden 2 again.

  • I’m very happy with this, Sony, thanks. I am realistic and understand the limitations on making big budget games for Vita. However, I believe taking a chance on a yearly basis on a first party effort could help the Vita long term. Also, localizations. Thanks for paying attention.

  • Definitely a step in the right direction. Please localize digimon and Gods Eater 2 and I’ll be happier than a pig in mud.

  • Thanks to you and your team Mr. Corsi. Bringing RE: Rev 2 to vita is a miracle IMO. Keep up the good work.
    If you’re a true vita fan, it doesn’t matter if all these games are ports or indies or whatever..they’re HANDHELD. You can take them anywhere.

    I do hope we can get localizations of digimon, PhantasyStar Nova, God Eater 2 rage burst, and chaos rings 3 though.
    The localization of yakuza 5 is a good sign hopefully that Japanese devs are willing to start bringing more stuff over.

  • Just to let you guys know, Suikoden II is only on this list because of that Ponuraski guy. He begged for that game on every PSN update. I rather have Breath of Fire III over that game and yet it’s still EU only. If that has to be PSN only, so be it. It already exists and is translated, just bring it Sony.

    @Remmy8199 To be honest, I wanted that more than Suikoden II. So I’m not the ignorant one here.

    @Flypn5 Fine, at least I convinced you. I will also be getting a New 3DS as well, but it won’t convince me to sell my Vita. After all that money I put into it, I’m not going to throw all that away. That’s why I thought you should do the same if you had spent a lot on it. If it wasn’t for Resident Evil Revelations 2, I would have listened to you and wouldn’t had stopped you from selling it.

  • Definitely nice to see some love shown to the Vita, it was over there collecting dust in my drawer, but I can finally wipe it clean! I’m looking forward to the new Suikoden and RE:R2.

    We need more action, rpg, or racing games, such as something in between Last of Us and Uncharted. Also, would love to see some Japanese Vita games ported here to the US.

  • Not that impressed but at least it’s something. I’ve got Tales of Hearts R, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Toukiden, FFX & X-2 to keep me busy for long time. To me 2013 was the best year for the Vita. I bought at retail Sly Cooper 4, Muramasa, Dragon’s Crown, Killzone, Injustice, Y’s, and Tearaway. That is what I bought my Vita for and it makes me sad that titles like this are not on the horizon for my favorite gaming device.

  • Interesting games–I am excited for most of them. Shall I assume that Resident Evil won’t be getting a physical release?

    Other games I would like are:
    Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and the newest Corpse Party game.

  • Love it. I’ve got some games to purchase coming up

  • Ugh, so many people asking for localizations at the same time as everyone saying enough with the ports. I hate those stupid Japanese games with titles i can’t comprehend. I want some real, non-niche games for vita. Like a racing game, a third person shooter or something like that. Even a Tearaway sequel. Im just so tired of absolute garbage on vita. I dont even care of the game is also on ps4. As long as they release the same day. Not 5 months later on vita.

  • So RE: Revelations 2 is digital only??? That’s too bad…

  • These all sound great, but it sucks that they’ll pretty much all be digital only releases. And considering the price of vita memory cards is ridiculous, yeah, good luck. Love seeing suikoden 2 finally though.

    Lower your memory card prices Sony! And while you’re at it, make the next size up as well.

  • Will Octodad and Towerfall be cross buy?

  • We need Phantasy Star Online 2 to be localized over here.

  • After seeing reviews and/or trailers for the games I am incredibly excited (although Super Tiime Force is not my type of game). I definitely plan to purchase all of them. My priorities will be Broken Age, Darkest Dungeon, Octodad.

    Yet it is a shame there will be no physical releases.

  • Must…buy…a $10 PSN card now for Suikoden II!

  • Great lineup! Awesome job, Gio!

  • @58 There is a new Ys coming, if you care about that.

  • Is there going to be a next time for you to try harder at or is this pretty much the last hurrah of good ol’ Vita? If this is the end, it’s not a particularly good one. If not, then please read the other, more critical and suggestive comments. They aren’t strictly the voices of a few. I agree with quite a few of them in that SCEA needs to make more of an effort to support Vita besides ports.

  • The biggest thing I’m hoping for at the moment is for a greater portion of the Vita/PSTV’s growing Japanese library of games to make it across the Pacific (and then further on across the Atlantic) going forward.

    Since Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment did so well ratings-wise in both Europe and North America, I’d hope that the upcoming Sword Art Online: Lost Song won’t be too far behind. (That game has already been announced for English and Traditional Chinese in Asia, and the game’s producer explicitly noted that the reason why they added a PS3 port on top of the Vita release was to make it easier to pitch to a Western audience. That said, I’d still want the Vita version for my own sake…)

    Other Bandai Namco Vita (or Vita/[another PS platform])titles, like The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order (due out in Japan this Christmas) or God Eater 2: Rage Burst (set for PS4 and Vita in Japan and other parts of Asia early next year) would be wlecome to see, too.

    As, indeed, would more of Sega’s offerings, such as Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax.

  • (Ran out of space in the last message)

    Speaking of Phantasy Star, if the issue was one of cost (in terms of supporting the game post-launch), one advantage of going for Nova ahead of PSO2 is that the former is primarily aimed at single-player (or ad-hoc multiplayer). So if it turned out that running a series of servers to support online multiplayer would be a deal-breaker, Nova might be able to avoid such a predicament.

    Not to say that I’d be opposed to seeing both games come over, of course. But if it came down to one or the other, Nova might be the safer bet.

    Also, some of the Japanese Vita games from smaller devs like FuRyu or D3 might (or might not) be worth looking into, perhaps.

  • I’m super happy with these announcements, particularly Resident Evil! I’m really hoping Raid mode runs well on Vita! Can’t wait for Banner Saga and Octodad, either!

  • Is Resident Evil Revelations 2 going to be cross buy? Because if it is, I’ll buys it right now, loved the first part on 3ds

  • @69 Robbie That’s awesome! Really enjoyed Y’s MoC so if it comes to NA I will buy it for sure. Thanks for sharing that info!

  • Wow! Thanks so much for giving us RESIDENT EVIL Revelations 2 on VITA! I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • If we’re making wish lists for x-mas put me down for
    Capcom classic reloaded a great game.and I’m a big fan
    Of beaterator from rockstar games and I just want to know if rockstar won’t make a part two to it if u Sony can make ur own version and I don’t mean a puzzle one like I’ve been seeing but a more indeepth music maker please

  • While it’s great to see so many ports of old games from our childhood as well as indie-games, I feel these don’t even scratch the surface of the PS Vitas power. Some of these indie games are great for a 30 minute play session on-the-go, and now the PS Vita is being pushed as a remote-play controller which means it’s limited to the house-hold. It seems your purposes for the machine are contradicting.

    Games that I would like to see come to the system are:

    Gran Turismo Vita (Quality somewhere between GT 4 and 5, with career mode)
    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (This system would be perfect to play this monster-catching RPG).
    Kingdom Hearts 1-2

    I’m picking up a PS Vita for GF and myself around Christmas and am super stoked I’ll be playing FFX HD and Minecraft.

    Keep up the good work

  • Simply put not good enough. Screw indies on the Vita. I have only every been interested in Fly Hunter Origins and I don’t think I have every paid for an indie outside of Terraria. THEY SIMPLY SUCK. How about Ni No Kuni Vita? HOW ABOUT A NEW IP!!!!!

  • I’ll probably pick up those famous RPG’s as well as Bastion when it comes out, since I remember when it was first reviewed on Xplay and I never got around to playing it!

  • Yey Resident Evil 2! I hope we get a physical release!

  • Ditto for 23 and to please bring the following here

    Gravity rush 2

    Easy ports from Japan
    God eater 2 rage burst please!!
    Lost dimensions
    Fantasy star nova
    Monster Hunter g
    Final fantasy agito
    Danganganronpa another episode

    Dream games
    Syphon filter new
    Golden abyss 2
    Takeaway 2
    Last of us port
    Persona 5
    Dragon age port
    Killzone 2
    Soul sacrifice 3
    Freedom wars 2
    Dark souls
    Motorstorm arctic edge or new for vita
    Red dead 2
    Manhunt port
    Far cry
    Dead island
    Dead space

    Please keep making hardcore games nearly 10 million vita and make physical games drop price to 150 slice memory cards in half and can be made if 3ds is selling so well and please advertise the best portable game system ever it is so superior to 3days it’s crazy.

  • And Also Need for Speed most wanted is free on vita -> good game

  • But I already own Suikoden on the PSN through PSP why can’t I already play it on my Vita??

  • Thank you. I came into PlayStation Experience expecting Vita to be a no-show. After E3, Gamescom and heck, even TGS, who could blame me? I made fairly defeated comments on the blog beforehand bemoaning how this was going to be a PS4 Experience. Suffice to say, I came out surprised with the keynote. Vita wasn’t an equal to PS4 today, and unfortunately I doubt it ever will be in Sony’s eyes, but this is the closest it’s been to in a very long time.

    While these wouldn’t fall into the domain of Third Party Productions, I’d like to see some of Sony’s less well known series on Vita. The handheld has a strong fanbase of Japanese games. I think it would be a good idea to bring out some of Sony’s series like Wild Arms, Arc the Lad, Alundra, Dark Cloud, and Rogue Galaxy. As Sony has published ports of Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank, maybe continue on the PlayStation platformer legacy with Ape Escape? Perhaps revisiting Demon’s Souls and Folklore for a Vita version would be an interesting idea? Obviously I’d like a new Gran Turismo and Gravity Rush too.

  • Thank you, Sony!!! Thank you for the Vita love [finally]!

  • Here’s my list of third party games:
    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
    Digimon Adventure
    Digimon World: Re:Digitize
    Phantasy Star Nova + Online 2
    The King of Fighters XII (or XIII should the time come)
    Kingdom Hearts
    More Final Fantasy
    More Metal Gear Solid
    More Resident Evil
    Persona 3 & 5
    Catherine Vita
    Half Minute Hero 2
    Medabots 8
    Ace Combat
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse (or a Budokai throwback)
    Valkyria Chronicles Collection
    Monster Hunter (no Frontier or phone port funny business pls)
    Bravely Default
    Dragon Quest
    Grand Theft Auto (maybe a port of the mobile versions?)
    Mega Man Legends
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force (there’s a new PSP one in Japan coming out soon, but it has no online multiplayer …)
    Dragon’s Dogma
    Lost Planet
    Devil May Cry
    Silent Hill 2+3
    Ultra Street Fighter IV

  • You need to Edit Broken Age (PS4) to Broken Age (PS4/Vita)

    And Thank you for “RE R 2″| for Vita finally :D i hope more AAA games come to VITA ASAP.

  • Gran Turismo 5
    Kingdom Hearts
    Dragon Quest
    Digimon: Cyber Sleuth
    Dark Cloud

    Need For Speed Underground 2 HD!!!!!

  • Seeing all the Vita love today has brought a tear to me eye. Now I have to buy a 64 GB card so I could have all these great titles with me on my Vita, ready to play at any time. Here’s my list of games I would like to see on the Vita in the future:
    Silent Hill 1 & 2
    Metal Gear Solid
    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
    Final Fantasy Type-0

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to see some more Vita news tomorrow and in the near future.

  • Where are the exclusives or games like Gravity Rush 2?! What happened to Bioshock on the Vita? Indie games and nice and stuff but where’s the AAA stuff?!

    Also when in god’s name are we going to get the 64GB card in the states? Shawn Layden says he hasn’t abandoned the Vita but his actions speak otherwise…

  • I want only 2 things, & one of them includes more than 1 but you’ll understand ones I explain.

    1) Enable all the PSone Classics like Crash, Spyro, MGS1, etc. For both the Vita & the PS TV on NA.
    2) GTA Remasters! (GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, & City Stories) I really need a GTA on the Go, is just not the same as it used to be with my PSP without GTA… (If not, a new GTA for the Vita will also do, & would be much better! )

    That’s all :)

  • Suikoden II is all I need :D

  • Suikoden 2 is my second favorite game of all time. Day one purchase so I can tuck my suikoden 1 and 2 discs away safely. I’m also definitely interested in Resident evil revelations on vita as long as it has adhoc co-op.

    It doesn’t really matter if the games are ports as long as they are awesome. There are plenty of psn games that I’d love to play on the vita if I could. This is really fantastic news.

  • This is a admirable beginning! Much obliged, Gio Corsi. Nonetheless, first party (Originals, Home Consoles Continuations) supports is essential for the survival of the Playstation Vita in handheld market.

  • This is a admirable beginning! Much obliged, Gio Corsi. Nonetheless, first party (Originals, Home Consoles Continuations) supports is essential for the survival of the Playstation Vita in the handheld market.

  • Please bring Grand theft auto, Naruto ultimate ninja storm revolution, Devil may cry, twisted metal, God of war, Tekken, Yakuza, Okami collection, Street fighter 4, Mortal kombat x, Wwe 2k series, Nba 2k series, and Batman arkham series to my beloved PS VITA. Please do this guys i really want these games on my vita. Oh and on game cards if possible!

  • Dragonball z budokai collection would be awesome too! Make it happen and take my money now!!!! #BuildingTheList!

  • Suikoden 2!

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