PlayStation 4 Turns One

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PlayStation 4 Turns One

It’s hard to believe that 12 short months ago, the PlayStation Nation finally got their hands on the most powerful and socially connected gaming platform ever created. With blockbuster games from our Worldwide Studios like inFAMOUS Second Son, MLB 14 The Show, Killzone Shadow Fall, The Last of Us Remastered and new innovative features like Share Play and SHAREfactory, PS4 has had an unprecedented first year!

In honor of PS4’s one year anniversary, we’ve created an infographic highlighting some of the unforgettable milestones. It goes with saying that this is made possible by you, and we continue to be humbled by your passion.

PS4 Anniversary

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I should also mention that we’re not only celebrating PS4’s first birthday, but also a significant milestone for our brand as we near the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation on December 3rd. In the weeks leading up to this special day, I’m happy to announce that we have a series of blog posts planned to take a look back at twenty years of PlayStation. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning, along with those who are new to PlayStation family, are in for a special treat so please stay tuned.

In addition, on December 6th-7th, the PlayStation Experience takes over Las Vegas for a massive two-day community event dedicated to our fans. At PlayStation Experience you will also have access to the best PlayStation games coming in 2015, first hands-on with new content, developer interviews and panels lead by the industry’s most regarded development teams, and much more. This event is going to be amazing, so be sure to reserve your tickets now.

Thanks again for your incredible support over the years and please know that you, the PlayStation Nation, are in our hearts and minds every day reminding us to continue delivering the best gaming experiences possible and always ensure that PlayStation is truly the best place to play.

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  • Things I want to hear out of PlayStation Experience:

    System Software 2.10 featuring DLNA support, Bluray remote support, at least 3 New Sony exclusives coming in 2015 that we didn’t already know about for PS4. 3 new AAA exclusives for Vita, PlayStation VUE beta distribution, release date for morpheus, and Dual Shock 4.5 because the top of the analog sticks kind of suck.

    oh and a new UI for Vita and PlayStation TV. Even the XMB would be a better alternative.

    Also if BEND isn’t too busy can you get them to patch uncharted golden abyss so I can play it on my vita tv.

  • Happy birthday PS4, can’t wait to see what the coming year brings!

  • If PS4 turns one then let it play all the PSone games then to truly show that it turn one, when it turns two let PS2 games too and so fourth. :)

  • Remember waiting in line for it and people I meet like it was yesterday. Anticipating, what the future holds for both the Sony/PS4 and gaming itself.


  • Great PlayStation 4 Happy Bday You fun Thing you!!

  • Whats all the complaining for sure it has its issues but they aint the end of the world. I have had mine for nearly 6 months with no problems at all would love to change my id as its been the same since i signed up on ps3 years ago but it doesn’t change the hours of great gaming i have had from the system.

  • Happy (belated) 4th birthday to my PS3, and happy 8th birthday to PS3s everywhere.

  • Happy P day

  • Thank you SONY, And the great team that they have building consoles and finding new ways for us to enjoy our pS4’s even more. Like most of the people who own a ps4 I grew up with the ps1,ps2,ps3, consoles . I’ve only owned my ps4 for less then a month, but have been enjoying everything, and nothing bad to report as far as games , connection problems, or with the system or the software! Thank you SONY PLAYSTATION TEAM!!!! And shout-out to gamestop

  • Congrats Sony on all the milestones! Truly is the best place to play! Happy BDay PS4! Happy 20th BDay Playstation Brand! Thanks for all the very memorable gaming experiences!

  • Need an infographic with some trophy data.

  • I think a flash sale is in order

  • “Socially connected” was never a selling point for me. I play games to have fun, not to show off to people. Congrats to the Playstation brand though.

    I don’t see myself getting a PS4 until at least 2 more years. My PS3 still has good games and so does the Vita….I’m thinking that in quality of games I’ll get a wiiu.

    A PS4 will be awesome once FFXVI comes out in the states.

  • Congrats! I’ve been a Sony kid all my life since the original playstation. I grew up on sly cooper, jak and dexter, ratchet and clank, and the classic crash bandicoot! It’s awesome to see playstation has come so far! Happy one year

  • I think we need to get better sales and also we need to get more ps plus discounts, cuz lately i dont see extra discount for plus members.

  • Wow. I remember going to my local Best Buy and buying a PlayStation the month it released back in 1995. Ha, wow I had just started my Freshman year of high school. I’ve been a PlayStation fan ever since. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Here’s to another 20 years of PlayStation!

  • Happy 20th Anniversary PlayStation!!!

    I been with PlayStation since PS1 then PS2 then PS3.

    Haven’t yet Bought a PS4 Due to a few reason’s…. One there are no Games YET on PS4 that I want to play yet! But come 2015 there is gonna be some NEW Games I do want to get and Play. But these games are gonna be on Both PS4 and One…. I’ve never never played on xBox always been on PlayStation since PS1 days…

    Right now for the past 5plus years I been a user of PlayStation HOME yes PS HOME! Have spent TONS of $$$ on PS HOME! and then a few month’s ago we get the BAD news! PS HOME will be closing come MARCH 31, 2015 Not GOOD to HEAR for US PS HOME Users/Fans! That’s for Sure…

    I was Hoping that SONY would have thought to Put PlayStation HOME on the PS4 when PS4 first came out… If they had done that last year when PS4 came out I was gonna buy a PS4 then just to Continue using PlayStation Home on the PS4 But Sadly they never put PS HOME on PS4….

    So now it’s up in th air to get a PS4 or xBox One since PS Home is Closing!!!

  • This console is a joke.

  • @ KazeEternal (post 51)

    Just saying this preemptively already but you’re going to be very disappointed. Don’t think they’ll talk about software updates there.

    In terms of games, I always assumed it would be more focused on the line-up of SCE titles in 2015, which there are plenty of already for 2015. Anyway you’re definitely going to be disappointed if you expect 6 new game reveals.

    And the PS Vita UI should remain as it is imo. One of the most intuitive, snappiest and stable UI’s that I’ve used imo. I can agree that the aesthetically speaking, the bubbles are an acquired taste.

    Anyway, personally I’m just curious about Ratchet & Clank debut trailer for PS Experience. :)

  • Congrats!

    Vegas baby, Vegas!

    p.s: #PS4noGames!

  • Congratulations I hope you make another 20 years from now. I was there when the PSone came out to now

  • Happy Birthday PS4 !

  • Still waiting for greatness, dlna, custom wallpapers, video support, music in hdd etc.

  • Happy Birthday, PS4!

    I bought mine at launch, then bought another because I wanted the sweet white one. Next week, Dragon Age Inquisition comes out so I’ll be spending an enormous amount of playing time on my PS4!

    And yes, instant pause/resume like my Vitas would be so great.

  • Am i ever going to be able to play 3D blu-ray movies on this thing?

  • Hello Shawn,

    Congrats to Sony and most importantly, The PlayStation Family!!!

    It amazes me how time has gone by. I remember standing in line at GameStop to get my PS4 like it was yesterday. I took it home, installed a 1 TB SSHD into it and used a thumb drive to update the drivers. WOW! it was cool to play that evening, I remember not getting much sleep the next few days as I enjoyed the several games I purchased, Killzone: Shadow Fall, FIFA 14, and AC Black Flag. I also remember playing Resogun, Warframe, Blacklight: Retribution, and DC Universe Online.

    I know usually the first year of a console’s life cycle is rough and not many great games come out for it, but the PS4 has well over 175 games already ( states 177) and it tells me that we “The PlayStation Family” have only seen the beginning of a amazing ride. In the coming months and by this time next year when we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the PS4 we will be blown away by how many and how great a collection of AAA and indie games will be available. Plus, we have PS Vue coming as well, and many other features that will be made available to our beloved console the PS4 in 2015.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Been with PlayStation since PS1! Lots of fun memories, thank you Sony for making it all possible! Happy 20th anniversary and happy birthday PS4!!

  • Numbers are impressive, congratulations to PS4 and comes another year of great achievements :D

  • Numbers are impressive, congratulations to playstation 4 and comes another year of great achievements, good job sony :D

  • Happy birthday!

  • #GREATNESS#1YearStrong

  • Congrats! Still need:

    – Appear Offline option
    – Instead of just pausing downloads (but thanks for adding it), true queueing of downloads
    – True game suspend mode like Xbox One has
    – External HDD support
    – A Blu-ray remote
    – Red controller
    – Change PSN ID
    – MP4, MP3, DLNA, CD’s etc.
    – Notifications when friends come online/go offline
    – Instant/auto Trophy syncing
    – Digital games should be at least $5 cheaper than retail discs
    – What’s New should auto-update and faster

  • Happy birthday PS4 and Happy anniversary Playstation

  • Thank you sony iv been with the playstation since the Ps1 and the ps4 was the first playstation that i got on launch day and I love my ps4 Happy Birthday Playstation Nation For life.

  • Happy birthday to Sony PS4 the Best conzole in the world!

  • Played my PS4 every day since i got it :P (in UK tho so end of this month is 1 year for me) ;) Happy Birthday USA PS4 anyway :D

  • I played ps1,2,4 and ps4 rocks the dualshock 4 is beast as the ps4. 6 months very happy and satisfied Thank you SONY happy birthday PS nation. GREITNESS AWAITS!!!

  • Congrats, i have been with you since the very first day :) and its been amazing!!! From Wipeout to Gran Turismo, from Ico to Shadow of the Colossus, from Crash Bandicoot to Knack, from Jack and Daxter to Ratchet and Clank, from Spyro to Sly, from metal gear solid to killzone, from twisted metal to god of war, from jet moto to motorstorm, from warhawk to resistance, i have been there. You guys have given me so much entertainment please telle me there is a new Sir Dan adventure coming soon or a new syphon filter game, oh man the memories!!! Anyways have you thought about a 20 years entertainment playstation theme featuring Parapa, Sweet Tooth, Kratos, Helghast, Chimera, Iconic Motorstorm helmet, Sacboy, Sir Dan, Nariko, jack,ratchet,sly,knack,and the whole ps crew?

  • Although I do not currently own a PS4, I plan to do so when the time is right. Congrats on the success of the PS4 and may more greatness arrive in 2015!

  • Happy 20th, Sony! Happy Birthday, PS4! Been with you guys the whole way. Its been a fun 20 years so far! (^_^)

  • So what I read was… ‘Thank you for buying our PS3.5, and for being a great sport of our joke of PSNow and the massive list of crap indie games, come on over to Vegas and we will show you people playing games.’

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! (with more Themes please :) )

  • Happy birthday, and long live PlayStation!!

  • its my birthday too lol

  • Add flash support, and allow us to play ps classics we already bought. Next Gen console is not as capable as last gen?

  • It sure is hard to believe, “ain’t” it.

  • Add backwards compatibility., then we’ll talk.

  • And stop ignoring Vita.

  • ADD MEDIA PLAYER!!!! It’s really necessary upgrade!

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