PlayStation 4 Turns One

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PlayStation 4 Turns One

It’s hard to believe that 12 short months ago, the PlayStation Nation finally got their hands on the most powerful and socially connected gaming platform ever created. With blockbuster games from our Worldwide Studios like inFAMOUS Second Son, MLB 14 The Show, Killzone Shadow Fall, The Last of Us Remastered and new innovative features like Share Play and SHAREfactory, PS4 has had an unprecedented first year!

In honor of PS4’s one year anniversary, we’ve created an infographic highlighting some of the unforgettable milestones. It goes with saying that this is made possible by you, and we continue to be humbled by your passion.

PS4 Anniversary

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I should also mention that we’re not only celebrating PS4’s first birthday, but also a significant milestone for our brand as we near the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation on December 3rd. In the weeks leading up to this special day, I’m happy to announce that we have a series of blog posts planned to take a look back at twenty years of PlayStation. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning, along with those who are new to PlayStation family, are in for a special treat so please stay tuned.

In addition, on December 6th-7th, the PlayStation Experience takes over Las Vegas for a massive two-day community event dedicated to our fans. At PlayStation Experience you will also have access to the best PlayStation games coming in 2015, first hands-on with new content, developer interviews and panels lead by the industry’s most regarded development teams, and much more. This event is going to be amazing, so be sure to reserve your tickets now.

Thanks again for your incredible support over the years and please know that you, the PlayStation Nation, are in our hearts and minds every day reminding us to continue delivering the best gaming experiences possible and always ensure that PlayStation is truly the best place to play.

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  • @ Shawn Layden

    Hopefully you are reading this and are willing to help. I have been waiting over a month now for an RMA box so I can ship my ps4 for repair. I have done 3 follow ups already and I still haven’t received a box yet. Is there any way you can assist me? All I want is for my console to be fixed or be given refund. Please help me!

  • @51 + KazeEternal

    i got mine 10 months ago….i haven’t put as many hours on mine as i’m sure everyone else has, but i have noticed that the rubber compound they used for the sticks on the DS4 is significantly different from the compound used on the DS3….it’s softer, and less durable. despite my comparatively light usage, there is significantly noticeable wear on the sticks, whereas on the DS3 i have, that i’ve been using for years, has still fully textured sticks, with no wear that i can see….

    if course i could get caps for the sticks, but, and i hate to sound like a whiner, but why should i hafta do that? what if i don’t like or want caps? why can’t these sticks be as durable as the ones on the DS3?

    additionally, the battery life on the DS4 is pretty lousy…the space exists inside the casing for a battery with a significantly higher Ma/h rating….

    if they fixed these two things, the DS4 would be absolutely perfect.

  • SCEI, congrats on the milestone. PS4 is lovely(despite it’s flaws), and i’m certainly glad to have it..

    Honestly though, i think playstation users care MORE about system features, than they do about social connectivity, or live TV….

    your inforgraphic cites 530 million presses of the share button…it’s kinda creepy that you can track that, i gotta say, lol. creepiness aside, just because someone’s hitting the share button, doesn’t mean they’re sharing something, as you hafta hit the share button to save a screenshot….so it’s not really an accurate metric to use, when assessing whether or not the social connectivity is popular..

  • secondly, was it REALLY necessary to point out that there was a 270% increase in PS+ memberships since the launch of PS4?…i mean, that’s kind of like rubbing our faces in the fact that you forced us to pay for something you gave us for free on PS3, which is PSN access…the graphic points out this increase, as if the increase was a result of plus being a great service, or being something that people really wanted….it’s not as if you gave us a choice.

    hiding the PSN behind a paywall ONLY for PS4, was kind of a sleazy move….personally, if i was working for your PR department, i wouldn’t have mentioned the increase in Plus sales….

  • all that said though, i really do like my PS4….but there are some things that i think everyone would like to see…and some of these things are features that have been available on PS3 for years….

    the ability to appear offline, or busy, for when you want to play, but don’t want to be bothered…

    better download management.

    external HDD support, and a backup/restore system like the PS3 had

    the ability to change your PSN ID(perhaps for a small fee…say, 5 dollars or less)…mine is dreadful, and isn’t what i would have picked for an online ID(this was my playstation underground ID. it was made into my online account by SCEI, after you guys did away with playstation underground)

    friend list notifications. it would be GREAT to have the option to know when my friends are on and off, so i don’t need to keep checking….

  • an automatic updates system like the PS3 has, where you pick a time, daily, for the system to run automatic updates, and it turns itself on, downloads and updates anything it needs to, and then turns off….i don’t like leaving my console on standby, i turn it completely off when i’m not using it.

    the themes are great, but it’d be nice to be able to COMPLETELY customize the look and feel of things, like i can do on PS3….that means custom wallpapers…i’m not sure how you guys missed this…

    as i said earlier, the DualShock 4 needs some work…..fix the sticks, and the battery, and it is, quite possibly, the best controller ever made…

  • and last, but not least, we need better organization options…with PS3, you could create different folders for things……what i’d personally like to see is for it to be set up in such a way, where i could make folders on the home page, and organize my content that way….a folder for apps, a folder for regular games, one for plus titles, etc…..i’m honestly not entirely sure why you didn’t just update the XMB a bit, and continue using it…..the XMB was, and still is, absolutely perfect, whereas Playstation Dynamic Menu is pretty awful.

    as i said, despite it’s flaws, PS4 is still pretty great, and i look forward to it getting even better in the weeks, months, and years ahead….congratulations again, SCEI….you’ve done it again…

  • One year of ****** ps plus games well done..

  • It was also my birthday! Neat stuff!

  • Go on PS4 . All Hail PS4 . Long live playstation .

  • @ZQuestion The ability to pause downloads was silently added to firmware 2.0. Not sure why no one noticed(and why it wasn’t documented in patchnotes) but if you navigate to your downloads in the notifications area, you can pause individual downloads now. I discovered this while messing around checking things out after the firmware update.

  • Man seems like it was only yesterday that I picked it up. @ZQuestion Yes you can pause downloads now dude since the 2.00 patch

  • Wow its been almost twenty years I remember getting my first ps and was thrilled to see more coming I have all the ps consoles and enjoyed every one. Can’t wait for the next twenty years. Lol??

  • Can’t believe it’s been a year now. Time flies when you’re having fun. Playstation Nation!

  • Happy Birthday to the PS4! Ever since getting it 10 months ago it has filled my life with awesome gaming moments, and looking at what´s to come in a few months makes me very happy. Awesome job with the console and great to have a new controller, I love all my DS4 so much.

  • Time passed so fast! :)

    I remembered that “strange” videogame, and then my friend said “this is a playstation console”, well, after playing FFVII for 2 hours, on the following weekend i had the PS1 attached to my tv. Since that day i knew that i had created a sort of “engagement” with PS1 and after that came then the PS2, PS3 and now PS4. Really happy! my childhood i had started with an Atari, jumped to NES and then with PLAYSTATION i´ve found this good way to keep the child alive inside of my soul! Keep the good job and please maybe a free PSPLUS(to consider Sony PS:)


  • The thing is that we did not get any flash sale… or some discount on games on PSN or something…. I mean you always do it… They did it for the PS Vita and that is not as important as PS4… What happened?

  • 46 – Sony hasn’t even bothered to listen to the Playstation Blog Share. At the moment, I am wondering if they are ignoring thousands of users who voted for the concerns of the Logitech Steering Wheel, the ability to change usernames or promoting a sub-account to a master account. I wonder how the PS4 will survive long enough….. Well, let’s hope that they would listen to the people instead of themselves.


  • Launch day console broken. 4 more refurbs direct from Fort Wayne, broken every single time. Happy birthday. My PS4 is at GameStop. At least I got to play a few games before I gave up.

  • Hombre! Muchas Felicidades!!!

  • Happy Birthday PS4. It was one helluva year. Now its time to pull out all the stops for 2015 with the awesome lineup. #PLAYSTATION4LIVE

  • There are way too many comments pointing out the negatives… PS4 does have its issues, as does Xbox One. But all in all the PS4 is an awesome games console. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but I do like it. I guess I’m just loyal to Sony or something I don’t know.

  • Congrats to PlayStation I a huge fan of the games of on the system from resident evil to uncharted I just love it I can’t wait what new games 2015 will unfold

  • PlayStation 4:20

  • @116 + darkforcegod


  • @122 + AWESOMEgamer875

    you’re right…sorta…

    there are a lot of comments (earlier remarks by me included), that focus on either negative aspects of the system, or aspects we’d like to see improved….

    i don’t see these as necessarily bad…so long as when people say “i don’t like [such and such]”, they have some sort of suggestion, or idea to remedy what it is they don’t like….

    if we don’t point out things that we are dissatisfied with, how else does sony know what improvements to make, or what features to add?

    and while we’re on the subject, i forgot one item: bluetooth support….

    i have a playstation branded bluetooth headset…it works fine with my PS3…PS4 doesn’t see it. it’s not as if i’m trying to use some off-brand cheapo thing…it’s an official sony product, that doesn’t work with another official sony product, that has the capability to work with it….i find if very confusing that this doesn’t work.

  • We are so happy and pleased with the first year of life of PS4. Its first steps to standing and running forward towards the future of gaming and family and home entertainment. Its been a wondrous and exciteing journey being part of Sony PlayStation family from my families first PlayStation one to the PS2 to the unvailing of the greatness of the PlayStation 3 at The Shrine auditorium in L.A. and becoming the official PlayStation dad to becoming the Customer Ambassador for PSN. You the consumers the families the friends are why PlayStation is the most successful console in the history of gameing this is are celebration this is are birthday. When I was a kid I dreamed of owning my own video arcade with hundreds if not thousands of games to play in my arcade. Guess what I obtained that dream through PlayStation and PSN. And so has millions and million of families and individuals because of PlayStation. Happy First Birthday PlayStation 4. We are happy about you being part of our family. And we are all looking forward to the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand. Sincerely your Customer Ambassador to the PSN. Sony make.believe PSN:I’d bombbreath.

  • Well Mr. Layden, after one year your international team has a lot of work in their hands to fix the “PS4 Experience” in Brazil, due to a official price tag of US$ 1800.

  • @128 + yamicarlos

    holy crap….and i thought Kaz Hirai’s E3 announcement of “five-hundred and ninety-nine U.S. dollars” for the PS3 was bad….

  • Happy Birthday PS4! <3 =)

  • Wish I had the money to get to and stay in Las Vegas to attend the PlayStation Experience. Love all of my PlayStation consoles. Have been a connoisseur of the PlayStation brand since 1997. Also the PlayStation Experience event just so happens to start on the day my 38th birthday too.

  • Well, it’s been a year already! Congratulations, so far we’ve had patches, restrictions and to date not a 1T hard drive anywhere in sight–lovely. What works on one game should work on all yet there are still, again, restrictions. I LOVE the PlayStation and have 2 PS3 units in my home which I get endless joy out of. Still do now so I’m in no huge rush to go out and get a PS4 yet I will indeed get one.
    I will get a PS4 one day when there are no more patches or restrictions. Also, with your large assortment of downloadable games the 500G HDD will soon be full by games and data.
    Get a SATA 2.5″ 1T HDD–yes, they are out there–and I’ll be right on board in a flash. Xbox already has a 1T drive, why don’t we at PlayStation?
    Also, I AM loyal and have NO allusions of switching ‘teams’ now or ever–Sony and PlayStation have been and I believe will always be top of the line and a leader in all they’ve done.
    We have faith, don’t let us down.

  • @133 + SandMan_-_-_Rafe

    fanboy much?

    there’s nothing that says you can’t own both…or why not even all three?

    i have a PS3, an X360, and a Wii…..guess which of them i prefer? guess which one i have more games for?

    …that’s right, my PS3. i buy the other systems for their exclusives(if they have any good ones), and i do everything else on playstation.

    i currently only own one console from the current generation, and it’s a PS4. i’ll eventually have an X1, and a Wii-U, once there are enough exclusives to warrant their purchase…but playstation is still gonna be where it’s at..

  • Will not be renewing my PSN Plus unless I hear some talk about DLNA support. In the NEAR future.

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